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12:22 am - 9/20/12: 3 shots

Audible from near Race and Damen, but no idea about direction. I haven't heard any sirens yet, and I'm not exactly standing in the window to look out to see what might be going on.

  • Closer to damen and madison

  • Well, there is one less drug dealer on the street after the cops shot the dealer who tried run over a gang enforcement officer last week.

    This incident also is proof that the police are arresting dealers in the area.

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Stray sick cat on 1500 block of Superior

I saw a very skinny dark tabby in front of 1511 W. Superior around 12:00pm today. The cat was wearing a pink studded collar, and had a tag around it's neck. The cat was very thin, and (this is gross) was taking a dump, and again, this cat is very sick and malnourished. (I wouldn't post this if the cat looked healthy.) It was pretty friendly and started to come to me so I could check its tags but a truck drove by and scared it off. It ran behind 1513 W. Superior. Sorry if this is a neighborhood cat and a worthless post. But if it is a neighborhood kitty, it needs to go to the vet!

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Robbery at gunpoint 2100 block Erie

My neighbor was robbed at 10pm tonight at gunpoint while pulling into the garage.

2 African American males (20-25yo one with an Afro) approached him after he pulled into the garage, ordered him out if the car and onto his knees facing the wall as they rummaged through the car and took his wallet, watch and cell phone.

Be aware at night everyone, especially in the alleys. These types of robberies seem to come in waves.

  • Chuck T Battling the dummies

    What was the address, 2100 what? Were the police called? Please provide additional information. This is my block and I work nights. Thank you.

  • Exact address should not be posted online.

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Are you interested in playing fall basketball at Smith Park?

Smith Park is still looking for boys or girls between the ages of 13-17 to play in the fall basketball league on Saturday afternoons. Practice and games will be held in the Smith Park gym. If anyone has a child, friend or relative who may be interested in playing fall basketball, please contact Frank at 312-742-7534. The cost is $35. Season will end mid-December. You do not need to live in the West Town Community to play.

Smith Park
2526 West Grand Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60612


This is Frank below, thank you for all your support! :)

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Sue’s Morning Stretch: Moving workout indoors? Here are 7 classes to try

I’m a big believer in finding fun in your workout. Moirai Surfset Chicago (664 W. Hubbard) certainly fits that definition. You are atop a standard-sized surf board that’s on...

This article has 5 other Chicago locations (Show)

...this is a class for all fitness levels. It’s offered at Cheetah Gym Bucktown (1934 W. North) and ENRGi Fitness (215 W. Ohio). Drop-ins welcome...

...fitness levels. It’s offered at Cheetah Gym Bucktown (1934 W. North) and ENRGi Fitness (215 W. Ohio). Drop-ins welcome...

...many of the class “cavemen” are women. To learn more about the i.d. gym (2727 N. Lincoln) class, visit here...

...it?) It’s taught at a number of locations across the city including CorePower Yoga (3232 N. Lincoln) and Om On the Range Yoga (3759 N. Ravenswood...

...across the city including CorePower Yoga (3232 N. Lincoln) and Om On the Range Yoga (3759 N. Ravenswood...

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Lagging Left Turns Would Improve Crosswalk Safety at Complex Intersections

...of an intersection where the leading left turn poses a problem for pedestrians is across Halsted Street at Grand and Milwaukee Avenues. During the weekday afternoon rush hour, and at peak times on weekends...

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CDOT points to a successful lagging left at Huron Street and Fairbanks Court in Streeterville, near Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Previously, drivers were “unable to turn left” because people...

  • lag the "walk" sign

  • Here's a great money making opportunity for the city: Put cameras over itersections like Erie and Orleans, where during the afternoon rush hour, the drivers clog the said intersection by "blocking the box" or entering the intersection with insufficient room to accommodate their car and thus blocking the cars on the intersecting street from passing through. This isn't the only intersection in the city with this problem, but Erie and Orleans is the main Ontario bridge (Kennedy) feeder.

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Sep 16

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Lost Dog- Chihuahua!

Be on the lookout for this Lost Chihuahua! Belushi was lost at Huron & Wood in the West Town Neighborhood of Chicago on Sept 15. Please share too!

  • Btw, Erica - I think your flyers were extremely helpful and well-placed. I saw them early on and realized that it was in my area so I'd been keeping an eagle-eye out for your pup. So glad that he was found! But much of that is because you did such a good job of getting the word out. Kudos!

  • Not my dog or flyer just helping out a friend of a friend. :)

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The arrival of reform politics

If you live in the 28th ward please join "New leadership for the 28th ward" on Facebook.

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West Town residents financing businesses

Hi, West Towners! As supporters of the stores and cafes in West Town, I wanted to share a new way to advocate for local businesses and create a stronger neighborhood economy.

Your many years of love for The Ugly Mug Cafe on Chicago Ave. has encouraged them to open for a second location. They are seeking customers, friends, and neighbors to fund a community sourced loan for the costs of construction. They chose this type of loan instead of traditional financing because they believe in the benefit of community involvement to growing the cafe and the neighborhood. FYI, they built their patio this year using this same lending method.

Check out how this works here:

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Y.O.U Openhouse

Casa Central's Youth Opportunities Unlimited Program is hosting an open house this Friday Sept 19th from 5:00-7:30pm. There will be music and light refreshments served. This is a great opportunity for families to find out about the many services Y.O.U offers as well as people who are interested in volunteering with us. Feel Free to stop by.
1351 N.California Ave.


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