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Radius of a No Loitering sign..

I need to put up a No Loitering sign on my fence. Does anyone have any experience they can share? Can they just cross the street and be cleared from the sign violation? I've asked these guy's to find another place to sit around and now since they have absolutely nothing better to do. .. they actually PURPOSELY make it a point be there when I get home from work to taunt me and my family...has anyone ever had success getting their loiter's arrested?

  • Taj's page are envirnoment dose not define who we are.

    The answer to your question is yes they can just cross the street and hang out there.
    Should the police come and bother them they (the low life's) will say that the police is harassing them and can file charges against the police for police harassment. Unfortunately, they (low life's) know the do's and don't pertaining to the law/police.

  • Don Shefarts Longtime resident, homeowner & Business Owner

    Thanks taj's, I do appreciate the answer, but can anyone second it? Are there any law enforcement personnel on this site who can confirm that all the loitering scumbags needs to do is cross the street 20ft and continue watching my family eat breakfast, dinner, and our lights go out when we to bed at night... ? There has to be some kind of protection?

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street light

Does anyone have a link or email for reporting a street light out. The only thing I found was to call 311. My phone doesn't allow that call to be made. I would like to report it because that corner is known to have gang activity. TIA :)

  • hkl Belmont-Cragin homeowner

    I second seeclickfix. I got the app and reported graffiti on a garage across the street from me... It was removed in less than 24 hours. I was AMAZED!

  • Lugo 30+years Logan-Hermosa

    If u email me I'll call for u

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Backpack giveaway Saturday

Organizers of the event, held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Truth & Deliverance International Ministries at 3 S. Laramie, hope to build excitement about the new school year and encourage everyone to stay safe.

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is this your cat?

this sweet little kitty has been on our porch all day yesterday and today, male, un neutered, and no collar. he is extremely friendly and really wants inside but my husband is allergic. we are right by nixon elementary school, around armitage and dickens.

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Anti-violence vigil set for Friday

Congressman Danny K. Davis and dozens of West Side groups and churches are sponsoring the 6:30 p.m. event at the Garfield Park Band Shell.

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New community garden coming to Austin

Youth Outreach Services will unveil the new space from 12 to 2 p.m. Saturday at 5910 W. Division St.

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Peace festival Saturday

From 12 to 6 p.m., join others at Bethel Lutheran Church, 130 N. Keeler Ave.

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Need help getting rid of stray cats in my garden for free

Just purchased my home in the neighborhood to find out the bottom of our stairs gets lots of stray cats. Neighbor has a dog buts its not keeping them away. Im finding cat poop all over my grass sidewalk and pieces of food (chicken bones) in the morning. Suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Leonardo Giron one improvement at a time..

    Just have your neighbor dog mark the area once a week or so, or get a dog. Some cats are tough and will defy the scent. Maybe enclose underneath area of the stairs..

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Lost Dog, Please help

Female Yorkshire terrier mix, 7 years old, 8lbs, blonde and is microchipped
Last seen at Avers and Palmer

  • JM

    Please call 312.662.9208 with any information

  • Ashley Broughton logan square

    I know the feeling i hope you find your dog ill definitly keep the lookout

  • Praying you find your dog. List her on Lost Dogs Illinois they get great results and make sure to notify all Vets in the neighborhood in case someone drops her off.

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Back-to-school fun fest Saturday

The 4th annual event will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Loretto Hospital.

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Art camp helps Austin residents deal with loss

The 10-year-old program offered at Roosevelt University's Auditorium Theatre has helped 900 children.

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Home Alarm System

We have had an alarm system hard wired in since we moved into our home 8 years ago.We recently began having problems with it and have been advised it is due to the UVerse system we now have. We are trying to decide whether to go with a wireless alarm system or change over the wiring to accommodate UVerse . Has anyone else gone through this and what did you decide? We are leaning towards wireless as it seems that technology changes so fast that it might be the best but I worry about other snags with a wireless system.

  • Synetra Jenkins I'm a concerned citizen on the westside of chicago

    I have the adt in my home. The thing is you have to do what you think & feel is best for the safety of your family. Just trust in the man above he will help you make the right decision. I wish you the best.


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