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Chicago aldermen endorse higher phone fees

I just read this article and states "With a solid majority of the 50 aldermen signed on.." I have to ask if Alderman John Arena and Alderman Cullerton are apart of the "solid majority" to add yet another "fee" on the citizens of Chicago?

I'm sorry, but I know I'm no the only person who is getting tired of being nickle-and-dimed to death from the city I used to really love.


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5:30 this morning. It was so beautiful last night that I slept with windows open. Got woken up by planes....argh!
Another day, another complaint. Too bad there isn't the option for multiple choices on the form when it asks what activity is being affected...sleep, quality of life, mealtimes, etc. By now the city should have an option for all of the above.

  • I wouldn't get too worried about home prices. Norwood Pk., Edison Pk. Jeff Pk. Edgebrook and Sauganash remain the most desirable parts of our city to live.
    I grew up in Norridge where plane noise was considerably worse and home prices have steadily risen over the years. Our neighborhoods are convenient to everything, clean and safe with good schools...just like Norridge. Those factors will override any plane noise when you go to sell your home.

  • I send multiple complaints every time. Selecting a different choice with each one. I wish I could phone in my complaints but my cell has an 870 area code and it won't let me. I've had this phone number since 1999 so I don't plan on changing it. :-(

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  • Jefferson Township - all the deadlines are based on townships.

  • I believe it like usual every time it open for Jefferson park it is encompassing Jefferson township.

    Jefferson Township is a former civil township in Cook County, Illinois, United States that existed as a separate municipality from 1850 until 1889 when it was annexed into the city of Chicago.[1] Its...

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    I believe it like usual every time it open for Jefferson park it is encompassing Jefferson township.

    Jefferson Township is a former civil township in Cook County, Illinois, United States that existed as a separate municipality from 1850 until 1889 when it was annexed into the city of Chicago.[1] Its borders were Devon Avenue on the north, Harlem Avenue on the west, Western Avenue to the east, and North Avenue to the south.[2] This region comprised most of what is now known as the Chicago's Northwest Side including the entirety of the following community areas: Jefferson Park, Avondale, Logan Square, Hermosa, Forest Glen, Dunning, Albany Park, Portage Park, Irving Park, Montclare and Belmont-Cragin.

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We have three young kittens who we took in from a litter in our back yard. We are socializing them and things seem to be going well so far. We are looking for families to adopt them.

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Was anyone listening to the police scanner last night (July 28th)?

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3 more festivals coming to Jefferson Park in August!

1. Chicago Figment Chicago - August 16-17
FIGMENT Chicago catalyzes and celebrates an abundance of creativity and passion, challenging artists and our communities to find new ways to create, share, think, and dream. http://chicago.figmentproject.org/

2. Chicago Fringe Festival - Aug. 28 - Sept 7
50 Shows, 200 performers, 5 venues, right in the heart of Jefferson Park.

3. Taste of Polonia Festival - August 29 thru September 1, 2014
Over 30 bands with live music, great Polish food and Beer, Kid's Zone, Inside Casino, & more over Labor Day weekend. http://topchicago.org/

  • evam eva s, jpna member

    If you would like to show your "community" spirit, you can be a 'host' for the performers of the Fringe Festival by allowing someone to stay with you. Pls. contact them at their website.

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Chicago aldermen endorse higher phone fees


With a solid majority of the 50 aldermen signed on — and Mayor Rahm Emanuel backing it — the measure is on track to win full council approval on Wednesday.

Jul 17

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If you're a Jeff, this is your fest!

Do you have "Jeff" in your name? Free Admission for you and a guest, (Friday, July 25th only) to Jeff Fest Arts & Music Fest. www.jefffest.org

Prove it, please bring identification.

If your name isn't "Jeff" and your looking for a great deal check out this Groupon deal http://www.groupon.com/deals/jefferson-park-chamber-of-commerce-1

  • Archie Bunker

    will a printout of my my everyblock profile suffice? Sadly my real name isn't Jefferson :/

  • Well then I think it should become a street fest! A high admission price on top of overpriced food/alcohol makes for a very expensive outing. Where does the money they make go?

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School pick ups

Hi there, looking for either a parent or sitter to pick up my son from Norwood park school in the Fall. He will be in second grade and finishes at 3.45. I finish work at four so its for an hour at day at most. It would be great also for a earlier drop off two mornings a week if possible also. Willing to pay well to the right DEPENDABLE individual. I work from home so also open to someone dropping him off to me after school. Thanks in advance everyone!!

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  • I read somewhere (can't remember where) that $1200 to $1400 a month is the projected rent which to me doesn't indicate "higher end" rather it's the going market rate for a decent 2 bedroom apartment in the Jeff Park and surrounding hoods. Throw in a balcony and the fact that it's new $1,200-$1400 it's a fairly good deal.

  • Welcome back Jake.

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Jefferson Park Sunday Market 7/27

Jefferson Park Sunday Market at our usual location at a Long & Lawrence Avenues, 9:30-1:30
Music: Steven Zane
Feature: a rep from Youth Company Chicago & a rep from American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Norridge/Harwood Heights will be out.
Also come meet out our new produce vendor, as well as several new craft vendors.
More at http://www.jeffersonparksundaymarket.com or find us on Facebook

  • KevinJee

    Watch for fingers on the scales!

  • evam eva s, jpna member

    Pls. don't let an unfortunate incident stop you from attending the Jefferson Park Sunday Market. It's wonderful just to have it in our neighborhood. If you feel you have to be extra careful, mention it to that vendor and, I am sure, he/she will be glad to make things right. Please come again.

  • Merril Jefferson Park Sunday Market manager

    And actually the vendor did discover a problem with the scale, fixed it & had a test weight handy today in an effort to cooporate and put people at ease.

Apr 13

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What a Good Idea!!!

Anybody notice the homemade doggie doo plastic bag dispensers secured to the trees around Onahan School??? Great thought!!! Anybody know how that came to be???

  • Or step on doggy doo doo on the field where they have recess. I think it's a great idea and now I have a place to put my plastic bags.

  • I've recently seen a couple piles and picked up myself around Onahan...I'd sure like to catch the perpetrators in the act!!! There are no excuses now as Chris Cullom Tenuta said.

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Jul 22

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Pizza Delivery People

Last night on 07/21/2014, a neighbor in the 5300 block of Windsor got a pizza around midnight. The entire neighborhood was treated to an impromptu Madonna concert by the delivery person. You could hear the stereo in his black SUV blasting down the entire block. When I told him that I didn't appreciate the loud music, he told me to call the F-ing cops.

He was a stocky white male with brown hair and a beard. If this is your guy pizza peeps, he's not representing your business well with the neighborhood.

  • Yeah, grammar cop. What about those obnoxious planes going over homes at midnight?

  • Umm, Noreen R...that's a different thread...maybe you should post your most recent comment there.

Jul 23

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Hot water heater install?

I need to get a new water heater, does anyone have a recommendation for someone who does good work and is reasonably (fairly) priced? Thank you!

  • Paula, Belmont Terrace 8-year resident, 36th ward (for now...)

    Chicagoland Quality Plumbing, Inc. was great to deal with. They installed a water heater, and line for our frig's ice maker, about 1-1/2 years ago. They were prompt, professional and reasonably priced. They also had great ratings on Angie's List.

  • raven58 long long time portage Parker 54 yrs. strong

    Again, I had bad luck with Patrick mechanical...I would stay away from this company

Mar 27

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Aggressive Cleaning of Chicago Streets Starts Tuesday, April 1

The Department of Streets and Sanitation launched an aggressive spring cleaning plan this week as debris remains along streets and curb lanes following the historic winter. The Department is utilizing street sweeping equipment and crews to clear winter debris and litter from streets and curbs along main thoroughfares.

To ensure curb-to-curb street cleaning, temporary parking restrictions are posted the day before sweeping is scheduled to begin on any street. Some arterial streets have permanently posted signs that specify a once-per-week period when parking is prohibited for street sweeping.

Sign up for alerts at http://sweeparound.us/

The full street sweeping schedule is available online at: http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/streets/provdrs/streets_san/svcs/street_sweeping.html

  • interesting, the difference between enema and enemy falls on one letter change.

  • Funny though, my streets weren't cleaned until May 28th. My sisters street was cleaned twice by then. I had to shovel out all the debris myself. I live on a corner lot and it took 13 bags to clean it all up. My sister's street will be cleaned 7 times this year whereas mine only 3. What's that all about?

Jun 29

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Looking for floor guys, refinish with some repairs!

Hi, all - does anyone have any recommendations for someone to refinish wood floors (living room and dining room) that are also in need of some repairs? Would love to use someone local!

    (312) 754-5376
    Highly Recommended!

  • Thanks, all; I went with a recommendation from a friend whose floors I have seen. After an expensive bid from a Park Ridge establishment, this person quoted me around a third of that price. I'll post his name and info after we see how the work is, don't want to make a recommendation until we actually have the floors done!

May 22

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Chi Town fish

Anyone been there?

  • miesterburger just a regular guy

    I have been there and the fish was fresh and the salmon was priced right and tasty.
    They have a limited retail selection right now based on demand etc. Very friendly and accommodating. Old School market guys.

  • Joel Irving & Pulaski Guy

    My wife went there yesterday for about 3 pounds of salmon and it was great -- plus it was only $9 per pound. Highly recommended!

4 days ago

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Feb 22

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Pot Holes

Be careful on Sayre between Higgins and Gregory. Potholes are very deep,infact the whole street is in need of repaving.

  • Yes, and it is not right. I am not even talking far south, am talking 15th street south. I wonder how bad far south is. Even cell phone coverage gets crappy in Austin neighborhood. Why is that?

  • who knows!

5 days ago

New boutique in Jefferson Park opens Saturday

I AM TRENDII Boutique opens this Saturday, July 26, from 10 am to 6 pm at 4760 N. Milwaukee Ave. (located just south of Lawrence). The store's ad from Nadig Newspapers is in included in this post. Please mention that you saw the ad. After you visit the store, please stop by JEFF FEST at the park, 4822 N. Long Ave.

5 days ago

Consider visiting Paschke Art Center on way to JEFF FEST on July 25 to 27

Please stop by the Ed Paschke Art Center, 5415 W. Higgins Ave. (near Milwaukee Avenue) on your way to JEFF FEST this evening. Art center is open daily until 7 p.m. (free admission). Fest starts at 6 p.m. (enter near park pool, $7 admission). And tonight only: free festival admission if "jeff" is in your name (must show i.d. to qualify, July 25 only). Cover band Shape Shifter hits stage at 8:30 tonight. Lagunitas and Lake Effect brews. Gale Street Inn and Fischman's food truck among eating options. Drum circle returns to JEFF FEST this year on Sat. and Sun. JEFF Fest program can be downloaded at:

5 days ago

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Full-time home daycare needed for 4 month old

I am looking for a local (Norwood park, Edison park, Jefferson Park) home day care for my four month old son. It would be full-time M-F and are looking to start in early to mid August. We are ideally looking for someplace that feeds the children very healthy snacks and meals, limited to no TV time, outdoor activities and lots of educational activities. Does anybody know of any openings or have recommendations of who to call?

6 days ago

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Alderman Arena at odds with Jefferson Park Advisory Council

Alderman wants council to increase its membership and has claimed that the recent council election, which resulted in an Arena aide not being elected, was not properly announced. Thousands have attended the council's free events at the park, but turnout to its meetings is low, which Friends of the Parks says is common for councils in the city. This is not the first time that the council and Arena have disagreed.

  • Maybe I'm missing something, what or who, is the Jeff Park Advisory Council pushing? Park advisory councils do not work independently, their guidelines come from the Chicago Park district. They answer to the Chicago Park District. Often community group members have political aspirations. Alderman Arena was an active member of a community group. Pamela is your point that an alderman should be involved in any group that may have someone with political aspirations? Sound like old time politics to me.

  • Mo, you can find out what the council has done and advocated for by reading DNA and Nadig articles about it. The council came up with some pretty grand plans that I am not sure the park or CPD solicited or were involved in. I don't really understand the rest of your post. I am just making observations based on the news, and then wondering about some things that don't make sense to me.

5 days ago

6 days ago

St. Constance School Presents an Exciting Scholarship Opportunity for New Students

St. Constance School invites all new families to take advantage of a special scholarship for grades K-8. We offer small class sizes that help your student grow both academically and socially. We also offer the SEPUP Science Program in Partnership with Loyola University, instruction of the Spanish language as part of our curriculum for all kids Preschool through 8th, before and after school care and much more! Please visit our website www.stconstanceschool.org or call our school office for a tour of the building at (773)283-2311.

We are now accepting applications for grades Preschool for 3 year-olds, Pre-K for 4 year-ods, full-day Kindergarten through 8th grade!

6 days ago

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Mar 12

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I am looking for a pizza that will be delivered with crisp crust and not soggy. Any recommendations? I have tried Porettas, Colleti's, Villa Rosa, Superosa, Maries, and others I am probably forgetting. So who might be your favorites, please?

  • Duane & Kenji,

    It has been a long time guys.

    Duane … just a reminder to let us know your impressions of Forno Rosso.

    Kenji … Still waiting to her back with you impressions of my pizza sauce recipe.


  • miesterburger just a regular guy

    Sano's 4469 W Lawrence Ave
    Chicago, IL 60630
    Phone number (773) 725-9482

Jul 19

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Neighbor Dilemma - Advice Please

My wife and I moved here to a gorgeous bungalow in Portage Park last year and love everything about the neighborhood except for our next door neighbors on one side of our house. They are a three generation home that is constantly smoking pot, even around small children, the smoke from which drifts into our house all the time, even when the windows are closed. They also have people coming and going constantly at all hours of the day and...

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My wife and I moved here to a gorgeous bungalow in Portage Park last year and love everything about the neighborhood except for our next door neighbors on one side of our house. They are a three generation home that is constantly smoking pot, even around small children, the smoke from which drifts into our house all the time, even when the windows are closed. They also have people coming and going constantly at all hours of the day and night and make all kinds of noise. They have 4 giant dogs, which I have no problem with (I own a couple dogs myself); what I do have a problem with is that they leave the dogs' feces to collect out in their paved backyard and it literally starts to smell almost as bad as the pot smoke that comes into our house at times. These are just a few of the many issues that we have with them.

Where I am looking for some advice is on what we can/should do about it, if anything. When I see them out smoking pot around small kids or setting off their enormous firework displays or doing other illegal things, I am tempted to call the police. However, my wife does not want me to because she does not want to start anything bad with the neighbors for fear that they may retaliate towards us in some way. I used to be in law enforcement and have no problem involving the police and, if necessary, defending myself if they do retaliate in some way for involving the police, but my wife fears for herself and our 3-year old son. I want to respect my wife's wishes, but I also don't want us stuck complaining about how much our neighbors are detracting from our quality of life.

Any advice on how to handle this would be very much appreciated.

  • Rats eat dog feces! Go on the City of Chicago website to request a service (rat baiting). The City will come out to check their property! At least the feces will be cleaned up!

  • Chris T 10 year Lincoln Square/Ravenswood resident.

    Looking into Surveillance cameras (CCTV) might make sense. These systems have gotten extremely inexpensive over the last couple of years. You can have a system installed for about the same price (If not less) as a home theater system. Not only would this help if they ever encroach on your property but it could also act as a deterrent.
    I know it is a drag to think that you may need CCTV but then again, it is 2014 and we live in the city.


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