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Hi Folks,

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Jul 06

Updated Jul 07

Any good news in West Garfield Park?

I bought a property here ten years ago and have not seen much improvement. I live in the building. I hope that the Lot Program, or whatever it is called, which allowed EGP residents a shot at buying vacant lots for a buck moves into WGP. There are at least 6 vacant lots on my block. Gardens!

  • There is something called the "Large Lot" program which offers vacant lots for sale for 1 dollar with a maximum purchase of 2. You have to live at and own a property on the block where this is being offered. EGP started taking applications for lot purchases on July 1st. If that is where you reside, I wouldn't waste any time!

  • Taj's page are envirnoment dose not define who we are.

    Thank you so much.
    I'm on it now!

Jul 05

Updated Jul 05

Meet New People/Young Professionals 25-40@ Vertigo Sky Lounge

We are having a free social event At the Dana Hotel's Vertigo Sky Lounge catered towards social young professionals in their late 20's, thirties and early 40's.
The Link is here is you would like to sign up and join us:

Jun 25

Updated Jun 27

Found dog Cattle Dog named Corporal at Chicago & Sacramento

Found a dog running in traffic at Sacramento and Chicago. Please call 510-495-5053 if yours. She's in our yard.

May 28

Updated Jun 25

Found intact black male pitbull

This guy is definitely someone's pet. Very sweet and good on a leash. Found at Central Park & Franklin. Please let me know if you know of anyone missing him.

Jun 20

Updated Jun 20

Pete's Fresh Market

I visited Pete's and I was impressed. The store is a lot bigger than I thought it was. I didn't get to really shop like I wanted because I had my 4 year old twins with me. Pete's does not have the kid friendly carts where I can put both kids in one cart. Instead they have kid sized carts for kids to push. My kids enjoyed them but I didn't enjoy chasing them. LOL I will go back minus my kids!

  • gpblight 15 Yr East Garfield Resident

    My neighbor and I had a good time there. At last! There is a really nice grocerystore nearby. That other new store whose name starts with an M....will have a run for their money that is for sure.

Jun 14

Watch out for traffic jams because of Kennedy work

Saw on TV that traffic from the espressways will be diverted to streets. If you are driving this week end not only stay off the expressway but be prepared for major arteries to be more conjusted. I heard Western, Cicero, Elston, Eisenhower expy were mentioned as alternative routes.

Jun 09

Hello neighbors! Join us at our bi-monthly CAPS meet AND more!

We meet regularly at the M.L. K. Boys and Girls Club at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Sacramento from 6:00pm from about 6:45pm. On Saturday June 7th, 2014 from 12pm-1pm, several community residents who attend CAPS, along with our CAPS community organizers, and some of our beat cops greeted neighbors in the 3100 Block of West Warren Boulevard. We rang doorbells, passed out community help info (Men's free health screening, free summer lunches, Day and Summer Camp, area Houses of Worship invites, etc). Please join us on Saturday, June 14th, from 10am-1pm at the corner of Kedzie and Lake for the commencement of the 2nd year Fresh Market. Fresh homegrown fruit and vegetables, live local entertainment, and vendors.

Jun 03

Updated Jun 03

Pete's Fresh Market Grand Opening

Pete's Fresh Market's Grand Opening is scheduled for
June 18, 2014.

Apr 11

Updated Jun 01

Playground at N St. Louis & W Carroll

I've put in a call to the Alderman and talked to city workers about the state of the playground at St. Louis and Carroll, which currently has two functioning swings, a missing slide, and several burned areas. Kids (3 &4 years old) are hanging from the swings and someone is going to get hurt. If anyone else feels like throwing their two cents in to Alderman Ervin's office, the help is mmuch appreciated. Phone number: 773-533-0900. Thanks!

  • Cat

    Forgot to post that I got a letter from Ervin and the swings are now fixed. Still need to get new slides, but it's progress.

  • gpblight 15 Yr East Garfield Resident

    All the city needs is some lawsuits from parents for kids hurt on broken swings, slides, etc. Keep at it! Send in requests again.

May 28

Updated May 31

Found intact black male pit

I can't figure out how to add photos to the previous post. This guy is all black with a white spot on the chest. He's very friendly and not aggressive toward other dogs. Found at Central Park & Franklin. I can't keep him and I don't want to take him to the pound. Any help is appreciated. If anyone knows someone missing him or can foster him, please let me know.

  • Ev

    Did you find his family? I think I may have seen him listed as missing on the facebook page: Lost Dogs Illinois.

  • Cat

    I didn't find anyone missing him. Is there a link you can send? I checked the page and didn't see it. Thanks!

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