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Development near Lincoln and Roscoe

There are 5 vacant, contiguous buildings on west side of Lincoln just south of Roscoe...One of the buildings (which was formerly a thrift shop) is undergoing a major construction, rehab...Does anyone know if there is anything in the works there?

  • L

    South of Fullerton at the site of the old Children's Hospital, there is going to be a big new redevelopment which will completely change that area and probably take a long time to get finished. I'm assuming the local property owners are getting ready to attract new or different tennants as a result.

  • L

    One more thing, when the hospital closed it meant that lots of people eating and drinking were no longer in the neighborhood everyday. Businesses were forced to closed due to lack of customers as a result.

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New Development

Anyone have any idea what is going up across from Whole Foods off of Ashland Ave. between School and Henderson? Just curious, thanks ahead for any info!

6 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

New Streetlights

Just installed on Greenview. I think they chose a fixture that allows too much light and glare to be undirected and so spills horizontal (Everyone's windows and eyes). Rather they should have chosen a lamp that directs the light to the ground. Also I am praying that they will paint the bright shining aluminum. The City has made so many good choices in the past regarding public fixtures. Retro and period street lamps painted monochromatic dark greens. Someone blew this one.)

  • Fictionista Storyteller

    We had a similar problem. The blackout curtains I bought weren't dark enough, so I backed them with dark colored twin sheets. Hung horizontally the were the perfect size for our big window. You can avoid my mistake by buying dark colored blackout curtains instead of cute ones. :-)

  • I bought dark colored fleece to hang in my windows after trying white blackout fabric that I found didn't work. The light weight of the fleece is a big plus.

Aug 02 2012

Updated Oct 14

Counseling Center on Sheffield - closed. What next?

The adult center that I believe provided various services on Sheffield next to Leona's has closed. Anyone have an idea what happened and what is next for this property? Tear down or new tenants?

  • Carmelo Baseball Coach at Brighton Kelly Baseball

    Hi Jennifer. my uncle was going to CCLV to receive assistance in obtaining legal status in the US. His case worker was Ms. Nora Santoyo and Betty Shibata. Can you help me in locating them? We would greatly appreciate any leads you can provide. Thanks, Carmelo

  • jasper1055 Roscoe Villiage

    Jennifer, thank you for all of the amazing work you and your co-workers do for the city. I hope you realize what a positive impact you have on the community around you.

Oct 12

Another great project started by Foster Design Build in Lincoln Park

Foster Design Build started another project at 1860 North Fremont. www.fosterdesignbuild.com or 312-445-9564.

Oct 07

Updated Oct 09

Chicago News Website

Can anyone recommend a good website for local Chicagoland news? Not looking for anything with a political slant, just want to read local news on line. The Chicago Tribune site is limited and loaded with ads. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Oct 08


hi everyone i just wondering is you guys have power outages and Hamlin & WELLINGTON thank you

Oct 05

Updated Oct 06

Anyone else having trouble with EveryBlock links?

For the past few days, when I click a link in the EveryBlock Digest emails, I get a "This webpage is not available" error message.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Sep 18

Updated Oct 02

Muskie's Closing

Sigh... Another institution bites the dust. Muskie's (corner of Lincoln/George/Lakewood) is closing either this Saturday or next Saturday. They are renters and the owner wants to do something else with the property. The cleaner next door also has to close soon.

  • L

    They were taking down the Muskie's sign this morning.

  • Tim M. Hickernell Belmont Harbor

    Ah Medusa's. As we legal >21s used to say back then, as we drank at Berlin and Avalon, "Medusa's: No alcohol, just juice and drugs."

Sep 24

Updated Sep 30

Demo at Ashland and Melrose?

Any idea what is happening there now? Last I heard Target was not going in. Anyone heard anything new?

  • With our luck it will be more yoga studios, gymbories, nail salons and daycares because we don't have enough of those, LOL!

  • I Had To Say It Reality does not equal negativity.

    You need those mattress stores. Chicago is #1 in bed bug infestation throughout the nation. Those cigar smoking White men that invested in those mattress franchises are more "aware" than you. Commercial leases there are expensive there, obviously they're doing good with their ROI.

Sep 29

Peoples Gas, what's going on?

For the third time this year, Peoples Gas is drilling on the same spot of the 3600 north Ashland Avenue. When we finally got the street smoothly resurfaced after the first two sloppy jobs, here we go again. One guy drilling, four guys watching and our utilities going up again.

Sep 26

Speed Camera by Petco on 3000 block of Ashland

From the alderman: "In several days speed cameras will be operational at 3111/3130 N. Ashland Ave, in your ward. After calibration and testing, the cameras begin issuing warning notices. The warning phase lasts for 30 days and after the warning phase, it will issue citations. If you have any questions or if you would like a briefing please contact me at 312-742-7621 or david.pulsipher@cityofchicago.org."

Sep 14

Free Blowdry Tomorrow!

Looking for a blow dry model tomorrow at 1:30pm in Lincoln Park.
Email me for more info!

Sep 14

Free Blow Dry tomorrow!

Looking for a blow dry model at 1:30pm tomorrow in Lincoln Park.
Email me for more info!

Sep 11

FREE haircuts

I recently finished an apprenticeship and am transitioning into becoming a full-time stylist, while continuing advanced training. My training day is thursday and I am in need of haircut models both male and female. Contact me if you're interested in helping me finish my training!

Sep 08

Updated Sep 10

Fire trucks and cops around Broadway/Halsted around 4 PM?

Around 4 PM today there was a swarm of firetrucks and police cars over by where Halsted ends into Broadway. I didn't see/smell any smoke. Anyone have any idea what was going on?

Sep 08

Updated Sep 10

City Dough Space

Does anyone know what is happening with the City Dough space on Sheffield/Wellington? It seems like it has been closed for a while with little to no news (and I am starting to OD on Panes...).

  • I miss Pompei too. It was so popular and good. Why did they close? And is there rumor they are coming back?

  • The rumor I heard about Pompei was that the owner sold the location to DMK with the rights to still operate the location as a Pompei. Then for whatever reason they decided to close it.

Sep 03

Updated Sep 04

What happened on Orchard in the 2400s yesterday?

Yesterday the road was blocked by police vehicles near the corner of N Orchard and W Arlington (2400s on Orchard) around 5.45pm. Anyone know what was going on? Thanks!

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