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Dunning Neighborhood Organization Gets Infusion of Public Dollars from Youth Outreach Services?

If the article below is true, I hope that this inflow of the public money into DNO's and the dramatic increase in its membership that followed, will lead to great programs to benefit our youth, especially as it pertains to the after-school programs, like chess, robotics, kids' science, book debate, and/or different kinds of arts. Does anyone know how much public money is involved?



Mar 29

Updated Mar 29

Empty plot of land on Grand Ave.

So does anyone have any information about that giant eyesore on a Grand between Newland and Sayre? Any potential purchasers? Why has it been sitting there empty for so long? It's a nice chunk of land and I hate seeing it sit there empty everyday.

  • I was wondering why a new library can't go up there.. Since the one across the street closed a while ago and the parks library is too small

Mar 24

View 2014 Summer Day Camp Program Offerings Now!

The Chicago Park District is the hot spot for kids this summer. For the ultimate summer camp experience, look no further than your local park! With a variety of camp offerings, you're sure to find an option to match your needs.

Camp programs can be found at more than 200 parks throughout the city where children enjoy water fun, field trips, athletic activities and cultural experiences.

Online Summer Registration begins on April 7 for parks west of California and on April 8 for parks east of California. Make your wishlists now to save time. http://tinyurl.com/lelmx2c

Mar 13

Updated Mar 17

water meters

I currently dont have a water meter but just got a letter to see if I want to volunteer to have one installed ? Is it worth it ?

  • Evan N. Newland newbie

    I've had my meter for almost a 1.5 years, and I would agree with MrsGioia that our bills significantly decreased. Before the water meter, my bill was about $250 for 6 months; with the meter, I pay about $30 every 2 months. Candace, how much were your bills before you got a meter? I also take advantage of the free rain barrel for watering my garden.

  • I've had my meter for just under two years.

    With the MeterSave program, there is a seven-year guarantee that your water bill won't be higher than it would have been without the meter so I see it as a win-win situation. I'd rather do it now voluntarily than be forced to do it (without the incentives) later.

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