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Roofer in West Bucktown

I have a condo in West Bucktown (North and Western) with a developed rooftop that has formed a few "Soft spots". Anyone know a qualified and affordable roofer who is familiar with the flat tar rooftops at many condos in Chicago?

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Burglary on Webster / Hoyne

Hey Neighbors,

I recently got robbed at my apartment near Webster and Hoyne. The thief climbed through my front window which was locked but not properly latched to the lock. Double check your windows and keep an eye out.

  • Not. Cool.

  • Liz

    Did they take anything? I'm sorry this happened! I live a block away this is not good news. Also, are you on the first floor?

  • Sam D Web Developer

    Thanks, they took my laptop, some DVDs/Blu Rays, some games and my laundry change. It could have been a lot worse, it looks like they were in a hurry. I live in a Garden unit, so it was pretty easy for them to get in once they figured out my window was not latched.

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Mercer52 posted 4 photos to Flickr:

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Ramifications of actions and connectivity: "A Delicate Balance" at ARC

Whether you have a leaning toward the teachings of Buddha, Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein, Carolyne King's A Delicate Balance exhibit at ARC Gallery, 2156 N. Damen Ave., in Bucktown, will have a connecting point for you. 

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Scrap metal recycling - How's it work?

Has anyone ever brought old junk to the recycling places on Kingsbury?

How does it work? Which are the best places and is it possible to avoid those long lines of scrapper trucks?

We only have about two boxes worth, random stuff that's been sitting in our basement from various home projects, and we would like to get money for it, if possible.

Will we be waiting in line a long time and then only get 50-cents for our efforts?

  • a few weeks back aluminum was at $0.35/lb and steel/iron was at $0.05/lb.

  • robin in WRP Tired, very tired

    Most of what we recycle is copper (stripped wire and pipe odds and ends); it's around $2.50/pound.

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  • Permit issued for easy permit process


    2048 N. Damen Ave. Issued July 24, 2014 Comment

4 days ago

  • Learning with iPads

    Ms. Schwartzenfeld is asking for $750.28:
    My students need 2 iPad minis and protective cases.
    Cics-Bucktown Comment

5 days ago

  • Permit issued for elevator equipment

    Furnish and Install One (1) ECO Space Passenger Elevator 4-stop,2000lb.cap. 150FPM, SSSS Doors, Polyurethane Buffers, 6-8mm Cables. Pursuant to Plans Submitted.

    2040 N. Damen Ave. Issued July 21, 2014 Comment
  • Permit issued for new construction


    2110 N. Damen Ave. Issued July 23, 2014 Comment

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Jul 23

Jul 23

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Jul 23

Jul 23

These nearby schools are looking for financial help on DonorsChoose.org:

Jul 22

What to Eat and Drink in Chicago This Week

...put together a preview tasting menu that will be available for dinner at the Bristol (2152 N. Damen Ave., Bucktown, 773-862-5555). If you’re interested in getting your first tastes of their...

This article has 4 other Chicago locations (Show)

Vegetarians, take note: the Winchester (1001 N. Winchester Ave., Ukrainian Village, 773-698-8703) has added a meatless three-course tasting menu on Tuesday...

Tuesday is looking to be hot and humid—so the timing is ripe for Bombay Spice (213 E. Ohio St., River North, 312-828-0988) to offer its mango lassi at half-price all day (normally priced at $3.25).

The beer will flow even more freely at the Radler (2375 N. Milwaukee Ave., Logan Square, 773-276-0270) during their Endless Kölsch dinner tonight, where, for $75...

Salute the final stage of the Tour de France at Paris Club (59 W. Hubbard St., River North, 312-595-0800) tonight, your last opportunity to sample their special Paris-Brest...

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Police activity on Rockwell and Bloomingdale

My neighbor just mentioned there were about 15 police cars and a fire truck on Rockwell and Bloomindale last night (Sunday). Anyone know what happened?

  • Curious about this report. Hopefully someone has some intel! I can't seem to find anything reflecting this in a news search (at least yet).

Jul 21

St. Hedwig Church Restoration photo

Took a shot from a good angle showing scaffolding on the restoration of St. Hedwig's west bell tower. That's a lot of scaffolding and it has survived some pretty high winds this season. The new roof looks nice. That scaffolding will all be gone by the end of summer.

Jul 20

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Looking for sports to play

Are there any pick-up games that happen regularly? I would like to play sports as opposed to straight jogging as a way to stay active. Soccer, flag football, ultimate frisbee, softball... I guess basketball if that's all I can find, but don't say I didn't warn you (meaning I'm bad).

Alternatively, a more structured league would be okay as well, depending on the price. I know there is the sports complex off Western by the Target.


  • Michael Bucktown Resident

    You can very often find pick-up basketball at Wicker Park. Less frequently, a pick up soccer game at the same park...

  • Check out playerpong.com for teams who need subs - many rec leagues

  • robin in WRP Tired, very tired

    Most parks have weekend softball leagues

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New to Bucktown? Watch This Video!

Learn about the many facets of Bucktown-


  • Oh well, the Bucktown boundary lines are blurred... goes for other 'hoods in the city too. The point of the video is: Bucktown rocks! Nice work, Steve. I'm sharing this with friends.

  • thedom Chicagoan

    Nice work Steve...good quality, would love to have seen more about the history and maybe some random people on the street.

    To nitpickers: Really? Neighborhood boundaries down to the side of the street? Please get a life.

Jul 19

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Theft on Dickens and Damen

Just a heads up - My catalytic converter was stolen on 7/17 while parked in front of 2034 Dickens.

  • I had the same stolen at 2400 W. Cortland. Mechanic in the area told me he alone has had 3 cars come in this past week with stolen catalytic converters.

Jun 19

Updated Jul 19

flurry of stolen catalytic converter!

Hiya, Last night my catalytic converter was hacked from the underbelly of our Honda CRV while on the street at Dickens and Leavitt. This morning at Dickens and Hoyne I spotted another victim with the same make and model year car...same metal shavings on the street and same void under the car. Just an FYI to anyone driving 2005ish CRV ! I've read this is common in Chi.

  • @RedVetteJen nice link to cat clamp...thanks. Also today went up the the muffler shop on Western and MacLean...they were finishing up a car that had the same theft, same night up on N. Campbell. That makes three that I know of in one night...Two on Dickens one on Campbell...others? Park it in your garage if you've got one!

  • Mel. B. Hopeless Romantic with a flair for Sci-Fi

    I just had my converter stolen from Damen and Dickens on the 17th. What did everyone pay to get theirs replaced? I'm curious to see if I over paid


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