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I have a rv for sale, it's on a campground resort. Call Vince for more info. 773 458 0123

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Mayor Emanuel tours Taft HS

Taft has undergone $18.2 million in improvements. Alderman Mary O'Connor, State Senator John Mulroe and Principal Mark Grishaber accompanied the mayor on the Aug. 26 tour. Taft senior Gladys Recalde introduced the mayor at a news conference at the school.

  • Big Oaks Big Oaks resident since 1979

    It's nice to see the mayor up here on the far northwest side. If he even dreams of a second term he needs to be seen and heard on the south side AND the north side. There are issues all over the city. It's also great that Taft H.S. is getting it's due. That building has been put on the back burner for decades.

  • Good to see Taft getting some well needed repairs. The new windows look great.

  • robin in WRP Tired and Cranky

    I knew Mr. Grishaber at Whitney (as a parent while he was assistant principal, not while he was a student); he is fantastic, and Taft is lucky to have him.

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  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    Why is another liquor stor needed? The surrounding areas have plenty .

  • This place doesn't sound very upscale to me. I'm sorry I missed the meeting.

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Internet service?

I only want internet, not a combo package (i.e.) cable/phone/internet. What is the best provider in your opinion. GO!

  • Comcast $52 just internet
    First 6 months was $29
    Very happy we have a lot of devices hooked up to the wifi and we have no problems.

  • Dan - did you go with Comcast? what are the results? I've been in Norwood Park a few months and have had a few outages with Comcast so far. Otherwise the speed is good.

    I've seen a few posts that this area tends to be spotty in general. Anyone have good experience with CLEAR?

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Languishing on the Market: Here Are 10 Homes That Have Been Listed for Over 700 Days

6513 W Raven Street

This article has 7 other Chicago locations (Show)

6612 W George Street

3940 W Wrightwood Avenue

850 W Adams Street

40 W Schiller Street

1312 N LaSalle Boulevard

5752 S Blackstone Avenue

3835 W 84th Street

  • The Trump Tower penthouse at ?? 32 Million??? Could part of the problem be that it gives a really clear view of Calument City, Whiting, and Gary?

  • Jim Mitchell 11-year Logan Square resident

    I have heard that the windows facing south and west come equipped with state-of-the-art holographic window treatments that display views of London, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

  • For $32 million I'd expect a really strong telescope for a direct view.

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Norwood Park carnival to benefit park, Taft and chamber

Carnival will be held Aug. 21 to 24 at Norwood park, 5801 N. Natoma Ave. Starts this Thursday. Class car show planned for Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Aug 20

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Aug 19

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'High-End' Liquor Store Proposed for Downtown Norwood Park

Zitella Corp. has informed the alderman's office they would like to open up a "high-end" wine and spirits shop in the newly built strip mall at 6060 N. Northwest Hwy., where there is a ban on packaged goods liquor licenses.

A meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Norwood Park fieldhouse, 5801 N. Natoma Ave., will help O'Connor gather reaction from the community about the proposal, said Nick Haak, an aide to the alderman.

The moratorium on packed goods liquor licenses has been in place between Raven Street and Neola Avenue since 2007, Haak said.

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Earlier this year, O'Connor blocked an application for a liquor license from the 7-11 convenience store at 6200 N. Sayre Ave and extended the ban on booze sales to include the area around it after community members objected.

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Preschool Recommendation

I'm interested in sending my soon to be 3 year old daughter to preschool. She currently attends in-home daycare, but she needs more of a school setting. Any suggestions?

  • Thanks to all for the great recommendations!

  • lkolton master of the house, keeper of the zoo.

    Both of my boys went to White Steeple in Norwood Park and it was a wonderful, caring experience. Thumbs way up!

Aug 15

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Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced landscaper in our area?

  • Felipe@FV Landscaping. 773.604.8036. We use him as well as my daughter and neighbor. Great guy ! Super reliable and good work .

  • Local family, good work, good price - Marcelo's Landscaping (877) 480-6702 or (773) 775-7909.

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Aug 16

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Reputable Electrician

Moved to the Norwood Park area. Need to have some electrical work done.

Aug 15

Reputable and Reasonable Landscape Company

Moved to Norwood Park in early June. Looking to have a sidewalk on the side of house that is deteriorating badly replaced with landscape pavers. Any suggestions on a reputable company would be appreciated.

Aug 15

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Aug 15

First liquor store in Downtown Norwood Park on Northwest Highway being sought

Alderman O'Connor to hold Aug. 19 meeting to discuss possibility of lifting moratorium to all ow for store.

Aug 15

  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration

    ERECT 2ND FLOOR ADDITION TO THE EXITING 1 STORY SIGNLE FAMILY RESIDENCE WITH ATTIC AND BASEMENT, AS PER DRAWINGS. **Certified Plan Corrections Project - Conditional Permit: Subject to field inspections **

    6014 N. Navarre Ave. Issued August 13, 2014 Comment

Aug 14

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Shop & Save

Anybody know when it will finally open? Can't find an update anywhere.

  • Last I had heard was early August...and that didn't happen...are they decorating the inside like the Taj Mahal or what???!!!
    It's getting really annoying and remains seriously inconvenient to not have a nearby grocery store. Happy Foods on NW Hwy is the next closest for me but their breadth of selection is sometimes lacking. And Jewel at Oakton /Milwaukee never seems to be properly staffed.
    Shop and Save...your public awaits you!!!

  • Last week the parking lot was filled with semi-trucks. Not sure if that means they are stocking shelves now or just getting fixtures in place.

Aug 13

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May 22

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Talk to me about compost bins

How much maintenance does composting require? Do animals get into it?

I hesitate because my small kids keep me with time for little else. We also have a lot of raccoons, rats, mice in the area an am concerned about attracting them (even with a covered bin).

  • My bin has a tight fitting lid, and a plastic grid on the bottom. Rats cannot get in. I got it when the Dept of Environment was subsidizing them and delivering them on a special day at Garfield Park. There is a door at the bottom where you can remove finished compost. You do not put meat or bones or dairy in there.

  • Sss

    I started a bokashi system, but still am looking for something to put it in outside to finish the decomp process. Do you happen to know the brand of your bin?

  • No, I've had it for years ... got it from the city. You can use a plastic garbage bin with a tight fitting lid, if you drill holes in the bottom. If you look at the city's website, there may still be a subsidy/reimbursement for purchase of a compost bin.

Aug 12

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