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Many sirens at Granville and Sheridan

Anyone know what's going on? Sheridan is closed northbound; 147 bus rerouted.

  • Thank you all for keeping us informed with our community happenings? Have a blessed day all, be safe.

  • Teri Cassidy edgewater beach resident

    I live in the building and I posted on this site as the fire was happening. My post never appeared. The fire was on 23rd floor. It started on a pile of clothing. It was put out quickly.

4 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

Man hit by car

Please be cautious when crossing the streets. We just witnessed an elderly man pushing his grocery cart get hit by a car attempting to beat the red light at Balmoral & Broadway.

5 days ago

Updated 3 days ago

Notary public

Hi, all. I'm looking for a notary public who can notarize a bank document. I know many banks have notaries, but my bank is a regional one that has no offices here. Are there any banks in the area maybe that would notarize a document for someone who isn't a client? Or other options? Looking for advice. Thanks in advance.

  • Any currency exchange has a notary public!

  • Hi, all. Thanks for the suggestions; ended up using UPS because there's a location next to my office.

    Amy- thanks for the offer anyway! I'll keep it in mind if anything else arrises!

5 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Police near Berwyn and Kenmore

Plenty of cops here, at least 4-5 cruisers. Anyone know what happened?

Feb 10

Updated Feb 12

rogers park post office

has anyone else noticed the horrible service with the rogers park post office... this has gotten worse then usual. for instance last monday no mail, yes i know we received 19 inches of snow the day before, but the mail was delivered to my building but the big bag just sat as no letter carrier showed up to put the mail out. yesterday, no excuse, no mail until 9 pm at night.. this is not acceptable, who can we voice our concerns to.

  • JohnL Retired old foggey.

    So when a supervisor was contacted this morning, he said the carrier was hurt on the route.
    When the carrier came by this morning she said she had the day off yesterday and was not hurt on the route.
    So 60660 has liars for supervisors? I think so.

  • I'm on Farragut and it seems we never get any mail on Monday's anymore. We were wondering if anyone else was having the same issue

Feb 03

Updated Feb 06


What's with all the dibs? Isn't this illegal? We all spend time shoveling out spots (often several times). It doesn't seem very neighborly to find all the parking in the evening claimed.

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    It’s a disgusting practice. It might arguably be justifiable if you have encountered a huge pile of snow, cleared it, and THEN parked your car in it (the true meaning of “sweat equity” misquoted by Rahmbo during the debate) because you have actually created a parking space where none had...

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    It’s a disgusting practice. It might arguably be justifiable if you have encountered a huge pile of snow, cleared it, and THEN parked your car in it (the true meaning of “sweat equity” misquoted by Rahmbo during the debate) because you have actually created a parking space where none had existed and nobody could have accessed it. (It’s unconscionable in any event to claim it for more than an hour or two). But if your car was there before it snowed, and you simply dug it out so you could drive away, you have done NOTHING constructive. And what really fries me are those SUV drivers who brush the snow off their cars, pull out without digging, and nonetheless put out dib markers. And what if you have to drive to another neighborhood for a good reason, and find no “unreserved” spaces? That is the situation encountered by most “dibs" victims.

    The city owns the streets and is the only entity that can dictate who can and can’t park, for how long, and whether they must pay to do so (delegated that authority to the parking meter company). What’s more, you co-own your sidewalk with the city and have a legal obligation to shovel it (an obligation you don’t have on the street side of the curb). But using the “dibbers’” logic, that means you have the right to prevent others from walking on it, or to charge a toll for them to do so---and that is patently ridiculous. This ain’t the Wild West, you can’t stake a claim to public property.

    That Trib reporter is stupid and selfish. “Natural law,” my a$$. In Appalachia “natural law” is invoked to justify shooting someone for disrespecting you or insulting a family member--that doesn’t make it right or even lawful. The only reason that court ruled in the dibber’s favor is that the police used excessive force and there isn’t an ordinance prohibiting dibs. All the mayoral candidates and aldermen are cowards in refusing to back such an ordinance--they’re too scared of losing the Neanderthal a-hole libertarian vote!

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    And if you are entitled to reserve a spot simply because you dug your own car out of it, are you also entitled to reserve a spot you vacated when there wasn’t any snow? Of course not--but the logic employed by dibbers would say otherwise.

    BTW--it should also be illegal to toss shoveled snow anywhere but one’s own lawn or parkway (aka “tree-lawn”).

Feb 02

Millennials who like to cook

I'm working on a video story about millennials who have an interest in cooking. I need someone who would be willing to be talked to on camera (possibly in studio) about the subject. Ideally, a millennial who cooks often and feels ver strongly about the topic. Message for more information.

Feb 01

Desperate to find garage space

I'm looking for a garage parking space to rent between Devon and Rosemont Avenue. Ideally Wayne, Lakewood, or Glenwood Avenue spots. Please get in touch if you know of any available!

Jan 24

Updated Jan 28

Suburbanite in the city!

We are between Hollywood and a Glenwood on Ridge and would love some feedback on the area. We work early hours so are going to the car and walking dogs between 4-5am. We typically walk on Glenwood, Early and Wayne. I'm aware you need to be alert at all times no matter where you are in the city but am just curious about others general vibe with the area. Lease is up soon and we haven't been able to explore like we hoped but love our place.

  • It wasn't about you at all, sorry. For coming from the suburbs, you seem to be very realistic about the area traffic and all. If all the people coming from the burbs were as realistic as u it would be nice. Unfortunally, many suburbanites buy their cheap, crappy condo near a busy street and then want the street to go away. That area is getting a lot safer and nicer. Hope you continue to like the area :-).

  • JMG

    aww ben!

    we can't all be rough, tough michelin men like you, maybe you should get out of edgewater before we flaccid suburbanites turn it into schaumburg. you'll be happier anyway, flexing your abs somewhere gritter and more urban, like Logan Sq or uk village.

    now I'm going to call Olive Garden & Applebees and and see if we can convince them to open on Clark because what edgewater needs is more diverse dining options.

Jan 25

Updated Jan 26


Hi, I am a student journalist.

I'm writing a story on healthcare, specifically on how the Affordable Care Act has made the system more efficient or less efficient (for you). Obama has mandated a streamlined medical health records system using technology.

So, I'm looking specifically for a patient who HAS had difficulty or has NOT had difficulty with needing medical documents transferred from one hospital (for many reasons) to another hospital.

It this applies to you, I'd love to speak with you and share your story.

If your interview is used, it would be published on a Chicago news website.

Please contact me for more information.

Thank you!

  • robin in WRP misanthrope

    EMR has put more pressure on healthcare providers, and added many more working hours to their days

Jan 21

Updated Jan 25

stopping yellow book drop offs

any one have any idea how to stop getting these phone books? my entire building is on the opt out list for the last 10 years but every year they drop the books in front. i know some people want them, but we don't!

i have called every year to say stop, but it hasn't... any insight would be appreciated.

  • Mei

    I feel all these unsolicited mailers should be illegal. If you don't want it and didn't ask for it, they're littering! Their company taglines should be, "Here, you throw this out."

    I do use the newspaper adds to line my students' desks when we paint or do something messy, and phone books become paper mache. Also good for drying flowers. However, I will now try opting out. There's never a shortage of paper for student crafts if you pay attention

  • Our package delivery guys and mailman use the phone books to hide our packages. So far (5 years) no thefts.

Jan 19

Updated Jan 20

  • I am excited that they just cut two doors into the Broadway side of the facade. That will hopefully transform that side of the building from the long lonely strip of brick and sidewalk it has been for so very many years.

Jun 01

Updated Jan 07

Auction of old Carson's Ribs?

Anyone hear an update on the status of the auction on May 21st of the old Carson's Ribs at Peterson & Clark? I can't seem to find an update on Alderman O'Connor's website. Thanks!

  • How exciting….I wonder what they will put there and how the new train station will effect the traffic in the neighborhood. Thankfully I rarely travel that way so I won't be too affected by it, but interesting none the less.

  • JW resident since 2006

    Thank you very much for sharing this news.

Jan 02

Updated Jan 03

Sirens in 5300 sheridan

Anyone know what happened around 5300 block if sheridan? Tons of firetrucks and ambulances and now hearing helicopters.

  • ....I googled and she passed last night at 6:23pm. So sad.

  • It was sad to watch the news and to learn that she died from her burns. I knew yesterday AM (at the bus stop) that the large number of responding fire trucks and ambulances indicated a high rise fire - the CFD sends lots of equipment in those cases. Her...

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    It was sad to watch the news and to learn that she died from her burns. I knew yesterday AM (at the bus stop) that the large number of responding fire trucks and ambulances indicated a high rise fire - the CFD sends lots of equipment in those cases. Her building was built post-1978, so it was sprinklered throughout according to statute. Because of that, the fire was confined to the woman's apartment. Still, it's so sad as we consider her likely fear and terror. To me, a building fire is high on the scale of terrifying incidents.

Dec 26

Updated Jan 01

Ranalli's of Andersonville 1st Annual NYE Pizza Party!!!

Looking for a low key, fun evening for New Year's Eve this Year?
Join me at Ranalli's of Andersonville for their 1st annual NYE Pizza Party!
There are going to be board games, cards, Hors D’oeuvres, Pizza, drinks and just a fun, relaxed night. I think it will be a good night!

  • DK Living and Playing in Chicago

    What a fun idea! If anyone ever needs to throw a party there do it! I threw my daughter's first birthday there. We felt like we had the whole place to ourselves and they let you bring your own playlist. Food was very reasonably priced and good.

  • JohnL Retired old foggey.

    A friend had my 70th surprise birthday party at Ranalli's and it was a wonderful time.

Dec 31

Cheers to a new year!

Wherever you find yourself this evening, we hope it's enjoyable and safe. Thanks for all your support in 2014.

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