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LoLo Comes To The Andersonville Strip, Rewards Local Shopping

As many know, Andersonville is home to some marvelous locally owned businesses. These neighborhood gems reflect the pride we take in our neighborhood and provide us with many unique goods and services. As the holiday spending months come to an end it is important that we keep our small business owners in mind over the […]

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Man knocking on doors 1am

Did anyone see a man knocking on doors around 1am last night? He rang our doorbell, my boyfriend turned on the porch light and asked what he wanted (through 2 locked doors). The man didn't respond and left. We called 911, the police were nonchalant and asked "are we supposed to do something because a man is knocking on people's doors?"
We never did even see a patrol car driving through the neighborhood.
This happened on the 1400-1500 block of Hood Ave.

  • That stinks that 911 didn't take that seriously. Yes, they are supposed to do something when a stranger is knocking on doors at 1am. I'm sure the stranger is trying to find a house where no one is home.

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Edgewater Residents

Hi, I'm a journalism grad student who's doing a video story on the growing popularity of Andersonville and Edgewater. I'm looking for neighbrhood residents who would be available for an interview tomorrow morning. Just general questions on the neighborhood and what its like to live there. Please feel free to comment here or e-mail me at marielturner2015@u.northwestern.edu. Thanks!

  • "growing popularity" among whom?
    I liked Andersonville in 1978 when I first moves there, and it seemed pretty popular with the people already there.

  • Exactly Neil, but the people ther then weren't "hip" like the people there today. You gotta drive an overpriced European suv and buy coffee at Starbucks but claim that u patronize local biz and ride a bike. Of course they don't. It's all a bunch of phonies searching for an identity. A fake one at that. Was so much better 20-30 years ago, I agree.

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Bad smell in my apartment

This is a weird post. There is a bad smell in my apartment, right inside my door, as soon as I enter. I thought it was my trash, I had made chicken, but I took the trash out and it's still there. I had the window cracked open yesterday but I still smell it.

The hallways are not cleaned or maintained in this building. The management said they were having an exterminator come around last week for maintenance, but I never saw them when I was home.

Any ideas what it could be? How to get rid of a smell? It's been 3 days now.


  • Thank you all for your replies and suggestions. The smell is gone. I don't smell it anymore when I'm coming into my apartment, which is the only place I smelled it.

    I have hardwood floors in my apartment. The hallways of the building are carpeted, but not vacuumed in the past, maybe 2 months....

    I can't afford to move. I just moved in this summer and it was a big expense for me and I have a lease.

    At least my apartment is clean and not smelly!


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The ‘Greenest House’ In Andersonville Meets Its Fate

A couple weeks ago we reported on the story about the ‘greenest house’ in Andersonville and the approval of the permits needed to tear down the home. It quickly became one our biggest stories of the year and earned many comments online in favor of demolition and others in support of the structure to remain […]

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Suburbanite in the city!

We are between Hollywood and a Glenwood on Ridge and would love some feedback on the area. We work early hours so are going to the car and walking dogs between 4-5am. We typically walk on Glenwood, Early and Wayne. I'm aware you need to be alert at all times no matter where you are in the city but am just curious about others general vibe with the area. Lease is up soon and we haven't been able to explore like we hoped but love our place.

  • It wasn't about you at all, sorry. For coming from the suburbs, you seem to be very realistic about the area traffic and all. If all the people coming from the burbs were as realistic as u it would be nice. Unfortunally, many suburbanites buy their cheap, crappy condo near a busy street and then want the street to go away. That area is getting a lot safer and nicer. Hope you continue to like the area :-).

  • JMG

    aww ben!

    we can't all be rough, tough michelin men like you, maybe you should get out of edgewater before we flaccid suburbanites turn it into schaumburg. you'll be happier anyway, flexing your abs somewhere gritter and more urban, like Logan Sq or uk village.

    now I'm going to call Olive Garden & Applebees and and see if we can convince them to open on Clark because what edgewater needs is more diverse dining options.

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Thanks to those who have shoveled and salted.

My geriatric bones thank you. Lots of ice out there today.

  • You are so very wrong on both counts.

  • RT Here

    Well anyways.... keep up the good work. Your life's work is a great contribution to society.

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Edgewater Chamber Partners With Loyola To Bring Match.com CEO Sam Yagan To Speak

As current CEO of Match.com, Sam Yagan has brought his unique style of professional expertise to the world of love and romance. Yet he has done so much more over the last decade. In 1999, he co-founded SparkNotes, a free study guide for students which covers everything from literature and poetry to math and economics. Then in […]

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I am renting a place in Edgewater and the building does not have a Recycling container (forcing me to use the neighbors across the alley way - shhh). Does anyone know if there is a place I can call to have a recycling container dropped off at my location?

  • WC Turck writer, artist, broadcaster and activist

    Claire, thanks for that link. I live in a condo with 30 units and get heartbroken as I am loading my tub of recycling while 29 other units simple dump all of their garbage in the common bin.

    I would like to hear from more folks who have seen blue containers dumped with regular containers in the same truck, as Amy reported. I'd like to know if it is isolated or common practice and then make some noise about it.

  • Common practice. There is far more recycling waste than market to sell it in. Unfortunately, a lot of the separated recycling goes to the landfill anyway :-(

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Another Yelp-review headscratcher

This one isn’t about individual Yelp reviews, but rather a question as to how EB decides which Yelp reviews to put in the daily digest. Twice in the past week I’ve clicked on a cited Yelp review, only to find the most recent one having been posted months or even nearly a year ago. I click on these in the digest to see what people are saying about business establishments LATELY, and what the current state of these places are...

Read full message…

This one isn’t about individual Yelp reviews, but rather a question as to how EB decides which Yelp reviews to put in the daily digest. Twice in the past week I’ve clicked on a cited Yelp review, only to find the most recent one having been posted months or even nearly a year ago. I click on these in the digest to see what people are saying about business establishments LATELY, and what the current state of these places are in order to either try them or avoid them. Is there a particular algorithm the site software uses, and if so, why does it sometimes pick old reviews to list???

(I’m sure some trolls will inevitably seize on this post as a complaint about a first-world problem, declaring it has “racist undertones,” or telling me not to pay attention to Yelp...or just see their comments in print. If you don’t have something pertinent to say.....what the hey, knock yourself out anyway).

  • I found the link that Sandy is referring to:


    Note that the link refers to a review by a brian-s, dated Jan 25. This review does not exist on the Yelp page for the Granville Towers. I suspect this review was deleted, but the Everyblock post is a snapshot in time and doesn't update to reflect this change.

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    What I’d also like to see on Yelp is a “reply” button (not for the business owner but for those of us consumers who want to address or disagree with a review). Even an “off-base” button option added to the “Do you think this review is....?” array. So many reviewers...

    Read full comment…

    What I’d also like to see on Yelp is a “reply” button (not for the business owner but for those of us consumers who want to address or disagree with a review). Even an “off-base” button option added to the “Do you think this review is....?” array. So many reviewers base their opinions on their personal prejudices (like the one-star for a Catholic priory), particular dietary preferences (e.g., slamming a pastry-shop for not offering gluten-free or a burger-and-hot dog joint for not having vegan options); scathing reviews based on delivery alone for primarily-table-service restaurants when the reviewer has never deigned to set foot inside; or for prices higher than those charged by late-night-drunk-food joints. (I’ve learned to ignore deplorable grammar and spelling, since those skills are being ignored by budget-strapped science-and-math-obsessed schools, and everyone depends on flawed AutoCorrect these days). But what’s with the rash of F-bombs lately? Doesn’t sound any less obnoxious just because the other three letters are eliminated. How a review like that (the latest one-star for Calo) gets in while others that civilly address pertinent issues are “not recommended” because the reviewer hasn’t posted in awhile is beyond me. Oh, those wacky website algorithms!

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Good Handyman

Can anyone suggest a good handyman near the Rogers Park/Edgewater border?

  • Justin long Names justin, I'm handy man. Live in Rogers park

    Names justin. I live in east Rogers park and have this week free. I work for a construction company and took a little time off,but........ Now I wanna get back to work. :)

  • Ravens Yes.I can fix that.

    I think i can help. Have knowledge & tools, I live close. Call 312-890-7558

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Andersonville Ranks In 2015 Top Ten Hottest Neighborhoods Nationwide

Andersonville got big news this past week as it was named in the top ten hottest neighborhoods in the nation for 2015 by Redfin. Specifically, it ranked #7 nationwide and #1 for the the entire Chicago area which includes the suburbs. Redfin is one of the top five real estate search engines with an estimated […]

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Found Nissan Key, Edgewater

Hi Neighbors. When walking to the lake yesterday afternoon around 3:30pm, I found a Nissan key. Location was the 1200 block of W Thorndale, south side of the street. If you can identify the key ring bobble, I'd love to get the key back to you quickly.

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Hi, I am a student journalist.

I'm writing a story on healthcare, specifically on how the Affordable Care Act has made the system more efficient or less efficient (for you). Obama has mandated a streamlined medical health records system using technology.

So, I'm looking specifically for a patient who HAS had difficulty or has NOT had difficulty with needing medical documents transferred from one hospital (for many reasons) to another hospital.

It this applies to you, I'd love to speak with you and share your story.

If your interview is used, it would be published on a Chicago news website.

Please contact me for more information.

Thank you!

  • robin in WRP misanthrope

    EMR has put more pressure on healthcare providers, and added many more working hours to their days

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Heard shots lots of police activity. 6000 n kenmore

  • Julia Z-N Andersonville Dog Mama

    There is a world of difference between the dirty doings of politics and gangbanging,though I see your point. Also,lay off the Southside.I'm from the south side!(go Sox) There are gangs all over the city. Very nasty and inconvenient truth until some yuppy wants to get his high on. Not all of them want to get their Priusi dirty driving to the nearest ghetto. Convenience shopping and abetting of the worst kind.

  • Alikat: If you believe someone has called you a racist never say "My best friends are black and educated"....you sort of prove their point.

    My point was the language. Casual racism exist and your "joke" was just one example found on Everyblock everyday.

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stopping yellow book drop offs

any one have any idea how to stop getting these phone books? my entire building is on the opt out list for the last 10 years but every year they drop the books in front. i know some people want them, but we don't!

i have called every year to say stop, but it hasn't... any insight would be appreciated.

  • Mei

    I feel all these unsolicited mailers should be illegal. If you don't want it and didn't ask for it, they're littering! Their company taglines should be, "Here, you throw this out."

    I do use the newspaper adds to line my students' desks when we paint or do something messy, and phone books become paper mache. Also good for drying flowers. However, I will now try opting out. There's never a shortage of paper for student crafts if you pay attention

  • Our package delivery guys and mailman use the phone books to hide our packages. So far (5 years) no thefts.

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Weekly Update from your Alderman – january 23, 2015

...or hand-delivered to the school by the above dates. Families Together Cooperative Nursery School, 1500 W. Elmdale, Chicago, IL 60660, 773-381-5200...

St. Gertrude’s Chuch’s Gym, 1401 W. Granville

6157 N. Clark

This article has 18 other Chicago locations (Show)

5901 N. Sheridan has submitted a request to assist with their rooftop mechanical unit delivery, scheduled for this...

Tuesday, February 3 2015 8am – 12pm — Damen Student Center 2nd Floor Loyola, 6511 N Sheridan Rd

Janh Elementary 3149 N. Wolcott

All classes take place at our Studio located at 1206 W Rosedale

This week at the Edgewater Public Library (6000 N. Broadway):

Wednesday, January 28, 7pm , Lady Gregory’s at 5260 N. Clark Street

Join us this Saturday, January 24, 12noon-2:30pm, as Crew (corner of  Broadway & Lawrence) hosts their 11th Annual Chili Contest benefiting Care for Real.   For only $12 you can...

...the following service:  One free 30 minute teeth whitening session at Radiant Smiles for You, 5555 North Sheridan Rd.,  773.334.3882, www.radiantsmilesforyou.com,  email: RadiantSmilesForYou@gmail.com

5533 N. Broadway

Swedish American Museum 5211 North Clark

Broadway Armory 5917 N. Broadway

Edgewater Workbench, 1130 W. Thorndale Ave.

...navigators are available to provide free enrollment assistance at the American Indian Health Service at 4087 N. Broadway, Mondays through Fridays 8-5, Weiss Hospital on Wednesdays 10-3, and the Uptown Library...

Click here for more information Heartland Alliance offers free consultation and registration service at 4411 N. Ravenswood, and by appointment by calling Brekken at 312-995-3040.

1020 W. Bryn Mawr

1115 W. Berwyn

1044 W. Bryn Mawr

5358 N Ashland

Jan 20

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Community Weighs In On Trumbull School’s Fate, Findings Released

Trumbull School’s doors have been closed since the end of the last school year. The neighborhood has been concerned not only about the loss of the school but what will come of the building and who or what, will be residing in the building. On Monday, November 24, 2014, several hundred community members and neighbors met in […]

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Li'l Buds Children's Theatre Classes starting tomorrow

Winter Sessions starting tomorrow, Saturday 1/24, for ages 3-11. You can view the post in the 'Events' section for more info, visit www.lilbudstheatre.org or email lilbudstheatre@gmail.com.
We're looking forward to new sessions of Adventures in Imagination and Create-a-Play!
We're offering a special $10 drop-in rate to try out the first class which will be deducted from the session fee if you chose to enroll.

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Jan 23

Witnesses Say SUV Driver Purposely Ran Over Dogs On Wednesday Evening

The neighborhood it shocked and heartbroken for the dogs and their owners of a horrible incident Wednesday evening. Normally a very peaceful area, “the meadows” (which is the grassy area from Berwyn Ave. to Bryn Mawr Ave. and between the Sheridan high rises and Lake Shore Drive) was a horrific scene of brutality in which one dog […]


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