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Riot Fest Clean Up

Humboldt Blvd is still blocked between North Ave and Division
There are also lane restrictions on North, Division, Kedzie, and California around Humboldt Park... There are hundred of gulls feeding on garbage, there are still porta-potties everywhere ...Stilll lots to do. The streets should reopen later today, if we are lucky, at least that is the plan.

Aug 10

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Looking to meet new mom's!

Hello! I am a new mom and will be staying at home with my baby through next August. I would love to meet a couple other new moms for daytime socializing, learning how to get out of the house, sharing stories and ideas, meeting for short walks, etc...I joined Meet Up, but thought I might give this a try, too. Feel free to message me if you are interested in getting together one day in the coming weeks, even just for an hour. Thanks!

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Anyone tried out Logan Square Fitness yet?

Just wondered what the overall vibe is, if it gets packed at certain hours, etc. Has anyone joined - what do you think?

  • I have been a member since they opened (well before it opened due to the pre-sale) and so far I like it. I haven't tried any classes or PT but there is always availability on any of the cardio machines whenever I go. I usually go between 6 and 8 in the evening. The most I have seen there, not including the classes is about 30 people which isn't too busy. They have a decent selection of cardio and weight machines as well as some free weights.

23 min ago

Good AM Logan Square

Today is going to be a great day, don't we all deserve it? Here is what is looking like so far.

25 min ago

Humboldt Park

Here is a nice overview!

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Charges and arrest records in Cook County?

Is there a way to view charges against a certain person, or view their arrest records with Cook County? Do you have to pay for this service? Also, do they record who requested the records? Thank you for any info. I will call Cook Cty tomorrow and ask too.

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Home Organizer recommendation

Hi Everyone...I have recently (ok, not really, but for the sake of argument) downsized from a multi-level townhome to to a unit in a 2-unit building. I have a lot of stuff that I would like some help in clearing out and was looking for an organizer to help me decide what to junk/sell/keep/donate as well as help me stay organized going forward. Any thoughts?

  • Kelly B Beaucastel's Mom

    Try taskrabbit.com. You can describe what you need done and name your price. Someone who is able to do it will "accept" the task. They do background checks on everyone who works for them too.

  • I had a girl that has worked with me for several years organizing, providing childcare, etc. She is great but is not affiliated with any formal company . I originally found her on sittercity and she came background checked. I no longer need full time child care so she comes in and does cabinets, a closet, various home areas, etc. Email me if you are interested in reaching out to her. lauriesabath@gmail.com

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Free Spay/Neuter and vaccinations for cats in 60647 & 60651

Tree House Humane Society is offering FREE vet service packages for cats in zip codes 60647, 60651, 60623, & 60624.

The offer stands for house cats as well as strays and ferals. Please see the attached flyer for more info. :)

  • Phantom Mouse Resident of actual west Bucktown since 2007

    Feel free to share and cross post,

  • putting it in my neighbor's door and hope she takes the "hint" re: her little unfixed cat that wanders around, buts my indoor cats, and just had kittens!

  • onthewing Community Cats Coordinator at Tree House

    Loganparkcat where is this cat? Maybe I can come over and talk to the "owners"

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Does anyone recognize this dog?

Found at the corner of Armitage and Kimball in the parking lot of Armitage produce. Neighbors are taking her to animal control, so if this dog is familiar please let it's people know where to look. We will post signs as well.

  • Deb Karp Humboldt Park

    Looks familiar. Does the dog have two different color eyes?

  • Agreed that you should first have a vet check for a chip and hang on to the dog if at all possible while initially looking for the owner. Animal Care and Control is a horrible environment for any animal and will cause immense stress to the dog. You can also post about found dogs on craigslist. That is how I found my neighbor's lost dog for him.

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Lost Chickens?

There are a couple of chickens running around on the 3700 block of Dickens.

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Is this your dog?

We found this dog this evening on whipple just north of Logan Blvd. she has a collar but no tags and is very friendly. I will also post this on lostdogsillinois.com

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Canoe Rental?

Does anyone have a canoe they are willing to rent out for the weekend? I've looked into Chicago River Canoe and Kayak (rockwell st) but they don't open until 9am, and don't allow overnight rentals. Chicagoland Canoe Base looks closed for business. We're not interested in kayak rentals. I appreciate any ideas!

  • DL Police officer

    Totally random but yes I do have a canoe in my garage. 773 501 6930 text me

  • Thanks DL. I'll text tomorrow. We're actually looking for 2-3 canoes (5 people) so if anyone else has one in their garage, please let me know!

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Hard to believe

Such mixed feelings on how the neighborhoods changed.
At Sawyer and Wrightwood. Apparently this 20-year-old white girl has called the cops because someone hit her bumper. Two scratches maybe.

13 hours ago

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Anyone know of a good physician that treats anxiety. My physician left to another state and my therapist is booked until December.

3 days ago

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Craig Woods?

If anyone knows someone named Craig Woods, please PM me. I live near Logan and California and for a week now have had two packages sitting at the entrance to my apartment building addressed to Craig Woods. There are only five units in this building and no one by that name has lived here in the six years I have been at this address. (Let's also take a moment to reflect on the fact that there have been two packages sitting outside our door for over a week and they haven't been stolen...WHAT?!?!)

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Odd Store Front at Kedzie & Grace

Just south of Grace on Kedzie (couple doors south of Christina's bar) there is an odd storefront. There is no name on the front, and it's clearly not residential. There are weird items in the store like miniature houses and cats. I've never seen anyone doing anything inside. Does anyone have any idea what this place is?

Sep 05

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In need of a sitter for your infant or toddler?

Hi All,
If anyone is in need of a sitter for their infant or toddler M-F I'm available. I'm and early childhood educator, and I've worked as a teacher within CPS. I'm currently at home with my toddler and am available to take on caring for another little one. Please message me for more information. Thanks!

  • Gina Pellouchoud Gina@kimball

    Hi Ivette,

    I need care for my 15 month old daughter part time 3:30-6:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If you are interested please email me ginahelenap@gmail.com. Thanks!

  • Hi there, I have a 2 mth old and 3 yr old that I need a sitter for. Can you email me if you're interested.


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Need help moving furniture

My boyfriend and I are buying a rather large mid-century bookcase and need help moving it from one first floor apt into our first floor apt!

Can anyone recommend some movers for a small job like this? Would be best if they could provide truck in cost. Thanks!

  • I've been meaning to try get dolly - is it pretty affordable? How much did your job cost SLA?

  • SLA

    we were willing to post the job for $40 for help and vehicle. uhaul would've cost like $30 (with the furniture dolly), and it is worth the extra $10 for us to have the extra muscle! plus we negotiated the price of the bookcase based on having to pay for...

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    we were willing to post the job for $40 for help and vehicle. uhaul would've cost like $30 (with the furniture dolly), and it is worth the extra $10 for us to have the extra muscle! plus we negotiated the price of the bookcase based on having to pay for transport/help, so no regrets on the price we named.

    very much looking forward to getting the bookcase tonight. honestly, he responded SO fast (~5 seconds of me posting the ad) that i started googling reviews to make sure the site wasn't a scam!!! so far, very impressed, will DEFINITELY use again as we will have to move more furniture soon...

5 days ago

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Mechanic in Logan Square/Avondale

Hello all,

My car('03 Buick Park Ave) needs some work done on the front alignment, can anyone suggest a mechanic in the LS/Avondale area that they trust/has a history of good and reasonable work?

Much appreciated!

3 days ago

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Free Dog vaccination event?

Does anyone know about a free dogs vaccination event? I know they had one last year. They gave free shots, leashes, dog bowls and micro chip. It was by the park by Armatige near Pulaski.

21 hours ago

Found Bike Lock

I found a bike lock in middle of Kimball right before Fullerton. Contact me if you think may be your lock.

2 days ago

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Red Miyata Bike Stolen from Wrightwood/Spaulding area

We unfortunately/absentmindedly left our garage door open for a couple hours this afternoon and my bike was stolen. :(

The bike is a red '80s Miyata road bike with white origin-8 saddle and white tape on bullhorn handlebars. The bike is on the smaller side -- can't remember exact dimensions.

I'll be searching CL, but please let me know if you see it around. Thank you!

  • We lost a fuchsia colored mountain bike the same way a month or so ago in the same area.

  • aya

    Thanks David! I will do so! Smiley, I'm sorry you lost your bike, too. Such a bummer.

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Help Goethe School

  • Lets Torres 45 year native Chicago Logan Square Wicker Park

    Goethe is a good school both of my children graduated from this school .

  • D.A.B. born and raised in Chicago

    I graduated from Goethe class of '88 , and it was a good school !!! Im sure it still is !

23 hours ago

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New Park / Dog Friendly Area construction W Logan Blvd @ Artesian

Building Permit issued for Chicago Park District to start construction of new park with dog friendly area on south side of W Logan Blvd next to west side of Kennedy Expressway at Artesian. Logan Boulevard Skate Park is on north side of Logan Blvd from location of new dog park.
copied from EveryBlock "Permits":
Issue date September 11, 2014
Estimated value $50,000
Application number 100559421
Work type New construction
A project to build a new structure from the ground up.

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Local Theater In Need of Folding Tables

I am a props designer for a theater company working out of the Flat Iron Arts Building and we are in need of three matching wood tabletop - can be laminate - folding tables that you would use for partys, events, etc. They are kinda banquet hall tables. We would love for them to be about 6'-0"L x 30"W x 29"H


Please let me know ASAP if you, anyone you know, or any organization you know, might be able to help us out. We are more than willing to return after our production ends on October 26th.

Thank you in advance!


  • pretty sure Atheneaum Theatre Building has a stash in various lengths in storage. They're nice guys, ask them.

Aug 24

Updated 31 hours ago

How to avoid parking my car on a street cleaning day while I'm on vacay?

I wonder if you guys have a solution to this. I park my car on the streets in Logan Square where no permit is needed. I'll be going out of town for ten days and am afraid that during one of those days they may put up "no parking" signs for cars to be moved during street cleaning days. I don't want my car towed while I'm out of town and unable to move my car.

You might suggest that I have a friend move it but I just moved here and don't know many people yet who would be willing to do that for me. So I need a different solution.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?

  • My office has parking for $2 per day. It's not in the neighborhood but is not to far from the Blue Line.

  • WindyCityJones Actor, landlord, proud Chicagoan!

    I've read that if there's a street cleaning while you're on vacation you can show your flight itinerary and contest it. The whole "must move your car every seven days" is crazy but luckily not enforced in my neighborhood. There are lots of weeks that go by where I don't drive my car. That's why we have public transit. ;)

4 days ago

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Logan Square workouts?

I'v recently seen people working out in a group, with equipment, on the boulevard. I also saw a couple working with a trainer another night while I was walking home on the boulevard. Are there any groups available to join like this?

I'm currently looking to sign up at a new gym but I do better with classes and guided workouts. I'm willing to pay but I'm looking for something that's finically friendly and local if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks!

  • I work for GhFitlab at 1730 N Western. If you're looking for personal training, please check us out. We offer everyone a free first session, but if you email me, I can sweeten the deal for you. Prices start at about 80 per session with a monthly package.

  • I run in Palmer Square and see someone training people in the park there, too. Would love to find a group trainer as well. Just started working from home full time, which means I left my awesome trainer in the burbs who was just $55 per session. ...

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The truth behind animal shelters and how you can help!

Informative documentary on the No Kill Revolution and what really happens in a Animal Shelters around the country- Thursday at 7pm. Tickets are only $5. A must see for animal advocates in Chicago who want to help be the voice for helpless animals.


  • Canyon west bucktown resident (west of western, east o...


  • Veronika Fashion Designer,Gallery Owner,Web Designer, Muse

    Thanks for posting this!

3 days ago

Updated 43 hours ago

Looking for an Au Pair?

Hello Everyblockers!

Our Japanese exchange daughter from a high school program several years ago is now an Au Pair looking for a host family here in Chicago. If we did not already have an Au Pair we would jump at the chance to welcome Miyuki back into our home. She's been here only two days and our daughter and she get along like sisters!

Miyuki is visiting with us for the next two weeks which presents a rare opportunity for...

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Hello Everyblockers!

Our Japanese exchange daughter from a high school program several years ago is now an Au Pair looking for a host family here in Chicago. If we did not already have an Au Pair we would jump at the chance to welcome Miyuki back into our home. She's been here only two days and our daughter and she get along like sisters!

Miyuki is visiting with us for the next two weeks which presents a rare opportunity for potential host families to meet an interview in person rather than phone or Skype. Miyuki is sponsored by Au Pair International where you can view her profile: http://www.aupairint.com/au-pairs-available-now/short-termimmediate-start/1995-miyuki-t.html

Of course we'd be happy to provide her a stellar reference, so feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat!

  • hayek, would love to talk to you about the Au Pair program. Can I message you?

  • Hayek Not FDIC Insured | May lose value

    Of course! There should be an email icon in the lower right area of my post as long as you are logged in. Let me know if you don't see it?

  • Hayek Not FDIC Insured | May lose value

    One person reached out by email and was curios on how the whole Au Pair thing worked, Figuring others might have similar questions I though I would post my response here, below:

    In the US, basically the Au Pair program is done through a combination of the government and an...

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    One person reached out by email and was curios on how the whole Au Pair thing worked, Figuring others might have similar questions I though I would post my response here, below:

    In the US, basically the Au Pair program is done through a combination of the government and an agency who sponsors them. We have placed both of our Au Pairs through AuPairCare and we've been happy with them. Miyuki is through Au Pair International. Both seem like good programs.

    In a nutshell the Au Pair program is sorta like an exchange student program where you take a young adult from another country into your family. They can work up to 45 hours a week on child-related tasks only (i.e. they aren’t going to cook or clean for you, just for the children). If you like travel and like experiencing other cultures while sharing your own you'll probably love having an Au Pair, as we have.

    Cost wise it is not necessarily cheaper than some alternatives but it does provide awesome flexibility and convenience because the caregiver lives right down hall. You pay somewhere around $6500 up front to the agency which covers travel, training, visas, etc. Then its $200 a week directly to the Au Pair. Big bite up front then its easyier on the pocketbook the rest of the year. Some agencies will help to spread it out though if you want o,

    When the time comes to start looking for an Au Pair, let me know. Sometimes our agency runs a referral program where we both get a little break on our costs.

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Found Cat. Black/Gray Tabby? With green collar

We found a black/gray cat that followed us into our apartment. It is wearing a green flee collar. If this is your cat please contact me ASAP. I am really allergic and the cat does not seem to enjoy our dog. We will be taking it to treehouse this afternoon unless we can find another place for it to stay.




  • After 2 days @ CCAC he will be dead. He is probably an outdoor kitty.

  • You can take him over to Logan Square A H and have them scan him for a chip. They are open on Sunday.

4 days ago

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Custom lighting designer in Humboldt Park?

Does anyone know the name of the person--I believe in Humboldt Park--who creates light fixtures? I can't seem to find his info in my feed, but I recall a reference to his work. Thanks much!

46 hours ago

my cat is lost

Keeler and Roscoe, she is black with a patch of white on her chest, answers to Luna, an indoor cat who is most likely scared... please call 312-493-8322 if found

2 days ago

Updated 47 hours ago

Small kitchen and small bathroom remodel

Could anyone recommend a good, affordable and reliable remodeler. We have the plans and we are on a tight budget.
Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

  • 4ever Remodeling did work for me and they were very reasonable.

  • Vince L Logan Square/Chicago Realtor & Appraiser

    RZ Services, call Stan (773) 716-6429

  • I got Triangle Remodeling and Construction off Everyblock and Szczepan (Steven) Golaszewski is THE BEST this 1906 house has ever seen!!!!
    He put in windows, framed, drywalled, ceiling of the damage I have upstairs and the price was amazing.
    (773) 744-9130/email trchvac@yahoo.com He works best with texting; if you call and get 'mail box not set up or something like that, he will call back your number.
    I hope that I can hire him in the future (and forever..)

47 hours ago

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