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  • Permit issued for new construction

    ERECT A NEW 3 STORY SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENCE WITH BASEMENT AND ERECT REAR DETACHED 3-CAR PRIVATE GARAGE AS PER PLANS. **Certified Plan Corrections Project - Conditional Permit: Subject to field inspections **

    1863 N. Howe St. Issued August 26, 2014 Comment

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Please don't tag Abe Lincoln

Hopefully those who actually tagged the Abe Lincoln statue in south Lincoln Park will read this and see that your tags on awesome works of art don't make you look good. I'm actually a huge fan of graffiti and that was really disappointing to see you guys blowing up Honest Abe's peaceful place of contemplation. The city cleaned it all off super quickly. Tag something else but leave the city's works of art alone.

  • how 'bout don't tag or graffiti anything else either. buy a canvas and create your own art.

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cops at lasalle and division the night of 8/26

Anyone know what was going on?

  • Was walking up dearborn and heard a commotion. At first thought it was bouncers just throwing someone out then seen what looked like a cop with his knee on someone. Then came the massive response, and an ambulance. They police taped off an area in front of the old snuggery. But could never get close enough to see what was actually happening. There was a guy recording video on his phone so something might pop up on youtube.

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anyone have free moving boxes?

Does anyone in the Lincoln Park or near areas have extra boxes laying around that I could have for free? I can pick them up!

  • Call Trader Joes. They get big boxes in the morning and late evening.

  • Liquor stores also have plenty to give away, though they're on the smaller side. Scouring the alleys are the best way to find large moving boxes and people pack them up quite well.

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Encased Meats Celebrated At Chicago's Sausage Fest

SausageFest kicks off at Old St. Michael’s in Old Town, 1633 Cleveland Ave., Aug. 22 through Aug. 24, celebrating Chicago’s most unique encased meats.

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  • 4 stars out of 5: Shiso on Yelp

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Cops on Larrabee/ Blackhawk 8/24

Yesterday afternoon, when I got home from the grocery store there were about 5 cop cars outside a home on Larrabee and Blackhawk. Anyone know what happened? My guess was a domestic violence call but there were so many cops that it seems unlikely that's the case. My boyfriend said a cop walked past his car and was looking under it and seemed like she was looking for something.

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Dec 19 2012

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Man pees in Jonquil Park

My husband was at Jonquil Park today around 3pm with our 10 month old son. A black male in his mid 40's entered the gated area and in front of my husband and son peed. He was wearing black pants, a black jacket, a bright orange hat and carrying two backpacks one of them camouflage. My husband just scooped up our son and got him out of there. The guy was gone then and he did not call the police. I told him he should have. Makes me sick. My son loves to crawl around the park :(

  • Bill Gordon Professional librarian, proud cat owner, iPad user

    Take a video of the guy using your phone or tablet. Email the vid to your local police station and demand action. If enough people did that sort of thing it just might help.

  • I can appreciate your suggestion, Bill Gorden.

    I would, however, propose that this is a suggestion a little less frightening to a man than a woman.

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