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Added Apr 03 2018

'not megamall'

    Target to open 10th neighborhood store in Logan Square
    Target plans to open another of its smaller stores in the Logan Square neighborhood, just a little more than a mile and a half from an existing store in Avondale. The new 27,400-square-foot store, expected to open in 2020, will be Target's 10th "small-format" store in the Chicago area, the retailer said in a news release.
  • Badger on Logan Chicago since 1988

    Yup, old MegaMall site. This was going to be a new format Jewel.

    From the corporate website:

    under "2020 store openings":

    Logan Square, Chicago, IL

    Located at 2434 N. Sacramento Ave. at the southwest corner of N. Milwaukee Ave.
    Approx. 27,400 sq. ft.
    Merchandise includes a robust grocery selection including healthy food options for both the fill-in or stock-up trip, a baby and kids assortment, including basics, apparel and toys, a selection of home products, apartment décor and essentials, school and office supplies and more.
    Services offered: CVS Pharmacy and Order Pickup.

  • I'm just glad to see that the site probably won't remain a vacant lot.

  • Agreed, John. People were complaining about this today and while I'm not thrilled the other concepts didn't pan out, I am happy to hear that it won't be an empty lot much longer.

  • cg belmont gardens

    Why couldn’t they think about putting one on Pulaski/Diversey.. or is there anything going up?

  • cg, do you mean where Cermak is? Or where Ross is?

    While I wish there were a local business of some sort going in, having a walkable grocery option that is more generalized than Dill Pickle will be nice.

  • At the community meeting, the loudest applause was for a comment about how much the neighborhood needs a full service grocery store (and not a scaled down Target). I'm really disappointed, although maybe there were no real grocery stores willing to move into the space.

  • cg belmont gardens

    Where Ross is.... there is so much space.
    LS Rebecca, ermaxk produce is a full service grocery store in my opinion..
    I’m all for local businesses but they don’t last... ppl drive to get supplies and end up buy local in place where these bigger stores are....

  • nearthehighway Logan Square resident since 2002

    Only Target can afford the $$$ lease $$$

    I think they will be selling plenty of food there, just like the mini-Target on Ashland in the former Whole Foods space.

  • W D

    Great!!!! Logan square becoming one big metropolis, and plenty of traffic to go with it..... the character and history of logan square will be lost forever. It was suppose to be a connection of recreational parks. I'm all for progress and new hot spots, but we are losing a battle with developers taking over green spaces. Chicago has given up trees for large dwellings. Can't you all see what a travesty this is? Logan square is no longer historic with modern looking buildings. This is so sad....

  • Curious, what green spaces in Logan have we lost to developers? As I am sure you are aware this particular development takes the place of a pile of dirt and the former mega mall.

  • W D

    Perfect excuse for a park not target.

  • Still waiting on all these green spaces developers have taken over?

    As for the old mega mall spot (which is not only a target), let's be realistic a park was never happening.
    Now, if you wanted one:
    - Did you provide this feedback to the Alderman? Parks district? Preservation society?

    While I am sure everyone has different opinions on certain developments, Logan has a great deal of green space:

    - the Blvds
    - Palmer sq park
    - Koz park
    - etc, etc

    Not to mention we border Humboldt park. I love green space, but have a great deal compared to other areas.

  • But the connected recreational parks you mentioned are all still here (e.g., the boulevards, the squares).

    These developments are replacing older buildings (sometimes attractive looking old buildings, unfortunately) with new buildings. No one was going to buy Mega Mall and put a park there. That's kind of the circle of life in a city.

    As much as everyone loves Dill Pickle, having a more "mainstream" grocery store with more mainstream products is not a sin. Dill Pickle is great but just because it is for you does not mean it is for everyone. This target will have robust food options according to their current plan.

    I personally will be happy to not have to drive out to Elston for everything.

    P.S. Old buildings used to be modern buildings. I wish new developers were a little more thoughtful in designing new buildings sometimes but "older is better" isn't viable if you want progress. If you don't want progress you probably shouldn't live in a city.

  • FYI The north end of the megamall lot that is currently acting as a free parking lot / sinkhole / open sewer / garbage can was in the Logan Square open space plan recommended to be made into a plaza. So it's not out of left field to say there needs to be more park space in Logan Square. Most of the other ideas in it have come to pass, I haven't heard anything about this one in a while.

  • Right but that land is owned by the city...would love to see that plan come through!

  • Badger on Logan Chicago since 1988

    I believe that parking hole is CTA property, so a different animal than the redevelopment of the Megamall site. May still become open space.

  • Don't get me wrong, I want as much green space as possible. But, WD is off their rocker

    - There was literally never a possibility the entire mega mall would be torn down to become a park
    - Developers are not buying up all the park space in Logan to build on
    - We have many great green space options also, either in the neighborhood or bordering

  • Land costs money. Development is not free. If you wants park, hope you are wealthy and can buy someone else's land for the sole purpose of a free park. How about a reality check? This was NEVER planned as a park.

    The city may have offered their small parcel to an orchard 'pie-in-the-sky' plan which was very nice on paper but really never was going to proceed.

    No clue where the other facts WD seems to have collected came from, as this developer never claimed to do anything but build on the Mega Mall site.

    Also, just because a Target has committed doesn't mean we won't have any local businesses. The development is planned for more retail besides the anchor space(s).

    Have faith, neighbors!

  • That north parking lot thing is already owned by CTA

  • Rick Stoneham Logan resident since 1984

    Just a factual point. Logan Square has the second least amount of park space among city neighborhoods. I don’t believe that statistic takes into account Humboldt Park which is obviously a good option for a portion of Logan.

  • The one on Elston is so close. I'm dying laughing that someone complained it's so far to drive to. It's 1.1 miles from the Mega Mall site. Two Targets, whatever size, in 1.1 miles is too many. I heard the CTA property is thinking of selling to TOD developer not sure if true but it has been up for sale. Is a TOD still going in next to Mcd's?

  • Not sure what you do for work Ms. Logan but, just as an illustrative example, my average time getting home this past week was 10:30 PM. When that is your lifestyle, getting in the car and driving to Elston is actually more of a pain than you might realize. I highly-value my very limited free time and so a 3-minute walk is infinitely preferable to a 20-minute all in drive (getting to the car, getting to the store, etc.). Other use cases for this Target have already been discussed as well (e.g., I need a single ingredient RIGHT NOW).

    One of the first rules of marketing is making sure you don't think about yourself as the target consumer. While your lifestyle may not need a Target at the Mega Mall site, there are clearly enough that do for Target to commit to this.

    I also understand that everyone has trouble wrapping their heads around another TARGET this close to the one on Elston. However, if this had been a different store, the conversation likely wouldn't be occurring in its current form. The fact of the matter is that there is demand for grocery in this location and that is what the developers want to anchor THEIR property. Try not to think of it as another TARGET and instead as a provider of groceries, pharmacy-items, etc.

  • Rick Stoneham - source for that statement, I would be interested in reviewing.

  • Ms. Logan - as I hope you would be aware, not everyone owns a car

  • Rumhamms, the person I was referring to said "I hate to drive all the way to Elston", clearly has a car.
    Loganite to answer your question "what you do for a living", I am the foster mom of 15-month old twins with special needs and a 3 month old born addicted to Heroine, Coke, and Weed. They were abandoned, we took them in within 3 hours of being asked. Getting anywhere is harder than you can imagine. I am up every 3 hours and my husband works till 9pm so I can stay home to care for the Foster babies. I am at Target so much they know my name. Hope that answers your burning question and justifies to you that your life is no harder than someone else's. We all have obligations and little free time. With all that we still manage to walk to Target during good weather, with one strapped to my body and twins in a stroller. Noone stops to allow us to cross at crosswalks, and yet I do it for the exercise and it's good for the babies to get out. Life is hard, you'll find a way to cope, push through it makes you a better person. But don't for one second think someone's life isn't as hard as yours. Sounds like you have it pretty easy to me. Thank you for the lesson in marketing, I'm over 50 might be able to teach you a thing or two.

    All I am saying is that it would be nice to have some variety, grocery store yes but Loganite Target doesn't have everything so you would still have to use your car sometimes. A full grocery store is what's needed, just my humble opinion.

  • It's wonderful to see how a major retailer moving to the neighborhood brings out the worst in everyone.

    It's a store moving in, everyone. Jewel was going to move in; that fell through. If the new Target moving in doesn't meet everyone's needs, it won't last long and something that does will move in.

    How about we all settle down a little bit?

  • Badger on Logan Chicago since 1988

    Back to that orchard thing - that would be great but seems to have stalled in 2013. this is from an article claiming work was to begin in 2014: "About $1 million in tax increment financing paid for environmental remediation on the site, and will provide entirely new soil on the parking lot when construction begins soon."

    Would love to see value from that $1m and an orchard there sounds amazing. Anyone know where this project stands?

  • Remember when people were complaining about the grocery store being a Jewel?

  • Ms. Logan -- appreciate your situation and I wasn't saying my life was more difficult than anyone else's. I like the work I do so it wasn't a complaint. It was one illustrative example of a consumer that would love to have a target 1.1 miles closer, in a different format, with different products prioritized.

    I was reacting to your "dying laughing" at someone for saying that the other Target is far. Don't say that wasn't a judging comment on your part because it was, and that's not really a big deal in my book, judge away.

    Back to the argument at hand, it is all relative and all I was suggesting is that we try not using our own situations and preferences as a lens to view others.

    This isn't public land so our opinions don't much matter.

  • Loganite, I didn't mention you by name or try to call you out when I made the laughing comment. You came at me by name in a very condescending manner and asked what I did for a living, I answered. My flippant comment that bothered you, about going an extra mile, comes from our generation gap. I prefer options and variety and I'm willing to go that extra mile and get everything at once. Your preference and needs are different that's all.
    I did find a new grocery chain that has everything. It's Pete's Fresh Market in Marshall Square. I think they have another one on Western. It's perfect for LS. When I can, I make the drive, the international section is the best in town if anyone is looking for that. Check it out if you can. Peace everyone, sorry I got on the defensive.

  • Mark Heller Logan Square & Chicago activist

    MegaMall plus CTA city property = over 4 acres. Combined site opportunity was seriously considered for ACTIVITIES CENTER & new CHICAGO CHILDRENS MUSEUM with Park Campus during TIF redevelopment discussion:
    Park Campus idea received more votes FOR as 2006 ballot referendum than votes to re-elect DUI drunk Rey Colon to 2nd term as 35th Ward Alderman in 2007.

  • If you seriously thought Daley was going to allow the Children's Museum to come to Logan Square, you were delusional. That was never going to happen.Ever.

  • This building design looks nice, bricks, and materials that fit the neighborhood style, no one seems to do that in a couple decades. Could have been a solid black glass structure with windows that fall out like at the California stop, MICA buildings.

  • Mark Heller Logan Square & Chicago activist

    I proposed Skate Park under Kennedy Expressway to City & Park District in 2001. Many including Alderman said "never going to happen". Wrong. Park project in 2004 LSq Open Space Plan & advocacy that catalyzed Daley to fund 2002 Open Space Study.

  • So you’re comparing a skate park literally under the highway to one of the top tourist destinations in the state? Funny. Oh, and it didn’t happen did it? I don’t see a children’s museum up here.

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