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Positive viewing

I highly recommend watching Hidden Colors 1 , 2, & 3. There is something to be revealed in each film. Any age group will be enlightened. An Afro American based documentary

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get healthy

Englewood Community health center located at 641 W. 63rd street has a walking group on Wednesdays from 2pm-3:30pm which is free and open to the public!! healthy snacks provided post walk.

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Culture connection 360

hidden colors 3 & other cultural documentary/ film screenings!
8/2/2014 DR. Runoko Rashidi (Hidden colors 2) Live Presentation!!!
8/16/2014 Culture connection Anniversary celebration!
400 W. 71 Street(71st & stewart) call (773)527-6015 for more info and tickets

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RAGE Partners with Donda's House to Host Open Mic at So Fresh Saturdays!

So Fresh Saturdays hosted by R.A.G.E. is a FREE, family-friendly, resident driven, “edu-tainment” series that showcases various artistic expressions, provide resources for the community and educational workshops for all ages. The goal of the series is to create a safe space in the parks of the Englewood and West Englewood community.  At Ogden Park located at 6500 S. Racine from 3pm-8pm, RAGE will be partnering with Donda's House to host an open mic for young people ages 15-24, giving them the opportunity to perform in the AAHH Festival hosted by Common Ground Foundation.  

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Good Morning Everyone

Get Happy and Fit in 2014
Englewood community health fitness class will be doing yoga for pain relief every Wednesday from 10:30am -12:pm at 641 W. 63rd Street all classes are FREE and open to the public

  • DaShanda #WatchTheParents

    Holy Angels Out Reach Church at 5638 S. Ashland helps the community by passing out food and clothing every Wednesday. On August 30,2014 from 12-4pm they will be having a back to school jam which is free and also open to the public

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Volunteers/Donations Needed

Hello all...

My name is Cassandra I am a 36 year old from Englewood and am opening up my own non profit...

We're in need of volunteers and donations... Monetary or "in kind" are fine.

Visit the website and see how you can assist.

Or call 773.916.7716

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Summer As An OSC + Intern at the Peace Center

My name is Shaquana Beal I’m a youth worker at the peace center. In my first week I learned how to balance family, work and school. On July 3rd we feed 120 people for 2 weeks in a row. On the second week I learned about womanhood, I learned that you have to take care of yourself, have your own house, go to college, have a job, and to respect yourself. I really enjoy the field trips that we have gone on. We also learned how to be responsible, I learned that you can’t blame anybody for what you have to do and that you cant leave your team hanging. I also learned that you have can’t give up on your team and also learned that there's no I in team.

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How I Am Stronger Than Violence

I Am Stronger Than Violence!                                 

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Greencorps Youth Learn Bike Repair Skills

On a neighborhood ride recently, students from Greencorps needed to use a newly learned skill--fixing a flat!  In addition to learning to build and properly ride, they are learning bicycle safety and repair.  Look for the blue shirts and green bikes riding around your neighborhood.  

20 hours ago

"Hoops in the Hood More Than Just Basketball"

TWE's staff member Michael Tidmore and his fellow coaches have been working closely with our community youth to coach them up so that they will perform well at this important tournament.  "We are more focused on how our youth will conduct themselves and show good sportsmanship at the tournament and not just working on playing basketball", says Michael Tidmore.  Hoops in the Hoods is providing a peaceful setting for our youth, and they are responding in a very positive and productive way by showing up and being involved on a team, cooeprating and working together as a group. 

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The fight is not over, It has just begun.

The was a rally protesting the closing of Simeon's Auto and electrical shops. This can not take place. The buck stops at the mayors' feet and Ald. Brookins is again asleep at the switch. If we lose these shops the mayor and alderman will pay at the polls.

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New charter school for at risk youths

I recently learned that Emmanuel Christian Church has entered into an agreement w/ CPS to open an alternative high school at 83 rd & Damen. No community engagement efforts just trying to slip in without notice. Smh!

  • You and your neighbors need to DEMAND CPS send out the head of alternative schools and explain what is happening. Alternative schools are not all the same and you need to know what kind of school is coming. We had Richard Milburn for 1.5 years and had trouble as it...

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    You and your neighbors need to DEMAND CPS send out the head of alternative schools and explain what is happening. Alternative schools are not all the same and you need to know what kind of school is coming. We had Richard Milburn for 1.5 years and had trouble as it is a school for youth who are expelled from CPS and CPS approved alternative schools. It is a school that had to have armed security guards. Once we got on CPS and the archdiocese of Chicago they moved, Many of the churches that once had schools are looking for ways to generate revenue from the spaces since the school closed.

  • Carol R A concerned Mom & citizen.

    Wow! This is very concerning. I will do just that. Thank you.

5 days ago

Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks at Hamilton Park

Back by citywide demand! Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks returns this summer and brings William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, FREE FOR ALL, to 18 neighborhood parks across Chicago. As in previous years, a specially equipped truck will roll into each park, a stage will unfold, and a company of professional actors will share the delight of Shakespeare with families and neighbors of all ages. In this popular Shakespearean comedy, a quartet of mismatched lovers, a gaggle of hapless actors and mischievous sprites cross paths with the king and queen of the fairies, entangled in their own domestic dispute. Audiences will be transported to a wondrous wood brimming with paramours and possibilities where the inexplicable magic of falling in love—and the marvel of waking up from the sweetest of dreams—is discovered. Director David H. Bell has adapted this Shakespeare favorite into an acrobatic and riotously entertaining version of the play. - See more at:

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One Summer Chicago Plus Program

Hello, My name is Jerome Falkner and I'm a mentee for One summer Chicago, my site is the Peace Community center and my mentor is Chyrisse Dunnorm. My Mentor taught me alot of things I need to do in order to be successful in achieving my education and furthering my job career. ilearned that inorder to also succeed,I have to make good choices and decision.My mentor  have been showing me a good part of life and showing me how it feel to get out the hood an have fun,enjoy life as we took trips downtown  to Millilleum, Taste Of Chicago and Buckingham Fountain lookin at alot of stuff i never knew about. i Love My dreamTeam Family Thank God For My Blessings

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One Summer Chicago Plus

Hi, my name is Tony Robinson and I'm a mentee in the OSC plus at the Peace Community Center and my mentor is Ms. Chyrisse Dunnorm. She has helped me to learn many life lessons. First, I learned about the importance of balancing work, school, and family to your advantage so you can succeed in life the best way possible. Secondly, I learned what integrity meant and I learned that You can be in integrity by saying u will do something and actually following through with it. Next, I learned what resiliance was and how resiliance is used at all times and that some times you are resiliant without even knowing it. Then, I learned what it meant to be a man and I found out my self that manhood is a hard thing to obtain, the knowledge we learn every day helps us young men to become men. Lastly, just recently I learned what responsibility truly is and I fell as though I have become a very responsible young man and I have learned that responsibility is a big part in becoming a man. We also went on trips as a plus we went to the Taste of Chicago, Millineum Park and more. We also were involved in a program to feed people that wanted food or may have needed. In conclusion this has been a great experience and i have learned lots about what it means to become an adult and I'm grateful I got the chance to be apart of this program.

5 days ago

One Summer Chicgo Plus- Children's Home and Aid/DFSS

Hi, my name is Avery Sterling and I'm a mentee in the One Summer Chicago at the Peace communuty Center and my mentor is Ms. Chyrisse Dunnorm.

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Hi, my name is Avery Sterling and I'm a mentee in the One Summer Chicago Plus Program at the Peace communuty Center and my mentor is Ms. Chyrisse Dunnorm. My mentor has taught me alot of things such as how to balance work while attending school, how to dress properly for an interview, having priorities, reasons for working, and having intergrity. I also learned alot about Responsibility. I learned that you have responsibilities in a work place like following rules and regulations, and knowing how to communicate and handle situations when working with a team.

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Spoken Word Talent Competition 2014

“The winner will not only be judged on style and delivery, but their content must be clean and family friendly. We don’t allow our participants to use any derogatory or negative language in their spoken word piece in our competitions,” said Taj Jones, the organization founder and director. “We are about promoting our youth who uplift and respect themselves. This is to give them an outlet and to showcase those youth doing right.”

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Jul 21

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Human Resources

A group of parents who will be out with information for resources you or someone you know may need. Daycare and camps, job leads, food pantries and more!..they will be located on 76th Racine!

6 days ago

Greencorps Youth Receive Introduction to Yoga

Greencorps Youth at Team Englewood learned that yoga is not only good for your body, it's great for your mind!  Deep breathing techniques were stressed during Thursday's yoga session with Tameka Lawson from iGrow Chicago.  Students learned that while one cannot control the body's immediate physical reaction to stressful situations, focusing on deep breathing can help control the emotional response.  The session, while brief, was very informative and the response was overwhelmingly positive.   Thanks, Tameka!!

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Greencorps Youth Visits Millenium Park as it Celebrates It's 10th Anniversary

On July 16, students from the Greencorps Youth program at Team Englewood High School, visited Millenium Park for a relaxing outing with their team.  It just happened to be the park's 10th anniversary!

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Summer Camp

Don't forget we have have summer camp for your lovely little ones. It starts as early as 9 and goes til 4. If interested please come to the MLK Center on 76th Street.

Jul 21

Updated Jul 21

Safe Passage

Safe Passage..a group of parents who is willing to better the community piece by piece. They will be in Ogden Park, for those who want to come out and enjoy the weather. You can also bring the children to play. Were there to watch over those who wants to enjoy their neighborhood and the parks!!

  • Eugena turner "WATCH THE PARENTS"

    Come on out enjoy your neighborhood and parks!!

  • Eugena turner "WATCH THE PARENTS"

    Safe passage will report to the park @2:00 p.m and will be there til 5:00 p.m on July 23,2014!

Jul 20

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