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Landscaper suggestions?

I need a landscaper to build a retaining wall along my house. Not a massive job but not small. Any suggestions?

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I am looking for natural fruit pectin. Around the city I've called probably 20 places!
Either Pamona's universal pectin or ball natural fruit pectin would work!!
Any ideas?

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Top restaurants in River West

No. 1: La Scarola, 721 W. Grand Ave.

No. 2: Iguana Café, 517 N. Halsted St.

No. 3: Piccolo Sogno, 464 N. Halsted St.

No. 5: Paramount Room, 415 N. Milwaukee Ave.

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No. 4: Sushi X, 1136 W. Chicago Ave.

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Leaking window/sliding door

Hello, I have a sliding door and maybe the window above it that leaks during bad rain and wind. Does anyone have a recommendation that could help me w/ this problem? I have one recommendation but would like a couple more and I have no idea who to call. Thanks so much!

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Wider corner needed, Grand/Halsted/Milwaukee

right at The Dawson corner. Rush hours especially, it is tight trying to get out of the way if you're crossing heading towards the grand statiin or 7-11 to let other people past that might be heading north or south on Halsted or Milwaukee, while trying to avoid steping onto Halsted with cars and cyclists driving past.

  • B

    Agreed. This is a bad intersection for car traffic also. It essentially narrows down to one lane heading west on Grand because of the lane configuration and is made even worse by the Dawson valet parking zone and cars parked on the north side of Grand close to the corner. Someone should put a bug in the alderman's ear about this.

  • Leo

    Quite true. If they bicycles were not immune to obeying the traffic signals it would be a great help.

  • I'm expecting a bicyclist to get killed at that intersection-then maybe things will change. I'm not starting an anti-bike thread, I'm just saying that six way intersection is dangerous, trucks, cars, el people, bus stops, and then you've got bikers who have no rules and my personal pet peeve the way they all try to pass each other flailing into traffic racing along Milwaukee oblivious to everyone else who is following the rules.

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Reward for lost phone

Lost phone samsung galaxy s4 with pink case. Please message me if found. Thanks

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Food Trucks Livid After Busy River North Stand Moved to 'Much Worse' Spot

RIVER NORTH — Food truck owners are livid the city moved a busy stand near Chicago Avenue and Larrabee Street in River North and say they plan to fight the relocation — along with the city's regulations.

...relocation caused confusion last week when food truck owners attempted to use the original spot, 828 N. Larrabee St., unsure why the stand's signs were gone. Beaver's Coffee & Donuts reported it received...

The new stand is at 729 N. Larrabee St., about a block away from the original spot, which Beaver's owner Gabriel Wiesen said was "arguably the most profitable or one of the most profitable" stands in the city.

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It's 2:35am. Just heard what sounded like 15 gunshots by 900 west block of Huron. Anyone know what happened?

  • Also walked around and found nothing. Then spoke to a neighbor who saw smoke from a roof deck on Peoria st at that time, so likely it was fireworks from some intellectually challenged person.

  • Sounds right. I think it was on Peoria as well, it's a small street and the sound was sort of echo-ish. On Friday night there was one loud boom and I saw a flash of light. Because I didn't hear sirens afterward I guessed it was fireworks.

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New Lyft Passangers

Hello! Looking for a free ride for your first Lyft ride. Use code JEOR11 for a $25 credit with Lyft. Happy Lyfting!! Code is only good for first time riders, please share! Thanks!

  • J

    Passengers* (I didn't notice the misspelling) :-/

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life serial posted 1 photo to Flickr:

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Bennett Day School Community Open House and Ribbon Cutting

Come and help us celebrate the Grand Opening of Bennett Day School! We are thrilled to open our doors for our inaugural classes at our early childhood campus! Join us for a ribbon cutting ceremony, meet members of the community, and tour our fabulous new and innovative space. This event will introduce us to the Fulton Market and West Loop community -- the event is meant primarily for adults, so we will not have child-specific activities that day, but families are welcome to bring their children to see the campus as well. We hope to see you there!

RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bennett-day-school-community-open-house-and-ribbon-cutting-tickets-12283029873

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Are you missing your kitty?

Pretty grey kitty with white paws ... contact me via this post.


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