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Stealing packages in roscoe village

We just saw a middle aged blonde woman trying to steal a neighbors package on leavitt. When we asked her if she lived their, she ran. She is carrying a brown Marionos bag .

  • BillDahl Lifelong North Sider

    The cops are worthless--they don't care about you or your packages. If you have a lot of packages sent to you, rent a private mailbox or have them sent somewhere that someone will personally sign for them.

  • Wendy Small-town living in the big city

    I disagree that the cops are worthless. Several years ago, we had repeated Oberweis deliveries stolen from our block. Several of us called the police. As a result, they watched the route and caught the guy. Turns out he was stealing credit cards out of the mail, too. I felt stupid for calling the police about $20 worth of stuff, but they assured me that because so many neighbors called, they were able to track him down.

Dec 15

Updated 5 days ago

Accident at Irving and Bell?

NPR reported this morning an accident involving a pedestrian at Irving Park and Bell. Does anyone know anything?

  • I heard the same thing; they said car vs pedestrian. I was driving north on Western at the time. As I crossed Irving, there was no sign of emergency vehicle activity on Irving, so it must have been on Bell. There are a number of elementary schools over there and often parents and kids walking at that time of day. Hope everyone is ok.

  • I live right there. I get so annoyed at how fast some people turning off Irving drive down Bell. There are a lot of pedestrians on this block, including young kids. I hope everyone is OK.

  • CJL ...

    Really bad at dropoff and pickup with the non-walking St Bens' parents. Notwithstanding that it's mostly "their" kids walking there.

Dec 12

Updated Dec 14

Concealed carry class

Putting together a concealed carry class for early January. Trying to gauge interest on having the classroom time in Lincoln Square.

If you are interested post here and we can put it together.

  • david duggan President, South Lakeview Neighbors

    Keep me posted. The nearest class I'm aware of is in DesPlaines. Still have to go outside the City for range practice. Arrgh

  • Keep me posted as well, would like to give this as a gift.

Dec 11

Updated Dec 13

Subway on Lincoln, Damen, Irving Park CLOSED

I was driving by the Subway on North Lincoln today and noticed all the windows covered in paper and a "No Trespassing" sign on the door. Does anyone know if this is a remodel or if they are permanently closed or moving? The exterior building signage is still in place, but otherwise it is looking deserted.

  • The owner died, young guy not sure how. There was an eviction notice on the door.

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in South Lakeview.

    Oh no! That was a good subway since I could walk there from work

  • RT Here

    Hopefully another crappy franchise doesn't open there.......

Dec 11

Missing a cat?

Hi neighbors,
Was on my porch on Addison near Wolcott and a gray cat walked out from my backyard. He/she has two white back paws. It didn't have a collar (do cats wear collars?)
Anyway, it's around now (4:55 pm) if someone is looking for their pet. Write back and I'll be happy to go back out to try to find him/her.

Mar 24

Updated Dec 11

Girl Scout cookies?

Curious, but are there any spots in the North Center area where somebody might find Girl Scout cookies? One of my managers and I are both craving them... Thanks!

  • I just posted about advice about how to help my 6 years old daughter to sell a few boxes of cookies. She is a daisy for the first time this year.
    We would love to come and take your orders and then deliver them to you.
    She cant stop talking about the cookies that she needs to sell and I dont know how to help her with that :)

    Happy Holiday season eveyone

  • robin in WRP misanthrope

    saralorin - I read somewhere that Girl Scouts are setting up their own webpages this year. Also, take her door-to-door in your neighborhood; be sure to have her practice her sales pitch a few times before you go.

Mar 20 2012

Updated Dec 10

A Great Plumber

I highly recommend Noel Heneghan 773-297-9153. He is a very good plumber. He's trustworthy, thorough, easy-to-work with, responsive--he always either answers my call or calls back quickly and always comes to do the work quickly. His fees are very reasonable. He's the father of five, so he understands the importance of getting the plumbing back to work quickly.

  • I heartily second this endorsement. We've had Noel do a lot of work for us and he's everything that Eileen has described. Great, honest, hard working guy.

  • Betsy Neighbor

    We have also had Noel do some work for us and it is so nice to know a professional, honest and affordable plumber who will show up and get the work done! Great guy!

  • Cyn Chi since 1991, East Humboldt since 2010

    I found Noel lacking, he totally misdiagnosed the problem and charged a LOT.

Dec 01

Updated Dec 03

Moving help needed

I'm moving in a couple weeks and need help loading my stuff into a moving truck. I live on the first floor. I have bedroom furniture, TV, end tables, coffee table, a bookcase, and totes/boxes.
Can anyone recommend a moving company or trustworthy people to help out? Thanks much!

  • Tina K 10 years in Lincoln Square

    I liked Gentle Giants a lot!

  • robin in WRP misanthrope

    Make sure you use someone who is insured. It's not worth saving a few dollars if you have to replace broken items

Nov 26

Updated Nov 26

Power outage

Our power is out on the 4200 block of N. Wolcott. They said it should be back on by 1:00. Anyone else?

  • The lights flickered in the 4600 block of Ravenswood but we still have power. They are doing some pretty heavy construction over here. Maybe they hit something.

  • SBloom architect, dad and a half, 25 years north side

    Power was out on Wolcott & Winchester north of Lawrence for about an hour from just before 11 am to just before noon. Com Ed said about 2000 customers affected. Cause -equipment failure.

Nov 18

Updated Nov 19

Dog transportation / taxi service?

Does anyone know of a dog transportation/taxi service? I am without a car today and am hoping to bring my dog to the vet today.

Nov 16

Updated Nov 16


Smuckers was found thanks to a great Samaritan in the neighborhood. Thanks to all.

  • astat Welles Park Neighbor

    It was in the aisle with the other jellies and jams, right?

  • Glad you found him "Gus"...or that someone found him for you, lucky!!!

Nov 13

Updated Nov 14

Western Avenue Construction

Signs say construction begins 11/10/14 on Western Avenue. I see work horses with Road Closed signs on the side of the road. Is this the start of the project that will tear down the overpass? What sections of Western are going to be closed?

Nov 12

Updated Nov 13

5/7# of halloween candy

Hi, we gorged Halloween night and next day and the kids traded the rest of it for cash, I have half a marianos bag full of candy. Please take it off my hands :)

Nov 07

Updated Nov 08

Who makes this couch?

I'm trying to find the manufacturer of this used couch I bought so I could buy a matching 3 person sofa. By looking at the logo, does anyone know who makes this couch? There are no labels on the couch itself.

  • You should try posting this question in the Advice section of the interior design website/app Houzz; that forum is crawling with people who may be able to help. Good luck!

  • Awesome! Thanks for the tip!

  • Chicago Dan Lifelong Northsider, recent Portage Park Homeowner

    Try uploading the pic to tineye.com. It's like a "Shazaam" for pictures.

Oct 31

Updated Nov 03

Recycle dry cleaning hangers?

Anyone know of a place or organization interested in reusing the hangers from dry cleaners. I can never bring myself to throw them away.

  • Hello! I live in Logan Square near Bang Bang Pie and would love to take some wire hangers off of your hands for a classroom project I am planning! If you have any please let me know a time we can meet, I'll give you a nice Thank You Card from a student :) THANKS

  • Thanks Jamie. The store I mentioned always tells me to take as many as I want.

Oct 31

Updated Nov 03

Arrest in alley behind Addison

There were just 4 CPD SUV's behind our place on Addison between Hamilton and Hoyne. This was right outside the coach house which has been mentioned here before (loud, thrashing, banging thread). An arrest was made. White male, facial hair, black hoodie, black baseball cap. Does anyone know what happened? Unwritten kitten, are you home? Are you ok?

  • Bingo, Crusty Pirate and Thurston. And the work of unwritten kitten is done...methinks!

  • A work of narrative fiction, using the medium of EveryBlock posts.

Oct 26

Updated Oct 27

Tagging in North Center

Last night our garage, along with several others in the alley of the 3600 block between Campbell and Artesian were tagged.

Photo is attached.

This area is a popular hangout for High School kids on Friday / Saturday nights when there are games at the Lane Tech Stadium.

  • Jim K. 3 boys, lots of noise

    Nan, it is a multi-building factory that went vacant over the summer. Begyle microbrewery is holding down the south end of the chain of buildings well, but empty from there up to Warner. Signage is up for leasing, hopefully some tenants in there soon.

  • Jennifer Toomey 20 year Roscoe Village resident.

    I use the app called- See Click Fix It makes reporting graffiti and other needs really easy. Snap a picture and answer a few questions. You get a message when it has been received and another when it has been fixed! Download the free app and start reporting!

Oct 21

Updated Oct 23

Good Spot to Buy Furniture?

I just moved to the neighborhood and was wondering if you knew a good spot to buy furniture in Chicago at a reasonable price?

I'm mainly looking for living room furniture (couch, table, TV stand, etc.).

  • Susan S. resident

    Don't forget craigslist.org and ebay classifieds.

  • Marco from Tropoje Two-flat owner

    My initial thoughts were of Roy's, but only if you intend to keep it for a while. It's not cheap cheap, but affordable and of really great quality. IKEA is my go to store for cheap, decent furniture that I don't mind leaving behind if I have to move.

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