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Logan Square Trash Collection - Stalled because of snow/ice?

Is it just me or has it been a long time since trash has been collected.. Is this typical when there's this much snow/ice? .. I keep thinking "they'll get it this week", but our alley is quickly filling up with trash, some of which has been there for several weeks now..

  • Cyn Chi since 1991, East Humboldt since 2010

    I had to call Maldonado to get my trash picked up -- it wasn't for like 3 weeks, and he lives on my street.

  • It is the resident's responsibility to keep the trash bins clear of snow. I read that somewhere on the city website. If they are buried and can't be moved they can't be emptied. Hopefully the thaw should take care of the problem.

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Jan 25 2013

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Lost underweight male German Shepherd

My landlord has lost her male German Shepherd. The dog is very underweight and last seen on Wednesday night in the 3600 W Oakdale block. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    Do you think some dog loving soul took him in and is just keeping him as their own?
    I can't imagine Deuce still wandering around the neighborhoods.. I really hope he is in someone's home being showered with lots of love, affection, and attention..

  • Kathleen Boyle Your dog's best friend! (Taking real estate break)

    After all of the stuff posted on here, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody just kept him, rather than return him to a neglectful home. Kelly, you are a very kind person to put in this kind if care and effort for somebody else's dog.

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Catalytic Converter stolen 2/26-2/28

Had my catalytic converter stolen in the 1700 block of N Hermitage sometime between the evening of Thursday 2/26 and midday Saturday 2/28. Doubtless this happened around 3 or 4 in the morning, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up anyway. Keep your eyes open!

Side note: are the same cars usually targeted over and over again? I've heard the new converters they use as replacements these days aren't as valuable as the originals...

  • Whether you get it stolen again, I believe depends on what kind of replacement you get. If you got an "after-market" converter it is cheaper and contains much less of the precious materials the thieves are after. If you got an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) converter, it's got about the...

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    Whether you get it stolen again, I believe depends on what kind of replacement you get. If you got an "after-market" converter it is cheaper and contains much less of the precious materials the thieves are after. If you got an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) converter, it's got about the same precious metals and might get ripped off again.
    I had my converter stolen and since it was an old car, got a cheaper after market converter. They supposedly perform about as well as OEM. Hopefully the thieves can easily tell the difference!

  • Sighryn Roscoe resident

    I got hit 3 times in 12 weeks. They will come back. Two pieces of advice: cat clamp and vibration sensor alarm. I have both because given enough time they can still take your converter. You can also do the after market converters.

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Iron gate repair needed

Looking for referrals for a company to repair our frint gate. The cold has gottwn the best of it again, so need a solid reco please.

  • Oh, that's great. You work fast if you had him out already :)

  • thanks. it is helpful to see, when you post looking for recs, who you end up using and if you like them too.

Oct 10

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Looking to Nanny Share

Hi guys!

We're looking at the possibility of a nanny share starting in March 2015, we live in Logan Square--we are looking for Monday through Thursday. We don't have a nanny yet, we want to find the right couple/couples to share then go for it! We're a really easy going couple, I'm from Spain and my wife is from Oklahoma so you won't find a friendlier pair! :D

Let me know if anyone is interested!

  • Hi Guzman! I'm from Castellon--where is he from--and more importantly, what team does he support lol

  • Hola Cristian, Yo soy de Madrid y vivo en West Bucktown con mi marido, que es de Michigan y mi nene de 4 meses. Habéis encontrado ya nanny? Porque quizá estaríamos también interesados. Gracias

2 days ago

Updated 22 hours ago

Knife sharpening

Does anyone know of someone in the neighborhood that does knife sharpening? My knives are embarrassingly dull.

  • Northwest cutlery.
    $3.50 per knife.

  • Veronika Fashion Designer,Gallery Owner,Web Designer, Muse

    Great post and just in time. We are going to give Matador a try. Thanks so much for the info.

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2 Bedroom Apartment Available 4/1 in Logan Square

Please email me if interested.

  • Canyon Humboldt Park

    Nice ad

  • it's not only an unwelcome ad, it's not even a god one.

    take it to craigslist where it belongs - and when you do, include some actual details about the apartment... you know, the price, square footage, etc. and some pictures.

    good luck over there.

  • *good .... typing is hard.

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Lost keys

Hey neighbors! My roommate lost her keys (in the snow? In a puddle? Help!) somewhere between her car parked at Kimball and Milwaukee and the Logan theater. They are Honda keys with at least three other misc. house keys. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Katie McD Logan Square Lady

    I picked up a set of keys on Monday in front of Cafe de Leche next to the Logan Theater. I brought them to the cafe counter and had them hold the set. It was a car key and some other keys but I think the car may have been a Mercury. Worth a shot, though. Good luck!

3 days ago

Updated 26 hours ago

Basement post replacement

Hi, I think there was a posting similar to this recently but I couldn't find it... One of the support posts in our basement is an old wood one and I am questioning some cracks. Would like to have someone come out to take a look and see if it needs to be replaced/provide estimate for new post. Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks!

  • Jamie C In Logan Sq. since 2004

    Hi @chitechie,

    If Margv isn't interested in the post I would be interested.



  • margv Margaret

    Thanks @chitechie, appreciate your offer but this is one project I don't think I am going to tackle on my own

27 hours ago

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looking for an Apartment

I have a friend who is looking for an apartment for her and her daughter. She is trying to find a 2 bedroom for $800 I know sounds unrealistic but humor me anyway. Thanks:)

  • Jen Baron JBaron

    I advise you have them look in Old Irving Park. They may get lucky and find a good apartment close to that price. I'd advise they drive the area, specifically in the coordinates of Irving Park north to Montrose, and Pulaski west to Keeler. Keystone ave, Kedvale, and Keeler have a lot of apartment buildings and or older condos that put up for rent signs, as well as Cullom ave and Berteau. Good luck!

Nov 04

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Dog Walkers

I'm looking for a dog walker. I have heard good things about Urban Tailz, but am hoping to get a few more recommendations for comparison. Please let me know any thoughts when you can!

Feb 03

Updated 43 hours ago

The Brown Sack Re-Opening

Anybody know when the Brown Sack plans to re-open? I know it'll be under new ownership and won't be the "original" place, but I really miss having a tasty restaurant within walking distance!

  • Brown Sack isn't reopening. There will be a different bar and food place opening there in a few months.

  • Yes I know it's a going to be a new restaurant, haha, maybe I should have phrased it (more?) specifically than I did

  • Katie Pratt Knox Logan Square new mom

    I've been waiting for it to open! I live right next door and have watched the SLOW progress on the place. Hopefully they'll at least open by spring time.

44 hours ago

World-class Montessori Preschool Coming Soon to Lincoln Square

Montessori Gifted Prep places a special emphasis on critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and creativity. Montessori Gifted Prep preschool provides a caring, comprehensive, high-quality Montessori education to children ages 2 - 6 years old. Numerous unique services offered including extended hours of operation (6am - 8pm), personalized education, and ability to monitor your child during the day via internet. Onsite extracurricular activities include music lessons taught by Old Town School of Folk Music, French and Mandarin taught by Language Stars, and interactive science laboratory experiments taught by Mad Science. Come learn more at our informational session on March 28, 2015 at 10 am. We are located at 4754 N Leavitt St, Chicago, IL

RSVP at www.montessorigiftedprep.org

Feb 03

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Development around Kedzie/Armitage?

Does anyone know what's happening in the building across from Scofflaw (MuveMusic building) on the NW corner of Kedzie and Armitage? My boyfriend received a hint from someone at Scofflaw that "something good" was coming, but no more details were offered. I also wondered if anyone had heard any plans about anything coming into the other vacant buildings on the north side of Armitage in that general area (for example, there are a few vacant storefronts between the cleaners and Walgreens, east of Kedzie)?

2 days ago

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Black cat

a beautiful black long haired cat by 2319 n webster for a few days now- who is missing him/her?

  • Wendi on Maud Interested in local news

    If you can grab the cat, you can take it to Tree House Humane Society. PM me if you'd like to know more.

Feb 26

Updated 47 hours ago

The snowy boulevards sure look beautiful...

So please, don't taint it - pick up your dog sh*t.

  • Seriously, people, no excuses! I almost never catch people not cleaning up, but when I do, there will be some serious shaming. And possibly a "gift" left on their doorstep.

  • Yeah I rarely catch them but I did and had I not had somewhere to be, I would have waited her out longer by staring at her and asking when she'd pick it up. I asked her and she stared at me acting as if she didn't know what I...

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    Yeah I rarely catch them but I did and had I not had somewhere to be, I would have waited her out longer by staring at her and asking when she'd pick it up. I asked her and she stared at me acting as if she didn't know what I was saying. Then looking at her phone. It was the most blatantly disrespectful and unneighborly thing I have witnessed to date. If i knew where she lived it would be on her door step. And even better if i was out with my dog I would have given her a bag. But I wasn't. People are disgusting.

47 hours ago

New preschool and daycare!

Hello Everybody,

We hope you are having a wonderful evening!

The Nurture Nook Infant and Toddler daycare and preschool, is located in the Bucktown neighborhood at the corner of Armitage and Leavitt. We feature small classrooms for individualized attention from 7am to 6pm, five days a week. Our teachers are warm and supportive to promote positive development. We would love for your family to come in for a tour, and see all that we have to offer!
Also, please like our facebook page to get the latest news.
Thank you for your support☺


2 days ago

Two guys need a sublet for 2 - 6 months.

I'm trying to help two friends find an apartment to sublet for 2 - 6 months. Prefer 2 bedroom, but may settle for a one bedroom if need be. Looking at $1200 a month max. Does anyone have any ideas? They are open to anywhere on the north and northwest sides.

4 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

Buyer looking for 3/4 Bedroom home in Bucktown.

Newer construction or complete renovation preferred.

  • Deb Karp Humboldt Park

    I have several options that I can share with you. Feel free to give me a call anytime. 312-699-5277. :)

  • Michael Bucktown Resident

    This "Airborn" fellow has posted very similar ads in Lakeview (looking for house in Lakeview) and Lincoln Park (looking for house in Lincoln Park) sections of EB too. Not sure what his or her agenda is, but surely finding a realtor in Chicago shouldn't be a problem.

3 days ago

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Honda Fit Tires Stolen on Belden

Hello All, just a warning... I had ALL of my tires and rims stolen off of my Honda Fit early Sunday morning. It had to have happened after 1am. It happened near 2828 W Belden. I didn't have locking nuts but from what I have been reading it doesn't sound like they would have helped. Keep an eye on your cars folks! I cannot believe this happened 2 block away from the police department. They're doing a great job of patrolling the neighborhood... Not! I am super paranoid that this will happen again. Has this happened to anyone and were you targeted multiple times?

  • Living in the city it would be something to consider when buying a new car... My dad had a car that was known to be targeted for stealing radios. The third time his radio got stolen he gave up. I second the blinking light thing. It sounds silly but it seems to have stopped break ins on my car (one window and one catalytic converter)

  • Sorry that happened to you! The dealer warned me about this when I bought my Fit. The cars are easy targets because they're so light. I park in a garage, so I haven't bothered with the wheel locks yet, but I will probably get them the next time I bring my car in for maintenance.

2 days ago

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Whatever it is, it's coming to the Western Blue Line. Obviously they have coffee and snacks of some variety. Other than that, all I can gather is that they have sandwiches. It's a London-based company and so far has very little web presence in the U.S. Their UK website really doesn't have much info, either.

I have so many convenience-food related questions!

  • Fuarain CTA rider, walker, animal person

    Grab-A-Bite is going INSIDE the Western station, in the thing where the little Dunkin Donuts used to be. No idea when it's opening or how/what the food is.

    As for rents - probably very high and wrapped in city red tape. Though when the guy who had the franchise for the Dunkin closed it to try and operate as an independent, he was selling those cellophane-wrapped pastries that were really not very appetizing, so I can understand what he didn't make enough to pay the rent.

  • My dream of a mini Bang Bang in that spot has come to an end. Found a bit more info here on the London company and CTA rental pricing: http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/7/71/148291/london-based-sandwich-shops-coming-to-4-cta-stations

Dec 11

Updated 2 days ago

Brown Sack?

Just wondering if anyone has heard any updates on the Brown Sack location. Wasn't it bought and to be reopened under different management? Is that still happening? Will it be the same name? I've been craving a good sandwich!

  • KJ

    Considering how often The Brown Sack was open in the end, it's almost like nothing changed. :-)

  • Peter W. CAPS Member 1413 Beat

    Okay, it is now March and it doesn't look like much has happened at the old Brown Sack location. Does anyone know what might be expected here? The news reports indicated a new eatery was going open early in 2015.

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Piano Tuner?

Anybody have a lead on a reasonable piano tuner in or near Avondale/Logan Square?

  • Renshaw Music, not Logan Square but will come here. Reasonable and reliable- we have been using them for over 7 years. 708-488-8901, email: pianotuner1721@gmail.com

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    Whatever you do, do not call Ludvig Opporknockity to tune it! Here's why ...

    Admittedly, Mr. Opporknockity is a good piano tuner. One day he was called to tune the piano of a notoriously fussy client.

    “Please, Mr. Opporknockity, come and tune my piano,” the client pleaded. “You’re the only...

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    Whatever you do, do not call Ludvig Opporknockity to tune it! Here's why ...

    Admittedly, Mr. Opporknockity is a good piano tuner. One day he was called to tune the piano of a notoriously fussy client.

    “Please, Mr. Opporknockity, come and tune my piano,” the client pleaded. “You’re the only tuner in all Chicago who can tune it right.”

    Mr. Opporknockity had heard how difficult this client was to please, but he agreed to try.

    Well, he tuned her piano ever so carefully, and satisfied that it was prefect, went home. But the next day, just as he feared, the woman called. “I’m sorry,” she said, “but my piano simply isn’t tuned well yet. You’ll have to come back and try again.”

    Mr. Opporknockity sighed and said “I’m sorry too, ma’am, but I cannot return.”

    “Why not?” the woman huffed.

    “Because, don't you know? Opporknockity only tunes once!”

3 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

Daycare recommendations please!

Hey! I'm currently looking for daycare for my 2 month old little boy. We are hoping for end of the month but I know that's cutting it close. Can anyone recommend anything in Logan Square or more south? My husband and I work in River North so anything on the way or even close by north of Ls would be great. Open to in-home or facility. Thanks in advance!!!

  • Before my friend moved to Edison Park she took her kids to Willow Tree (around Western/Augusta). I heard nothing but good things about it.

  • Our son is almost two and at Le Petit Amis Avondale. They have another location in logan square. Great space, activities, and loving attentive caregivers. Montessori based too!

Feb 12

Updated 2 days ago

What do YOU pay for Comcast???

I've had it with Comcast, just like so many others... In less than a year, my internet fee went from $77 (which I thought was absurdly high!), to $83, to $95 this month!!! My co-worker told me yesterday she pays $30, and every time that "promotional" rate expires, she complains and they give it back to her... So, I'm thinking that's some pretty significant range! So, what do YOU pay??? I'm wonder just how wide this range is...

  • I am the furthest thing from being an electronic geek but I do try to keep up with the times since I have an 8 year old son. He keeps me enlightened with the latest technology. As long as I can view my shows I am ecstatic!!!!! Keep sporting on~!!!!

  • I pay $130, $95 sounds real nice.

3 days ago

EFIS/Drivit specialist

Anyone have a recommendation for specialist/repair person for EFIS Drivit siding on a house? Thanks, much appreciated!!

3 days ago

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3100 Block of Belden and Lyndale

Hello -
I am interested in connecting with neighbors in this area to become more cooperative. It's been really difficult the last 3 years to drive down the alley, because people don't clean their area and many that do, place all of the snow in the middle of the alley. Would love to form an understanding so our entire alley is clean, like other cooperative blocks. Would also like to connect for more block parties and community-based partnerships.

  • Sigh but there are condos there as well it really makes me angry because people are so inconsiderate

  • Hi Aimee. As one who lives in the 3100 block of Lyndale, I've got to agree. It's tough. During that storm a few weeks back, I worked with quite a few neighbors to clear the way behind the buildings. We do actually have done decent neighbors

    There was an incident...

    Read full comment…

    Hi Aimee. As one who lives in the 3100 block of Lyndale, I've got to agree. It's tough. During that storm a few weeks back, I worked with quite a few neighbors to clear the way behind the buildings. We do actually have done decent neighbors

    There was an incident where a building owner along Kedzie between our two streets had hired a plow company to clear their parking area. The truck left a 4' talk pile in the middle of the alley. I along with several other fuming neighbors, contacted residents of the building to have the owner rectify the situation. Within a few hours the plow was back and cleared the way.

    There are quite a few renters in the area, but there are also some owners too. Two of the buildings at intersection of the alley in question are owner occupied. One on Lyndale at the corner and the one with the lovely garden out back.

    I'd potentially be interested in something centered around it little area.

5 days ago

Updated 3 days ago

Mayoral Runoff

Gov. Rauner says he will not be making an endorsement. W. Wilson says on election day he will be meeting with Garcia and expects to endorse him. Gov. Rauner meets with Wilson and asks him to endorse Rahm. Wilson says he is not sure who he will endorse. Hmmmm....what could be afoot?

Feb 24

Updated 3 days ago

  • The EXIF data shows the background image is copyright Mario Habenbacher, an Austrian multimedia designer.
    Doubtful the websites author has rights to it.
    That should tell you something about the personality behind it alone.
    Thats as far as I go though. My job is to protect sites, not attack them.

  • thinking about it more, I dont know how an anonymous site can get permission to use an image. Copyright requires being able to verify source.
    Looks like this guy claiming Rahm is stealing credit for things is stealing credit himself

3 days ago

Aldi Development Presentation

The Bucktown Community Organization is hosting a meeting this week hearing proposals on zoning changes for 2339-59 North Seeley & 2332-34 North Elston in Bucktown.
And a presentation of the ALDI project.

Thought those of us in Logan Square who shop there, or are interested in development, might like to attend. I'm assuming the meeting is open to those who would like to hear about the ALDI project. Wed. 7-8pm. Bucktown Library.


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