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Added Apr 05 2012

Well just after 2:00 PM today yet another drive-by shooting in Rogers Park. Heard the shots around 2:10, listened to the police scanner and confirmed someone shot at 6818 N Ashland.

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  • Inactive user

    There are a lot of great owners & renters out there that do take pride in his/her neighborhood. There are a lot of people out there that pick up trash/dog poop on a regular basis & they don't "crow" about it...they just do it...and these good people want to feel safe to express opinions...fears etc regarding what is going on in the neighborhood. Unfortunately good people are moving out...they want themselves & their families to be safe.

  • John Warner 14 year resident - Rogers Park Positive Loitering

    OK - can we all just take a deep breath and relax a minute? I also live right around the corner from where this shooting took place this afternoon. I'm just as shook as anyone else. Lashing out at each other is not going to help the situation.

  • You know, I want the best for Rogers Park. I really do. I want it to be clean and safe. I want the businesses to do well. I think we all do. But for something like this to happen in the middle of the day, 30 minutes before the kids would have been walking home from school....that's what happens on the south side. That's what happens on 44th and Cottage Grove, or near some of the remaining derelict high rises.

    This is real, folks. We've crossed a boundary here. Having this craziness in the middle of the night or even the early evening is one thing. But if someone is crazy enough to shoot someone in the middle of the day, with people walking up and down the street, they don't care about anything. We're never going to be one of those south side neighborhoods - or at least not anytime soon. But we definitely took a very large step in the wrong direction today.

  • what's going to help? i've been listening for a long time. IT'S GETTING WORSE. nothing is being done. you guys tell us "alot of things are being done" but we see no results. "aw it's gonna take time, wait it out" how ____ long, how many shootings?

  • Not a single ordinary person has ever been shot at or has been a gun shot victim since I have lived here -- 15 yrs.

    It ALWAYS has been gun fight against dealer vs. dealer.

    Some of the things ordinary citizens (we) can do:

    - Write to Commander James Roussell at 6464 N. Clark St. 60626

    - Call 911 as much as possible. More calls, more patrols in area.

    - Positive loitering (I know someone was just shot, ok)

    These recent shootings, 3 or 4 back to back is probably not a continuing trend. Open market drug dealing (and violence associated) is not increasing on Morse. What I have seen is a significant drop over the past 15 yrs. We as neighbors need to push out the "buyers." They are easier to deal with. No buyers, no dealers.

    If you know of (or suspect) any crack addicts or heroin addicts turn them in. Get them booted out of your building. Yes, be a snitch!

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    The question once again is WHAT IS GOING TO BE DONE ABOUT ALL OF THIS SENSELESS KILLING?? About a week ago I signed a petition that originated from St. Sabina's parish--Father Pflager about all of the killings. It talks about GENOCIDE. "The labeling of these atrocities as GENOCIDE demands now that action be taken to end the genocide."
    This letter was sent to President Obama.
    I really hope it will do some good!!

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  • Inactive user

    RP neighbor I will agree that the stakes right now are pretty high,
    all the gangs in RP seem to be fighting with each other. Which is recently what was going on in Uptown. Thats why it was so nuts recently in Uptown last year, three factions of gangs fighting each other. All this fighting is ofcourse stupid.

  • Inactive user

    Ok shav 21....... Thats not productive to flip out.
    None of this sits well with me, but its nothing I didnt expect. I have been here long enough to know that this was going to happen. I cant help it, afterwhile it becomes very obvious the shenanigans that going on. And instead of them happening on sheridan/ lakewood/ wayne/ greenview they are now happening on ashland. The gangs arent going to win. They just arent. They are feeling the pressure and there is less and less real estate to fight over. Just like in Uptown.

  • Inactive user

    RP Neighbor said "This has become (cover your eyes, Jeff) a very rough and dangerous neighborhood."

    False, the neighborhood is not getting worse. Its just that the violence is now in your corner. I went through all this in 2009-2011 when Reside on Morse opened. All the bangers were fighting over my corner since they were pushed off of Morse at that time. I didnt have Everyblock in those days. I just posted like a madman on the Broken Heart of Rogers Park. And I did everything I could and I fought for my corner (wayne and farwell). Drive By shooting occured on Easter Sunday 2009 on Wayne, something I hope I never see again.

  • Luci, Do whatever you can.

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  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Thanks for the info, all. At 3:00 pm today I was on my way to pick up a friend at Pratt & Greenview, saw that the police had Ashland blocked off and wondered what had happened.

  • False? It's not a very rough and very dangerous neighborhood? many times did a guy get shot on your street in a drive-by at 2 p.m. in the afternoon? Did you miss the multi-car crash/shootout on Morse last weekend? How about the stabbing last night? How many people have died already in Rogers Park this year? Four? Five?

    I spoke to one of the officers at the scene today. She has worked the Rogers Park beat for 15 years. And she said that yes, it goes in cycles...but that yes, it is indeed getting worse.

    I'm going to give everyone a break and stop bickering with you. So go ahead and get the last word in (we know it's inevitable), and we'll just agree to disagree on just how safe Rogers Park is these days.

  • Roger Park Neighbor, I agree this gun play and murder is not good.
    But the fact is an ordinary citizen has NEVER been shot or murdered in the 15-yrs I have lived in the area.

    Rogers Park is very safe as long as you are not engaged in illicit trades.

  • Hawk Eye...assuming you're correct, whether or not a "civilian" has been struck by a bullet or not doesn't mean it's safe. It just means that civilians aren't always intentional targets.

    But if you saw the cars parked on the street near the Halloween shooting or the one today, you saw cars with bullet holes in them. Sometimes bullets hit things they aren't intended for. And let's not forget the shootout on Morse last week, in which the minivan being shot at hit an innocent couple head-on in their SUV, smashing both vehicles into several parked cars as well.

    And just from my own experience:

    - I walked up on a mugging on the corner of Ashland and Farwell in February. Called the cops.

    - In the fall, I witnessed a kid randomly fire four shots into the church parking lot on the corner of Ashland and Morse (I don't think he was shooting at a person. I think he was just showing off to a bunch of other kids who were with him.) Called the cops.

    - My girlfriend lives in an apartment on Farwell and had the front door of the building kicked in on Dec. 23 by a man who then tried to break into two apartments before fleeing the scene. Neighbor called the cops.

    - In March, she witnessed a chrome handgun fall out of a guy's waistband while he was walking down Farwell. Called the cops and they actually apprehended the kid, but only after a foot chase in which he somehow managed to ditch the weapon.

    - A neighbor in my girlfriend's building has had her car broken into in their private lot and had several items stolen.

    - And in my own building a few years back, a neighbor in my garden unit awoke to find a stranger standing in living room after breaking through a window.

    Not trying to beleaguer the point, but it's not just about who gets shot that makes a neighborhood safe.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    To those of you who live in the vicinity, the man shot and killed today was NOT one of your neighbors.,0,4052530.story

  • Inactive user

    RP Neighbor that drive by in 2009 was on easter sunday in the early afternoon. That sucks. Its happened before. Nothing that is happening now is unprecedented. Its just happening by you now.

    Yes its everyones neighborhood and everyone can just flip out if they want. Or everyone can just keep their cool and just keep plugging away at the problem spots and areas. This isnt changing my perspective on Rogers Park or my staying or leaving Rogers Park. It hasnt changed anything. Its just information about whats going on in the gangwar. Which looks like its really coming to a head. Sometimes it has to get worse before it really gets better.

    Yes I like to get the last word. Beacause thats just how I am, I never give up.

    I wont lighten up, I dont understand why the same people have to keep saying how they are definitely going to be leaving. I have heard of the leave taking for months now. If its so bad someone can always just break their lease and hightail it out.

    I have seen my fairshare of bullcrap too RP neighbor and thats why Im busting my butt to things things in order around here.

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    I think at this rate, Jeff will be doing so much for the community that they'll change it to Olson Park! Its just too bad that all that will be left will be drug runners, gang bangers, and businesses that don't care.

    But I bet those streets are clean of trash!

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  • There is a gang war going on in Rogers Park thats about to get alot worst........The Farwell Gangstas are getting drunk right now and are preparing to to retaliate against The Howard LOCs. 22 y.o. James Brown A.K.A. "JayBee" was a leader for the Farwell Gangstas and one of their best strikers..."shooters". So bloodshed will come tonight........ lets see if the blogs say I'm right in the morning..........

  • Back in the far northeast corner of Willie White Park on Howard Street a group of Howard LOCs are drinking and laughing with the guy who killed JayBee. Why dont the police know this???

  • Inactive user

    Hawk Eye said: "But the fact is an ordinary citizen has NEVER been shot or murdered in the 15-yrs I have lived in the area."

    Not true. A 62-year-old man with disabilities was beaten to death for $10 2 blocks from my NOH building last fall. The 26-year-old suspect was from Hazel Crest. A 13-year-old CHILD was shot not far from this current shooting last fall. (Remember all the local media coverage then? It seems to have become so commonplace these days, it barely causes a blip on the media radar.)

    Regardless of circumstances, we ALL deserve to feel safe in our own homes/ neighborhoods. And, as scary as it seems here in Rogers Park right now, try living in Englewood, Woodlawn or the Grand Crossing neighborhood (one of my relatives had his home broken into SEVEN times in something like 3 years there).

    I personally believe the violence erupting here is symptomatic of deep-rooted socioeconomic problems that will not be solved simply or by a stronger show of force. I believe what is needed is an entire paradigm shift (CeaseFire calls it changing norms) from within the communities that have learned to glorify violence and use it to solve problems. I think it's going to take a multi-pronged approach over a lot of time to effect real change. And the solution will have to include ALL stakeholders. I'm not sure how, but I believe the people of Rogers Park, in its diversity, are uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of the solution.

    Here's an idea: On your way to the "L" tomorrow morning, try saying "Hi" to the people you pass on the street--especially the ones who don't look like you.

  • Inactive user

    closeto, I think they (CPD) do now. (I hope.)

  • Inactive user

    What I'd like to know is what are people from the West Side and far South Side doing hanging out up here?

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    Close to why don't you call 911 you can be annonymous.

    Phoebe, why can't anyone go anywhere they want in this city or for that matter this nation?

  • John Warner 14 year resident - Rogers Park Positive Loitering

    Phoebe - They either know someone up here, or they are originally from here. That's why they are coming up here. According to the Commander, the gang members, live or have lived here and have roots here. They aren't imported from other neighborhoods.

  • Inactive user

    Yeah, closeto, they know. Just got back from walking Mickey and observed no fewer than 5 CPD vehicles (2 SUVs, 3 unmarked) crusing slowly through the neighborhood, including on in Gale Park. All is quiet--for now.

  • Inactive user

    One thing I'm working on is getting a Boys & Girls Club into Willye White. In fact, a local mover and shaker who introduced me to the idea is encouraging us to contact Alderman Moore to support this effort. BGCC provides after-school programs until 9 pm every school night for young people from 8 to 18 years old (I think that's the age range).

    It couldn't hurt to send Joe an email, could it?

  • Inactive user

    KMQ said "I think at this rate, Jeff will be doing so much for the community that they'll change it to Olson Park! Its just too bad that all that will be left will be drug runners, gang bangers, and businesses that don't care. But I bet those streets are clean of trash! "

    Misinformed and defeatist statement. Didn't you say you were moving out? So why do you care anyways?

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    Why do I care? I want to make it to the end of my lease alive. That's why I care, oh Great Almighty.

    By the way, where is the Church of Jeff Olson so I can start worshiping and get your divine intervention to avoid bulletholes?

  • Ok here is one possible senario for why people from the far south and west sides are in this area.
    One of the baby mamas(section8) has a gang banger bf or family member and when they come to the area there is beef between a rival gang, or the fm or bf causes trouble while in RP.
    This is why as long as there is subsisidised housing their will be a lot of crime even though the voucher holder has no criminal background and doesn't commit crime.

    Subsidised housing must be reformed it should only be for the mentally/physically disabled, seniors, and vets. The HUD budget must be cut so that there is only enough for the forementioned groups. So everyone write federal officals and tell them HUD needs to cut and reformed . Moving only works temporarily, vouchers can go anywhere.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Tina, why don't you confine your comments to the neighborhood you actually live in, which isn't Rogers Park?

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    I'd like to request that EveryBlock shut down tina dawson's account. She doesn't even live in this neighborhood, and a look through her posts shows that she is on here only for the purpose of spreading some kind of neocon, racist ideological propaganda. Every one of her messages is a rant about some broader ideological issue, not a commentary on life in the neighborhood. She appears to have some kind of hatred for Rogers Park, because she attacks it continually.

  • Inactive user

    Everyone Mute Tina, problem solved. I did ages ago.

  • Jill C New(ish) resident of ELT.

    @Tina - reforming HUD to cut out the poor is not the way to stop gang violence. In fact, it can increase homelessness and drug use due to lack of housing, which would then increase the demand for drug products and amp up the violence as the neighborhood becomes even more sought after territory. There are plenty of poor, but good honest citizens who do not deserve the vilification that's been put upon them due to the perceived foolishness of a few.

    You are correct in your assumption that landlords must accept public aid vouchers as form of payment; not doing so would put them in violation of Fair Housing Laws. However, landlords can terminate any lease if they have a reasonable expectation to believe that there is illegal activity going on in the unit.

    The way to decrease the apparent escalating violence in our neighborhood is too increase police participation and give something meaningful for these young men and women to aspire to. I believe Phoebe mentioned starting a Boys & Girls Club, I don't believe there are any Girl Scout Troops in Rogers Park. Has anyone visited Sullivan High School to see if there are after school programs available? We need to become an ACTUAL COMMUNITY. If we show these young men and women that we care and can help them achieve great things, we helping produce functioning members of society; not just thugs that we point and shake our fingers at.

    And for the record, I'm originally from the South Side - I moved to Rogers Park because I wanted a lake front home, close to a beach and didn't want to pay $1,700/month for it. I moved to Rogers Park because I wanted diversity. I moved to Rogers Park to be closer to friends and have fun stuff to do in the 'hood (which the south side is desperately lacking). So please, enough with the whole "south/west siders are all gang bangers and baby mamas" rhetoric. It's insulting and bigoted.

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    I just wrote a note to EveryBlock about her. I think her postings are in violation of several EB policies. I have no objections to someone expressing contrary political opinions on here, but she is posting racist messages all over the city and promoting an ideological agenda that has little to do with neighborhood discussions, frequently taking advantage of incidents of street violence to do that.

  • Helen said: To those of you who live in the vicinity, the man shot and killed today was NOT one of your neighbors.

    Ah, that makes it better.

  • PhoebeK10, Area residents say the shooting that included a 13-yr old boy at Pratt last year was gang related.

    I accept witness P.R.'s statement and conclude the incident was gang related. Could I be wrong, yes.

    The family stated he is not in a gang. Respectfully, I am not surprised by this family statement. It could be true.

    One day after, Police said it is too early to determine if shooting was gang related.

    Witness P.R. stated it was retaliation, "you just don't run up and shoot someone on the street."

    So far, the issue of whether the 13-yr boy gunshot vicitim was an ordinary citizen, and not gang related has not been determined--as far as I know. The boy was with two other people both of whom were also shot.

    "The area" I was referring to is where I live -- blocks around/near Pratt/Morse, not Howard. Yes, I know Howard is just 1-1/2 miles or so away from me. Howard is in a category of its own. You are right there must be crimes that I am not aware of.

  • What about the kid in touhy park last summer that got shot in the head? They said he wasn't in a gang but it was a gang initiation killing or mistaken identity.i think that counts a ordinary citizen ,right? And yeah "you just run up on someone in the street and shoot" is its an initiation. This happened only a 100 feet from my back porch. Where are you guys getting info? And who gives if no ordinary citizen's been shot or killed, a ton of us been mugged,assultted,stabbed,hassled and other crap.

  • Shav21, Without a doubt people in R.P. have been victimized by crime. It's in the media. We hear the gun fire.

    I do not personally know of any friend, acquaintance, or neighbor who has been assaulted, stabbed or shot.

    My circle does not hang out on the streets. We do not look for heroin or crack. We are not in a gang. We do not hustling anything.

    In my little world Rogers Park is safe.

  • Inactive user

    Yes I remember that incident shav21. That was sad.
    Anyways strong feelings are always brought up when public safety comes up and most extreme when someone is murdered. Whatever the cause we obviously dont want anymore of this.

    Most of the violence/murders in RP are gang related. Some are case of mistaken identity for a gang member. None of it is okay.
    Enough shootings and eventually they will hit their target. We arent alone in this on the northside. Alot violence in the past few years in Uptown.

  • Bruce_ Comment by TBD, whom you've muted

    Hey neighbors. Lets not fight each other, Lets stay focused on the real enemy, the gangs. See it report it fight it. Call 911 but we can be even more proactive by driving them out into the daylight and displacing their revenue streams. Destroy the reaons they want o be here. We all have skin in the game. I have your back please have mine.

  • Inactive user

    I so agree. There are a few people out there that think they either know it all of they do it all. It's about being a community with a single vision...working together as a team.

  • shot a 9 year old kid and got out in 3? wow. was it a little street justice? hmmm

  • Tina doesn't even live in our neighborhood but she still
    shares her opinions and knowledge with us.

    She is still helping us……..She gives us her energy & time…

    God bless her……..You go, girl!

    Nobody can prove she is a racist or hates Roger's park.

    Mere conjecture, right?

    Don't censor or mute her…………Leave her alone.

  • Reports of 2 people being shot on Sheridan near Howard are coming in

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