21 hours ago

Updated 3 hours ago

Oak Street Beach searchers

Does anyone know what is being searched for in the shallow water at the north end of Oak Street Beach? There has been at least one person every day and as many as five on some days using electronic search wands.

  • I just responded to the other person on this site that asked the same question. Please see the comments.

24 hours ago

Updated 3 hours ago

What are they looking for?

Does anyone know what the five people are looking for in the shoreline waters of Oak Street Beach?
They have been there for over two hours.

  • I stopped and ask them yesterday what they were looking for. Simply put, they do it for fun. They actually just found a gold ring yesterday which had the inscription of someone's name and contact information which they will return to that person. They did also say that they found a ring from 60 years before and were able to trace it back to someone and return. How wonderful!

Nov 11

Indoor Parking Space Available

Does anyone need an indoor parking space? I have a space available to rent in the gold coast. It is available December 1 and it is a valet spot. No more street parking or driving around the block looking for a spot. The valet guys are really nice and it is a fabulous building located at 33 E. Cedar. Contact me at, Stacy Sunshinediva2011@gmail.com.....

Nov 11

Division Jewel Osco Flagship Store and Apartments at 1201-1210 N Clark St

Meeting Date for above is scheduled for Nov 18, 2014, 6:30pm-7:30pm at the Thompson Hotel, 21 East Bellevue Place, Chicago, Il 60611. Owners/developers will present to answer questions regarding the final plans and provide an update on the timelione for the city approvals and commencement of construction. Final plans are for a new Jewel grocery store and 35 story residential and addition to the existing 4-story building at the NE corner of Clark and Division. For additional information contact the 2nd Ward Office at (312) 263-9273.

May 28

Updated Nov 08

Michigan & Chestnut retail development

Does anyone know what is going into the building on the south west corner of Mich & Chestnut? The old Escada store?

They're building out that huge space now. Curious what it is.

  • O V

    I loved that iconic blue clock tower; I sure hope they aren't taking it apart permanently!

  • A worker said that it would be announced November 15th with a banner.

Apr 08

Updated Oct 24

Parking lot on State & Goethe?

Does anyone know what happened to the parking lot on the south west corner of State & Goethe? It's closed but I heard nothing & there are no signs posted.

  • How can we find out what the plans are? They can't go against the zoning laws without petitioning for it & I haven't seen anything

  • The parking lot is being seal coated and striped will reopen soon. It looks great.

Sep 30

Great Chicago Fire Festival

The Great Chicago Fire Festival is less than a week away. This Inaugural Event celebrating Chicago's Grit, Greatness and Renewal following the devastating Great Chicago Fire of 1871. This Event on Saturday will Lead with a Unique Public River Bazaar and End with a Pyrotechnic Grand Spectacle on the Main Branch of The Chicago River.

Sep 25

Jewel Redevelopment at Division & Clark?

Does anyone know the status of the proposed redevelopment of the Jewel at Division & Clark?

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