Jan 19

Updated 3 days ago

Used Crate & Barrel Sectional & Ottoman for sale!

We are selling our 2-piece dark blue fabric sectional couch plus fabric ottoman for $2,200 OBO. Comes with the original 4 blue pillows that match. The sectional is two separate pieces so it's easy to move. We bought it new from Crate and Barrel in Aug 2012. The pillows and cushions all have zippers so they can be washed easily.

Dimensions for sectional: 111" Wide, 73" Long (chaise part) 41" deep (couch seat part)
Dimensions for ottoman: 41" x 41"

Jan 07

Updated Jan 17

Jan 15

Luella’s Southern Kitchen to Bring Down Home Good Eating to Chicago’s Lincoln Square this February

Chicago (January 2015) – Chicago’s Lincoln Square, a popular and charming business and residential district filled with intriguing food and shopping, will soon be the proud home of an exciting new Southern regional restaurant, Luella’s Southern Kitchen (4609 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-961-8196) which will open on February 3, 2015. Luella’s will be a delight for Chicago’s many fans of Southern cuisine, who now won’t have to hop on an airplane to enjoy this iconic and varied American style of cooking.

For more info: http://patch.com/illinois/evanston/luellas-southern-kitchen-bring-down-home-good-eating-chicagos-lincoln-square-february

Jan 14

Updated Jan 14

Police rope off Pedway

My way into work there was a section of the pedway roped off with a bunch of police surrounding it. And some blood on the ground, does anyone know what happened?

Jan 06

Updated Jan 08

Traffic light behavior

Hi Chicago drivers,

Does anyone know why (in the past 6 mos or so) drivers are going through backed up yellow and green lights, resulting in their car blocking the intersection of busy downtown streets? When this happens, it blocks lines of traffic for a mile up the street, resulting in a total blockage and even more bad driving. Trying to understand why this is happening, if there are any laws against it in IL, and how to maybe reduce the occurrences of it.

  • David Lightman Part time head turner, full time jaw dropper

    "that's why I hate driving in the loop" shhhhhhh

  • In the past, we used to have traffic cops at certain intersections that were really bad. No more. I notice this on certain streets, and it's like these people are doing it on purpose. I don't drive but take the bus. I don't know how many times it would take 30 minutes to get through 1 light because of this.

Dec 24

Updated Dec 25

Loud Booms Downtown

Hi - I live in the West Loop, and early this morning (4 am?) I heard a series of loud booms that reverberated off the buildings. Nothing shook, no flashes of light. Just maybe 5 booms, a pause, and then a final one. And honestly, it didn't sound like any there was any sort of impact prior. Did anyone else hear them? Any guesses as to what they were?

  • I heard them too, but I have no idea what the cause was or where exactly it happened. At first I thought they were gunshots, but I'm not so sure anymore. I live in the west loop, also.

  • I heard it to woke me up and it was really loud. I am not sure what it was.

  • It was Santa coming in hot! (too much eggnog over the Atlantic). Merry Christmas to all!

Dec 18

Updated Dec 19

I found your fitbit!

I found a fitbit this morning near Jefferson and Monroe. The display shows me the name, so if you lost one in the area and it matches, Id love to return it to you!

  • Aimzer: You are a real pal. Anyone who has one knows how attached (no pun intended) you are to it. Thank you for posting. Hope the person who lost it or one of their friends is a subscriber to EB.

    Also, I just checked on line. If you communicated with...

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    Aimzer: You are a real pal. Anyone who has one knows how attached (no pun intended) you are to it. Thank you for posting. Hope the person who lost it or one of their friends is a subscriber to EB.

    Also, I just checked on line. If you communicated with Fitbit, if they will send you a prepaid envelope to send in the Fitbit and they will reunite it with the owner. I know that it worked when my son lost his keys with a Divvy Key on it. Maybe others have experience with Fitbit.

    Anyway, this is really nice of you and this forum is a great resource.

Dec 08

Happy Hour Spots

Looking for a good happy hour spot to hopefully mingle with some new people. Preferably a place where a decent amount of people frequent within the 26-36 age range. Would love suggestions on some places to go to. Thanks in advance!

Dec 04

Updated Dec 06

New coffee shop in Fulton Market

Hi ..read this story in Chicago Business regarding a mom and pop shop that builds bikes and also has a coffee shop. States that they will open 3 more coffee shops - 1 in fulton Market. Anyone know where it may be located? I googled but came up empty.

Always like independant coffee shops vs Starbucks! Which brings me to say that one of my favorites is Jupiter Outpost also on Fulton:

If you have never been there, you should go. Cute place!

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