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Added Jan 30 2013

A young female student shot while in a park, in our community, in broad daylight at 2pm in the afternoon. We must take these streets back! If our children cannot attend school without risking their lives, then we are all doomed. A statement must be made, silence cannot continue, whoever or whomever feels that they are in a comfort zone shooting a weapon anytime in our community must be sent a strong message that this will not continue. We must act strongly so that there is no confusion in this community about how serious we are that the time has come for this senseless violence to end.

  • Omg did this happen on oak lawn over east around 43 or something

  • RAY! i feel your pain. something has to be done. So lets start something. Please give me your feedback about our newsletter

    The 2013 killing spree has begun! :-(
    Help us get or youth involved before spring/summer 2013 killing spree begins.
    Signup for our mailing list and we will connect you with an e-copy of our YOUTH MAGAZINE.

  • Here is the correct link:

  • I am calling for the Law against loitering to be enforced starting with 35th st. with no exceptions, drug sales would be greatly impacted if these individuals were not allowed to just stand around, not to mention the benefit for everyone else to move up and down the street. Drugs are the force behind every bit of this and we have to remove the sellers and the buyers. If we could put our lives on the line in another country for our freedom then why not fight for your freedom here in your community in your home. We send our children out into a hostile enviorment everyday when we know this is not good, let us step up and meet this head on, our children are owed this common right, that they can live in peace.

  • Toy

    Ray, if we start a petition and get enough signatures, do you this will grab the attention of our community and politicians? Check out this link and let me know your thoughts.

  • Also asking that Ald. Burns, Ald. Dowell, Ald Fioretti, to request signage for the no loitering to be placed strategically throughout Bronzeville, I know this can be done because I saw it done on 22nd with great success. And I witnessed plain clothes and uniformed officers enforcing this law with good results. The immediate benefit was that you can now walk 22nd with no harassment.

  • Yes Toy let's start a petition,it's by all means necessary.

  • grandma 13-year Douglas resident

    Also the alternative high school inside of the Harold Washington Cultural Center is being moved back to the far southside by Januart 31, 2013a nd another alternative high school that is on IIT campus is being reduced from 300 to 138 students. I saw this information in the January 2013, CPS Board Report.

  • For evil to prevail all it takes is for good people to do nothing.

  • Toy

    Let's do it! What's our action plan?

  • The petitions is good but we must also do a survey in for the community for the purpose of volunteers to step up and assist in a dedicated mentoring program. We will need our survey to single out community individuals who have vacant properties just sitting around deteriorating. We can train youth in carpentry and other job creative fields. bottom line is lets take away their idled time with youthdevelopment in the following area: learning, working, leading, connecting, thriving. but we need locations. and material donations for rehabbing. I im 10 years experienced in carpentry and will to teach youth and find some kind of stipend system for them.

  • Jennifer Bridgeport to Bucktown and some places in between

    Meanwhile - the police are in LS for a TV show! Maybe their time can be used more wisely?

  • Yes Nathan you have to replace one lifestyle with another, a path to an altenative way of livng and problem solving. We need all hands on deck on this or it will not be successful, these young people have no access to jobs or training so it is easy to fall into the many traps that are there for them to fall into. Who have you reached out to for your program?

  • Erica in Bronzeville 12 yrs in Bronzeville; Ready for a Brighter Day

    I think relying on the law is the easy thing to do. It takes residents (people who live in and are vested in the community) to take more of a stand. The only way to make our neighborhoods walkable is if we make them walkable by taking to the streets regularly and walking. I really like the positive loitering idea that BARCC tried to introduce a couple of years ago with efforts like musicians playing on corners and so forth. Signs about loitering would not have presented yesterday's shooting. Law enforcement groups can provide the obvious level of support but it's time for residents to take a stand themselves. We can start by giving up the "no snitching" hood code and turn in yesterday's shooter!

  • Right now i am a member of the grand crossing park districk council. I would have implemented the mentor program thier but its too much red tape with thier policies and the are personal issues and politicing going on that makes community issue secondary. its a struggle when dealing with the city. Sometimes you think all the community drama is by design. but in any case the STRENGTH has to originate from the community members. the city will SURELY follow US.

    My options for grant money is not moving well, i have 501c3 issues with IRS about my exempt status. otherthan that, i have a proposal for the mentor program

  • Erica, to my suprise a post I made over a year ago about changing the culture on 35th came up recently, so much of it still remains the same, these buisnesses like Jimmy's food, Woods Liquor, the submarine food store all inhibit a positive experience for any normal person walking down 35th. These are a nuisance to the community and at the same time act as stations for loiterers, we must eliminate these eyesores and replace them with family orientated buisnesses to set the tone for a positive shopping experience on 35th, then 39th and so on.

  • Corey Warner 25 year englewood resident Politicsmylife chi-styl

    The entire city needs a no loitering law.. Your neighborhood is mo better than mine.

  • I knew this young lady and she was a great kid with much potential, I can't help but feel a great since of loss for her family and her friends, one of which was my niece but most of all for her future potential contribution to the world of which we will never get to experience. Something must be done but what, where do we start, how do we protect the innocent, find and prosecute the guilty and establish more safe, secure and responsible neighbors, neighborhoods and communities. I am in, lets get to work.

  • Erica in Bronzeville 12 yrs in Bronzeville; Ready for a Brighter Day

    Ray, I attended a Gap Community Org meeting in July and listened to how they address the new businesses that entertain setting up camp in their community. At that time, a man wanted to turn the Payless Shoes bldg on 35th into a car wash. I remember the Gap president saying that he spoke with the guy and told him that a car wash wouldn't mesh well with the group's vision. WOW! I'm not exactly sure if that was all that was said, but the empty Payless bldg is still there and there is no sign of a car wash on 35th. But that kind of engagement with potential business owners is requisite. I've since reached out to the Gap group as I think they are a wonderful example that could be leveraged by other community groups with their level of engagement (i.e., block captains who report on the goings ons), influence, and respect from elected officials (Pat Dowell is not their alderman, but the Gap group held her feet to the fire on the issues they had open for discussion. And she knows those folks by name.) But this is what it takes. There is NO reason why several people living near the park on yesterday have no idea who the shooter is. We need grassroots engagment throughout the city where residents know the norms of their neighborhood, as well as the people who come in and out, and are in a position to effect whatever change is necessary to meet the needs/hopes/desires of the community at large. There is no other way this will happen.

  • Our government has waged a War on Poverty, a War on Drugs, and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe our elected officials should wage a War on Gangs here at home to protect our children and other innocent bystanders who are all too often caught in the crossfire. That war cannot be fought with rhetoric, legislation and good intentions. The enemy is among us. And the enemy must be killed. Sadly, there is no peaceful way to fight a war against a lawless enemy who neither fears nor respects any law, whether Divine or manmade, and who responds only to violence. The evil is a cancer that is growing and metastasizing. And like any other cancer, it must be killed before it kills its host.

  • no one still has said the where, when, who and why about the this all hearsay of did someone really get killed in a park nearby bridgeport? Which park was it? Armour, Boyce, Bosley, Donovan? which park, when did it happen and who was shot....details please...

  • It was a park near King high school, I believe 45th and oakenwald.

  • There's a no loitering ordinance on the books already so there are other avenues that should be pursued.

  • Erica the way 35th is configered there are three alderman representing it. The 2nd,3rd, and 4th, real tricky on who to involve, my hope is that all the Alderman want this problem solved, I believe the first place to start, get the loitterers off the streets, then clean and beautify, maybe insert some family friendly buisnesses that encourage positive interaction between the community and buisnesses.

  • Corey Warner 25 year englewood resident Politicsmylife chi-styl

    The gangbangers that were in the park im sure they know who they had beef with an they need to start snitching.. Oh i forgot if they did snitch they would cum up missing the next day. to tell you the truth i would'nt snitch either. Let the police do there job an investigate on there own.

  • Max

    its not the governments fault. its not the cops fault. ITS YOUR FAULT. People get shot in your hood and the first thing done is.... a candle light vigil and some fat mother crying on the 10 o'clock news about where da popo at and a bunch of Cease Fire posters go up. [criminal organization]

    AAAAAnd surprise surprise, you know who speaks to the police to give them information or helpful tips?? I'll give you a minute... ok... NOBODY. Thanks to the hood's 'snitches get stitches' mentality, THIS is why murder rates persist in the south and westside.

    Sooo you know what, change that, aaaand maybe you'll have some progress. Until then, its only a population control.

  • Apple Jaxx Pissing people off not once, but twice...

    Not that it matters where, but this was a North Kenwood slaying, not Bronzeville. Proposing a law against loitering is somewhat laughable. What are we going to do, tell lawbreakers they can't converge in public spaces? Do we have adopt a similar set of laws for white collar crooks? How many innocent Black men would be rounded up as a result of this proposed stupidity? Draconian, knee-jerk and reactionary, to say the least.

  • grandma 13-year Douglas resident

    FYI - City of Chicago meeting also discussess safety around liquor stores.

    " • Loiterers – Keep them away from your store and surrounding area"

    here's the link:

  • @corey..yeah sure acknowledge that you agree with the gangbangers code of silence as that seems to make complete sense to you but no one else other then you and the scumbag thugs you are now endorsing with your let the police do thier jobs without help from the community mentality. You nor them make any sense and I hope you nor anyone you care about succumb to the pain that mother is now experiencing over the loss of her daughter and the closure that may now never come because of that idiot dont snitch mentality.

  • Stevio what are the other avenues?

  • @ray..laws while good aren't always the only answer,a concerned community,news awareness,aldermanic input and influence and law enforcement. Finding funds for job creation and educational grants to schools some of these lost soles. You can't save everyone but you can save a few and give options to those who felt there were none other then to grow up in the streets and learn about life there.

  • So Stevio, let me see if I got this straight, enforce the laws that will bring control of the streets back to the community, provide a path of success for some of these individuals with education and employment opportunties, provide positive tutoring and mentoring to those in need of it. Build a laison between Buisness, Police, Community and Political leaders to produce an enviorment that discourages criminal behaviour and at the same time restores health back into the community so that buisnesses will have confidence in investing into. Which will provide the jobs and tax base along with the increase in property value and leads to the improvement in the education resources.

  • @ray..exactly what I said just in a shorter format,those aren't going to rectify all issues 100% but it's not gonna hurt either,again you can't save everyone but you can help those willing to venture into more positive environments.

  • Usually the shooters are very young, 17-25. A lot of them don't fully understand what taking a life means for the victim and for themselves. I'm speechless. The loss of this particular young lady is devastating.

  • Geoff Canada has changed Harlem, NY with his "Children's Zones."

    "An explosion of gangs in Harlem has prompted a prominent city educator to put a team of monitors on the streets so students can walk home safely.
    Harlem Children's Zone President Geoffrey Canada has deployed "Safety Knights" on a 10-block stretch of upper Fifth Ave. so students in the organization's after-school programs can walk home without worrying about crossing paths with gang members.
    "We've had an explosion of gang activity," Canada told the Daily News. "Kids, for their own protection, can't walk through certain areas, and it means that you're almost forced to join one of these neighborhood groups, which is a horrible thing."
    The Knights are easy to spot between 125th and 135th Sts. They wear orange vests, communicate using walkie-talkies and sit bright lanterns on the sidewalk for when it gets dark outside.
    When the Knights aren't standing at their assigned spots, they are working at HCZ programs as tutors, security guards or administrative staff members. Some are familiar faces for the kids who pass through the zone."

    Read more:

    In a perfect world, local high schools would stay open until late in the evening, as late as 11pm and serve as safe havens and youth centers for the kids. They would be staffed by volunteers (older kids, parents, teachers, anyone who cared); kids could study and participate in sports and academic activities. It would take kids off the street. A lot of kids don't have anything to look forward to when they get home. The schools could function as a physical community "anchor".

  • "Canada founded the Harlem Children's Zone in the nineties, leading a bold social experiment using education to break the cycle of poverty for poor children in the United States. He literally turned around Central Harlem, block by block, creating safe zones through schools and community centers for kids to learn and play."

    His model could be imported here to Chicago. It;s been proven.

  • @chris..good idea but most of our teachers have said they don't want to stay an extra 45 minutes past the regular school time so who's going to watch the kids and still have a structured environment for them to excell in at 1100pm when they should be at home asleep?

  • @chris I'm also shocked as we all are by all of these deaths. Let me share something with you,these shooters are even younger then that try 12-17 and the girls are now carrying weapons for the gangbangers and serving the drugs on the corners. The young thugs have the girls carrying because the police are used to the young boys having them. Incredible isnt it? If they put as much effort into doing something more positive instead of trying to outsmart law enforcement,there would be less deaths and more years ahead of these youngsters to prosper.

  • The three pillars of good community design are Identity, Sustainability and Mobility. Identity represents a community’s historic and present day character. Every community has an identity. Many however,have lost touch.

    The first step in the revitalization of any community or business district is to uncover and re-present a neighborhood’s lost collective Identity. This can lead to improved pride in the neighborhood and an improvement in the public’s perception of safety.

  • @ Stevio The schools that stay open late would be staffed mostly by parent and community volunteers. This would make teachers jobs easier. The kids would come to school the next day having studied and they would be more relaxed. This would cure a lot of the discipline problems and let teachers focus on teaching. The Midnight Basketball league worked very well.

  • Corey Warner 25 year englewood resident Politicsmylife chi-styl

    Blah blah blah you guys can talk to your heads fall off thats not going to stop the young people from selling drugs. All they care about is dat fast bread dats aw..

  • Erica in Bronzeville 12 yrs in Bronzeville; Ready for a Brighter Day

    What you are describing in Canada, Chris, is really nothing more than the Guardian Angels, which have operations in Chicago, right? I thought recently about them having more of a presence on the eastern part of the south side. Today, they seem to be more on the west side.

    Ok, how do we make all of this tangible and applicable to the average person? Please prove me wrong in thinking that nothing action-oriented ever comes out of our discussions on EveryBlock! Please, please, PLEASE, for once, no more virtual coffee shop bs!! If we are serious, how do we actively go after the change that we want?

  • Hey peeps. Do any one wants to donate a rental unit for a after school hourmentoring program. We have no funding as of yet, but the mentor program is ready to role.

  • @chris..the midnight basketball league did work but lack of funding killed it as it does with alot of positive programs. The discipline problem begins and ends at home,that's not the teachers or law enforcements job.

  • @corey,true every person cannot be saved but there are some that can be and to give up on them all isn't a prudent choice when some of them can be saved. The us against government mindset you have along with the don't snitch mentality doesnt help or encourage anyone.

  •'s a multifaceted problem with alot of shared ideas here in this forum. Unfortunately there is no light switch to flick that will solve all of this ongoing nonsense going on in the streets.

  • mushroom Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

    Two years ago I had a business where the young people in the neighborhood just hung around one of those throw up "food stores" in the community. The crowd spilled over in front of my establishment along with the trash and drugs. I made it my business to engage in conversation with the youth to get an understanding about what they were seeking in life, I found out that what the were seeking most was validation, respect and recognition. So I, along with a local photographer teamed up to put photos of the young men playing basketball in the neighborhood on the walls of my shop. I invited the young men in to see themselves on the "wall of fame", they loved it! Their attitude changes and they treated me with a lot of respect AND sought me out to speak to on a number of issues. Now for the sad part....I also invited the community, particularly the men in the neighborhood to come out and see the exhibit and share an evening with the youth at a reception and afterwards for the next month as long as the exhibit was still there. There was not ONE MAN who responded, came by or even expressed an interest in seeing the exhibit or engaging with the youth. I posted something on FB that said: "You can get a million men to march in Washington DC, but I can't get ONE man to walk in their own neighborhood to support THEIR youth!" The only feedback I got was from a guy who said "I take offence to that!" So, enough said! Stop marching outside of the Capitol shouting about what THEY should do for OUR children and put all that energy to work in OUR communities! Lead by example! All I see, hear and know is that most folk do more talking than anything else! I know it, the youth know it, and the community knows it! Gather those million men together and start marching down the streets of Chicago like we used to! The Civil Rights movement was successful because it was done city by city, street by street over days, years and time. Are OUR youth worth fighting for? Step up or shut up!

  • This is the question now, whether we like it or not"when Men stand up the boys will sit down. This is all on us, if we cannot reclaim our community then we don't deserve it.

  • Bronzeville Curmudgeon Director, Bronzeville Visitor Information Center

    Apple Jaxx, The North Kenwood /Oakland communities are geographically located within in the Black Metropolis National Heritage Area!


    Bronzeville Curmudgeon


  • As Rahm Emmanuel, bless his elitist , No good crisis should go unwasted." This IS a chance to ask some hard questions about the commuinity's identity. Who is the greater south side? is it the kind of place that will allow its youth to be shot down on the street or is it the kind of community that absolutely won't stand by while its youth are victimized?

    @ Erica in Bronzeville..Harlem Childern's Zone is in New York City, Harlem USA. It was founded by a man named Geoffery Canada. It is not in Canada.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    This is so sad.....Way too many young people are getting killed by gang violence. When will it end?? What is the answer?? There is a lot of talk about it, but not much is being done about all of the killings!!! I just wish there was a simple answer....

  • @luci..there are no fast answers to this complicated issue,there never are just the slow deaths of many innocent people.

  • Katina Y

    @mushroom I admire your willingness to engage with those young men. In my work with high school students (from other neighborhoods, but with similar issues), it really seems that beyond the tough exterior are kids who just want to be valued by an adult. Are those adults too intimidated, or are they too wrapped up in their own concerns to get involved?

  • mushroom Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

    @Katina Y. I sometimes believe that the adults forget they were young and teenagers looking for direction too. That, and the fact that we sometimes forget to factor in the "giving back to the community" part into our lives. We MUST give back, mentor, teach and lead by example. It is as simple as that! And, it works!

  • CHUCKDIESEL Keep and Bear Arms!


  • Erica in Bronzeville 12 yrs in Bronzeville; Ready for a Brighter Day

    Chris, I was at work and skimming. Canada was featured quite a bit in the movie Waiting for Superman. Lots of info crammed in that movie but Iloved it.

  • As ignorant as Corey comes off as being. The one correct thing he has said is that talk won't change anything. When you guys are done talking - trying to impress each other with your intellect and have actually devised a plan of action that you are willing to sacrifice your TV time to implement, please let me know. I'm down for that.

  • @that blows..,yes Corey has shown us all he's as bright as an eclipse, now when you're done bumping your gums let us all know what youve personally come up with that's intelligent and helpful.

  • chitownlady lifer

    Chicago made National News yesterday for a murder rate .in 2012. NATIONAL NEWS. (channel 5 @5:30)... Plus the 42 murders already for Jan 2013. Is Emanuel proud of that? I'm not None of us should be. We are now known for the gun capital. How nice.
    I strongly urge Emanuel and McCarthy to get some bal*s and take charge of our streets. Bring in the darn National Guard. Something has failed here in a big way! Oh wait. McCarthy has a PLAN....BS plan if you ask me and all the dead people for January 2013.

  • RET

    I recall the words of old man Daley: "Shoot to kill" this needs to instituded on all gang bangers. On sight. But, chicago will just pass another useless gun law and then wait for NRA money to come in so they can consider overturning it.

  • @stevio
    In my short time in this community:

    1. I've worked with five parks in the community to bring about positive change for the community in the area recreation and safety. (for which I received awards).

    2. I've mentored at 4 schools in the community. ( I still work with the children)

    3. I am either a member of or have worked with 7 community organizations addressing issues ranging from education to commercial development to saftey.

    4. I've attended countless community meetings and have expressed my position on issues that cover the diaspora issues plaguing our community.

    5. I've actively participated in countless demonstrations and rallies designed to affect positive change in our community and globally. (many of those rallies I organized)

    6. I've tried on three different occasions to organize the community around affecting a positive changeand developing the quality of life nearly everyone in our community wants.

    7. I've cried and I've prayed.

    I assume you were offended by the comments of my previous post, for that I apologize. However the comment, I believe to be justified, being that when action needs to be taken too few are prepared or willing to take action. I reiterate "talk won't change anything".

    I remember in one of my vein attempts at organizing supposed like-minded people in this community, I reached out to Ray on several occasions despite saying he would he never made a meeting. For that matter neither did any of you others. I'm not ready to totally give up on you yet. However, I will not be the one spear-heading anything again. I get left holding the bag and the liability. So this time when you guys come up with a plan of action let me know. IF YOU WANTt, I will be there to help.

  • @thatblows..we were all offended by anyone that supports anything that Corey has to say based on his previous comments so it makes anyone doing so seem very unreliable going forward. You have still not come up with any solutions that would seem to help other then to show what you may have done on a occasional sunday morning.

  • @Stevio schools aren't open on Sundays. If were doing anything, you would know that most community meetings aren't held on Sundays. the point is I am tired of being the one that always try to do while relying on talkers to do something other than talk. The fact that you instead of saying thank you for your efforts, would instead say, "You have still not come up with any solutions that would seem to help other then to show what you may have done on a occasional sunday morning", shows me that I am right in my decision to take a back-seat. I am tired of attempting to reason with people lacking the intellectual sophistication required to motivate their bodies from in front of a television or out off bed and in front of decision makers expressing their concerns and demanding resolutions. Stevio here is the solution get off your romp and get in front of those making the decisions and do it in a resilient defiant way. And stop blogging so much, put some action behind tour words if you aren't. Remember the bog difference between a man and a boy is that, " Aman does what has to, and boy does what he wants." Be a man, step up an stop relying on people like me to do it all. Step up carry your fair share of the water.

  • Corey Warner 25 year englewood resident Politicsmylife chi-styl

    Stevio calm down um just speaking from the street's. people are arfraid ta snitch on these wana be thugs. Let me correct that i am to. I mean come on stevio, lets be realistic for a minute. I live in the heard of englewood, an just about the only one on my block working. I have a wonderfull house new garage one of the best houses on mi block. Now do u actuall think i'm going to snitch on these wana be thugs out here an put mi life and my family life in jeopardy hell no um not sorry. I dont wana cum home from working 13 hours an find mi house burned ta da ground, or mi garage torched, no um not gone snitch kause half of des police are so durty dey would tell that i was the one called. So until the system finds a better way to protect da SNITCHES um keeping mi mouth closed. Mi heart goes out ta da family. But this happens every day in my neighborhood. Like i said on mi previous post get sum type of job training for these people just getting out of jail. And sum type of paid training for these high school grads. Remember an idol mind is a playground for the devil. If the politicians can get a second chance why cant da every day niqqa on da corner get 1.

  • @stevio is right..we need feet on the ground and action on this...the gang bangers messed up by shooting Hadiyah...big time...something needs to be done

  • @thatblows..while its good that your claims of asserting yourself into the crisis via your claimed attempts..the key is never to give up on our children..simply throwing up your hands and yelling I give up doesn't solve a thing and only undermines the things you've ever done to help any of them.

  • @corey.. I am calm but to anonymously say or do nothing when you have info about something is only condoning what was done. You claim you want to help but make excuses for not providing info so the police can solve crimes? Sticking your head in the sand and saying nothing helps the hood you claim you live in and hurts everyone else so save the cop out protect the snitches routine for the gangbangers because no one here is feeling any of that.

  • As I stated earlier, I still work with the children. I don't want to ever give up on them. I am giving up on the adult talkers. I am still willing to work with the adult doers, though. I actually respect the doers, and am coming to see how worthless the talkers are... they're a waste of time, energy, resources, and so on. For that reason, I am signing off. I wish you much success, if positive change is truly what you're after.

  • @that blows..the sharing of information or talkers as you refer to it is never a bad idea when it comes to problem solving.Issues like these are never solved quickly so that's where communication is so important. Sign off all you want and continue to throw your hands up and yell uncle because of all you've claimed to have done for the kids but don't break your arm off while patting yourself on the back. We aren't here for accolades we are trying to find solutions, not to give awards fo your alleged claims of help.

  • thatblows1, stevio, first let me say that quitting on the cause is not an option, this is a very complex problem as Stevio pointed out, what we are undertaking is undoing 50 years of neglect and installing a working model into this community, this is a time consuming and tedious process, but to think that nothing is being done or that no progress is taking place don't believe it. I could never relax in front of no television with the amount of work that this is going to take. I get no satisfaction from just writing on a blog, I mean to get results and the conversation is well under way on the course we need to take. Justblows1 all I ask is that you show a little patience, this Saturday at 3:00pm there is going to be a meeting at the Supreme Life bldg. you have a lot of experience in the areas where your help would be a great plus. Look on the Bronzeville section of the Blogs to get further details.

  • I also don't care about any litmus test for anyone, if you have an idea, a course of action, if you can contribute some time, all of this plays a part in the greater good of this community, the most important fact of all is that we got started.

  • @ray..I never stated that anyone should give up on the problem on our children I said just the opposite,my comment was to remind thatblows not to pretty much throw his hands up and yell I give which in his comments he referenced several times. This issue will take work from all involved and a long concerted effort from our politicians and other governmental agencies and parents.

  • No Stevio, I was only talking to thatblows1, I think what we forget is this did not get this way overnight and it won't get fixed by over reaching on what needs to be done, this is going to be a slow and methodical building of ideas and actions, there are for the most part a lot of good people who want this problem solved, the ball is rolling Stevio.

  • o one still has said the where, when, who and why about the this all hearsay of did someone really get killed in a park nearby bridgeport? Which park was it? Armour, Boyce, Bosley, Donovan? which park, when did it happen and who was shot....details please...anyway all this chit chat..the parents are to blame...they should do all that is in the power of GOd...first them must submiit to GOD of the Bible and take their kids out to where HE wants them to be. if people would wake up every day and say to the man who is sitting on the bottom of their bed or who is praying over them from the bible (yes, that is Jesus) if we would all just leave out days to him for the planning He will take control and take us to where we should live and pray and BE until He sees fit for the time when He wants to come back for us. Meanwhile, by putting all our trust in him, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Conmfortor, we can make no wrong mistakes, we can only make wised dedicison. we must learn to pray first before we make our plans. we must learn to listen ot what GOD has to say and let Him gude us to where He wants us to live and with who. amen

  • @Godslittlekitty, its been all over the news:,0,3581598.story

    Re: Your religious points

    Though this country was founded on Christian values, "In God We Trust," "One Nation Under God," Etc., Etc.; it seems the pendulum has swung (and continues to swing) towards the atheistic "side." Separation of Church and State and School and God doesn't exist and Etc..

    Are We (Society) getting exactly what we asked for.

    The analysis and conclusions are much much deeper, but ... anyway.

  • Moni Bronzeville resident and employee

    Ray and others - am absolutely sick about this sweet girl. A good friends' daughter knew her well being a fellow student at King. This has got to stop! I did try to search for the details of the meeting on Saturday you mentioned but couldn't find it. Can someone post the details? Don't know that there is a definitive solution but I'm more than willing to join my neighbors in trying to do SOMETHING.

  • As Ray points out this problem did not happen and evolve overnight. If you want to understand how this happens and how ine man changed it at great personal risk and sacrifice, I highly recommend Jeffrey Canada's memoir Fist Stick Knife Gun: A History of Violence. Mr Canada spoke at Rockefeller Chapel at U of C last year on MLK Day. His model is daunting but not impossible. It just needs a community of dedicated people and a very brave man or woman to step up.

  • That memoir sounds like a good read.

  • Enough!! Where exactly is the meeting on Sat Ray? Email me please as I was not invited. I will appear. This behavior is disgusting. I have lots to say but I guess just expressing ideas and observations has now become "looked down upon" on EB.:/ Let me know

  • Apple Jaxx Pissing people off not once, but twice...

    It's one thing to boast about showing up at a meeting and then heading back to ones private cocoon or actually going out on the front lines and helping change some of these kids lives. I see this all the time at the meetings at Nichols Park, loudmouth hotshots show up selling woof-tickets and then jump into their Land Rovers only to resurface when another tragedy happens. The people who shoot off at the mouth and don't ACTIVELY work for change have chosen to silently complicit. Silence is compliance. Close your mouths and go do something tangible instead of waiting for the next person to do all the heavy lifting.

  • JRMD 3:30p Supreme Life bldg. 35th and King dr. I believe the entrance is on the 35th st side of bldg.

  • Bronzeville Curmudgeon Director, Bronzeville Visitor Information Center

    The Bronzeville Visitor Information Center within the landmark Supreme/Liberty Life building,geographically located at 3501 South Martin Luther King Drive, Suite One East is open and ready for the scheduled 3:30 P.M. of the Everyblock community leadership meeting in Bronzevillle. The expressed concerns of the meeting are about reducing crime, abating drug and gang activity, improving the quality of life & health and enhancing the revitalization of the 31st, 35th & 39th street commercial business districts in Bronzeville.

    Please enter the Supreme Life building on the Martin Luther King Drive side,next to Munchies Restaurant. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Walk through the atrium past Black Star, through the stairwell and into Bronzeville Visitor Information Center entrance way. There is also free parking in the rear of the building.

    Bronzeville Visitor Information Center staff will greet you and graciously provide meeting space in the Atty Earl B. Dickerson Conference Room and technical support for meeting participants.


    Bronzeville Curmudgeon


  • Ok folks, where are you all? So far, Andre and I are here with Harold Lucas! Disappointing turnout folks. We are still here. Please try to come by:)

  • Apple Jaxx Pissing people off not once, but twice...

    Point proven!

  • Moni Bronzeville resident and employee

    I am one of those that planned to attend the meeting. Admittedly I joined and asked for the info late in the game on Friday after trying to find the meeting by searching "Bronzeville" as was suggested by a previous post. I checked again this morning before heading out, details weren't posted until a few hours before the meeting.

    While I understand the frustration in putting together a meeting and having no one really show up, I would have attended if I knew where it was. JRMD and the others that were actually in attendance today, please do not feel you wasted your time. I believe taking this issue off EB and getting together in a non-virtual world is warranted. Sorry I was not at least a fourth neighbor in the room today.

  • JRMD was early went to wrong entrance, stayed till about 3:45 in rear parking lot, came back home and saw your post, went back over and just missed you, stayed and talked with the Bronzeville Carmudgeon till about 6:30, covered a lot of ground. We understand the late notice of the meeting probably played a part in the confusion. The work continues, when we meet next time, all bugs should be ironed out.

  • Apple J really not interested in playing the silly game, this ploy of your dividing us wont work.

  • Maybe you guys can draft the plan first via the internet. A project plan. The plan will grow and become more detailed as you guys put your minds together.

    Maybe also build a free website/message group/etc. so you all can be on the same page. One central point for information, etc.

    Etc. etc.


  • Bronzeville Curmudgeon Director, Bronzeville Visitor Information Center

    Ray, my EveryBlock thread name is spelled "Bronzeville Curmudgeon". Looking forward to facilitating your next meeting at the Bronzeville Visitor Information Center.


    Bronzeville Curmudgeon


  • My bad, got it!

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