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Mayor Emanuel, Chicago Park District to Rehab, Build 103 Playgrounds this Year

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Park District General Superintendent Michael P. Kelly, Friends of the Park officials and community members broke ground today to build new playgrounds at Lindblom Park, Murray Park and Kucinski-Murphy Park. These three playgrounds are part of the 103 neighborhood playgrounds that will be refurbished or built across the City in 2014.

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Near West Side/United Center Park

I've lived in various Northside neighborhoods for over 10 years now and am looking to make a change. I see that there are some very affordable and NICE condos/apartments in the area between Ashland and Rockwell. And it seems like with the Pete's Fresh opening soon, ample CTA service, and the draw of the Bulls/Blackhawks, there are some roots taking hold to turn the area around and push the development west of Ashland. Any insights would be appreciated, especially if you live in the area!

  • We moved into the neighborhood about a year ago, and love it. Nice neighbors, easy parking and VERY convenient to downtown and other great neighborhoods. The only thing we had a hard time getting used to was the lack of a grocery store nearby, but that's about to change!

  • We live about a half mile east of Ashland and I wouldn't be comfortable there quite yet (small child, husband often travels) But given the direction the area has taken in just the past 2 years I think it's worth consideration.

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Integrys Energy, I'm opting out, here's why

I thought it was odd that the city opted me IN automatically for a new energy supplier, Integrys, so I did a little math to make sure the deal was right for me. Here it is:

Integrys Energy
Flat Fee: $9.06 (Since I'm in a multi-family condo building, it would be $22.36 for a single family home. This rate is subject to arbitrary monthly increases.)
Per kWh: $.05299

ComEd (no flat fee)
Supply Charge: .04604 per kWh
Transmission Service Charge:...

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I thought it was odd that the city opted me IN automatically for a new energy supplier, Integrys, so I did a little math to make sure the deal was right for me. Here it is:

Integrys Energy
Flat Fee: $9.06 (Since I'm in a multi-family condo building, it would be $22.36 for a single family home. This rate is subject to arbitrary monthly increases.)
Per kWh: $.05299

ComEd (no flat fee)
Supply Charge: .04604 per kWh
Transmission Service Charge: .00919 per kWh
Purchased Electricity Charge: .005 per kWh (this fluctuates but has never been more than .005 per kWh for me, so I'm using the highest number I have)
Total Per kWh: .06023 per kWh (This is the current price subject to market-based increases)

So say you use 500 kWh one month.
With ComEd your supply charges would be .06023 x 500 = $30.12.
With Integrys your supply charges would be .05299 x 500 = 26.495 + 9.06 = $35.56

To get the breakeven point, change the 500 to 1250 kWh and you get about the same bill from each company at current prices ($75.29 vs $75.30). I don't know about you, but I'll never use 1250 kWh in a month.

So I thought, maybe there's an environmental benefit since they claim our energy will be sourced from non-coal, such as wind and nuclear. Looking at their Environmental Disclosure (which every energy company must submit to the state), the company as a whole gets 51% of their energy from coal. ComEd only gets 44% from coal.

Links to both Environmental Disclosures:
Integrys disclosure: http://www.icc.illinois.gov/downloads/public/filing/2/12/13/20691.pdf
ComEd disclosure: https://www.comed.com/Documents/about-us/environmental-commitment/Environmental_Disclosure_Ending%202013012.pdf

So I will be calling Integrys and opting out today. You have until April 21st, contrary to what their document says. Here's Integrys Energy's number if you want to chat with them: (888) 802-2885

Do your own research to see if it's right for you, I just wanted to share my research.

  • Further proof of the monthly flat fee, just called to opt out and the CSR said their rates average out to about 8 cents a kWh and that I shouldn't opt out because they think ComEd's prices are going to spike to around 9 to 11 cents a kWh. I'm gonna roll the dice, but it's shady that they advertise 5.299 cents a kWh when their reps know that with the monthly fee it's closer to 8 cents.

  • Got it! Thanks for the info!

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We are selling our house at 2131 W Erie. Please pass this along if you know anyone interested!


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Seeking a new Vet Clinic

We live around the United Center area and just adopted a puppy. We already have a cat who has always been taken to VCA animal hospital on Chicago ave. I've never had a bad experience with them but it just seems so expensive. I'd like to start taking them both somewhere new, closer, and a little less expensive. Can anyone recommend a good vet in the west town/west loop/ east village area?

  • I have two pups in West Haven too. I take them to: http://www.villagewestvet.com/ arguably the closest. "Good" prices, good staff, no complaints. near western and chicago.

  • Sarah Ebling east village/ west town

    Mike, that's actually where I ended up taking her, to village west. I thought everyone who works there was very friendly to me and my puppy. The vet answered all my questions, and even informed us of things I didn't think to ask. The only thing I didn't like is there really isn't much parking with it being right next to the school. But I will be going back!

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What's up with the former bank at Halsted and Madison

HI..with all the buying of land and building in the west loop, I often wonder about the building on Madison and Halsted. I think it used to be the old MB bank. I just love the arched windows on the building and wonder why no one does anything with that building. I would think a nice restaurant would love the bottom floor with those windows.

Anyone ever hear of anything going on with this building?

  • atennislover: Thank you for posting the question. I know that there was talk about something going in the building long before the Mariano's complex was built but I have not heard anything since then. I agree with you that the exterior of the building begs for a restaurant or some other positive use. My fear is that restoring the building is cost prohibitive.

    Perhaps others know more. Thank you.

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Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Hosts Open House for New FertilityCare Center

Physicians and employees at Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center (PSMEMC) attended a recent open house for the new FertilityCare Center to learn more about its services, meet the staff and tour the facility. The event featured a blessing and dedication of the facility.

The facility is located at Presence Saint Elizabeth Hospital, 1431 N. Claremont Ave., Chicago, fourth floor. The center features a team of specialists, including a certified fertility care practitioner, medical consultant and other physicians. The approach is consistent with Catholic teaching. Read more: http://tinyurl.com/ljdar7r

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Yoga class for the community

Come to Xuntas starting Monday, May 5 at 6:30pm for a Hatha 1-2 yoga class!

This one-hour class moves at a medium pace and offers insight into both the internal and external experience of the practice: physical poses, breath, and meditation. You will leave class with a sense of balance and grounding.

Xuntas is a community space to gather and is located at 2258 W. Grand Ave. The class is $10 cash and BYOMat.

I hope to see you there!


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For Sale By Owner::: Ukrainian Village Brick Cottage (3 bedroom, 2 bath)

We are having a "By appointment" Open House Sunday, April 13th. For Sale By Owner::: Ukrainian Village brick cottage (3 bedroom, 2 bath) w/fantastic 2nd floor 2 room master suite. Sep sleep + sitting room + open Euro bath/sep water closet. Entry, living, dining, 2 bedrooms on 1st floor and full bath. Newly renovated kitchen w/concrete counter tops, stainless appliances, wood cabinets. Hardwood floors throughout. Back pati backyard w/wildflower planted boxes and grass areas. 2-car garage. We are asking $475k. Located on Erie two blocks west of Damen, east of Western. Please email to schedule a time to come by if you are interested or know anyone looking for a great house in Ukrainian Village! arrenj@gmail.com Please serious buyers only.

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Chicago summer 2014: Calendar of festivals and events

Randolph Street Market Festival, May 24, 25, 1350 block W. Randolph and 1340 W. Washington Street between Ada and Ogden

This article has 30 other Chicago locations (Show)

Cinco de Mayo Festival, May 2-4, 26th Street & Kostner (Little Village)

Mayfest and Polish Fest, May 3-4, Copernicus Center, 5216 W. Lawrence Ave.

Mayfest, May 16-18, Lakeview, Ashland and Barry

Festival del Taco, (NEW), May 30 - June 1, Little Village, 2600 S. Kostner (at 26th St.)

6 Corners BBQ Fest, June 14-15, 4000 N. Milwaukee Ave. (at Irving Park Rd./Cicero Ave. to Belle Plaine)

L.A.T.E. Ride, June 21, overnight ride starts at Buckingham Fountain (500 S Columbus Dr)

Gold Coast Art Festival, June 21, 22, Grant Park’s Butler Field at the corner of Monroe and Lake Shore Drive

Pride Fest, June 21, 22, Halsted and Waveland

World’s Largest Block Party, June 27,28, Old St. Patrick’s Church, 700 W. Adams

Chinatown Dragon Boat Races, June 28, Ping Tom Memorial Park, 300 E 18th Street

Chicago Summerfest (formerly Chicago Country Fest), June 28, 29, Clark Street and Armitage

Summer on Southport, July 12, 13, Southport and Waveland

Windy City RibFest: July 4-6, Uptown, Lawrence and Broadway

Taste of Lakeview, July 5, 6, Lincoln at Belmont

Irish American Heritage Festival: July 11-13, Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 N. Knox

Roscoe Village Burger Fest, July 12,13, Belmont and Damen

Taste of River North: July 18-20, River North, Kingsbury and Erie Street

Sheffield Garden Walk & Festival: July 19,-20, Lincoln Park, Sheffield and Webster

North Dearborn Street Garden Walk, July 20, starts Latin School, 45 W. North

Wicker Park Fest, July 26 – 27, Milwaukee and North

Edge Fest: August 2, 3, Edgewater, 5900 N. Broadway at Thorndale Ave.

Wrigleyville Summerfest, August 2, 3, School Street and Seminary Avenue

Taste of Latin America, August 2 – 3, 3600 to 3828 W Armitage

Northalsted Market Days, August 9, 10, Halsted Street and Belmont Avenue

Retro on Roscoe, August 9, 10, Damen Avenue and Roscoe Street

Albany Park World Fest (New) August 16 – 17, Lawrence & Kimball

Taste of Greektown, August 23 – 24, 400 S. Halsted St. at Van Buren

Chicago New Orleans Fest (NEW) August 23 – 24, Sheffield and Wellington

Crush in Old Town (previously Wells Street Fall Festival), September 13 - 14, Wells and North

Oktoberfest Chicago, September 26-28, Southport and Lincoln Avenue (a complete list  of Oktoberfest happenings will appear in a separate post in early September).

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Earth Day at Union

Sat, Apr 26, 2014 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Volunteers will help clean the park and place mulch around the trees. Cleaning products and Earth Day tools provided.

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CHIRP Record Fair

The CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights is Plumbers Hall, 1340 W. Washington St., today, with more than 50 vendors selling vinyl, tapes, CDs and other musical paraphernalia while...

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Split Faced Block Waterproofing

I am looking for some info from neighbors on a good reputable company that I can get an estimate from to have my condo building waterproofed.

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Apr 10

Construction and loomis and Monroe

It looks like there is finally some construction happening at the corner of loomis and Monroe. A couple years ago there was talk of a dog park. Anyone know what the plan is?

Apr 10

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Empty lot on Western between Huron & Erie

Anyone have info on what might be going in the recently bulldozed empty lot on Western (600 block) between Huron & Erie? Extension of Badger Murphy perhaps? Just curious.

Apr 10

  • Skinner Elementary School reviewed

    Skinner West school is awesome. I am currently in 6th grade, and I made it into Whitney Young. I have been in Skinner since 2007. I have learned a lot there, and the teachers are awesome. The more you advance through the grade levels, the more awesome the teachers get.

    Skinner Elementary School (111 South Throop Street) Published on GreatSchools April 9, 2014

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Apr 09

jensingson posted 1 photo to Flickr:

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