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Brown Elephant space (Halsted/Waveland)

All the For Rent signs are down and there is new paper covering on the windows. Anyone know anything about what is going in the space?

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Possible injured Cat (Sunny) Barry/Lakewood/ Nelson/ Racine

We're searching for one of our feral cats that is possibly injured in the neighborhood. He was last seen on Barry, west of Racine, and evaded our attempt to capture him. He's a medium sized gray cat with his winter coat, so he's quite furry. He's more skittish than friendly, as he a member of our working cat community hosted at 1232 Nelson. Please post any sightings to this thread as we're concerned for his wellbeing.
I also apologize if we caused any concern with flash lights shining in yards and side through ways. Thank you for your concerns - Tim

Jan 12

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Need a plow

My alley (between Addison and Eddy) is a tank trap when there's deep snow--last winter I got stuck three times and had to be pushed out by helpful neighbors. (Thanks, guys!) When the snow gets packed down the alley becomes two ruts where wheels run with a ridge in the middle where cars' undercarriages have leveled and compacted the snow. Last year this froze like a rock and couldn't be moved, even with an ice chopper.
Tonight I had to...

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My alley (between Addison and Eddy) is a tank trap when there's deep snow--last winter I got stuck three times and had to be pushed out by helpful neighbors. (Thanks, guys!) When the snow gets packed down the alley becomes two ruts where wheels run with a ridge in the middle where cars' undercarriages have leveled and compacted the snow. Last year this froze like a rock and couldn't be moved, even with an ice chopper.
Tonight I had to help a neighbor who had got stuck trying to leave his garage and cross the ruts and the ridge. I'm way too old for this kind of stunt.
What we need is a snowplow to break up the ridge and clear the alley. Does anyone know someone who has a Jeep or truck with a snowplow who we could hire to plow the alley? I'm hoping some of my neighbors would chip in to help pay for this.
It's obnoxious to have to worry every time I leave or return to my garage. Thanks for your help.

  • Hey there. I have a snow plow. I can offer you a great price give me a call or text (224)246-6762 Jose

  • Dusan Affinity Salon & Spa owner

    I can help you with some heavy duty truck over there. My snow removal company do condos and alleys in Lakeview and Lincoln park. So call me on the cell 7736551220.

  • Anita W. in Wrigleyville 30-year resident

    Thanks, I'll make note of these numbers. We've been lucky this winter but anything could happen!

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"Do not carry your credit card on you"

With the recent stick-ups in Lakeview and Lincoln Park, a police rep said in a radio interview that women shouldn't carry their credit cards in their purse. I kept wondering, where should the credit cards be carried?
I carry my cards in my wallet, I can't imagine not being without my credit card in my purse. And I don't want to put my credit card info on my cell phone for a thief to take and waive at a cashier.

  • I agree with Teamharman. If people would just keep their phones out of sight AND stay vigilant if not downright paranoid, I daresay we'd have far fewer muggings. The idiotic behavior I see with smartphones is mind-boggling.

  • loraine t washington 5 yr. resident

    And when the cops kill one of them everyone wants to raise sand.

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  • Any news agencies such as yours conducting their own?

  • Noel Montenegro Photojournalist for NBC News

    I cant speak for the other stations. I dont think we are. We dont have access to the legal tools to find out what people are really concerned about. Mainly if the owner of the building is the owner and installer of the recording equipment. And if the owner of the building has anymore recording equipment in use in any illegal way. That would require warrants for search. Police have to do their due diligence and burn some good old fashion shoe leather.

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Traffic light coming to Clark and School?

I drove through N. Clark and W. School tonight.

There's a new traffic light and pole there. It's not operating.

Anyone have any additional details?

I've driven through this intersection countless times. I noticed drivers don't always stop and go and yield in the correct order with other drivers who have been waiting. I figured it had something to do with the two streets not intersecting at a perfect 90 degrees. Somehow it is distracts or confuses us.

But, I never considered it enough of an issue to install a light.

Have there been a high number of accidents there? Or is this something to help with Wrigley Field traffic?

  • @CHP025

    Amen to that, just so long as they aren't followed by a red left arrow. I freaking hate those. I just love being nannied and told that I'm not responsible enough to judge when it is safe to execute a left hand turn.

  • @chp

    I wish i could thank you a thousand times for that

    Spot on!

    Id be happy with just a left turn lane in most places!

Jan 17

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Change Coming to 44th Ward?

...maybe, maybe not, it will be for the voters to decide. But for the first time in several election cycles there are challengers to the incumbent in next month's election for 44th Ward Alderman. Come learn about the candidates and ask questions next week:

1. Monday, January 19 at 7pm at the next Southport Neighbors Association meeting. It will be at the Mercury Theater.

2. Wednesday, January 21 at 6pm at the Hawthorne Neighbors Meeting. It will be at the Annoyance Theater

Here's a chance to find out where the candidates stand on issues important to the community and ask questions.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Affordable Housing Activist for ONE Northside

    A Google search of news stories on "Tunney" and "election" or "re-election" found no stories which mentioned him contemplating, thinking about, considering, or deciding on not running for re-election. Even if he though about it, I doubt that he would say it to a reporter. After Mayor Daley decided non-to run for re-election, their was story mention about a possible Tunney bid for election as Mayor of Chicago. If he had decided to run for mayor, he could campaign while still being 44th Ward Alderman.

  • Robert Rohdenburg Affordable Housing Activist for ONE Northside

    There is a possibility that the "The Alderman was not invited to the forum" was a cover story for being busy doing something else that his chief of staff did not want to specify, but the appropriate and acceptable answer then would have been "The Alderman had a prior commitment that he couldn't break or change."

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It's a beautiful day

I love how our neighbors lol out for eachother ....

  • Nora H 11year Lakeview resident, member ELVN.

    Do you have a nice story to tell?

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Dec 29

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Have any good reccos on a local handyman?

  • Justin long Names justin, I'm handy man. Live in Rogers park

    Hey there I currently work for a good handy man. Were local and were are available . 312-315-9430 ask for justin

  • Ravens Yes.I can fix that.

    Buenos tardes Benevides. I'm sure I can help. Have tools & time. Call me. Phone # 312-890-7558

Jan 14

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Is The Houndry (dog daycare & boarding) still open? Moved?

We are frequent (though not so much in the last 2 months) customers of The Houndry for day care and sometimes boarding for our pup.I'm trying to schedule a daycare session this week and cannot get a hold of anyone at the office (no ring, just voicemail) and cannot find updates anywhere about whether there is something going on more than a temporary issue with their phone line. Any info is greatly appreciated! Totally in the dark and a bit worried since we had purchased some packages there and never got news from them that they were closing or officially moving.

  • So I just went by the Houndry and still no sign in the door but clearly they are packing up. I walked down Broadway near Dakin too and looked in the buildings for lease but I don't see any activity in them... If they are reopening over there it doesn't seem like it will be all that soon. Fingers crossed.

  • Thanks for the update, Kami! No new information on my end but let me know if you hear anything. Today I called the Houndry's follow up number that had been posted on the door and someone, I think, picked up and then hung up. So now sure what that's about but...weird.

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police chase ending on surf and sheridan

Does anyone know any details? A bunch of police suv's chased a silver suv down/up sheridan road, that ultimately crashed into the hydrant on surf street going the wrong way. Two people in the car were arrested. Looked pretty serious.

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Guts & Glory @ Schubas

Guts & Glory returns to the upstairs lounge at Schubas, 3159 N. Southport Ave., tonight at 7pm. Hosts Samantha Irby and Keith Ecker welcome readers Kelsie Huff, Andrew Marikis, Jake Cowan, Claire Zulkey and Mary Lorenz. No cover, 21+

3 days ago

Five Great Things to Do in Chicago This Week

1/21 at 7. Free. Schubas, 3159 N. Southport. facebook.com/gutsandgloryshow

This article has 5 other Chicago locations (Show)

1/21 at 7:30. $10–$95. Harris Theater, 205 E. Randolph. harristheaterchicago.org

1/17–2/22. $25–$81. Goodman Theatre, 170 N. Dearborn. goodmantheatre.org

1/24–2/5. $20–$329. Civic Opera House, 20 N. Wacker. lyricopera.org

1/21 at 9. $20. Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western. ticketweb.com

1/23–3/21. Free. Threewalls, 119 N. Peoria. three-walls.org

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Midday Fix: 6th annual Meet the Experts wedding planning event details

3050 N. Lincoln Avenue

This article has 2 other Chicago locations (Show)

2155 W. Hubbard Street

451 N. Elizabeth

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  • Seems like this is a very biased source for info.

  • Nora H 11year Lakeview resident, member ELVN.

    If you have another site that shows how the Aldermen vote please share it. I did find some useful info on it.

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Property rentals provided by Trulia

5 days ago

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ISO moving boxes

Will be moving in the next couple weeks and hoping someone has moving boxes that I can take off your hands? In particular if someone has a 2/1 move date, I can take them once you are moved. Thanks!

  • Yes Jeremy i will take them. Can I get them on Saturday?

  • No problem. I will be around Saturday morning. Email me at enjine12@gmail.com and I will give you my address.

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Help renting apartment

Anyone have any experience in renting apartments? My wife and I are moving out of our current apartment at the end of the month an breaking our lease. We typically wouldn't break our lease but it's a situation that we have too (having a baby). I have listed our place on Craigslist 2x per day, zillow and hotpads. I have received one response after a week of posting. My landlord gave me the name of his realtor and that guy hasn't called me back after several messages. I have a $500 gift card that I am trying to give away to try and steer people to my listing. It's a great apartment at Southport/Roscoe.

Thanks for any advice.

  • @Bethany Jo - took the words right out of my mouth with the moving clutter!

    @CHPO25 - I am seeking out 2 BRs right now in Lincoln Park for right around $1500 that are near that quality (minus parking, but if you don't have a car it's not a perk...

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    @Bethany Jo - took the words right out of my mouth with the moving clutter!

    @CHPO25 - I am seeking out 2 BRs right now in Lincoln Park for right around $1500 that are near that quality (minus parking, but if you don't have a car it's not a perk whatsoever). I know it seems like you don't want to drop the price but that might be the real big issue. It could really be a nice place but I agree with many of the above, it just seems hard to see with the pictures on there.

    Good luck to you!

  • The response that I have received on this is more than I ever expected and I'm glad to get different eyes on this. My landlord and I have come to an amicable conclusion to this where I will pay for February rent and they will allow us to walk from the lease. I think this is a best case scenario and am very please with the outcome.

4 days ago

StreetWise’s Theater Guide

...Colaizzo’s play. “Really, Really,” will run at the Athenaeum Theatre’s Studio Two at 2936 N. Southport Ave. on the second floor from February 13 to March 15...

...John Glover, the play runs March 10 to April 12 Theater 1 of Theater Wit, 1221 W. Belmont Ave.

...community. Directed by Greg Vinkler, “The Rose Tattoo” opens on January 15 at Theater Wit (1229 W. Belmont Ave.) and concludes on February 28...

...and directed by Denis Berkson. The play runs January 21 to 25 at Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont Ave.

This article has 11 other Chicago locations (Show)

...dressup.The show will run February 6 to March 15 at the Greenhouse Theater Center (2257 N. Lincoln Ave....

“Top Girls” runs January 15 to February 8 at the Den Theatre, 1333 N. Milwaukee Ave. Marlene is already a successful businesswoman when we meet her, but her real challenge is balancing work goals with family life. Directed by Mark Boergers, More information at www.arctheatrechicago.org

...The play runs from January 15 to February 21 at Victory Gardens Richard Christiansen Theater, 2433 N Lincoln Ave.

...with new, original stories. The shows take place on Mondays at The Neo-Futurist Theater, 5153 N. Ashland Ave.

The Chicago Shakespeare Theater (800 E. Grand Ave.) has received numerous awards from national and regional organizations for the quality, creativity and accessibility...

Founded in 1955, the Court Theatre (5535 S. Ellis Ave.) has recreated classic productions for generations of audiences. The Court teamed up with the U of C in 2010 to create the Center for Classic Theatre, dedicated to providing “large-scale, interdisciplinary theatrical experiences.”

...Chicago while they were students at the University of Iowa. Their idea, the Gift Theatre (4802 N Milwaukee Ave.), has since grown into one of the most successful theatre ensembles in Chicago. It’s...

As the oldest active non-profit theater organization in Chicago, the Goodman (170 N Dearborn St.) has been a key production company in Chicago’s theater district. In 1992, the Goodman was awarded the prestigious Regional Theatre Tony Award, the second in Chicago’s history.

Set to premiere at Mary’s Attic (5400 N. Clark) the musical will run from January 17 to February 15. When two Mormons stop to...

1802 W. Berenice Ave.

1650 N. Halsted

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