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Burglary on Webster / Hoyne

Hey Neighbors,

I recently got robbed at my apartment near Webster and Hoyne. The thief climbed through my front window which was locked but not properly latched to the lock. Double check your windows and keep an eye out.

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Blue Line Shuttles Between Logan Square and Western

Just a heads up, the blue line shuttles between the Logan Square and Western Blue Line Stations are running a tad bit behind and the platform boarding southbound trains at Western are getting packed. I would advise some extra travel time from now (12:30 PM) into the evening. Adding an extra 20 minutes to transit time would be wise.

  • Bex Runner, dog owner, food lover in the 60618

    how perfect that it coincided with WP Fest...

21 hours ago

moving + wardrobe boxes + packing paper

I left 4 moving boxes and one wardrobe box in the alley in between beach ave & Julian (1700 block)- near wood street. Enjoy.

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Scrap metal recycling - How's it work?

Has anyone ever brought old junk to the recycling places on Kingsbury?

How does it work? Which are the best places and is it possible to avoid those long lines of scrapper trucks?

We only have about two boxes worth, random stuff that's been sitting in our basement from various home projects, and we would like to get money for it, if possible.

Will we be waiting in line a long time and then only get 50-cents for our efforts?

  • a few weeks back aluminum was at $0.35/lb and steel/iron was at $0.05/lb.

  • robin in WRP Tired, very tired

    Most of what we recycle is copper (stripped wire and pipe odds and ends); it's around $2.50/pound.

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  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    2145 W. Caton St. Issued July 25, 2014 Comment

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We're working in your neighborhood

Looking for a reliable independent cleaning crew for your home? Well here we are! We have many years of experience along with many long term clients who would gladly provide referrals. Feel free to reach us at 773-858-0926 to schedule a free estimate at your preferred date and time. Look forward to hearing from you!

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Ford Focus All Weather Mats

2011-Present Ford Focus All Weather Mats, Like new condition Will fit in present model Escape, but has "Focus" molded into the rubber on the front mats.

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Free boxes and packing paper

All good and clean. First come first serve.

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Free boxes and packing paper

First come first serve. All in good shape and clean.

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Looking for garage to rent near Wood and Augusta.

Hi neighbors, I am looking for a garage space to rent I have a midsized SUV, looking for a spot near Wood and Augusta. Can pay in cash if needed. Anyone know of any availability?


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Moving boxes and packing

I have some moving boxes and packing if anyone is in need of them. I'd love to see them repurposed!

  • No problem. I recieve private messages through EB sending an email to my personal email account used to log into the site. Unsure if others get them a different way, but check there first.

  • Thank you. I found how to turn on this feature but your email did not come to my inbox. Do you mind trying once more?

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Hi, I came across a set of 3 keys on the corner of Leavitt and Division. It looks like they may have been out in the elements for awhile. In any case, if they are yours, drop me a message.

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Moving? Free Boxes and Packing Paper

I've just unpacked and have 8-12 boxes of various sizes and very much professional packing paper all clean and in good shape. Instead of landfilling all this valuable stuff, I'd love to donate this to someone who could use it all.

Contact me to come pick it up after 6PM or on the weekend some time!


  • Kelly B Beaucastel's Mom

    Hi Paul, would love to take these off your hands. My email is kad3773@yahoo.com. Thanks much, Kelly

  • I have someone to pick up everything. Thanks for the interest.

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