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New Friends of the Library group for Logan Square

Hi all,
The new Friends of the Library for the Logan Square branch is holding its second meeting this Thursday at 6:30, in the library's conference room. We're looking for ideas, volunteers, people who love their library and want to make it better. We have a small group that turned out for our first meeting! Please leave me a note if you're interested, and find us on Facebook (for which we're going to start adding content soon!).

  • I can't make the Thursday meeting, but would like to be kept up todate. Please email me at franksfelicia@gmail.com

Mar 17

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Logan Square Dog Park

Anyone have any updates on the Logan Square Dog Park? After it was approved last year the blueprint was on the Park District website with construction to begin Fall 2014. Obviously that hasn't happened. Any info would be appreciated.

  • Chris Defying a Singular Identity

    In 2012 the park 556 site, which includes the dog park, received $340,000 in OSIF funds, arranged by Ald. Colon for site development. The money has already been transferred to the Park District so State funding changes for other projects should not affect this project. The bids just need to...

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    In 2012 the park 556 site, which includes the dog park, received $340,000 in OSIF funds, arranged by Ald. Colon for site development. The money has already been transferred to the Park District so State funding changes for other projects should not affect this project. The bids just need to come in at the budget, and we'll know soon if that is going to happen.

    That said - Kim's note is on point. These projects only survive if people continue to get involved to support them, so please do get involved!

  • Kimberly P. 6-year Logan Square resident

    Hi dog lovers. I have an update on the future of the Logan Square Dog Park. We just heard back from the Chicago Park District and they have plans to begin construction on the new park in May! We are trying to get the project manager from the park district to attend our next committee meeting so he can walk everyone through the plans. Like our Facebook page for updates.

    Kim Pool
    Logan Square Dog Park Committee

Feb 03

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Development around Kedzie/Armitage?

Does anyone know what's happening in the building across from Scofflaw (MuveMusic building) on the NW corner of Kedzie and Armitage? My boyfriend received a hint from someone at Scofflaw that "something good" was coming, but no more details were offered. I also wondered if anyone had heard any plans about anything coming into the other vacant buildings on the north side of Armitage in that general area (for example, there are a few vacant storefronts between the cleaners and Walgreens, east of Kedzie)?

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Found cat - Milwaukee & Sawyer

Found a young male grey tabby on our porch this morning. Collar but no tags. Very friendly, but seemed scared to be outside. We are keeping him safe inside.

  • Just this morning, I brought a friendly stray, which had been beat to a bloody pulp, possibly by a dog or another cat, into the Tree House clinic. They're transferring him to an ER. Make no mistake, any outdoor cat, feral or someone's pet, can suffer an excruciating plight.

  • time and again, it's posters that work...put on the corner lamp posts and in neighbors' doors. the owner -- or someone who recognizes the cat and knows who it belongs to -- may contact you. a lot of older pet owners are not looking online...

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AT&T Internet Issues

Anyone else in Logan/surrounding neighborhoods having problems with the Internet since last night? I haven't had a chance to call yet but was wondering if we were the only ones. We already hate our service anyway--this might be the straw that breaks the camel's back!

  • Deepti Logan Resident

    Also not available in our area! He made certain that we shouldn't be charged unless they try to fix something on one of our home devices (e.g. ipad, computer, etc) which I know for a fact they won't be even touching. I have had my fair share of angry phone calls to AT&T so I am ready to have another if needed :) I will get that number from you if it's necessary though!

  • I thought they said 'if they come into the home' to check..interested to see what happens. Thanks for the information!

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Grassy lot on Mozart & McLean

Does anyone know who owns the lot on the SE corner of Mozart and McLean or know how I can find out?

It's all nicely kept grass surrounded by a black chain link fence. There's a scaffolding kind of thing to hold up a banner on the corner, which makes me think it belongs to the church on McClean and California. Any ideas?

Mar 18

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Sod for lawn

Does anyone have a recommendation for a company to resod our lawn? Thanks

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Here is the pic

the pic didn't post before

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Shooting on the Kennedy at Sacramento Entrance ramp (News Choppers over Logan Square)

6PM Tuesday night- someone was shot at The Inbound Kennedy Expressway entrance ramp- just breaking now- so, no details- stay tuned.

  • Text of Tribune article:

    After shooting, man drives onto Kennedy, 2nd man shot in separate incident

    One of two men shot in separate Tuesday shootings managed to drive himself onto the Kennedy Expressway where he was taken to an area hospital, police said.

    At 5:33 p.m. a 31-year-old man was...

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    Text of Tribune article:

    After shooting, man drives onto Kennedy, 2nd man shot in separate incident

    One of two men shot in separate Tuesday shootings managed to drive himself onto the Kennedy Expressway where he was taken to an area hospital, police said.

    At 5:33 p.m. a 31-year-old man was driving his car on the 2900 block of North Sacramento Avenue when another person in another vehicle drove up and shot him, said Chicago Police News Affairs Officer Thomas Sweeney.

    Got something to say? Start the conversation and be the first to comment.

    After being shot in the neck, the man continued driving and made his way on the the Southbound Kennedy Expressway in the Avondale neighborhood where he pulled over. He managed to get a cell phone from another person and paramedics were called, said police.

    The man, who is a known gang member, was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital where his condition had stabilized. The on ramp near Sacramento Avenue was briefly closed, said Illinois State Police officials. . . . . . . .

  • C. McGill Goethe Parent & Volunteer, LS resident since 2003

    Ugh. Just great. Stupid gang shootings. It's bad enough that they shoot each other senselessly but when they endanger others?! Shooting someone when they are driving?! UGH.

Mar 23

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Zoning, Housing and Population Decline

Interesting thoughts from Crain's on population decline in neighborhoods like LP, LS and WP relative to the south and west sides. Includes some good demog maps.


  • Scott Evergreen & Damen

    Thanks for posting this. Interesting article for sure. As John points out though, this phenomena is largely due to the ever increasing gap between the wealthy and what is left of the middle class.

  • Good post & good follow up by Carter. Pro-density people like to talk about how many more people lived in Logan Square in the past. Blindly citing the population decline, ignores the fact that there was a lot of slum level housing, and that we aren't returning to the large...

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    Good post & good follow up by Carter. Pro-density people like to talk about how many more people lived in Logan Square in the past. Blindly citing the population decline, ignores the fact that there was a lot of slum level housing, and that we aren't returning to the large families of the 1950s & 60s.

    Density is not always a good thing. The CHA high-rises had density, but no one would argue that it was good for anyone. The City should have areas of lower density that appeal to families who want a yard for the kids to play in.

    The observation that we are creating economic enclaves is spot on. That's happening in the suburbs too, though. Some 'burbs have become millionaires' clubs, while others are being overwhelmed with new residents living below the poverty line. "Out of sight, out of mind", is still the default attitude towards low income housing.

    As for the economics, I suspect that is even more complicated. Lincoln Park doesn't lack for luxury retail shops. The smaller family units that replaced the people there in the 60s & 70s, may have equal or greater aggregate purchasing power. This is an issue that deserves more attention!

Mar 19

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Recommendations for Lawyers...

Greetings, Neighbors-

I'm looking for recommendations in lawyers specializing in real estate law, condominium regulations, association management, etc.

I truly appreciate any assistance on the the matter. Thank you.


  • Dan


    We used Kerry at my last condo building on a few issues.

  • Andrew Levin Property Management Specialist

    I manage several condominium associations in the Albany Park area and I can recommend any of the attorneys at Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit KSN. This firm specializes in condominium law. My main contact is Rob Kogen who is a partner (http://www.ksnlaw.com/robert-b.-kogen?page_id=14).

    KSN has a great assessment collections department and we have...

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    I manage several condominium associations in the Albany Park area and I can recommend any of the attorneys at Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit KSN. This firm specializes in condominium law. My main contact is Rob Kogen who is a partner (http://www.ksnlaw.com/robert-b.-kogen?page_id=14).

    KSN has a great assessment collections department and we have had great success filing Forcible Entry and Detainer Lawsuits to collect unpaid assessments. I have also had them involved in developer litigation, preparing contracts and building violations. Recently they started a division for condominium property tax appeal work but I have had great success in the past using Field & Goldberg for this type of work.

    I am more than happy to assist you in anyway possible with any other issues you may be having with your association.

    Andrew Levin
    Bass Management

Mar 21

Lost keys somewhere by logan blvd

Hi- large set of keys lost between California and somewhere along bike lane past western through elston and milwaukee. Greatly appreciate any help. Apotte30@gmail.com

Mar 21

Lost keys

Logan and California near starbucks this am about 1030. Anyone find any?

Aug 25

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"Micro-Apartments" Plan for Car Wash Across from Post Office

Neighbors -

A developer is asking for an upzoning from C1-1 to C2-3 for the old car wash across from the post office so he can build 56 "micro-apartments" on the site.

Apparently there will be a public meeting on the proposal on Wednesday - try and make it - 6:30PM at Haas Park.

More here:


Mar 20

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My cat was last seen yesterday on Monticello just north of Fullerton. She's pretty shy and very sweet. Skinny light orange cat. I'm going nuts looking for her!!!!

Please call me at 847-651-7664 if you see my baby >_<

Mar 20

Logan Square Pub Crawl - March 21st, 4-7pm

Join your neighbors at Emporium Arcade Bar (2363 N. Milwaukee Avenue) to kick off the first annual Hephzibah Children's Association Pub Crawl!! $20 registration fee will go directly a great organization, and there will be games and prizes at every bar along the way.

Start a team and register here:

Hope to see you there!

Mar 16

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THANK YOU, Kind Neighbor

I was running errands on Saturday afternoon, then was home cooking and having friends over all night. On Sunday afternoon, I found a 2-envelope contraption with my last name on it, in the magazine box under our mailboxes... Inside, was my WALLET!!! I had no idea I was even missing it (having been at home all evening)... Everything was in it- cash, cards, ID (apparently, the Good Samaritan's guide to my mailbox).
THANK YOU who ever you are!!! THANK YOU...

  • Has the 'mail box' worked for anyone you know of? I think they have enough trouble delivering the mail these days; I'd make sure the person GOT the item by any means....and 'paying it forward' works!

  • these are wonderful stories - great to know there are honest people

Oct 17

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Ronny's Bar Project/Golden Teardrops Happening?

Anyone in the know know what happened or is going to happen with the Ronny's bar conversion that was planned by some of the Longman and Eagle/Parsons folks? They were going to totally rehab Ronny's bar. I see they initially applied for permits back in June and July...as referenced below...but there seems to have been no activity since. I'm curious if they're still going to move ahead. It would be nice to have that eyesore renovated.


  • man, i can't believe how long it takes to get through the permitting process. they did FINALLY fix the curb in front of Ronny's which has been torn up all winter.

  • looks like they only have 5 denied vs. 8 when you first posted, buster. And 7 approved! progress is nice to see.. slowly but surely.

Mar 16

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Does anyone have a tall ladder I can borrow for a couple hours? I live at Palmer and Drake and need a ladder that's at least 12 foot tall thanks!

  • Chrisbrown 25 year neighbor

    Sure, I am at Sacramento and logan boulevard if you want to travel that far. 773-848-5500

Mar 13

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Cheap Bike Tune-Up in Logan Square?

Hello Everyone,
I'm looking for a place to get my bike tuned up now that spring is upon us. Somewhere with reasonable rates? Thanks for any recommendations!

  • It's pretty simple, Brian:

    You have "bike enthusiast" right in your description here on EveryBlock. They're nice to you at Boulevard Bikes because you fit their description of a customer they want to take care of. They're rude to anyone who doesn't.

    As a "guy or girl who owns a...

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    It's pretty simple, Brian:

    You have "bike enthusiast" right in your description here on EveryBlock. They're nice to you at Boulevard Bikes because you fit their description of a customer they want to take care of. They're rude to anyone who doesn't.

    As a "guy or girl who owns a bike", you won't be treated the same by these people as a "bike enthusiast" will.

    There's no nice way of putting it: The people at Boulevard Bikes are total jerks to anyone who's not a part of "bike culture". Period. As a matter of coincidence/fact, I JUST talked to a woman at Palmer Park today (dog owner induced social interaction, yay!) and bike shops came up in conversation - I mentioned my experience at Boulevard Bikes and she said she'd been treated that way too.

  • LimoD Logan Square 20 years!

    I've heard many complaints about " bike enthusiast" shops. If that's the demo you desire in your shop that's great! You should however make that known or treat everyone who comes in your shop as an enthusiast. It's somewhat disingenuous to take someone's hard earned bucks while you disdain that...

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    I've heard many complaints about " bike enthusiast" shops. If that's the demo you desire in your shop that's great! You should however make that known or treat everyone who comes in your shop as an enthusiast. It's somewhat disingenuous to take someone's hard earned bucks while you disdain that person. Stop doing it and the hate will stop. I'm a mid-level enthusiast, at best, who has spent over 3k in the Bike Lane over the past two years. Why? Because those boys in the BL rock, are high end enthusiasts and make this 60 year old geezer feel like one too!

Mar 15

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Mugging at Schubert and Whipple?

Anyone know any more about this?

@chicago_scanner "014: A male robbed of his iPhone & wallet Shubert/Whipple, 2 males fled w/b, weapon implied #Chicago #LoganSquare #CrimeIsDown"


  • I'd love to drop in on the new alderman, Scott Waguespack on of these days (Sometimes it's easier than you might think). One night late last summer we woke up to a woman screaming for help. My neighbor was out the door in a flash and found a woman had been mugged. To add insult to injury, she tried to pepper-spray the attacker and he snatched the can and sprayed her.

  • Nad

    I am a few houses down from that corner too. I will also stop by the Aldermen's office this week.

Mar 10

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50 degrees and dibs is still going on...

This glass table has been used to reserve parking this whole time. Can't believe it's still out there!

  • Ramona Z. homeowner in Logan Square

    There is a house at the end of my block that has been using chairs to save a parking spot in front of their house all winter and they are still doing it even though there is no snow.

  • It is 72 today. I would say dibs are officially over.

Mar 15

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Patio Bars open?

It might be too early but with today reaching the 60s just curious if anyone knows of any outdoor dining/drinking options in the neighborhood?

Mar 10

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QuickGig: Have a neighbor lend a hand

Hello, I am a Logan Square resident and am starting a business that allows residents and business owners to get 'QuickGigs' done on demand for very reasonable prices.

So many in Chicago are looking to make an honest buck and so many have odd jobs that need completing. I'm looking to connect them for the betterment of everyone in the community.

Need your windows washed, your floor mopped, heavy boxes or furniture hauled? Text me at 215-738-2028 or email quickgigchicago@gmail.com and I'll have someone come over right away. App coming soon!

  • Tara Merlo 8 year resident of West Logan Square

    I think your idea is solid, and I know a few people that could really use this service-don't be discouraged!

  • Great idea! This is already happening through Craigslist and other means - you are just simplifying it and making it easier. The world is about options and you are providing one of them!

Mar 11

Updated Mar 15

Chuy Rally

Come one come all to the big Logan Square Chuy Rally tomorrow (3/12) at 6:30pm at the Logan Auditorium, 2539 N. Kedzie.

  • Haydee...not sure why you're pulling out my comment "hardware store that's been there forever" in a statement about hate? I was simply pointing out to Matt H. that there are new resturants and bars, and there are older businesses too. Which is great. I don't get the hate toward new businesses, most of which have been, small independently owned goes at the American Dream.

  • While I love that there's independent business opening up and I hope that that trend continues until the neighborhoods vacancies are all filled with them. I'm questioning the longevity of the idea because I believe at this point our neighborhood needs something other than another food joint or another bar because those ideas are at their saturation point.

Mar 11

Updated Mar 15

Puppy needs forever home

We can't believe we are still fostering "Bananas"! He is a lovely vetted 12 month old puppy and needs to find a good home. He is tall and skinny and most likely mixed with hound. He has a very sweet temperament and plays really well with other dogs! We have two large dogs of our own and Bananas gets along perfectly well with them. He is a very submissive dog. He knows how to sit (also to stay until released for dinner), walks on-leash like a prince, he happily goes into his new crate and is 100% house-trained. Please let me know if you're interested in learning more about Bananas and potentially adopting him!

  • I believe my friend Linda just reached out to you in regard to Bananas... really so happy to see such a quick response. She is a very caring and responsible dog owner -- I hope it all works out.

  • has Bananas found his forever home?

Mar 11

Updated Mar 11

Wednesday is 1/2 off for ladies!

Hand car wash at 3265 w Fullerton. These guys did an awesome job in about ten minutes! A quick vacuum and they also wiped down the inside of the windows too. That's hard to beat for $5.00!

Mar 09

Updated Mar 09


Hi All! Just wondering if anyone knew what was going on with the helicopters this afternoon? Seem to be around Armitage and Central Park for about 30 minutes?

Mar 08

Updated Mar 09

Recycling truck damaged property

Hi all. Wondering if anyone has had their property damaged by the recycling crew/truck? If so, any legal recourse? I was in my garage this past week when they came through (garage door was down) and heard a big crash like a bin was slammed down. When I walked into the alley the truck had moved on and part of my garage siding was ripped open and the top of my fence next to the ripped siding was torn off. I don't have video of it happening, but I was in my garage. Suggestions? Thank you.

Mar 08

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Window cleaner in logan square/Humboldt park

It's spring cleaning time. I can not see the sun with my windows. I was wondering if anyone can recommend someone in the neighborhood that would clean my with window. I have a lot and very, very high windows. I would love a person/s that is now a company but at this stage I am not picky... Thank you in advance and happy cleaning

Mar 06

Updated Mar 06

Plantation shutters

I'm looking to get indoor plantation shutters. Any recommendations?

Mar 04

Updated Mar 06

Clogged toilet

In my rental garden unit the water flushes very slowly... I've augered it w a heavy duty auger to no avail so I believe it to be a clogged sewer line which is beyond my expertise. Does anyone know of a plumber that they could recommend to do this type of work and an approximate cost? Thank you!

  • I'm not a plumber, but have experienced blocked exhaust vent resulting in slow draining toilet. My tell-tale sign was an also slow-draining bathroom sink after a big snow. If blocked from snow, plunging with a good plunger every few hours can sometimes work the snow loose, as can running a hose at a very low rate down through vent in roof, but try not to use a big volume of water, since that can also cause sinks/toilets sharing that vent to overflow if the block is in plumbing under basement.

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    Mike Terranova – excellent Sewer Cam guy and a Logan Square resident.

    I haven't used his services a a couple of years, but that's because he cammed our sewer lines, found the problem, and cleared it.

Mar 04

Updated Mar 05

2 Bedroom Apartment Available 4/1 in Logan Square

Please email me if interested.

  • Canyon Humboldt Park

    Nice ad

  • it's not only an unwelcome ad, it's not even a god one.

    take it to craigslist where it belongs - and when you do, include some actual details about the apartment... you know, the price, square footage, etc. and some pictures.

    good luck over there.

  • *good .... typing is hard.

Mar 04

Updated Mar 05

Lost keys

Hey neighbors! My roommate lost her keys (in the snow? In a puddle? Help!) somewhere between her car parked at Kimball and Milwaukee and the Logan theater. They are Honda keys with at least three other misc. house keys. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Katie McD Logan Square Lady

    I picked up a set of keys on Monday in front of Cafe de Leche next to the Logan Theater. I brought them to the cafe counter and had them hold the set. It was a car key and some other keys but I think the car may have been a Mercury. Worth a shot, though. Good luck!

Mar 04

World-class Montessori Preschool Coming Soon to Lincoln Square

Montessori Gifted Prep places a special emphasis on critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and creativity. Montessori Gifted Prep preschool provides a caring, comprehensive, high-quality Montessori education to children ages 2 - 6 years old. Numerous unique services offered including extended hours of operation (6am - 8pm), personalized education, and ability to monitor your child during the day via internet. Onsite extracurricular activities include music lessons taught by Old Town School of Folk Music, French and Mandarin taught by Language Stars, and interactive science laboratory experiments taught by Mad Science. Come learn more at our informational session on March 28, 2015 at 10 am. We are located at 4754 N Leavitt St, Chicago, IL

RSVP at www.montessorigiftedprep.org

Mar 03

Updated Mar 04


Whatever it is, it's coming to the Western Blue Line. Obviously they have coffee and snacks of some variety. Other than that, all I can gather is that they have sandwiches. It's a London-based company and so far has very little web presence in the U.S. Their UK website really doesn't have much info, either.

I have so many convenience-food related questions!

  • Fuarain CTA rider, walker, animal person

    Grab-A-Bite is going INSIDE the Western station, in the thing where the little Dunkin Donuts used to be. No idea when it's opening or how/what the food is.

    As for rents - probably very high and wrapped in city red tape. Though when the guy who had the franchise for the Dunkin closed it to try and operate as an independent, he was selling those cellophane-wrapped pastries that were really not very appetizing, so I can understand what he didn't make enough to pay the rent.

  • My dream of a mini Bang Bang in that spot has come to an end. Found a bit more info here on the London company and CTA rental pricing: http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/7/71/148291/london-based-sandwich-shops-coming-to-4-cta-stations

Mar 02

Aldi Development Presentation

The Bucktown Community Organization is hosting a meeting this week hearing proposals on zoning changes for 2339-59 North Seeley & 2332-34 North Elston in Bucktown.
And a presentation of the ALDI project.

Thought those of us in Logan Square who shop there, or are interested in development, might like to attend. I'm assuming the meeting is open to those who would like to hear about the ALDI project. Wed. 7-8pm. Bucktown Library.

Feb 24

Updated Feb 27

Structural analysis of our home

Any ideas for someone to come analyze the structure of our home? Recently we have a few cracks along some kitchen wall seems and a few hardwood floor slats that seem to be slightly separating.

  • Thank you everone. This is super helpful.

  • Another vote for Clark Baurer. Our condo association worked with him, and were very pleased. He also lives in the neighborhood himself, so you would be supporting one of your neighbors.

Feb 22

Updated Feb 25

1411/1412 Beat Meeting on Feb. 26

The beat meeting for 1411/1412, which had been postponed due to snow, has been rescheduled for Thursday, Feb. 26, at 7pm. Beat meetings are held at St. Nicolai Church, 3000 N. Kedzie Ave.

In addition to the usual information about crime statistics, police alerts, significant arrests and neighborhood occurrences, this meeting will also feature a information on bicycle theft prevention.
With Spring approaching (allegedly), people will be using their bikes more often. With more bikes out, the number of bicycle thefts increases in spring/summer. Get some tips from CPD members who are also cyclists on protecting your bike from theft.

  • C. M. D. Avondale Triangle resident

    Due to time constraints, the bike theft tips will be at April's meeting. Still worth attending!

Feb 23

Updated Feb 24

Ronda Locke for 1st Ward Alderman

I support Ronda Locke in the 1st Ward Aldermanic race because instead of having to explain what she will do with developer contributions and wondering whether they will influence her decisions, she simply won't accept these contributions. Ronda is a true business supporter because new and existing business owners will know that they will get a fair hearing without wondering if they need to make a contribution to her.

Feb 23

Ronda Locke for 1st Ward Alderman

It is time for adult leadership in the 1st Ward. Ronda Locke is a Chicago Public School parent, serves on her Local School Council, her local Park District Advisory Council, volunteered with the Chicago Police Department as a volunteer peer jury adult moderator and raised funds to improve local play lots. Ronda has done more as a volunteer than many elected officials. She deserves your vote.

Feb 23

Brentano School Winter Open House and Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration - This Saturday!

Brentano Winter Open House and
Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration
THIS Saturday, Feb.28th, 10:30-1:00

Please join us at Brentano this Saturday for a party in honor of Dr. Seuss and meet the teachers, parents and students who make the Brentano family truly special.

Feb 21

Updated Feb 22

Best election resources?

I'm catching up on local politics this weekend...what are your favorite online resources for getting up to speed on the candidates?

  • ErikaM Blue-Line identified

    Don Washington started Mayoral Tutorial last cycle, and I am glad it has continued. http://mayoraltutorial.com/

  • aldertrack.com is pretty good - it has a 'racing form' PDF with all the candidate stances on major issues, their platforms, their URLs, their endorsements by others/press and the blog part has a lot of good walkthroughs/videos of issues.

Feb 18

Updated Feb 21

retail space in logan

Does anybody know how one might go about getting information on available retail space in the area?

I live the neighborhood and have noticed so many empty storefronts on Milwaukee Ave. just west of the square. I can't find any info on whether these are available, who owns them, or how to get in touch with the landlord. It seems like such prime space yet so much of that stretch is sitting empty.

Appreciate your thoughts!

  • Steven Vance Urban planner

    Here's a quicker link to what Susan mentioned:

    It's run by World Business Chicago, the city's semi-independent business/economic development promotion organization chaired by Mayor Emanuel. The CRE (commercial real estate) listings on that site come from Rofo.

  • The papered up spaces closer to the Diversey intersection are owned by Fishman and are currently being remodeled before being put up for rent

Feb 19

Updated Feb 20

Community Vet Clinic-Sat 21st 1-2:30

Pet Supplies Plus- 3640 N. Elston (773) 583-2288.
Usually held to the side of the building. Line forms, but I kept my dog in the car until it was my turn. Shots, etc. We had a good experience. The prices are good if this is what you are looking for. This location is run by amazing people. I've gone here for years.

  • Fuarain CTA rider, walker, animal person

    Yeah if you get on the Pet Supplies Plus email list they send you emails about these. they're really just vaccine clinics, though, not sick pet care and no spay/neuter.

    Anti Cruelty, Treehouse, and PAWS (the one on 26th street) all have free or low cost spay neuter in the city. There's also usually a $40 discount at private vets during february (yeesh this month goes by fast!)

    The Bryan and Amanda Bickell Foundation sometimes sponsors low-cost vaccine clinics, but they're usually on the south or west sides.

  • That's an added bonus for cheering on the Hawks.

Feb 12

Updated Feb 19

The Dead Reunion Show Rejection Letter?

Hi all. I met a lot of people at the post office on California while sending my mail in order for tickets who were doing the same. I was wondering if anyone in our area has received rejection letters or any news on tickets? I haven't gotten anything so hoping some of you have some updates? Thanks all!

  • Question for my fellow rejects (who used western union money orders)...
    Based on this western union website, it looks like there is a $15 processing fee for EACH money order return (and it takes 30 days!). Please tell me I'm reading this wrong, or there is a way around it...
    I'm feeling dumb and ill.

  • I didn't do a mail order myself but did hear something like that regarding the Western Union MOs.

    I'm sorry - the whole thing sounded pretty disorganized - part of the reason I decided to wait for public onsale.

Feb 17

Updated Feb 18

Construction issues

A new house is being built next door to my home my question is this. What recourse do I have against any damage to my property? I have cement mortar all over my windows from the brick work and a broken retaining wall that a truck hit. Attempts to find the person in charge has proven unsuccessful since no one speaks English...has anyone here had similar issues or luck with the city in getting them to hold off on signing off on a property until issues were resolved?

  • You may also wish to call your home owners insurance carrier so it is on notice just in case the damage is so great as to trigger a claim.

  • call 911 and report and they will transfer you to a city inspector, who comes out right away...at least it worked for the construction 4 doors over..but all this thread is good advise for sure and please do it all...and keep a log!!!!

Feb 16

Updated Feb 17

LA Fitness - California & Diversey

Anyone know of an update to the development of an LA Fitness in the former Olympia Carpet building at California & Diversey? Past reports indicated an early 2015 opening, but one look at the building and it appears that all construction has ceased with no end in sight.

  • I was told it was going to be an Xsport which I thought was weird since there is one off Elston and Logan.

  • I'm so curious about this spot as well. It looks so shady and no progress appears to be made. They now park a security vehicle there full time, though often it is empty.

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