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IKEA futon for sale

I have an Ikea futon frame and mattress, including a solid mattress cover from Target. Everything about a year old. Price is $100 (OBO).

I will email you pictures if you are interested.

Transportation is not available as I do not have an automobile.

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Lost Dog Reward Please help me Reward!

My dog was last seen at Jewel South Loop Parking lot Roosevelt & Walbash She is 3 years old Parti Yorkie (Rare) Black & White 6-7 lbs. I pray for her safe return. If you see or have seen here please post or give me suggestions on how to get her back. I'm lost without her!

  • OMG! So glad she was found!! Yay! 😃🐶

  • That particular shelter is a death trap I'm afraid to say. Had a very bad experience there. Shelters that I know that could use the help is Famous Fidos, there's one for pit bulls that pick up from 27th and western as well. I hope you have picked her up ASAP before she gets sent away. P.s. Don't bother calling there as they don't answer the phones. Also volunteers there are ALOT nicer than the people who get paid to work there.

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Best Mexican restaurants in University Village

1. Rubi’s | 800 S. Desplaines St.

This article has 2 other Chicago locations (Show)

2. De Pasada | 1517 W. Taylor St.

3. TáKoz | 2229 W. Taylor St.

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The New 11th Ward

The ward boundaries have changed and some of you in the South Loop may now be in the 11th ward.

Aldermanic Candidate, Maureen Sullivan, has a map posted here on her site that can help you figure out your ward. http://sullivan11thward.com/the-new-11th-ward/

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Thank GOD & EVE!!!!

Eve that is my baby!!!! I can't wait to go get her tomorrow!!!! When can I meet you to give you a reward!!! Thanks God for this site and thank God for all the people who care. I never knew I could love so hard!!! NO MORE TEARS!!!!

  • JACKIE JACKSON Kilwins Chocolates & Fudge Hyde Pk & Old Town

    I wish I could share the big kiss pic I got when I picked up my dog! I love Every Block! Thanks Eve & to the rest of you who showed love!!!

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Question about a field in South Grant Park

See the photo attached for the area I'm referencing. Does anyone know when that fairly large field will be back open? This is on the west side of the tracks near 11th street pedestrian bridge. It's been fenced off since the beginning of the year, if I recall correctly.

  • You're talking about two different areas. The new skate park is on Roosevelt. I don't know what's going on with the area you highlighted on Michigan.

  • Hope so. That'd make more sense.

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The_Bjbuttons posted 7 photos to Flickr:

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There have been repeated loud explosions during the day today. I called 311. They said they had several calls about it but knew nothing. I was transferred to 911 who also knew nothing. I was then transferred to fire dept and was told there was a "festival going on at Mercy Hospital" and that was the source of the explosions.

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Support Nature's Little Recyclers on Kickstarter!

visit tinyurl.com/NLRworms and pledge to help a growing Chicago worm farm close more loops in our waste-stream!

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  • Permit issued for reinstate revoked pmt


    801 S. Canal St. Issued August 12, 2014 Comment

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Aug 13

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Will burns and Rahm at jones college prep

I have never been as infuriated as I was today when alderman Fioretti was excluded from the jones festivities. Will burns had nothing to do with jones. Fioretti worked tirelessly with all parties to make Jones what it is today, now Rahm and burns have excluded him and taking credit. Their behavior is disgraceful and disrespectful. Contact them and express your sentiments.

  • For those of you in the second ward who will become part of the third or fourth ward... all I can say is "Welcome to the Terror Dome"!!!

  • NAFSBUC Walking my Fitbit and Flatcoat 10k steps/day

    Hey, the old 25th kinda sux rocks too since Solis, who had some clout and lived inTri-Taylor has gone to Chinatown and now Irwin gets ghetto to University and the guy who has strip parties in the hood for his buddies is sure to win...groan. Some folks are hoping Fioretti decides to run in this district. So bleeped up!

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Aug 14

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