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Added Apr 04 2012

How is this report being used to bring businesses to Bronzeville?

From Ald. Dowell's newsletter: The Bronzeville Alliance has partnered with the Metropolitan Planning Council to help with the Bronzeville Retail Initiative. Recently, they reviewed years worth of past planning and market data and interviewed several residents and businesses in Bronzeville. They have released their report called "Developing Vibrant Retail in Bronzeville".

  • Mike in Bronzeville Concerned Home Owner

    Sounds good. But I did not see anything about 35th street on the report or did I miss it?


    No you didn't miss it, good point. I also noted the report states BV has a northern border of 18th. However, they want to develop 43rd, 47th, and 51st. running east off of State St., here is my concern, you need something that sometimes is called a "tie in" or "link or feeder" this would be State St., however I see no plans for anything to run North-South along this corridor, there is an ample supply of vacant starting along the 20s North, this would feed in business from the South Loop and we could look to developing Cottage Grove more from the South to link us to Hyde Park.

    It's important to reach out and pull in people from outside the community to grow. If you look at other successful areas in the city they draw from surrounding communities, not just their own residents. This is part of the reason many businesses don't come here.

    The report calls it filling in the teeth, and a good place to start is 47th. I get it you have to start somewhere. However if you plant one big tooth in the middle, you'll still be unsuccessful at chewing, without some baby teeth along the sides.

  • I hope the nearby Universities had no role in 35th being skipped. I'm sure they would love to expand their campuses. However I doubt very seriously that any alderman would share is this has occured! The City can always lay back on the fact that they used are TIF for some development, if close to none at all.

  • Sorry "if" not "is" and "our" not are!

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