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Found Keys

I found a set of keys on the sidewalk at the corner of Armitage and Richmond. Shoot me a message if you think they're yours.

  • A Albany ......................

    My mom lost her keys this afternoon and we were parked at arm and Richmond. Keys had house and car keys on them. Call or text me 314-368-3798 if they are a match

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Ticket for expired registration - can I contest?

Thanks to the diligent parking enforcement, I received a ticket for Expired Plates or Temporary Registration (Code 0976160F). While I am guilty of not affixing the sticker, I had purchased and received the sticker a few days before the expiration month. My question is that if showing evidence of renewed registration although not on display is grounds for waiver of the $60.00 ticket. Trying to get some input before I contest via mail. Any advice or past experiences will be appreciated!

  • I have had this exact same experience 2 or 3 times and each time had the ticket dismissed. The key is don't do it by mail but go in person. I believe traffic court is on Chicago avenue and doesn't take long at all--less than 30 minutes in and out....

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    I have had this exact same experience 2 or 3 times and each time had the ticket dismissed. The key is don't do it by mail but go in person. I believe traffic court is on Chicago avenue and doesn't take long at all--less than 30 minutes in and out. Just show the receipt proving you purchased the sticker prior to expiration. I don't think they even asked for a reason why it wasn't displayed on time.
    It's been a few years and could be they've cracked down more due to needing revenue but I'd say the odds are in your favor and at least worth a shot if you can afford an hour out of your day (commute time plus time in court).

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#73 bus schedule

Does anyone know the best way to advocate for an extension of the #73 Armitage bus schedule? Right now it stops before 7:30 on weekends, which no longer matches community need, especially once the trail opens. I'd appreciate any guidance. Thanks!

  • Thanks for doing this. However, I have never heard of the CTA, having eliminated a bus route years ago on Elston and Clybourn, of ever reinstating one. Even though Business conditions have changed for the positive on these streets the last ten years and I think it would be helpful...

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    Thanks for doing this. However, I have never heard of the CTA, having eliminated a bus route years ago on Elston and Clybourn, of ever reinstating one. Even though Business conditions have changed for the positive on these streets the last ten years and I think it would be helpful to businesses on these streets to have bus service. At least the CTA should try it, and if it does not work, they could eliminate it again. As for going through your alderman, many alderman were against cancelling the Lincoln Avenue bus but it happened anyway. I think the CTA makes up it's mind, holds public hearing because it has to, and then does what it wants to anyway. For reasons unknown, why do they keep the #37 Sedgwick bus going? I have lived on the Northside for years and never used it. Those buses could be put to work on Clybourn and Elston Avenues.

  • Maybe you can use the 35/31 as an example. Last year, I believe, it was extended to the beachside for the summer months. Perhaps you can speak to the alderman in that ward for ideas and feedback. I do see the 73 detours to hit major sites nearby such as a high school, the Metra and the History Museum, so it does already try to accommodate usage off the main street.

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Logan Square is Finally Getting a Dog Park!

The Chicago Park District has received an acceptable bid to construct the Logan Square Dog Park and work is scheduled begin in May, if all goes as planned. The park is located here: http://bit.ly/1NDqO0L You can read more about it in today's edition of Our Urban Times: http://bit.ly/19wSIMS Follow the progress on our Facebook page, too! www.facebook.com/LoganSquareDogPark

Kim Pool
Logan Square Dog Park Committee

  • meanboss: The dog park is on throw away land. LS land is very expensive. He happy there's not a condo sitting on that site.

  • Dan

    great news!!

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Scooter hit and run at Kedzie and Wrightwood

`My husband was pushed off the road at the roundabout by a driver, who fled the scene- did anyone see this? His scooter is cracked up and he is really ripped up.

  • Hkaur new neighbor

    So sorry to hear that. I am sure someone must have witnessed it since that is such a busy street. Hopefully they come out and share the needed info.

  • Canyon Humboldt Park

    I hope he is ok. They need to be brought to justice; hopefully someone saw it and has the plates.

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The 13 Best Ways To Feel Like A Kid Again In Chicago

Toy de Jour is located at 2064 N. Western Ave.

Logan Arcade is located at 2410 W. Fullerton Ave.

This article has 9 other Chicago locations (Show)

Whirlyball is located at 1825 W. Webster Ave.

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is located at 2430 N. Cannon Dr.

Old Town School of Folk Music has two locations: 4544 N. Lincoln Ave. and 909 W. Armitage Ave.

Old Town School of Folk Music has two locations: 4544 N. Lincoln Ave. and 909 W. Armitage Ave.

Happy Village is located at 1059 N. Wolcott Ave.

The Adler Planetarium is located at 1300 S Lake Shore Drive.

The Shedd Aquarium is located at 1200 S Lake Shore Dr.

The Chopping Block is located at 4747 N Lincoln Ave and Suite 107 at the Merchandise Mart.

Emporium Arcade is located at 1366 N Milwaukee Ave.

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Blood @ Kimball and Belden?

Walked out of my apartment today and saw a puddle of soapy water on the NW corner of Kimball and Belden. There were also bloody cloths on the sidewalk, so I was assuming the soap was from cleaning up after a crime. Anyone know what happened?

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Coyotes in Humboldt Park PARK

As I walked my dog (on leash and picking up after her) in the Park today, a city worker was driving around stopping to tell any dog owner he saw that they had spotted coyotes in Humboldt Park Park. It sounded as if they had been aggressive towards dogs but I don't have any facts...but I thought 'terrific' the city would send someone to do so.

  • According to this article, coyotes have established themselves in all parts of the city, including downtown, and are helping to reduce the Canadian geese population. It is estimated that there are 2000 coyotes living in the city. And they're smart, they have even learned to wait for a green light before crossing the street - something that some humans don't ;) .


  • Last year I saw a coyote early in the morning while walking my dog on Logan Blvd. near Rockwell. He darted across the street and stopped in the center grassy area, looked around and darted north.

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Concrete steps?

Hi all! The concrete stairs leading up to my front door are cracked and pieces have fallen off. I don't want to rip down the whole thing, but I do need someone to fix them. Does anyone know of a good person and/or company that does this kind of work? Thank you in advance!

6 hours ago

Grand Opening Soon!

Hello Neighbors,

My name is Angel and I am co-founder of Fridasofia Catering.
We specialize in Ready-to-Serve Fabulous Party Trays!
Please visit our new website www.fridasofia.com to learn more about our new business servicing Logan Square.
Let’s have a Fabulous Party!!
FridaSofia Catering

7 hours ago

Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Mixer

Come mingle, nosh and network @Free Range Office for the quarterly Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber Mixer on April 8th from 6:00-8:00pm. Wind down after work with fellow Chambers members and neighborhood residents while enjoying some complimentary sparkling sake from Social Enjoyments, beer from Atlas Brewing Company, wine, and appetizers!

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Parking on Damen in WP/BT

Can I get a yellow bib to allow me to park for free?

  • saying they can't be going back to pay for parking every two hours kind of is taking a position. Inconvenient maybe but can't?

  • Bger East Village neighbor

    so you're in the middle of excavating or laying asphalt--you're going to have workers stop what they're doing to feed a meter? Not practical. So that's as far as my taking a position goes. Again if you think it's an issue talk to the alderman. Perhaps they can arrange a paid parking pass system. But paying a meter every 2 hours for several cars that don't all arrive at exactly the same time is not practical.

7 hours ago

2 questions: (1) MK Builders.... any comments? (2) How about the 1900 block of N. Lawndale... safe?

Looking at new homes for sale... anyone have any experience with MK Builders? Looking at one at 1933 N Lawndale. I live in West Town, not totally familiar with the neighborhood.

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Schubert Ave. Residents - BOLO

This isn't the first time I've noticed that Schubert, from 2800-3200 is a hotbed of robberies and assaults, armed and otherwise. These 2 recent cases are a small sampling of what's been going on there over the past year.

What's going on? Where's CPD?

Robbery: Armed: handgun
3000 block W. Schubert Ave. • Mar 22 @ 12:25 AM

Robbery: Armed: handgun
2900 block W. Schubert Ave. • Mar 22 @ 12:42 AM

  • Liz

    It seems to me that it's the same person/s. They need to put some undercover cops on foot for a few nights in a row. It's getting ridiculous.

11 hours ago

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Rat Season!

As it (thankfully) begins to get warmer in our fair city and shoveling/Dibs wars taper off, tulips start peeking out from underneath the last tiny mountains of snow, and business owners start cleaning off their patio furniture, we're onto the next great problem: rat season! Hooray!

So, rats are obviously a problem in Chicago. I'm not sure how this differs from neighborhood to neighborhood, but our block has had it pretty bad for the past few years (we live on...

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As it (thankfully) begins to get warmer in our fair city and shoveling/Dibs wars taper off, tulips start peeking out from underneath the last tiny mountains of snow, and business owners start cleaning off their patio furniture, we're onto the next great problem: rat season! Hooray!

So, rats are obviously a problem in Chicago. I'm not sure how this differs from neighborhood to neighborhood, but our block has had it pretty bad for the past few years (we live on the east side of Holstein Park). I live in a two-flat, and my downstairs neighbor wants to put poison (packets and loose pellets) down in our backyard. We have two dogs, and while I am also horrified at the thought of rats taking up residence (literally) in our own backyard, I don't feel comfortable with a life-threatening substance being scattered around our yard. Besides the obvious ecological/wildlife threat, it poses an immediate threat to our pets and isn't a true solution to the problem. (I should mention that this neighbor is great and does a ton of handy-work for our landlord; we just don't see eye-to-eye on this issue).

Neighbors: any thoughts? Does anyone know how the City of Chicago is dealing with this? There's a place to call 3-1-1 on the website, but I'm not sure what their course of action would be, so I'm hesitant to report it. How have you guys dealt with this, if at all? I also plan to plant a veggie garden this summer, and I have no idea how to keep it from becoming a rat hotel. Help!

  • Milli 3 year Logan Square resident

    My neighbor three doors down has a feral cat colony and I have NEVER seen a rat on my block. My little heroes...

  • Try traps instead of poison. I know, it's gross to clean up a dead rat in a trap, but poison leads to a painful death. Often times the rat or mouse will eat the poison, crawl into your attic/walls/garage and die there, creating a smelly mess you'll never find. The Chicago Nature Museum and other conservatories favor traps over poison because of this. Good Luck!

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Filming near drake and lyndale

Looks like Chicago fire? I drove by yesterday and the house was burned out..

  • Chandler Logan Square Resident

    Chicago Fire... yes . As far as I know, it was just for today . Intersection of Drake and Belden closed all day .

  • Peter W. 18 yr Logan Sq Resident

    The apartment building was rigged to look like it was burning. It is not actually burned out.

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Fioretti Joins The 1%

After much consternation, soul searching and running out of change in his sofa's Fioretti decides what is best for him(city) and endorsed the New and Improved Rahm. Fioretti tells you why in this podcast.
For those who a little foggy on Fioretti's past view on Rahm, The Reader can help refresh our memory.

19 hours ago

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Brewery/restaurant at Kimball/Diversey/Milwaukee

On our way to the Gap outlet, we noticed some permits up next door for a brewery and restaurant but haven't been able to find anything as to what brewery this is going to be... anyone know or have read anything?

  • Kimberly P. 6-year Logan Square resident

    The article says the brewpub won't serve food but the permit on the door says brewery and restaurant. Any news on what the restaurant will be?

  • Fuarain CTA rider, walker, animal person

    as a hungry drunk I really hope they do serve food. I like snacks with my beer!

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Anyone else hear all the commotion today?


Heard sirens for most of early afternoon, sounded serious for how long they were going by.

Does anyone know what the story is?

  • It was a domestic issue. The neighbors don't need yo be worried for their safety related to this unfortunate incident.

  • That's a relief but still horrible to hear. Thanks for the reply.

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Lost Keys

Hi neighbors,
I dropped my keys this afternoon while I was out walking my dogs. While I re-walked the path several times, I cannot find them! If you notice a set of keys (should include apartment, bike lock, and a really obnoxious pink key charm from Claire's).

Please let me know if you see them!
Best regards,

  • Thank you. Can you tell me whereabouts, please?

  • It's by the house on the corner of St Louis and Diversey. I last saw them today hanging on the black fence near the garage.

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Roof Deck Builder Recommendations?

We moved into our townhouse last fall, and now that winter is over we want to re-build our roof deck. There's currently a small deck (100 sq. ft) in place, but we want to replace it with one that fills the maximum allowable build-able space (approx. 400 sq. ft.). Does anybody have recommendations for a roof deck builder?

  • CGF

    Green Landscape Solutions
    Freddy (Owner)

    He does hard scapes, fences, iron, and decks. Has done several large projects for me with great success. I have seen a few amazing roof decks he completed last year.

  • Rick in Kimball's farm LogSq resident for 13.14 x 10^6 minutes

    Adam from Estes builders replaced the 2 story rear porch on my 4 flat last month. He was one of the best contractors I've delt with in the past decade. He specializes in porches but does it all. Straight shooter no nonsense. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive. Estes Builders 773-251-9879. Tell him Rick from Drake sent you.

26 hours ago

29 hours ago

Parking Spot for Rent!

Corner of Spaulding and Dickens. Uncovered parking spot in a safe, well-lit lot off of the alley. Available April 1st for month-to-month, or a year-long agreement. $100/month. Message me if you're interested!

3 days ago

Updated 30 hours ago

Favorite tortilla chips?

This may sound weird, but having just moved here I need to know what are the dankest tortilla chips to be had here in Chicago. Coming from out west, the best we have are called Juanita's, made in Hood River, Oregon. Tell me the best brands.

5 days ago

Updated 31 hours ago

If you don't pick up that poop you might get flagged!

This topic has been addressed here ad nauseam, I don't think the offenders are reading Every Block- you know, pick up your dog poop! This afternoon, someone actually flagged a dog poop. I am not sure what to make of it- If you want to see this- take a look, I took a picture. (for some unknown reason, Everyblock pics are not going through)


  • CV in Logan Square Born and bred Sside, NWside transplant and love it

    Want to stop people from leaving dog poop behind? Take a photo of the offender, put it on fliers and post them all over the neighborhood. While it is an action, a flag doesn't connect the offender to the offending act. I love my neighborhood but I am sick and tired of having to tightrope down the sidewalk (and now, the curb!) to avoid dog feces. It was a nicer place to live before Logan Square got hot and started attracting lazy and inconsiderate dog owners.

  • This is great!

Mar 21

Updated 31 hours ago

Small black and tan dog with red collar seen running around Logan Square

Just saw a small black and tan dog with a red collar running around the alleys between the 2000 block of Kedzie and Humboldt. Dog was running very fast so I was unable to get very close. If this is your dog, he/she was last seen headed north on 2000 block of Humboldt Blvd on 3/21/15 at 9:15pm.

  • Tara, it was a little black dog, but I'm out a lot with my dog and I will keep an eye out with treats in my pocket for your pooch as well. I'm so sorry.

  • Thank you! We appreciate it!

Mar 25

Updated 32 hours ago

Two Towers/Max Gerber Development 2nd Community Meeting

The 2nd Community Meeting for the old Max Gerber Project (The Two Towers), at 2293 N. Milwaukee Ave, will be Monday, March 30th, at the Haas Park Fieldhouse at 6:30 p.m .

The last meeting was packed and was originally proposed to add 253 rental units in the area near the California L station - that's on top of 52 now permitted at 2340 N. California and 120 planned to open in Spring 2016 at 2211 N. Milwaukee.

2 days ago

Updated 33 hours ago

White Cat Found

I found my cat around 3 am -- scared and dirty, but ok. Thanks so much for the responses and suggestions!

35 hours ago

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Routine Traffic Stop Ended In A Police Car Chase.

Police stopped a vehicle in front of the logan square blue line, when they asked the driver to step out (Police already had his on his gun), the driver took off. He sped down Milwaukee ave and dangerously turned into the boulevard where he crashed against a parked car in front of NewWave and ended hitting a pole. They immediately handcuffed him, and gave him the medical attention he needed before they drove away.

I overheard someone say it was a stolen vehicle.

Very scary, Very real.

  • Saw all the police cars, ambulances, and the wreckage tonight and wondered what had happened but could tell from looking that it was some kind of a car chase gone awry. Thanks Stefania

  • Jerry Cargill Photographer, Teacher, Live on Milwaukee Ave.

    Was wondering what all those cops around the Square were up to last night.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    The car thief didn't have run. He could've taken his punishment like a man. Because he ran, he made things worse for himself, and the owners of the vehicle (us), he destroyed Fortunately no officer, pedestrian, or driver was killed, otherwise he would've been charged with murder.

Mar 18

Updated 37 hours ago

LOST DOG - Abby - Maltese Yorkie Mix (Shih tzu, Lhasa)

Abby is still missing since she ran away from our dog sitter last Thursday 3/12.

She is a 10lb. Sandy (Light Blonde/White) Maltese Yorkie mix that we miss dearly.

There has been a recent report of a potential sighting 3/12 at Cortland and Whipple and then a potential sighting 3/15 of her at Sawyer and Wabansia. After spending 3 days walking around calling her name and talking with everyone we have not spotted her and haven't heard of any sightings since.

Please let us know if you have any information!

Jeff & Tara

  • No we have not found Abby yet. Where did you see this? Thanks!

  • It was on the Felines & Canines rescue page on Facebook. I took a snapshot of your post and posted it on theirs hoping someone would reach out.

4 days ago

Updated 38 hours ago

Logan Square - Avondale Newspaper Ad Sales

Hello Neighbors, we are launching the 2nd edition of Logan Square - Avondale Life, which covers cultural, economic and political life in the area. For this edition, we are looking for someone for advertising sales, specifically to help us get some more local businesses to advertise. The part-time position is commission based, with a high commission rate (50% of gross revenues for new advertisers brought on), which can ad up nicely. For more details, you are welcome to e-mail (jraider2@aol.com) us anytime. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  • Jason Raider Owner & Managing Broker of Raider Realty

    Hi Katie,

    For the time being the paper is only available in print. But, if you send me an e-mail (jraider2@aol.com) I can forward you a digital copy. Thanks.

  • I would love to take a peek at it! Kdoyle715@Gmail.com

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47 hours ago

Police Chase, Crash in front of New Wave Cafe

8:45PM 03-30-2015
Just saw unmarked police cruiser wiz by me and crowd reacting. I turned around to see what the commotion was. Older Oldsmobile crashed into car and then post. Did not see driver.


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