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Loud Dance Party

What is up with the loud, all-night dance parties that seem to take place at Wolcott and Hubbard? I've been hearing them for over two years now, and I am starting to get tired of the nonstop noise on Sunday afternoons/nights. My husband and I joke that there's another rave happening, but seriously, we cannot enjoy our weekends outside when these parties take place. We're a few blocks away; I really feel for the people that live closer to the party.

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Santa Maria Addolorata Church Fight

This is the last straw Santa Maria Addolorata church holds noisy parties every Saturday night from May to the end of September. Loud music and kids running outside past close to midnight, I've called 311 more than once to complain. Last week the noisy party ends with a flood of people fighting from the party taking in to the middle of Ada St. Police were called but this type of partying just have to end once and for all.


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Scam Alert

Three scams are currently back on in a big way. I am re-posting again

1. a man (or a group of two) will come by your car-examine it for dents and claim to be able to repair it on the spot

2. A "roofer' stops by-claiming he noticed damage on your roof that can cause immediate problems and offers to repair it right then-for a reasonable cost.

3. a duo (usually) rings your bell-and wants to show you how you are being ripped off by Com Ed and Peoples Gas. They show you copies of Com Ed and Peoples Gas "bills" and how they can beat the prices you currently pay by signing on with their third party provider.

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twalunas posted 1 photo to Flickr:

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Sep 17

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The 18 Best Pizzas In Chicago, 2014 Edition

Cleo's is located at 1935 W. Chicago Ave.

This article has 17 other Chicago locations (Show)

JB Alberto’s is located at 1326 W Morse Ave.

Lina’s Pizza is located at 3132 S. Morgan St.

Ceres Table is located at 3124 N Broadway.

Pizza Castle is located at 3256 W. 55th St.

Boiler Room is located at 2210 N. California Ave.

Macello’s is located at 1235 West Lake Street.

Stella Barra is located at 1954 N Halsted.

Geneo’s is located at 2945 W. 59th St.

Pizza Art Cafe is located at 4658 N. Rockwell St.

Falco’s Pizza is located at 2806 W. 40th Pl.

Medici on 57th is located at 1327 E. 57th St.

Floriole is located at 1220 W Webster Ave.

Fox’s Beverly Pub is located at 9956 S. Western Ave.

Santullo’s is located at 1943 W. North Ave.

Flo & Santos is located at 1310 S. Wabash Ave.

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. is located at 2121 N. Clark St.

Exchequer is located at 226 S. Wabash Ave.

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4th Annual West Town Art Walk at Tarnish Featuring the Photography of Cormac Kehoe

Stop by shops up and down Chicago Ave. Friday Oct. 3 from 5pm - 9pm or Sat. Oct. 4th and enjoy a beverage while checking out featured artists along the way.


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  • KC resident!

    Hi there,
    I am interested in volunteering for this. Can you provide more details? (how long are shifts? how many nights a week?

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Sep 22

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Stray sick cat on 1500 block of Superior

I saw a very skinny dark tabby in front of 1511 W. Superior around 12:00pm today. The cat was wearing a pink studded collar, and had a tag around it's neck. The cat was very thin, and (this is gross) was taking a dump, and again, this cat is very sick and malnourished. (I wouldn't post this if the cat looked healthy.) It was pretty friendly and started to come to me so I could check its tags but a truck drove by and scared it off. It ran behind 1513 W. Superior. Sorry if this is a neighborhood cat and a worthless post. But if it is a neighborhood kitty, it needs to go to the vet!

  • Katie Karp Digital content producer, proud West Town resident

    Hi Piper, our neighbors have been posting signs for their lost tabby. Could this have been the cat you saw? http://chicago.everyblock.com/pets/sep18-missing-brown-tabby-cat-thor-male-nutered-4-6395490/

  • Hi Katie,
    I got my hopes up for a second there, but then I saw pics of the kitty and that it just escaped on the 18th. This cat was rail thin and has obviously been on the street for weeks. I am going to just be safe and send her an email. Thank you so much for helping out!

  • Katie Karp Digital content producer, proud West Town resident

    Of course! We're cats owners too so it's heartbreaking to see them missing their little guy. Take care!

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Chicago New Democratic Party

Come and join the future of Chicago.

  • You might want to include a link or, I don't know, SOMETHING to let people know what the future of Chicago actually might be.

  • I'm glad you asked, this is part of a process. Essentially I'm looking for 100 individuals from within the city to establish a political party. The party's primary objective this election season is to assist me and other potential candidates win elections in 2015. Now I'm planning an event next...

    Read full comment…

    I'm glad you asked, this is part of a process. Essentially I'm looking for 100 individuals from within the city to establish a political party. The party's primary objective this election season is to assist me and other potential candidates win elections in 2015. Now I'm planning an event next week to outline what the Chicago New Democratic party is, our benefits for participating in it, and the roles we can play in it.

    I have lots of information about my campaign, but it does not reflect the role of the Chicago New Democratic party, I opted on having two to three events exclusively about the Chicago New Democratic party next week (so you can view this as advertising).

    Because the party hasn't officially started yet and I don't even know if I'll be one of its' officers... I stayed away from writing anything about the future political entity.

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Comrade Cycles posted 1 photo to Flickr:

Sep 18

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MISSING Brown Tabby Cat - Thor (male, nutered, 4 years old, microchipped)

Our cat Thor escaped Tuesday 9/16 at 9pm from Wood and Ohio. He's a very friendly brown tabby cat with black stripes and spots. He's an inside cat and his family misses him. If you have seen him or have any information on him, please call me or email me cell 312-213-6916 - michelle.maro@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  • Jeanne K. 5 year neighbor

    What a special little guy! I saw your flyers at the Design Harvest Festival. I hope you are re-united with him soon. Much luck to you....

  • Have you set any traps where he might have been seen? If not and you want to try, I can get some.

Sep 22

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Garage break-in

Just a heads up. We had someone pick the lock on our garage, then jimmy the bottom lock off to get into our garage and steal a bunch of tools, motorcycle helmet, jacket, among other things. Make sure your exterior door has lights/camera/security system.

Sep 20

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12:22 am - 9/20/12: 3 shots

Audible from near Race and Damen, but no idea about direction. I haven't heard any sirens yet, and I'm not exactly standing in the window to look out to see what might be going on.

  • Closer to damen and madison

  • Well, there is one less drug dealer on the street after the cops shot the dealer who tried run over a gang enforcement officer last week.

    This incident also is proof that the police are arresting dealers in the area.

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PPNA Clean up at the Polish Triangle and Pulaski park this Saturday

Want to help clean up the neighborhood? Especially on a beautiful cool Saturday morning? We are scheduling a clean-up at the Polish Triangle this Saturday from 10 a - 1pm. RSVP at info@polishtrianglecoalition.org so we know how many supplies we need to bring.

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