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What To Wear Wednesday

1. Our new peak-a-boo mesh sweatshirt by North and Hudson really keeps the look chic and monochromatic.

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Buyer looking for 3 bedroom home in Lincoln Park.

New or newer construction preferred. Or a complete renovation.

  • Hi, I have some single family home listings coming soon in both Lincoln Park and Bucktown. Email me and let me know more specifically what you're looking for, agreenberg@pearsonrealtygroup.com.



  • Michael Bucktown Resident

    This "Airborn" fellow has posted very similar ads in Bucktown (looking for house in Bucktown) and Lakeview (looking for house in Lakeview) sections of EB too. Not sure what his or her agenda is, but surely finding a realtor in Chicago shouldn't be a problem. EB is not the right forum for this.

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Scooter parking near CBOT


Does anyone know of cheap parking lots/ spots for a scooter near the CBOT (141 w Jackson) ?



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Feb 22

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Trees chopped down

Trees are being taken down in the Fremont and Wisconsin area. Does anyone know why? I have not yet heard back from the Alderman's office.

  • Same thing happened over on Belden. I tried calling and writing the Alderman to see if they will at least be replacing the trees. I understand the Ash disease, but it's now been over a year and it's just stumps everywhere. I have yet to hear from the Alderman.

  • Here's what I heard from the Alderman's office:
    Thank you for your email. Alderman Smith does not grant approvals or permits for tree removals, as the Bureau of Forestry is charged with inspecting trees for potential disease and removing as is deemed appropriate. That being said, we have contacted the Bureau of Forestry for an update on the tree that was removed, and will also input a request with the Bureau of Forestry for replacement of the tree this spring.

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NY Wing Factory

Does anyone know what's going on with the "coming soon" NY wing factory on Lincoln? I've seen it vacant for a year or so but then thought I saw somehow working inside the other day.

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Survivor of crash that killed 3 teens works to honor friends

The truck was traveling east into Cayuga on County Road 400 North. It hit a bump in the road near the intersection of 8th Street, went airborne briefly and swerved sharply to the right. Only Ethan was wearing a seatbelt.

Feb 15

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Boots on Cars

I've notice a drastic increase in boots on cars in the past week. Does anyone know what caused this spike? A friend of mine got one and only had 1 outstanding ticket. Please be careful and pay your tickets

  • sos

    City changed law a long time ago, it only takes one ticket to get a boot. the booters go in waves.

  • I just went to the City of Chicago website referring to the boot and it said 3 or more tickets. Where is the info regarding just one ticket? That is a shock. Thanks for the info...

  • sos

    It was ten or so years ago it was changed to one ticket, maybe it has been rolled back to three tickets.

Feb 21

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Police - Belden/Clark

Driving north on Clark I saw 3 undercover police cars parked with their lights flashing at the intersection of Belden & Clark. One looked as though it had pulled over a CTA bus. Does anyone know what happened?

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Spring Art Classes and Workshops

The listing of classes at Old Town Triangle Art Center is now posted. Visit our website for info on all of the offerings. Classes begin March 17. All skill levels are welcome. Small class sizes ensure that no one will feel left out.

Visit our website: http://www.oldtowntriangle.com/the-gallery/art-classes-workshops/
for more information or to register.

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Under Armour Is Opening Its Biggest Brand House Ever on Michigan Avenue

Stop by this veritable athlete’s playground at 10 a.m. on March 6, when the Brand House doors swing open at 600 North Michigan Avenue.


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