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I was pretty shocked to come home to this stuck to the front door of my condo building last night.

I left work early yesterday to get my vote in and came home to find this. There was another one with my husband's name on it. He had voted before going to work right when the polls opened.

Who did or didn't vote might be a matter of public record, but I think it's pretty disgusting to A: feel it's ok to tell my neighbors if (and when) I voted, B: get your information wrong in the case of my husband and finally C: think it is OK to to put my first and last name on the front door of the building I live in.

I'm pretty upset to have this person as my alderman.

  • SpamAlert Hates being spammed

    Well, Bob and George, I daresay we can all be thankful that the further away our nation gets from its founding days, the more we can be thankful that we discarded our British cousins' practice of hereditary governmental sinecures, right?

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    @Bob Kastigar: I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. One has nothing to do with the other. Publicly shaming someone because it was incorrectly assumed that tyhey did not vote was wrong. Racism and sexism at the begining of this country was also wrong,but it was corrected. Americans denied a vote because of race or sex was legal back then. It has been corrected since then. Shaming someone for not voting is also wrong, and much like racism, and sexism, it should not be tolerated. Very simple. Two different issues.

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  • IMHO Been here long enough to know

    Absendead vote elects another rooted Chicago politician.

  • Timothy Meegan Independent candidate for 33rd ward Alderman

    Every vote does matter. We will be filing for a provisional recount on Tuesday and fully expect to win the runoff on April 7th.

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Gompers Park Baseball/Softball

Registration is wrapping up for the upcoming season. If you are interested, please visit

10 hours ago

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Feb 19

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attention ⚠ yall looking for a part time job

Looking for a part time job im 15 years old and im looking for a little job so help me out asap im located in Albany park area Irving park area Avondale area so just keep in touch Thanks.💯

  • SPIRO 1983 sergeant 19

    Go to the hand car wash and get a job!!!!

  • EEH

    Alex, I do some applicant screening at my job, and I immediately throw out any applications or resumes with spelling errors, typos, or poor grammar. They show a lack of attention to detail, which is so important in every job!

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Now that you have dried off from the Polar Plunge

Warm up with coffee at the Portage Park Garden Club's first meeting of the year All gardeners welcome. Today at 9:30am at the Austin Irving Library, 6100 Irving Park Road. The speakers are from the Friends of Kilbourne Park Organic Greenhouse.

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What happened to Olga's?

Did she go out of business or get shut down?

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runaway dog?

anyone missing a gorgeous husky with blue eyes? just saw him trotting east on wilson, corner of whipple. Leash attached. Sorry I couldn't catch him!!

2 days ago

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Elderly Live in Caregiver

Looking for a loving, and live in caretaker. References a must, and they need to be current. Please email me to discuss. Nice apartment, great part of town. Family very active, but need live in support.

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Shovel Party!

Let's start a shovel party on 4900 block of Spaulding before it turns to ice! I'm planning to start by 6. :)

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Bravo to Robert Murphy for getting 43% of the 39th ward!

Although he didn't win, this was a great showing and an indictment of "Marge".

Margaret Laurino 5,840 53%
Robert Murphy 4,740 43%

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Chitowngal wrote: "Bottom line people aren't happy with how things are being run."

    Make that "Bottom line (some) people (a minority) aren't happy with how things are being run."

    Aldertrack (http://www.aldertrack.com/) projected and reported on many wards that were anticipated going into a runoff. No one ever predicted that Laurino...

    Read full comment…

    Chitowngal wrote: "Bottom line people aren't happy with how things are being run."

    Make that "Bottom line (some) people (a minority) aren't happy with how things are being run."

    Aldertrack (http://www.aldertrack.com/) projected and reported on many wards that were anticipated going into a runoff. No one ever predicted that Laurino wouldn't be re-elected.

    The elections ended, get over it. Give congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Murphy, and encourage him to stay active. We need more people who are active and willing to participate.

    Elections are about disagreements. Now is the time to bring back agreements. I would encourage Mr. Murphy to keep in touch with Ald. Laurino, and to offer constructive criticism and suggestions.

  • Reasonable advice from Bob assuming that there is not too much ill-will (ie. water under the bridge). Following there runoff, I don't feel that Bob's line of reasoning will apply to Arena and Garrido and their opposing factions. Kiss and make up is just not going to happen.

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Park District Spring Sign Up Starts Today: Archery, Woodworking and More

Eugene Field Park, 5100 N. Ridgeway Ave.: Sporty offerings include badminton and cardio cycling. Art classes for all ages include color theory and oil painting.

This article has 11 other Chicago locations (Show)

Gompers Park, 4222 W. Foster Ave.: Tumbling, tennis and tee ball for youngsters; fitness boot camp, yoga and pickleball for adults.

Hollywood Park, 3312 W. Thorndale Ave.: Basketball for boys, soccer for girls.

Horner Park, 2741 W. Montrose Ave.: Get crafty with classes in ceramics, woodworking and jewelry making. Also, piano, guitar and jazz band.

Independence Park, 3945 N. Springfield Ave.: Hit the pool, either for open swim or aquatic fitness class. Special recreation programs include bowling and judo.

Jensen Park, 4600 N. Lawndale Ave.: Lots of indoor soccer classes, plus fun and games for all ages.

Peterson Park, 5801 N. Pulaski Ave.: Line dancing for seniors, weight training for teens and kiddie college for preschoolers. The park's gymnastics center has a host of classes at a variety of levels.

River Park, 5100 N. Francisco Ave.: Ballet, tap dancing, volleyball and yoga/pilates are among the classes offered.

Hamlin Park, 3035 N. Hoyne Ave.: Circus arts and golf for kids, modern dance and personal training for adults.

Revere Park, 2509 W. Irving Park Rd.: Ping-pong is alive and well at Revere.

Welles Park, 2333 W. Sunnyside Ave.: Parent-and-tot yoga and gymnastics classes.

Winnemac Park, 5101 N. Leavitt St.: Learn to swim at Winnemac, whether you're six years old or 60.

Feb 25 2014

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Nighthawk Bar?

So apparently they're talking about replacing Butch's with a Nighthawk Bar that would be a coffee house by day and bar by night at 4744 N Kimball. Other than calling/writing Mell, is there a way for me to show support for this idea? Especially with the lack of things to do at Kimball, I think this would be brilliant, and seeing as how I live just over a block away, I'd be happy to spend all of my hard-earned money at a place down the street.

  • Lucas H Albany Park and Loving It

    So I went to Mell's website (33rdward.org) and used the Contact Us link to just say that this place would have my full support as well as everyone else's in the neighborhood that I know. I'm hoping she can help with any permits or if they have any issues along the way.

  • AlbanyParkMom Community gardener, 11-year resident

    The developers presented at a community meeting a good while ago (Annisa's link) and everybody was supportive, including the alderman. The developers hadn't done any work for a long time, due to illness. At least, that's what we were told last August. Hope to see something starting soon.

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Parking spot-alley. Kimball/Wilson $100

Hey neighbors,

Got a spot available behind my building. Ready now. 1st come 1st serve

3 days ago

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Cat Found - Near Argyle & Ridgeway

Our neighbors found a cat on the street near Argyle & Ridgeway last weekend (2/19). He's very friendly and appears to be an indoor cat judging by the clean fur. Please reply if you think he's yours - include description of your lost cat, color, marking, etc - we're not posting a picture as we want to ensure that he goes back to his family.

  • Najia Suleiman Lost cat male orange n white mouth paws n legs

    I lost this cat I have as a profile pic . Let me know if u think its him

  • Thanks for posting Neil. Pets know their owners and vice versa. Even cats will run up to their parents when they come get him.

  • Neil C Ridgeway Resident

    Thanks everyone - pleased to say that cat was reunited with owners last night. Found them through the "Lost Cats of Illinois" Facebook page!

Aug 21

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Parking near Wilson & Kimball

Does anyone know of a garage, covered or uncovered, or any other parking options near Kimball and Wilson?! Parking is bad enough at night and this new construction has made things even worse!

  • We have parking available. Please give me a call at 847-571-6248. The lot is located on Kimball and Eastwood.

  • I have an alley spot available off Wilson and Kimball. Call me 708.935.5958

Feb 17

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Our Very Own Tunnel?

Alderman Laurino "join[ed] Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Congressman Mike Quigley, and officials from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MRWD) to announce" that a storm water tunnel will be built in Albany Park. It is to begin in Eugene Park, go under Foster Ave, and 2 years and $45-55M later. empty into North Branch. She "will be engaging the Albany Park community through a series of community meetings and public forums." (per 2/17/15 email)

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    It's "Eugene Field Park" - Eugene Field was the name of the author of several poems and he lived in Chicago. Calling it "Eugene Park" is wrong.

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Dirty Activity in 33rd Ward?

Went to Linne school to vote this morning and encountered an election judge on the corner yelling at two teens: "Don't do this again! The investigators are on their way!" On my way out of the polling area I heard another judge on the phone describing "an issue with two individuals"... it sounds like the teens were handing out some sort of false information, but I couldn't confirm (didn't want to creep on his convo). Just wondering if anything similar happened to other folks.

  • Picked up about 10 Mell cards INSIDE the voting room at Horner Park yesterday. Handed them to the official who didn't bat an eye. I am astounded the Mell machine did not steal this thing outright. I disagree with much of Meegan's fiscal ideas but I don't think he is connected so might be responsive to the Ward's people.

  • Genevieve artist, photographer, cat lady, mom, WHorner Park

    Ugh, ridiculous.

4 days ago

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Voting Issues @ Chappell

This morning, at about 7:25 a.m., my only option was a paper ballot at Chappell Elementary. None of the scan cards were working for the electronic ballot box. Did anyone else have this problem?

By the way, I was also quite disheartened - to say the least - to be the only voter in the building. If you don't vote, there's no democracy.

  • Wendy Small-town living in the big city

    Take heart, BerkeleyGirl! There was record early voting this year. And maybe it was too cold early this morning? "Much" warmer now at 22 degrees!

Feb 19

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stolen catalytic converter

My Ford Escape had the catalytic converter sawed off my car and they stole the O2 sensor too.
If you have a any kind of SUV or Jeep keep it off the street or cage the underneath to prevent theft.
Happened on Bernard Street near Kimball.

  • That was around the same time it happened to me and I have a 2000 Pontiac grand am. I wonder why they're targeting those cars...

  • windycitylinda 30 year AP resident

    According to my mechanic the older the car the more platinum there is in the converters. As he explained it to me, as things are made newer they are made cheaper. Therefore they can get more money off the older ones.

Feb 20

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Another campaign misstep by Ald. Mell

It appears that Ald. Mell is not up to speed on basic copyright law.

Two ads sent by Citizens for Deb Mell arrived in my mailbox this week attacking both of her 33rd Ward campaign challengers, Tim Meegan and Annisa Wanat. I was shocked to see that the photo of Annisa used in this ad is a photo I took for Annisa for her campaign, and is an image to which I retain the copyright (see attached JPG).

Despite photo...

Read full message…

It appears that Ald. Mell is not up to speed on basic copyright law.

Two ads sent by Citizens for Deb Mell arrived in my mailbox this week attacking both of her 33rd Ward campaign challengers, Tim Meegan and Annisa Wanat. I was shocked to see that the photo of Annisa used in this ad is a photo I took for Annisa for her campaign, and is an image to which I retain the copyright (see attached JPG).

Despite photo metadata that clearly lists me as the copyright owner for this image, this didn't stop her campaign from making use of the image for their own purposes without inquiring about usage rights or paying licensing fees. This approach seems very much at odds with her claim that "I have and will continue to work towards growing our local businesses using innovative tools." (From her campaign website: http://www.debmell.org/development.html)

I have delivered a cease and desist order to Mell as well as an invoice for the fees owed from this photo usage. In the meantime, I hope you, dear neighbors, will consider voting for one of her challengers:

Annisa Wanat, endorsed by Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times: http://www.annisaforalderman.com/

Tim Meegan: https://meegan4ward33.com/en/

  • John E B resident

    @Irving Dave: we got a flyer every day for 7 days, then more after that, but not daily, definitely more than twice a week though. It's not an exaggeration, the amount has been staggering and we have not been getting that kind of thing from Wanat. Your count is way way off there, and saying if they had the same cash it'd be different, does not make your inaccurate characterization suddenly accurate.

  • Jeanne G From Michigan

    Nope, EVERY day, Irving Dave. And it's dumb, no matter how much money you have. It's overkill and counter productive. WAAAYYYY to much saturation, as they call it in the advertising business.

6 days ago

Tuesday is election day! GO VOTE

Not sure where to vote tomorrow on election day? Check your polling place here: http://www.chicagoelections.com/en/your-voter-information.html

Feb 14

Updated 6 days ago

Love this.

So happy to be able to communicate instanteanously with so many neighbors on so many platforms - EveryBlock, Twitter, Facebook, NextDoor.

Please know that I am listening to all of you, including those who disagree. I value all your opinions.

There has been lots of things happening lately in the 39th ward race, including that I received the Tribune's endorsement and a poll administrator at the N. Park Village Admin building who works for Ald. Laurino was removed.

I'm happy to answer any questions you all have about these or other issues. Please feel free to reach out on social media, on my website, or by phone 773.710.8431.

Feb 22

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stolen catalytic converter

I live on Bernard right off Montrose and on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning by catalytic converter was stolen.

6 days ago

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Feb 17

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Get ready for Election Day

You can learn more about the aldermanic candidates in the 39th ward with this forum hosted by Albany Park Neighbors: http://ow.ly/Jeabt

  • CC.

    Pretty good forum. They asked some good questions.

Feb 21

Updated Feb 22

Possible Move

My girlfriend and I are looking to move south of Eugene Field Park. Can anyone please provide info (safety, crime, etc) on this area? Thank you.

  • PPR, I would do a lot of research and drive through at different times of day to get a feel. Many years ago Lawrence and Lawndale was a very scary place to be even in the daytime. I admit I have not kept up on the area, but from the pieces I do see, it does not seem to have changed that much for the better yet.

  • I live southwest of Eugene Park, closer to Carmen & Springfield and I second the parking situation, it's difficult to find parking within your residential permit zone after evening rush hour and weekends. Also, be prepared for airplane noise....since we're under a landing path for O'Hare, otherwise, I've never felt unsafe, even when walking home from class at NEIU through Eugene Park at 10pm at night.

Feb 22

Albany Park Tunnel project

The "comprehensive and ambitious" tunnel plan, which will provide people protection against losing their possessions and, in some cases their homes, has been a "long time coming," said Ald. Margaret Laurino (39th).

The alderman added that her office is committed to holding community forums and meetings to share construction details with residents.

With completion of the tunnel not likely until at least 2017, how will the city cope with flooding until the pipe comes online?

The whole story:


Jan 19

Updated Feb 22


Where are the best spots in Albany Park for photographers? Not just nature shots but to capture outstanding model photos? Interior and exterior is fine by me. Thanks

Feb 22

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Feb 21

Updated Feb 21

omg gunshots

I just heard multiple shots at 1:50am onthe corner of Sunnyside and Kimball. Definitely not fireworks 😞

  • I did too. Called 911. Please do the same!

  • JP Albany Park Resident since 2010

    Pew pew pew!

Feb 21

Updated Feb 21

New DNAInfo Reporter in Albany Park

Hi All

I just received a letter of introduction in the mail from a new DNAInfo reporter/producer, Tanveer Ali.

Tanveer is looking for tips and local news from the neighborhood.

Contact info follows :-

Tanveer Ali

Ph : 312-508-4292
C: 312-380-1254
E: tali@dnainfo.com
T: @tanveerali

  • JP Albany Park Resident since 2010

    Nice. Just emailed him and Patti on an idea I have.

Feb 21

Today is the LAST day of early voting!

Please remember to vote!

If you are not registered at your current address, you can register and vote today ONLY at any of the 51 polling places in the city. The 39th ward polling place is at North Park Village. To register you need 2 pieces of ID, like your driver's license and utility bill.

For more information: http://www.chicagoelections.com/en/early-voting.html

Jan 31

Updated Feb 21

Deb Mel's flyers

Are they starting up a recycling program in the neighborhood? We get two large Mel flyers almost daily. I've never seen such a stupid waste of money. I get that Meegan comes off stronger but stop the abuse of fliers.

  • herd herd

    Ok so now I've gotten flyers with Megan's and Wanat's faces photoshopped with baby dolls, square dancers and tornadoes trying to scare me that I might be homeless if I vote for either of them . So insulting. Give me a break!
    Seems about time that we'll get a flyer...

    Read full comment…

    Ok so now I've gotten flyers with Megan's and Wanat's faces photoshopped with baby dolls, square dancers and tornadoes trying to scare me that I might be homeless if I vote for either of them . So insulting. Give me a break!
    Seems about time that we'll get a flyer with Deb Mel 's face on puppet strings controlled by a Rahm super PAC machine but somehow I don't see the Meegan or Wanat's campaigns stooping to this. Mel is so pathetic at this point I almost fell sorry for her but definitely not enough to allow her to maintain this status quo.
    This afternoon after the tornadoes mailer I promptly headed over to Horner park for early voting, cast my votes for Chuy and Meegan, and I feel so great! Early voting continues tomorrow at Horner 9 to 5. Stop looking at these ridiculous mailers and get out to vote!!!:)

  • Liz Albany Park resident

    Hey neighbors: the most recent flyers from "Citizens for Deb Mell" with Meegan and Wanat's faces on them violate copyright law...the pic of Annisa is one that I took and own the copyright to, and Mell did not secure permission to use the image. I've delivered a cease and desist order.

    Details here: http://chicago.everyblock.com/politics/feb20-another-campaign-misstep-ald-mell-6701321/

    Also, please check out Annisa's campaign: http://www.annisaforalderman.com/
    She received endorsements from the Tribune, Sun-Times and others.

Feb 21

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Feb 02

Updated Feb 20

Snow Plow?

Rahm said they'd plow the side streets when the snow stopped. There's been no snow all day and no plows down my street. A group of neighbors on our block are out doing what we can to help but there's only so much someone can do with a snow shovel. People can't even drive down our street without getting stuck and needing assistance. They fine people for not shoveling their sidewalk. Can we fine the city for not plowing the street?

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    "It's not a bug, it's a feature!"

    Potholes also slow down traffic and make cars drive slower. Instead of installing (and paying for) speed bumps and speed humps in streets the potholes are just as effective. Potholes are street-calmers.

  • Thanks for the laugh Bob.

Feb 20

Albany Park Storm Water Tunnel Construction To Begin This Summer

ALBANY PARK — Construction of the Albany Park Storm Water Tunnel, announced in 2013 in the wake of severe flooding along the banks of the North Branch of the Chicago River, is set to begin this summer now that the project is fully funded, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday.

More info:

Feb 13

Updated Feb 20


Peterson Elem School
Percentage of students immunized
Enrollment 867
Students immunized 849
Students not immunized, religious objection 2
Students not immunized, medical reasons 8
Students not immunized, "approved schedule"7
Students not immunized, no valid reason 1

Yikes !!!

  • Concerned Parent 05 Concerned parent 05

    Peterson compared to Jamieson Elem School
    Percentage of students immunized
    Students immunized892
    Students not immunized, religious objection0
    Students not immunized, medical reasons0
    Students not immunized, "approved schedule"1
    Students not immunized, no valid reason2

  • Herecomestheman Character assassin.

    In pretty sure I know who the one kid with no valid reason is.

Feb 20

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