Aug 23

Updated 2 days ago

¿Donde las cicadas?

I've heard a few but not many. It seems there is a lot less of that cicada sound this year.
Is it the vortexing of winter...chill summer...are the cicadas yet to come?

5 days ago

Police Activity

I drove past a scene near Montrose and Broadway today around 6:30pm. There appeared to be a man laid out on the sidewalk, clearly injured. Police, detectives and ambulance onsite. Anyone know what was going on?

Aug 25

Updated 5 days ago

VIDEO: Saturday Night Mayhem in Uptown

Some raw footage posted of Saturday night's chaos after shots rang out in Clarendon Park.

Find it HERE:

  • I was wondering the same thing, Catherine. It seems, from the video, that the police just let the offenders walk away.

  • Stopping people leads to lawsuits, google New York. Gone is the old school beat cop that kept the block quiet and safe . Oh no, too mean and violent. Project high rises raised, scattered sight housing and housing vouchers in nice neighborhoods. Gangs from the south and west sides are now neighbors. Police can't fix what mom and dad should be correcting. It'll get much worse before it gets better.

May 28

Updated Aug 25

Buena Park Mural

This is a preliminary sketch for a mural coming to Buena Park Uptown.

  • Littleton Arts Uptown Chicago/Uptown/Resident/Artist

    Just a thought but every piece of art in public doesn't have to be about the community exactly. It just has to be good.

  • Hey Littleton, your mural at the Buena underpass looks much more vibrant after your recent additional work! I like it now.

Aug 22

Updated Aug 23

Earth Shaking Boom

Huge boom Friday at 11:07pm in Sheridan Park! Not a firework. Anyone else hear it?

Aug 12

Updated Aug 14

May 09

Updated Aug 12

  • Robert Rohdenburg Affordable Housing Activist for ONE Northside

    Robert Rohdenburg Affordable Housing Activist for ONE Northside

    I was just informed today that both Alderman Deborah Mell (33rd Ward) and Alderman Joseph Moore (49th Ward) have joined as co-sponsors of the Chicago For All ordinance. Thanks you Aldermen! Additional meetings with aldermen, city officials, and others are occurring over...

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    Robert Rohdenburg Affordable Housing Activist for ONE Northside

    I was just informed today that both Alderman Deborah Mell (33rd Ward) and Alderman Joseph Moore (49th Ward) have joined as co-sponsors of the Chicago For All ordinance. Thanks you Aldermen! Additional meetings with aldermen, city officials, and others are occurring over the next month. The currently planned introduction of the revised Chicago For All ordinance, with added SRO owner/buyer incentives is Wed. 9/10, at the 10am City Council Meeting. A press conference should be at around 9am.

    Here are the Chicago For All ordinance updated list of sponsoring aldermen and organizations:

    Organizational support:Members:

    ONE Northside


    Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

    Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing

    Northwest Side Housing Center

    Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law


    Albany Park Neighborhood Council

    Alliance to End Homelessness

    Business and Professional People for the Public Interest

    Housing Action IL

    Kenwood Oakland Community Organization

    Jane Addams Senior Caucus

    Logan Square Neighborhood Association

    Metropolitan Tenants Organization

    SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana

    Aldermanic Support:

    Lead Sponsors:

    Alderman Burnett

    Alderman Burns

    Alderman Dowell

    Alderman Pawar


    Alderman Arena

    Alderman Fioretti

    Alderman Mell

    Alderman Moore

    Alderman Moreno

    Alderman Smith

    Alderman Tunney

    Alderman Waguespack

    Please contact Mary Tarullo with ONE Northside at 773-769-3232 x15 with questions or to learn more about the work being done to pass this Ordinance

  • Robert Rohdenburg Affordable Housing Activist for ONE Northside

    Homelessness and SRO preservation will be among the things discussed in my article in favor of City incentives for SRO owners to be published this Sunday 8/17 in the Chicago Tribune Business Section. An opposing viewpoint will be given by another author on the same page as my article.

Aug 09

Updated Aug 11

McPherson School Campus Project

Construction on the McPherson School campus and playground will begin next week on the west side of the school. The west campus will include new walkways, landscaping, play spaces, play structures, and will be designed to improve storm water management on the campus. The east campus will include new walkways, landscaping, outdoor classroom space, a small performance space, a Little Lending Library and a variety of seating areas. The work on both sides of the school will begin in August and be completed around the end of September. If you have questions about the project or want to learn more about the school, please email

  • robin in WRP Tired and Cranky

    Hi Kim - this is great to hear! Was the funding from CPS or a 501c?

  • Thanks for your question. The project is funded through a combination of state, local TIF, Aldermanic menu funds and donations from private donors. No CPS funds are being used for this project.

  • There is also a video about the project posted on the Friends of McPherson website. Phase I, which includes the playground and play spaces on the west side and the east campus landscaping redesign, will be finished this year. We are working to secure the necessary resources to complete Phase II, which includes the turf field and new parking configuration on campus, in 2015.

    Here is the link to the video from the ground breaking ceremony:

Jul 26

Sunnyside Art Fair

The 2nd annual is coming up.

The art fair will coincide with the Sheridan Park wide yard sale so bring a granny cart and cash.

We will have about 20 vendors this year. There is room for more, if interesting in showcasing that talent if yours please contact the email at the bottom if the flyer.

Cheers and have a nice weekend,

Jeffrey Littleton

Jul 26

Argyle Night Market

I f you haven't been to the Argyle Night Market yet you are missing out.

Every Thursday 5-8 between Sheridan and Kenmore.

Jul 18

Buena Park Open Day this Sunday, July 20 from 12 to 5

Architecture and neighborhood tours, vintage cars and bikes, art, theatre, family fun, gardens, music and food trucks. Come and stroll our lovely neighborhood - or hop the trolley - at the second annual BPOD this Sunday. Main entry at Buena and Clarendon. $5 donation, kids free.

Jul 01

Updated Jul 11

Question: Should the Pride Parade be moved out of the neighborhood.

The headline is yge post. Should it be moved? Should any neighborhood have to deal with a million visitors?

  • Kathleen Pingelton Vegetarian,cat-loving Edgewater resident.

    Good grief. Are we STILL talking about this?

  • This is ridiculous. Leave the parade where it is. Moving it downtown is just gonna F up traffic LBVS. The parade is not even that long. Ppl love it & have a good time. The area is no stranger to noise. There are bars everywhere & not to mention the cubs game days. Just deal with it for the day & move on.

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