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Edgewater Shooting Monday Afternoon Sends Residents Running For Cover

On Monday afternoon, as neighborhood residents walked their usual path from the busy Thorndale Red Line to get home for the evening, shots rang out at 3;45 p.m. It caused people to run for their lives not knowing where the shots were being fired. Many ducked into nearby businesses for cover. Only 45 minutes earlier, Swift […]

  • mroper54 Resident and local business owner.

    Just someone proudly demonstrating their 2nd Amendment rights I suspect.

  • d3 NOH

    Ahh, the same block that sent a group running for cover 2 months ago when the beat officer around the corner chuckled thinking the situation was funny....

21 hours ago

Found Ventra Card

Found this morning in front of Metropolis
Identify it and it's yours

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FREE Car Washes on Monday

Free car washes at the new facility which opened on the corner of North Clark and Peterson. This is a brand-new facility that you can't miss just across the street from White Castle.

I've been there twice already with both my vehicles and was really happy with the results.

They are offering the 'Deluxe' $15 wash free. Help the merchant and spread the word here on EB and Facebook.

Help spread the wird through social media if you use this se

  • Perhaps her hood was scratched before the CWash? They have video cameras all over the lot and attendants at the entrance and the exit. Why no interaction with the owner or the staff by your daughter or by you?

  • Bill in Rogers Park Rogers Parker - co-founder of Glenwood Neighbors

    Al - sorry to hear about your experience at Rogers Park Car Wash. I have been going there for a year now - about every 3 weeks or so - and the owner or his son is there and they are great. Very hands-on. I have been really pleased so far.

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Wanted: space to hold group meditation programs

Hello, I'm an integrative medicine practitioner on staff at Rush, & have a private practice in Andersonville.

In early 2015, I'll be facilitating a 6-week meditation series for people who would like to learn more about the mind/body connection, & explore a variety of meditation skills to help reduce stress and enhance well-being.

I'm looking for a beautiful, warm, extremely quiet, cozy, carpeted space that's large enough to comfortably hold 15-20 ppl who will meet 1x per week for 6-weeks (most likely held in the evening or wkend).

If you have any creative ideas, please contact me.

Thank you and happy holidays.


  • RTG_RP Doing things.

    It's not carpeted necessarily, but you may be able to use some of the props there to make sitting more comfortable, but maybe you can rent some space at Yoga Tree.

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Edgewater Shooting Monday Afternoon Leaves Residents Running For Cover

On Monday afternoon, as neighborhood residents walked their usual path from the busy Thorndale Red Line to get home for the evening, shots rang out at 3;45 p.m. It caused people to run for their lives not knowing where the shots were being fired. Many ducked into nearby businesses for cover. Only 45 minutes earlier, Swift […]

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New Community

Has anyone noticed the growing new neighborhood under the Foster LSD underpass? Includes a large group of homeless with recliner chairs Christmas socks and houses. Also at the Lawrence underpass. What are donations to the foodbank good if they don't use it. Is the begging for alcohol and drugs and should we encourage these villages to grow? Have written Alderman 3 times with no response or action... Maybe we need to get a new Alderman..

  • Hard drinkin' Lincoln ahh! A torrent of psychological abuse!

    A lot of decrepit Sro's have been shut down, the last cluster of Lawrence House tenants left awhile back.

  • People's needs:

    Money is not included in this list. The most that the average person can do for a random unknown person requesting help is offer food or water.
    BTW, if you really care about the homeless people you see on the street, cook up an awesome dinner and bring it to them. A nice, hearty, proper meal is something many homeless seldom see.

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Review: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Goose at the Raven Theatre

Park free in the Raven lot adjacent to the theater or take public transportation. Nearest El station Granville Red Line, Buses: #21 (Clark), #36 (Broadway), #151 (Sheridan), #155 (Devon), #64 (Peterson). 6157 N. Clark St. (at Granville)

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Seeking Space on North Clark

The Cannabis Group LLC is seeking to “establish a medical cannabis dispensing organization” at the former Pie Hole Pizza Joint on 5001-03 N. Clark St. The group submitted an application for a special use zoning permit from the Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals on Nov. 24, 2014, which is set to discuss the request at […]

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No Injuries In Edgewater High-Rise Fire, One Pet Dies

There were no injuries from a fire that broke out around 3:15 a.m. this morning in Edgewater. The blaze sent fire trucks and ambulances racing to the twelve story Shore Manor high-rise at the 5800 block of Sheridan Rd. The fire started in a third floor apartment but was quickly put out. It caused so much heavy […]

Dec 08

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Jewelry Repair Recommendations

Looking for someone to fix a gold chain in the Andersonville/Edgewater area. Obviously I don't want to overpay. Looked at Yelp, but most of the businesses listed are into Cash 4 Gold. I just want a decent repair shop, possibly one where I can have an antique watch repaired in the future. But right now I'm just looking for someone to fix the chain.

  • Nick-G Lakewood-Balmoral since the Millennium

    Went today, chain repair is reasonable (ten dollars) and I left the watch for an estimate. Appreciate everyone who took the time to give their feedback.

  • Thanks to everyone's advice, I got a reasonable quote for resizing for two rings at Bryn Mawr Jewelers. 45 bucks a ring! Best price that I've found!

2 days ago

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Today while leaving the house a man tried to hand me this flyer. I said "no thank you". He then spat on me, began swearing and threatening me. When I tried to leave he began following me until I ran away. While I've handled informing the authorities who may need to know about this, I am now informing you. Please do not hire Mariano's Garage Doors and Construction. It is NOT ok what happened and being sexually harassed, or any harassment whatsoever things is unacceptable. Please share with the rest of Chicago.

  • Sun God King of Death, Sorcery,Necro, Witch,Shadow,Sith

    If she did not take the flyer am I to assume she found a flyer, or had the same flyer in her home or did a friend give her the flyer. Did she yes or no get the flyer from the diner? I still agree with 60660Gal u dig. In...

    Read full comment…

    If she did not take the flyer am I to assume she found a flyer, or had the same flyer in her home or did a friend give her the flyer. Did she yes or no get the flyer from the diner? I still agree with 60660Gal u dig. In a court of law i.e. defamation of character/slander against the diner Jessie would have to explain where she got flyer she posted with this thread. This thread is a perfect example of how people "believe everything posted on inter-net but I won't swing my pendelum to find out if Jessie is lieing. I will leave that fact of responsibility up to the posters of this thread.

  • Sun God King of Death, Sorcery,Necro, Witch,Shadow,Sith

    Jessie, good morning an Happy Holidays. What is the name of the company that owns the diner you say is not a member of the Chamber of Commerce? Rogers Park and Edgwater there are several mexican men passing out neighborhood diner menus. We will not allow 1 person's view of them to slant us as a community against them.

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Dec 10

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Clothing Donation Drop Boxes in Edgewater

I have a lot of clothes I'd like to donate to charity, but since I've moved to EdgewaterI haven't seen any of the clothing donation drop boxes that were ubiquitous in Lakeview.

Can anyone in the Thorndale-Granville area tell me of any clothing donation drop boxes that are nearby?


  • Mrs S RP/WR resident since 1991

    There is drop box at St Hilary's for St Vincent DePaul 5614 North Fairfield Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659 Also, AmVets will pick up.

  • JMG

    Care for Real or Brown Elephant for nicer stuff in good condition.
    Salvation Army gets the older stuff, I figure they will recycle what they can't sell.

5 days ago

Holiday horrors: Weekend event listings for Dec. 12-14

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Goose - This holiday mystery returns for its 4th year at Raven Theatre. Original story by Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Michael Menendian and John Weagly. Raven Theatre, 6157 N. Clark, Chicago, IL. Tickets $10-$20. Runs through January 4th, 2015.

This article has 8 other Chicago locations (Show)

...Andrew Leavold in attendance for a Q&A. $8. Friday, December 12th at Chicago Filmmakers, 5243 N. Clark Street. Trailer...

...Meet the director! $10 ($7 pre-sale). Sunday, December 14th at 4:00pm. Logan Theatre, 2646 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647. Trailer...

...students) or $10 for Goldstar Members. Runs through June 15, 2015. The Annoyance Theatre & Bar, 851 W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657. 773-697-9693...

Dee Snider's Rock & Roll Christmas Tale - Heavy metal band members decide to sell their souls to the devil in exchange for rockin' success. Comedy ensues. Runs through January 4th, 2015. Tickets $30-$90. (Goldstar Members $49) Broadway Playhouse, 175 E. Chestnut, Chicago, IL. rocknrollxmas.com

...Runs through this Sunday, Dec. 14th. Located on the 2nd Floor of Edgewater Presbyterian Church, 1020 W. Bryn Mawr, Chicago, IL 60660. 773-293-3682...

Day of the Dead Exhibit - Ends this Sunday, December 14th! National Museum of Mexican Art, 1852 W. 19th Street, Chicago, IL 60608. Hours: 10am-5pm.

Ghosts and Demons in Japanese Prints - Showcases special works in the Clarence Buckingham Collection of Japanese Prints. Art Institute of Chicago, Gallery 107, 111 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL. Runs through January 4, 2015. Open daily 10:30am-5:00pm; Thursdays until 8:00pm.

Monstrum Dark Arts Exhibition - Group dark art show presented by Gallery Provocateur and 44 Flood which “explores the monsters in our collective psyche.” Runs through January 2015. 1621 N. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60647.

5 days ago

Alderman Warns About Neighborhood Phone Scam

In a statement released today from Alderman Osterman’s office, they warn the community to be aware of a phone scam that could happen to area residents. The calls appear to be local but they may be actually coming from Puerto Rico. The scam involves individuals who call the victim and claim that a relative has been in […]

Dec 04

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CPS Releases New School Rating System, Edgewater Schools Place High

Chicago Public Schools released their new rating system yesterday for the 664 schools in the district. Instead of the old three level rating system (1 being best and 3 being worst), there will now be five. Tier one consists of the top performing schools with level-1+ being best and level-1 next. Tier two consists of […]

  • DK Living and Playing in Chicago

    That was over 10 years ago,CPs went through a lot since then I'm sure.

  • Sandy R in Edgewater Edgewater resident

    These all used to be great schools and I am sure they could be again. It all really starts with involved parents. My dad graduated from Sullivan in '57 and my grandfather graduated from Lakeview in '28. After two generations in the burbs, we're back on the north side. Our daughter is graduating with her degree in math education from IU and plans to apply to CPS.

5 days ago

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Upcoming Andersonville Holiday Traditions, What’s Yours?

As the holidays quickly approach we see our neighborhood being transformed into a warm, inviting atmosphere with brilliant white lights and festive green garland. Walking down both Bryn Mawr and Clark streets residents may gaze into the beautifully decorated store front windows and partake in any number of wonderful neighborhood restaurants. With the holidays often […]

6 days ago

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Dec 10

Uncommon Ground Ranks In USA Today’s “Top 10″ Chicago Healthy Menus

If you know anything about Uncommon Ground at 1401 W Devon Ave, it’s that the food always seems to hit the spot. The cozy space with its warm fireplaces is a great place to sip one of their house-infused vodkas and relax. But what’s even more special is what’s on top. The roof that is. They […]

Dec 09

Updated Dec 10


Looking for a g-rated, lively bingo game, somewhere in the Edgewater, Rogers Park or Andersonville vicinity. Can anyone help?

  • The Call on Bryn Mar has a bingo night I think the second or third Thursday of the month. Not G rated.

  • Teri Cassidy edgewater beach resident

    I was looking for bingo that is g- rated also. Glad you asked! You at least got a response. Please post any other information you get. Thanks!

Dec 10

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Dec 10

Dec 09

Rivendell Theatre’s ‘Women at War’ Finishes To Rave Reviews

Rivendell just finished up their premiere production of ‘Women at War’ that ran from November 5 - December 6, 2014. The piece was extremely successful and received rave reviews, seating a packed house almost every show. The theatre company spent the last four years developing this piece that examines the complexities of being a woman at war. With national ongoing […]

Dec 05

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Best Pizza Delivery

I've just recently moved to the neighborhood and am looking for a good pizza delivery place for Edgewater. I've tried Pizzeria Aroma and it's alright, but I'd like to see if there's something better. Suggestions are welcomed!

  • Emily Edgewaterite since '98

    My vote is for Jimmy's Pizza Cafe!

  • Need for a Change 20 years in Rogers Park

    Alberto's if you can tolerate the inadequacies of the remedial hired help.

Dec 09

Great employee looking for a job nearby

Tons of experience in sales, marketing and customer service. Looking for a great day job with great people. Would love to walk there.....

Dec 09

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Dec 08

National Protests Come To Andersonville

This last Sunday, Andersonville was one of the many communities across Chicago that participated in a peaceful walking demonstration to respond to the recent news regarding the death of Eric Garner in New York. This news came shortly after the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson. Tensions have been running high across the country as […]

Dec 08

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