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Added Jul 02 2014

I don't want to be a killjoy, but on the fourth (and the 5th and even this past weekend) our neighborhood sounds like a war zone from the fireworks that go late into the night. The next day there is literally a stench hanging in the air from the smoke and debris everywhere. Does anyone call the police? I just read that technically only sparklers and other non-explosive fireworks are legal in Illinois.(

  • That is being a killjoy! There are many much more serious matters to worry about other than a few annoying illegal fireworks. Like how about graffiti? Or auto theft? Or even jerks who park in handicap spots because they are too lazy to find a legit spot? I too get annoyed quite easily now days, but the fourth of July celebrates our freedom! This is especially important now that the patriot act and the police state are systematically removing our liberties. So, please, this fourth, just buy some earplugs, shut your blinds, put in a movie or some music and turn up the volume. Then, when they bleed over into the fifth, then by all means kill the joy!

  • Kevin Albany Park since 2003, transit geek, cyclist.

    I don't call in for firecrackers and other standard fireworks but did tonight when someone blew up what sounded, looked and felt like an M80 right behind my building. It was too much.

  • Kim R. Biker, designer, AP resident

    Screw fireworks. Most of the people setting them off in this hood aren't even from this country. And it's not like this in Lincoln park, Lincoln square or old town, where people are more law-abiding. I like leaving my windows open and not having to worry about a bottle rocket flying in my house. And M80s aren't fireworks. They just make a lot of noise and destroy things, much like the inhabitants of Albany park.

    I'm a killjoy and I don't care. I'm leaving this city on the 4th.

  • Fireworks scare the bejeezus out of my pets. I can't stand the loud noises and explosions. But there's no way to stop other people from setting them off in the alleys all week. It has absolutely nothing to do with patriotism or celebrating freedom, just people having fun playing with fire. If the cops can't stop gun violence, they sure as hell aren't going to do anything about fireworks. Just gotta close the windows and wait till it's over.

  • I don't mind fireworks/firecrackers....ON THE 4TH!!!! what bugs me is the weeks leading up to the 4th when the yahoos out there decide..hey, I have em...why wait? and afterwards...why can't they clean up after themselves...I live by Volta School and the morning after is terrible...looks like a fireworks factory dumped their garbage all over the school yard....If you MUST blow off your fireworks...pick up after yourself...PLEASE?????

  • If you live in an older building like I do, you might as well not have windows during the week before, during, and after the 4th. I wouldn't mind if they stopped by 11PM, but when they go on until 3, 4 or 5 AM.....It's great that you can party all night, but your neighbors might need to get some sleep!

  • I do have to wonder if any of those complaining didn't get to enjoy fireworks when you were kids? The noise and smell, even the mess afterwards, it's going to happen, it does every year. I would rather the police are available for serious crimes. I agree with Jeremy Parsons, call and report fireworks on the 5th, but the 4th is going to happen. Tough it out, pet your cats and dogs, and get nostalgic about the old days when you were one of those excited children who's father was in the alley, or a teen being a teenager! Here's wishing everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July!

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Ugh, I was woken up by fireworks at 11:30 last night. Here's hoping for lots of rain the next few days!

  • Wow, what a bunch of whiners. First, be happy that you don't actually live in a war zone and that you live somewhere where fireworks are done to celebrate our FREEDOM. I mean that is what the 4th of July is...Independence Day. Secondly,it is not exclusive to any neighborhood, it's the entire city. I'm pretty sure the police have bigger problems like murders, shootings, rapes, know actual violent crimes. If this is your biggest problem this weekend, consider yourself pretty blessed. And, if it bothers you that much you have the right to move to the quiet countryside as one of your rights as a free American. I hate the noise too, so does my dog, but in the grand scheme of things I would never complain about it because it's ridiculous.

  • The Fourth is to be celebrated with fireworks. Wait until at least after the parade.
    No M-80s or things that loud. Aim bottle rockets over your own yard. Stop by eleven pm and clean up your debris.

  • Police literally get 1000s of calls about fireworks on the 4th. Prevents them from dealing with real emergencies.

  • Listen to your inner voice. If you feel like killjoy you probably are one. I don't like this noise either but it's part of being around others. I usually watch a movie or go so something so it wit bother me as much. Can't expect this night to be like an opera house during a show.

  • It goes on wayyyy past 11pm on my block. It's dangerous. It's illegal for a reason. I call the cops and let them decide how to prioritize and if they have bigger things to take care of, fine. That's their job to prioritize. Have you ever seen someone with a hand blown apart by an M-80? I have, well just the bandaged hand, not the actual hand. Non-professionals should not light them and children should not be taught that this is a good idea. My opinion, but the Alderman's email this week encourages folks to call it in. I agree.

  • Perhaps we should take a page from History (which is severely lacking). Oh, I know some of you don't like the fireworks as it disturbs your houshold pet, or disrupts your morning newspaper. But this is America we're talking about... where you are free to pursue these intersts and pleasures, thanks to the untimate sacrifice of many. Take a lesson from our Founders: How to properly celebrate our Nation's Birthday (as our Founders' had intended it) Although Adams's prediction was off by two days. From the outset, Americans celebrated independence on July 4, the date shown on the much-publicized Declaration of Independence, rather than on July 2, the date the resolution of independence was approved in a closed session of Congress. Historians had long disputed whether Congress actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, even though Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin all later wrote that they had signed it on that day. Most historians have concluded that the Declaration was signed nearly a month after its adoption, on August 2, 1776, and not on July 4 as is commonly believed. The fact is that is was actually signed piecemeal, not in the glorious painting commonly accepted as fact. We were a Nation at war, and those founders signed at various times, as permitted. Remember, these were hunted men as well as soldiers for the cause. In a remarkable coincidence, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the only signers of the Declaration of Independence later to serve as Presidents of the United States, died on the same day: July 4, 1826, which was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration. Although not a signer of the Declaration of Independence, but another Founding Father who became a President, James Monroe, died on July 4, 1831, thus becoming the third President in a row who died on this memorable day. Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President, was born on July 4, 1872, and, so far, is the only President to have been born on Independence Day.

  • In a letter to his wife, John Adams wrote: "The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more." (John Adams in a letter to his wife, Abigail)

  • Rob, thanks! Best post of the day!

  • Susan 10 year resident

    Perhaps before calling people whiners and killjoys you should think about some people who may be extremely negatively impacted by fireworks. I have a kid on oxygen and a house filled with oxygen tanks. We spend the entire week before and after the 4th with windows shut, stuck inside the house, literally praying that nothing will spark any of the oxygen. And on the 4th itself, there is so much smoke in the air that nobody with asthma can even walk outside.

    I am all for fireworks displays done safely and properly. And professionally. But when you find 20 spent fireworks a mere 2 feet away from your oxygen storage area, I have a right to be upset at people breaking the law and endangering my family.

  • I usually spend the 4th with a few beers on my deck enjoying the rather awesome spectacle all around me (and the fact that I don't have to go anywhere to enjoy the really good fireworks).

  • Buzzkill. Didn't anyone grow up in the 70's? The 4th as a kid was the best, many fond memories! And I love what the neighborhood brings - it's the best celebration in the city.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    I love to watch fireworks; I hate being woken out of a sound sleep, after 11 at night, when it is not a holiday.

  • Perry Chicago Born and Raised

    Fireworks are a cornerstone of the 4th of July celebration and I love my neighbors display of patriotism no matter where they are from. I really appreciate the law enforcement's leniency and a shout out to everyone who cleans-up afterwards. And for those of you who are "annoyed" with the booms, think about our soldiers who have to deal with this everyday. Channel your frustration and say a prayer for them.

  • Perry, it is actually pretty well documented that fireworks are a nightmare for veterans experiencing PTSD.

  • Ok, everyone...perhaps some of you newbies to the area don't remember the stench and smoke hanging in the air by the end of July 4th several years ago. It was the worst! Forget freedom...blah...blah...there are many who have returned from war with PTSD who are terrified every time a firecracker goes off. Not to mention the ones put in bottles and cans to explode everywhere. Firecrackers are one thing, but destruction is another! Furthermore, don't human beings respect other forms of life?? What about the birds, squirrels, and rabbits (some of which are just babies now) who have to live in our neighborhoods too? Are we so vile that we can't respect other living creatures and people who are sensitive to obnoxious noise after around 11:00 p.m.? We have, unfortunately, evolved into a self-centered, violent society which is attracted to everything violent and noisy! Beyond simple fireworks,everything else is an act of any of you agree?

  • Dan on Monticello Neighborhood Guy

    Oh, please; this has NOTHING to do with patriotism or celebration of our freedoms. Sheesh.

    It's bunch of overgrown drunken children "blowin' stuff up" at inappropriate hours and leaving a huge mess behind.

    To all of you waxing historical and patriotic, don't get too hopeful. I'm pretty sure most of these pyromaniac buffoons couldn't pass a third grade American history quiz or find Afghanistan on map. Maybe not even Canada.

    I can understand firecrackers, bottle rockets and Roman candles used up until midnight or so in the several days surrounding the holiday.
    Fine. Party on.

    But i really don't care to have to clean out all the debris left behind by these apes or need to have the hood of my car ever repainted again because one of them doesn't know how to use a Roman candle; leaving my hood looking like a scorched NASA launch pad.

    There. That feels better.

  • Wow, wet blanket much?

  • Dan on Monticello Neighborhood Guy

    Wet AND mildewy :)

  • I'm adding my voice to the killjoy chorus, and I'm certainly no fuddy duddy (as I have an alternative career and lifestyle in the arts and the music biz and am mostly nocturnal) and am very tolerant of many, many things. The noise, smoke and debris aftermath is annoying as sh**, and I think it's immature, irresponsible and vulgar to have to CONSTANTLY blow stuff up for hours and hours and hours - because emulating a horrifying war zone is so civilized. Thankfully our home is pretty soundproof, but it sucks to have to keep the windows closed on nice evenings because of the smoke and, at times, eardrum-rupturing booms and bangs. And, sorry, but that smoke and stench is truly bothersome and unhealthy for some of us - especially those with asthma. And while I agree that there are more important issues that law enforcement needs to deal with, the non-stop shooting off fireworks in one's neighborhood is a stupid and vile American tradition.

  • Dan: I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but I can't see how you think this has nothing to do with patriotism? As far as the mess goes, maybe some parents can exercise some "Adult Responsibility?" Our neighbors have everything from a fire watch, to clean-up covered. That's a hint!

  • Modvox: If you have ever seen other parts of the world... There are places which these minor annoyances you speak of are munitions raining upon your head. Villages scorched and burned, and the smell of death... not harmless Fireworks! Be happy you live in such a wonderful Country. God Bless America... Happy Birthday!

  • If every person that let off a firecracker were reasonable and responsible, we probably wouldn't need the laws against it. Sadly, there are many who were "given an inch and took a mile." If it were just on the 4th, and if the smoke didn't hang around like a cloud for hours, and if it ended at 11pm, I don't think anyone would even be posting here. I know I wouldn't even bother. But on all 3 counts, it is no, no and no. Too bad that everyone can't enjoy the 4th responsibly, but I don't think the many who are negatively impacted should have to pay such a price.

    Like I said, too, too bad that some folks weren't at least taught some courtesy around this, but they weren't and it's sad statement.

  • There is one thing to be grateful for. This is definitely a first-world problem. I don't excuse the behavior, but I do keep it in perspective. Peace!

  • Yeah...Jeanine, I agree with you BUT I have lived in other "first-world" countries and people don't take out their hostility and aggression in ways that imitate a war zone.They respect others...(need for sleep, clean air, quiet, etc.). Peace!

  • Dan on Monticello Neighborhood Guy

    Rob, just to be clear, i am aiming my criticisms at the irresponsible man-child drunkards that are merely exploding stuff.
    This is very different than a more controlled fireworks show with the Star Spangled Banner being played by the local high school marching band, or a family enjoying a picnic with sparklers and a few firecrackers.
    The problem is with the idiots, their acts are as much about patriotism as the frenzied shoppers trampling each other on Black Friday for a $9.99 dvd player is about Christmas.

  • Gosh, Rob, thanks for the scolding about what I should or should not be thankful for. I actually have toured all over the world and I come from a family of immigrants (of course, we ALL have somewhere down the line), who were persecuted in their countries of origin. Here's something I'm thankful for: that I can state my opinion freely, along with others, about what I think is a vile tradition. I'm sure if I gathered my musician friends to crank up our guitars with giant Marshall amps right outside of your house until all hours of the night for a week every year in what we considered a tradition of joyous revelry, you'd probably not think of it as a minor annoyance and I'll bet you'd call the cops after ten minutes.

  • GBH55

    I guess I am a killjoy then lol. This has NOTHING to do about 1776...It's about people being irresponsible and shooting fireworks at people's homes. I have a absolute right to call the police if people are setting off fireworks near my home and I have hot embers landing on my property. It's not open for debate.

    I have called the Police in the past and I will continue to do so if needs be. I also record the idiots so if I do have a problem, I know who to have arrested and take legal action against....

  • LTD AP resident

    What to do? Turn on the hose and get your sprinklers going.

  • Wow, so many retentive people chiming in! In case you has EVERYTHING to do with liberty and freedom and if that means make loud noises and blow up a few coffee cans, so be it. Thank god you dont get to dictate how others choose to live, many of you have tried i am sure, but you failed, get over it! Some of you need to move out of the city then because you pretty much seem to have a problem with everything. Chicago is NOISY, there are a few million of us and a handful of whiners shouldn't try to spoil it for the rest of us! To the parents with a child on o2 therapy.... I truly feel for you you honestly think Chicago air quality is the best for those with asthma and other lung problems? I doubt it! You can live wherever you want but if its that much of a problem, you should consider moving into a rural area with much cleaner, safer air quality. I, like many of you get annoyed at human stupidity in general, but realize that i shouldn't flip out over things i cant change. And, if you feel compelled to drag the cops out over fireworks while someone who REALLY needed them has to wait, SHAME ON YOU! My point is, SUCK IT UP AND STOP YOUR MOANING, we have celebrated by blowing things up from the start! Wah wah wah!

  • Chandra Lynn Dagley Pre-Medicine Chaser From AP

    It's all fun and games til someone's garage goes up in flames..... True story. I just ask that people be rational, responsible and respectable with their firecrackers. If you want to blow off your fingers and manhood by all means go right ahead. this medic hung up her kitbag a long time ago, Medic's off-duty ;)

  • There are going to be fireworks at Winnemac Park. Getting out of the house and enjoying the show there will be nice and give everyone a break from the random noise around your house. It will also remind goers how social july 4 can be.

  • Ya know, I think I am taking this all the wrong way. I love Irving Berlin. He wrote lots of patriotic songs. I think I will sing Irving Berlin outdoors in a loud voice that speaks of my love of country. OH I'M A YANKEE DOODLE DANDEEEEEEEEE. YANKEE DOODLE DO OR DIE. oh oh How about..OVER THERE! OVER THERE! SEND THE WORD SEND THE WORD TO BEWARE. BECAUSE THE YANKS ARE COMING... Oh, a new world has opened up to me. Annoying people randomly in the name of patriotism. Cloak it in the flag and go for it. Yessssss. (OK, guess my inner troll just came out - ;-)

  • Oh wait that was George M Cohan...another patriotic song writer. Irving Berlin wrote GOD BLESS AMERICA! Even better

  • GBH55

    @ Jeremy. Shame on me for calling the cops because some drunk idiot is setting off fireworks next to my house , and potentially setting my home on fire and putting the life of my wife and kids at risk? Something tells me your not running on all cylinders.....

    I will be crystal clear here. I don't give 2 ***** about spoiling other people's fun if I feel there stupidity is jeopardizing my home. Like I said. It's not open for debate. Period..

    We are not talking about blowing up a few coffee cans FFS man.

    I am talking about bottle rockets etc etc hitting houses pal... You seam quick to tell people to leave Chicago. If anyone needs to leave it's you. Move to Texas and take your red neck inbred attitude with you.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    36 years in Chicago and i have not once cared nor minded fire works going off. AND so what if you little purse rats and cats are scared from the pops and bangs they will be just fine stop coddling them like kids CAUSE THEIR animals. I have two dogs and one doesn't like them she finally realizes hey if i lay down she's fine.

    AND please stop giving bad PET training advice i.e. pet your dog, comfort your dog etc etc! YOU'RE are giving terrible advice. You are reinforcing the behavior therefor they think its alright to react that way. Ignore them let them adjust to it and they will be fine. again they are DOGS not CHILDREN.

    It amazes how many are just bitter complainers about every dam thing happening everyday. Common sense which appears to lack in some one here would tell me calling the police tying up EMS and police OVER BS calls of fireworks is a NoNO and putting those men and women at risk rushing to calls that are not needed while taking personal away from real emergencies. FOR once use your brain and common sense.

    Its a shame some just don't grow and evolve and are stuck in the same old ways through out their lives. Some of you are just never happy with anything i wonder how you make it thru life. OH and another thing stop waking up in the middle of the night after hearing a noise and running to your computer to post DID anyone else hear that or does anyone know whats going on it can wait till morning the end of the world isnt coming

    Now I will go join in the festivities with the non kill joys and enjoy the holiday,while contributing to the noise level while never having living in another country but yet being classified as such by KIM R. the whole time laughing at the creepers hiding inside and calling 911

  • O.k., so all of the people who think it's cool to blow sh** up non-stop the days leading up to and on and after July 4th continue to do that and just continue to tell the rest of us who are annoyed by it and are venting that we just have to suck it up. That's fine. Personally, I think it's sad and demented that we equate "freedom" and "liberty" with things that sound like gunshots and bombs, but whatever (fireworks for an hour in a public park, operated by professional pyrotechnicians are fine and, sure, a nice way to celebrate with your community). But here's my plan: When all of you bomb bursters are tired of blowing up your own [illegal] fireworks in the streets for hours on end and feel like heading back into your houses for some peace and quiet and maybe even some sleep, the rest of us will start our celebratory shift and drive back and forth past your homes all night and honk our horns non-stop and play super crazy loud music until the wee hours. Nothing more American than an automobile! Maybe we'll even throw some garbage out of our car windows into your yard, too, you know like the paper debris and dirt from all those firecracker packages. Anybody have any loud brass instruments? When we're done showing our patriotism by driving around all night honking our horns and playing loud music from our car stereos, we can have some parades with tubas and trumpets and trombones and drums. Let's play Sousa marches for 72 hours outside the other revelers bedroom windows. That's my idea of celebrating freedom! And, anyone who doesn't like it should just suck it up.

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    Modvox have at it thats why the invented windows so we can shut them and not hear anything you plan on doing. Cant please everyone every day otherwise this would be a perfect world. Majority wins in most cases and thats the American way

  • Tas mania Devil Irving and california

    And Susan the one who holes up inside for a week about o2 tanks maybe you need to do a little on what it takes to actually set a tank off. Its not as sensitive as you make it sound actually no where near what you make it sound like. You act like you living on a bomb with no knowledge of when it might go off.

    Unless you have a leak which you should be checking for every day they can take far more abuse then fireworks. They have safety rating well above what they will every see in a life time for Heat and cold etc etc. fireworks are far from liking being the cause of igniting o2

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • Dan on Monticello Neighborhood Guy

    Well.... this topic has devolved nicely.
    Apparently the no-name-calling policy of other posters that Everyblock frowns upon has been wantonly ignored (whiners, princesses, busybodies, etc).
    So i will add mine:
    "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." –Samuel Johnson, 1775.

    Oh no i di-int.
    Yes, i did.

    Please understand the not-subtle differences between destructive, drunken, adult fools and a child waving a sparkler.

  • Wow, this thread has grown! So since I put my 2 cents in earlier, I'll add another penny or two. This is the 4th of July, a mid-summer holiday, some people party, some picnic, some blow off fireworks, and some choose not to. Personally, my friends and I will stroll about the neighborhood and watch random fireworks, I will admit it, I kind of like the smell. When I was growing up here and when I was raising kids here, we celebrated then as well, except instead of enjoying neighbors fireworks we were the ones blowing them off! And by the way, I also enjoy the smell of grills cooking all sorts of foods, and backyard fire pits, where hopefully kids are roasting marshmallows. And if some kids have a few leftover fireworks, they'll probably set them off Saturday or Sunday. I'm in my 60's, and a life-long Chicagoan, I like city living, complete with noises, smells, and all the rest of stuff some people complain about! Happy 4th of July to all my neighbors in Albany Park, as well as in the rest of the city!

  • I like the smell, too. I have asthma, the Fourth was never a problem. Jeanine, if you sing, that would be great ... it may start a new tradition.

  • While I can empathize with those who do not want to deal with the noise, we all know it's never going to go away, fireworks will happen every year. What would be nice, would be for those using the fireworks to do so with respect for others safety and comfort.

    If you're going to use fireworks, learn how to use them properly.

    What does that mean? That means using them in area away from people and their property. Best places are obviously the parks and by the lakefront. When you find a good spot, set up an area where only a responsible and mature person is using them. When lighting fireworks be careful with where you are aiming them. Up and away from people is best. Sometimes it helps to use a lighted stick like a punk or incense to light the wick to give yourself distance from the firework just in case and to help with lighting the firework wick in the wind. You should also have something like a tube or container to hold the firework. Something either weighted or stuck into the ground that will not tip over with the wind or by the firework launching. If lighting ground fireworks you want to light them on a flat and dry surface, like dirt or concrete. You want to light the firework and then get away from the area. Never light fireworks in your hand...unless you want to get burned or maimed.

    I know these tips might seem pretty obvious to most and maybe even silly to some. But the most annoying thing for me this holiday is seeing amateurs and children doing none of the above and making me very nervous as I walk, bike, sit nearby and almost get hit, burned myself or seeing them get hurt by their "awesome firework show". Please, learn how to use fireworks safely, or don't even try. It's not fun when someone gets hurt.

    Sorry if this comes off as a killjoy to some. Have a happy, healthy and safe 4th everyone!

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Tas - for those of us without air conditioning, closing windows is not an option

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • People seem to think they have the freedom to so whatever they want. What people forget is that your freedom ends at the end of your nose. I grew up in the 70s. Only idiots shot of fireworks in the street. We either did it in our backyards or went to the basketball court at our local park. We also cleaned up after ourselves. The adults set off the fireworks while the kids watched. Fireworks for us were sparklers, charcoal "snakes", "butterflies" (colorful fireworks that spin around on the ground), one or two small packages of firecrackers. Bottle rockets were a rare thing, as were "Roman candles" because they can very easily cause house fires and damage to cars. We didn't set off M-80's. There would be the occasional "cherry bomb" which was not nearly as loud as an M-80. We start just as the sun started going down, and stop when it got dark and go watch the professional displays. This was of the majority of the people. We would be done by 9:00 PM. Neighbors got to sleep. People forget that much of Chicago is made up of old buildings that do not have central air or modern windows that make your home virtually soundproof. And if you don't have the luxury of an air conditioner, then you either have to suffer through the noise until the early morning or close your windows in the hopes of reducing some of the noise. Society as a whole has become completely self-centered and to heck with their neighbor. It's all me me me. Have some consideration for the safety of yourselves, your children, and your neighbors. Use fireworks only on the holiday, stop when it gets dark, use them responsibly, in a safe area, don't put homes or cars in danger of being damaged or caught fire, and consider that when you set off fireworks so loud they rattle windows and set off car alarms, it's probably too loud. Be considerate. Be safe. Be respectful. Clean up after yourselves. And, remember that your freedom ends at the end of your nose. God Bless America.

  • Now that everyone has vented their anger over Fireworks, how about taking a moment to hoist the Colors in front of your Homes, while taking a moment to reflect over what a Great Nation this is, how blessed we are to be living here, and remembering how many have sacrificed to establish and preserve it. In addition, if you have served, are serving now, or have family who has and/or is, you have my thanks. Now enjoy the day and celebrate the birth of "THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON GOD'S EARTH!"

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Mr Goetz - what makes this country the greatest? There are countries with less poverty, higher literacy rates, more open press, rising life expectancies, falling infant mortality rates, safer, cleaner.

  • Let's not lose sight of why this site was developed: to help your neighbor, share information, and build a safe/strong community. I've seen negative bickering and name calling which is counterproductive. Let's use common sense and if it's mere noise we should just turn on music or do what we have to and ignore it best we can. If it's something that will cause harm to people or property then call police. We
    Don't want to bother the police with unnecessary calls. Let's work together people and stop trashing each other. Happy 4th!

  • Robin: I don't mean this to sound disrespectful, but if all that you say is true, why then are people standing in line, and illegally crossing our Borders to get in? In my travels, I've been to the other side of the "Iron Curtain" (Communist Eastern Europe) where there were fences, guards, and land-mines to keep the people "IN," not out. As far as the other items you mention, you can thank the current occupant of the Oval Office for the decline... Everything from medicine to a free press... But this is another subject for another thread.

  • The rampant explosion of fireworks despite their illegality for possession, sale or explosion in Chicago is a common disregard for following the law in big cities like ours. Same thing happens in DC, Detroit and other places. Wanna know where it doesn't happen? Where law enforcement acts proactively and enforces the law. I absolutely hate fireworks, have hated them since I was kid. When you care for animals, babies, children, elderly, the disabled like in the case of Down's or people with PTSD who have come back from war, you really hate neighborhood fireworks. Watching them suffer, especially in the case of dogs who you can't explain that it will go away too, is heartbreaking. This year we are out of town.

    But what people don't get it that all of those folks who shoot off fireworks didn't drive to Indiana and buy them, they bought them from the back of a car or a garage and that it is feeding money into gangs and other criminals. Those are the people who get them from Indiana or in the case of M-80s actually make them because you can't buy them on the market for decades because they are federally banned and considered to be bombs.. So for those who say- Who cares? Well do you really want to support more money going into gang bangers hands? Petition your alderman to make them legal for sale in Chicago, tax fireworks heavily like cigarettes. Then the cops can focus on the bomb makers (M80s) ahead of time.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Mr Goetz - the current president has increased access to healthcare, which makes our country stronger. the current president has lowered the unemployment rate, which makes our country stronger.

    As long as we continue the policies (set in place by Republicans) of not punishing employers who hire illegals, they will continue to flood our borders. As long as we continue to not pay our citizens a living wage, making not working more profitable than working, immigrants will continue to fill low-wage jobs.

  • Robin, my parents were stationed in Germany during the Korean War. My mother said, "It will haunt me forever, the look in the eyes of the people seeing us at the airport, knowing we were going home to America, and wanting that for themselves".

  • Had I known what contoversy one simple post, quoting our nations founders' view of how to celebrate "indepence day" would cause, I would not have bothered to to mention it. Sadly, this is the most unfriendly site I've come across in some time. Enjoy the day...

  • PS: My thanks to all those in Uniform....

  • Thank you Sam Pardon for expressing my views "exactly!" I do hope this thread is now closed... end of subject.

  • ebar3189

    To all the sour faced whiners on this post: You guys can go your lifetime complaining, but that's as far as you are going to get.

    As much as you would like to have authority, YOU DON'T. You cannot control the lives of others, you cannot make decisions for others, and let me tell you that your response is not going to dampen anyone's spirit this 4th of July.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Polonia - my mother was born in Germany; she came here with her family in 1938 (she was 10). They spent Kristallnacht hiding in the Black Forest.

    Yes, there are many countries that are not as "great" as the US. That does not change the fact that the US is (no longer) the greatest, though it could be. We have states that call themselves "pro life", yet refuse to provide medical insurance to those who can't afford it. With all of the medical innovations, this generation will have a shorter lifespan than their parents. I could go on, but times have changed, and this country has been headed down a dark path that started with Reagan.

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  • Chandra Lynn Dagley Pre-Medicine Chaser From AP

    I do like the post about Winnemac Park. I didn't know they had a fireworks show, and haven't had a chance to visit this particular park yet, and I figure it would be a better alternative to dragging a ton of stuff to overly crowded Navy Pier and trying to see everything from the slightly obscured view from my back porch. I plan on grabbing my picnic table and chairs, and my camera and tripod and one squirmy little almost-4 year old and heading there to check out the park and the fireworks show. Thanks for the post Sam Padron

  • The fireworks at Winnemac are pretty awesome but for anyone with children, do be very careful and ready to shield them. I've not heard of any serious injuries yet but 2 years ago I witnessed some fireworks shoot straight into a crowd of people.
    Oh, and lots and lots of smoke from the fireworks. Hope everyone has a safe and fun time this holiday weekend!

  • TD

    I find the people who blow off the most have no business spending money.

  • Chandra Lynn Dagley Pre-Medicine Chaser From AP

    Thank you On the block, I will definitely keep that in mind, hopefully they have gotten better at controlling the direction of said fireworks, nevertheless I will take care to get plenty of space between us and the fireworks and make sure to take my long lens

  • Chandra, the Morton Grove fireworks are great, combined with their carnival. Plus you can get there by Metra or CTA.

  • RT Here

    The "thug" element in our neighborhood are always the ones blowing stuff up for a whole week until the wee hours of the morning. In the past I just cranked up fans in our place and dealt with it - it never really bothered me. But the past couple years some dudes were setting off the loudest fireworks I have ever heard. It scared the hell out of me and especially my kids. Some of these would send debris reigning down on my roof! I snapped last year after the 4th bomb went off well after 1:00 AM. I ran outside in my underwear (after making sure my place wasn't on fire), and teed off on these guys. These grown men (not kids) just laughed and said something back to me in Spanish. No matter, these types have no idea what respect means in any language. And that is the problem that the "killjoys" have. Fireworks are great - in a controlled environment. Who doesn't agree with that? It's the complete and utter lack of respect that is shown by some bad seeds in our neighborhoods.

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  • RT Here

    Likewise!! My neighborhood is blessed you don't live here!! Happy 4th!!

  • RT Here

    That was meant for Tas..... no GBH.

  • So, I guess the lesson we have all learned today is: If you're bothered by people engaging in disruptive and illegal behavior in your neighborhood, you just gotta' suck it up. There's no middle ground. People illegally blowing stuff up at all hours of the day and night have an undeniable right to do that and shouldn't have to tone it down or make any compromises under any circumstances on behalf of their fellow citizens to whom it's like nails on a chalkboard. So, you should all remember that the next time someone sprays graffiti on your garage door or drunk drives over your yard and plows down your fence. Suck it up, people, it's just all in good fun!

  • No one said that. We said, enjoy the Fourth, don't do anything stupid.

    Read Neil Steinberg's column in the Sun-Times today.

  • ebar3189

    It's the 4th of July and people are celebrating nationwide.

    Vandalism and driving while intoxicated are a whole different topic.

  • Ah, eb3189, so celebrating with one illegal and dangerous behavior that many consider a nuisance is o.k., because you say so (and possibly do it yourself), but the other illegal and dangerous behavior isn't o.k. because you say so. Got it.

  • ebar3189

    I didn't say so. JOHN ADAMS said so. But do you even know who he is? Probably not, because you use the internet as a way if expressing your complaints as opposed to a source to do some research. I'm posting a link to a great piece of history. . Which you probably won't read because clearly you've never invested time in becoming a well informed person.. but anyway here it is:

  • RT Here

    Yea, that's applicable.

  • eb3189: It's nice to know that someone else does the research too!

  • It surely is sad to see this that thread which began as a simple sharing of points of view, now has sunk to insulting one another. I would think discussion is possible among people who live nearby without being so unnecessarily mean and confrontational.

  • I know, i never would have thought fireworks could be such a polarizing issue?

    @gbh, i actually agree, i too have issues with the little punks who are reckless and aim in the street. Just as the ones who fire guns masked by the "works." And, its 11:30 on the 4th and now im annoyed at the people still blowing the rest of their stash! BUT........i would STILL NOT call the police!

  • Just walked by Sawyer and Sunnyside. The intersection is completely littered with used fireworks, nobody in sight to clean it up. In my opinion we are simply too dense of a neighborhood to be shooting off fireworks.

  • I'd rather they use it up, like right now, than annoy me with over several days. Drip, drip, drip, like water torture.

  • It's almost 4:00 AM and fireworks are STILL going off somewhere in the neighboring blocks. It's difficult to tell which direction because the noise echoes off the tops of the buildings. Now it's just become a public nuisance. People are sometimes just f-tards.

  • John Adams does not write the current laws. Just because John Adams said fireworks were ok in the late 1700s does not make all modern laws making fireworks illegal invalid. They are still illegal. I really do not understand why this is still an argument. So many people claiming their "right" to use illegal fireworks and in violation of noise ordinances because "it's fun" and their "right." Bet you're the same people who go to a bar, suck down a few drinks, and then get in your car and drive home because "I've only had a couple, I'm fine" and "I have the right to drive my car. This is America!"

  • ebar3189

    Just because IL is a state where politicians have appeased the "busybodies" that vote for them. However, they are perfectly legal in WI, IN, etc.

    If fireworks kept you up then that's your problem because I managed, i was asleep by 11am. Why couldn't you figure something out? Maybe your one of those people that can never be happy and will always miserable. Sucks to be you.

    Anyway, I'm off to work.

  • I'm for the legal kind of fireworks. No one here has advocated M-80s or continuing past eleven thirty pm.

  • Robin in Rogers Park Owner of Cats in the City, LLC

    My views, for what they are worth:

    I can't change the noise
    I don't like it
    I've decided to not let it bother me, even though I am up early to work today
    Oddly enough, my cats don't care
    My new outdoor feral kittens's hungry tummies voted over the booms
    The people shooting this stuff off may not be originally from America - sad
    I am sure most participants know nothing of the Declaration of Independence
    My windows were open, but I was safe from anything flying in because people stopped shooting them off in the alley outside my windows
    I do feel badly for the PTSD veterans an others with serious issues (those on O2, etc)

    I still realize I can't do a darn thing about this time of years' noise

    For myself, I've learned to go with the flow and ingore the racket

    I slept fine with my improved mental outlook.

    Tonight will be noisy again - it will all wear off soon.

    Happy Birthday to our Country - it is what it is.

  • Robin in Rogers Park Owner of Cats in the City, LLC

    Ambulance sirens bother me more since my dad had 12 ambulance rides when he was ill 3 years ago. I am on the road daily with my work and I encounter 2-4 ambulances a day (and sometimes fire trucks).

    This is truly post-traumatic stress for me and I deal with it daily. My heart sinks each time I hear a piercing siren in the distance and know it's speeding my direction. Even distant sirens cause me to freeze in my tracks and cover my ears.

    The sounds of some refrigerators or freezers mimic my dad's ventilator at one particular hospital.

    Ambulances, fire trucks, refrigerators and freezers are a part of daily life and I must deal with them.

    Car horns sound just like my mother's telemetry going haywire when she was in ICU...I cannot run from those either in our car-horn-beeping-happy society.

    A few days of 'bombs bursting in air' feel like small potatoes for me as I must cope daily with the regular sounds of life that remind me heavily of my parents being ill and dying.

    Somber, memory-triggering stuff - just my story.

    (My mom left home in an ambulance too - not a pretty memory either...)

    My life goes on - July 4th is a few days of people who are going to make noise. I don't know what else to say....

  • Robin: (and I say this with sympathy)... Your PTSD seems to have more to do with other issues beyond your perceived dislike for the Fourth of July, and how Americans traditionally celebrate it. I do think you should seek help, either through your church or professionally. I know many who have been in actual combat, and yet actively celebrate the Fourth of July, yet do not flinch at the mere sounds of everything you describe. Once again, this is not meant to sound disrespectful.

    The day is over... the mess cleaned-up, and we all enjoyed a nice weekend celebration which will likely continue amongst some (myself included) with Barbeques and relaxation and above all, rememberance...

  • Robin in Rogers Park Owner of Cats in the City, LLC

    Rob, I don't dislike the 4th at all, I think you misread my posts, but that's ok! It's difficult to really communicate online.

    I was making a comparison.

    Read my post before the one you read and responded to....(I posted it below)

    I am fine - I was making a comparison, but thank you for your concern!

    I worked all day yesterday, which was a drag because seeing fireworks would have been great!

    I do not dislike July 4th at all...:-)

    Thanks tho for your concern!

    Here's what I wrote in my first post:

    I can't change the noise
    I don't like it
    I've decided to not let it bother me, even though I am up early to work today
    Oddly enough, my cats don't care
    My new outdoor feral kittens's hungry tummies voted over the booms
    The people shooting this stuff off may not be originally from America - sad
    I am sure most participants know nothing of the Declaration of Independence
    My windows were open, but I was safe from anything flying in because people stopped shooting them off in the alley outside my windows
    I do feel badly for the PTSD veterans an others with serious issues (those on O2, etc)

    I still realize I can't do a darn thing about this time of years' noise

    For myself, I've learned to go with the flow and ingore the racket

    I slept fine with my improved mental outlook.

    Tonight will be noisy again - it will all wear off soon.

    Happy Birthday to our Country - it is what it is.

  • "The people shooting this stuff off may not be originally from America - sad
    I am sure most participants know nothing of the Declaration of Independence"

    What exactly does that mean?

  • Dan on Monticello Neighborhood Guy

    I'd guess those are the vile thoughts of an unabashed bigot; and a hypocrite if they check their family tree.

    While not a big fan of fireworks myself, i don't see why anyone should be excluded from joining in; US citizens with many generations of roots here, naturalized citizens, immigrants waiting for citizenship, undocumented immigrants, visitors from other countries, even people IN other countries.

    As far as not knowing anything about the Declaration of Independence, i'm pretty certain that if American History knowledge were a requirement to use fireworks a lot of us would be surprised to find ourselves excluded.

    One thing i will say, is that this country WAS founded on an ideal that you could come here from ANYWHERE and hopefully prosper under our rules of law and the ability they afforded to do so.

    Our system has many flaws that seem to fly in the face of those ideals; but questioning the right of anyone to participate in the celebration of those ideals is NOT a value most of us hold, i hope.

  • Do we have to know about St. Valentine to send valentines?

  • TD

    If you are sending inappropriate valentines.....then should read up on it.

  • It's truly amazing how many of you are so retentive! We live in an URBAN environment with lots of other people...there will be good, bD and annoying, deal with it and to the princess with her elitist "we don't have such tings in overly white wealthy areas like Lincoln parking lot and old town" good for you snob . Perhaps Winnetka would be more your place then. I love how those of us with half a brain are thumb downed , but it's all good, we have more fun anyways and don't get caught up in snobbish elitism. Boo hoo, if you don't like others then MOVE out of the city, my problem solved! And...the whole "half aren't even Americans" is the single most xenophobic, classier, racist comment ever. They ARE AMERICANS celebrating the FREEDOMS they may not have had, so would you rather fireworks ?or real crime? Thought so. It seems all you naysayers shouldn't even live in a small city none the less the second city (in 3rd place, lol) most of the immigrants left oppressive countries for a better life, which yours did the same thing , obviously you don't seem bright enough to put it together, but think about it and your bogus, whiny post!

  • Jairmy, this post is two years old and fireworks are illegal.

  • While this thread is 2 years old, I think Jairmy is correct to call out Kim R.'s vile, mean-spirited comment that "Most of the people setting them off in this hood aren't even from this country."

    Taking part in traditional American activities like fireworks, sports, backyard bar-b-ques, etc., are some of the ways immigrants assimilate themselves into American culture, and we ought to applaud and encourage this. I'm glad to see so many newcomers celebrating this most American of holidays, and there's no better place to see it than right here in Albany park, one of the most diverse communities in the United States. I hope the neighborhood fully tears it up with firecrackers this year, and I hope that Kim R. tears her hair out in frustration over all these new Americans joyfully celebrating. Everyone else, have a safe and happy Fourth of July! :)

  • LauraLiz 20 year North Side Resident. Transit junkie.

    Agreed - that particular comment is unfair, hurtful, and unnecessary. However, living in an urban area is not an excuse for those people to blatantly ignore how their behavior impacts those living around them. In fact, that's an argument for why we need to be MORE aware of how our behaviors impact those around us. Setting off fireworks around 4th of July weekend is fine and I think we can all learn to live with it as a reasonable celebration of the holiday. Setting them off for 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after the holiday is really self-centered and inconsiderate and shows no regard for others.

  • THX, from my perspective as a naturalized US citizen born and raised somewhere else it upsets me to see folks from other countries or originally from other countries breaking the law. Integrating means observing the laws and rules of the country where you are or were a guest. That's how I've always felt in every country I lived. Unauthorized fireworks are never welcome.

  • @Struwwel - My friend, there is nothing more American than breaking a dumb, uneccessary, law. Fireworks are legal in most states, there's no reason for them to be illegal in Illinois, and defying that kind of petty restriction is a tribute to the very spirit that founded this nation.

  • Laura S. neighborhood resident since 1987

    @THX1138, I agree some laws are just dumb and meant to be broken. I don't mind the noise and I think they are fun. But some of the fireworks blown off in the neighborhoods are not meant to be used in such close quarters. I'm so afraid of a garage catching fire from a spark or malfunctioning firecracker.

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    Working several years in Englewood really helped me to differentiate between gunshots and m80's

  • THX, some find that Illinois regulation absurd and others find it necessary and fair. All US citizens I happen to know in the area dislike the obnoxious noise. The law agrees with them so visitors, foreigners and guests of all kinds could also find it in themselves to agree. I find the noise caused by all those random illegal pyrotechnics beyond annoying. The average citizen doesn't differentiate between some of those and gun shots. It's alarming and stressful considering the situation we are dealing with in the US at the moment. Based on last year's precedent the ones who should be trying to stay off the public radar were the ones who bragged louder. If Darwinism has any validity, things will fall into place eventually. And sorry to say this but the ones I mean are not willing to integrate or assimilate. They have their own agenda with full disregard to our standards of coexistence.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Compared with a couple of decades ago, this is nuttin'. We used to call it Little Beirut in my neighborhood. Started weeks before and carried on for at least a week post 7/4. I always half-expected my roof to catch on fire.

  • I don't know buddy, over by Pulaski and Sunnyside it's still little Beirut

  • and remember, gunshots are a muffled pop. :)

  • Someone blowing off really loud fireworks last night. How is that fun? At least so far no messes left to clean up.

  • I hate the 4th. It's the worst holiday ever. I have to get my dogs fed & walked early because they won't go out into the war zone once the firecrackers start. I also have to drug them up because they get panic stricken. The I spend my whole evening inside with the ac & tv's on to try to mute the noise. I was trying to sit on my deck and I had debris from from the firecrackers falling on my head! In the morning I have to go out & sweep up the mess. What about MY freedom to enjoy this holiday?? Why do we have to cater to the masses of idiots that want to blow out their eardrums ( and hopefully a few fingers) with those darn loud things. It's all just noise from M80's now. If you want to see fireworks go to one of the shows. Let everybody enjoy the holiday.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    The 5th was quiet, contrary to predictions.

  • Don't over buy fireworks. Go to one of the park displays.

  • So many of you are whiney, butt hurt, cry babies....wahhh! Deal with it. People are going to blow firecrackers and blow up a can or ten. This has been going on for quite a while and all thw whining in the world wont make them stop! And to all you poor wittle babies who "thumbs down" and mute dissenting opinions are just that....whiney wittle babies! I cant stand the constant 3am explosions either, but thats whats great about a free country, we can take it or leave it. We all know its gonna happen, so, what do you do? DEAL WITH IT LIKE THE REST OF US! Complaining just makes you look foolish

  • Thx1138 and a few of you other enlightened folks get it at least! Im the last person to call b.s out as i see it. But so many eb'ers have lost touch with the reality of living in a sucha diverse country where so many of us are just greatful for what we do have! Could be better, but could be much Iran or the maldives (no dogs allowed:( so, dealing with someones version of CELEBRATION may be to your dislike (perhaps you need to get out more) but, thats whats great.....they can celebrate and you have the right to whine on e.b and waste the polices time from solving REAL CRIMES by calling over a loud boom that does ANNOY most of us but isnt hurting anyone, where is the logic? Wake up and find something better to butt-hurt about, like taxes, murder, inequality, you know....the REAL ISSUES that effect many more of us!

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    A few composition tips which you may find useful in anticipation of bumping this thread in 2017:

    1. Use paragraphs, as appropriate.
    2. Back off the all-caps.
    3. Don't use that tired old trope: "you shouldn't discuss X on this discussion board, because in Y country people are dying of Z."
    4. Save the repetitive use of "butt-hurt" for use around teen and t'ween friends. Unlike grownups, they think it is *so* cool.

    See you next year!

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