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A friend of mine who is in her psychology doctoral program at Long Island University in Brooklyn is working on her dissertation. She needs to connect with anyone in Chicago who works within an organization serving Mexican immigrants to have them complete a brief (10 min) survey. Any leads/connections to names of organizations she could reach out to would be greatly appreciated.

  • I'm a teacher at an elementary school that has many Mexican immigrants in attendance. We have many programs for the children and their families. Would that work?

  • Daniel Garcia Merker in Albany Park 4 years and still need to explor...

    OCAD (Organized Communities Against Deportations) is an Undocumebted IL project.

    You can get in contact with some of the people through the Immigrant Youth Justice League which is an undocumented lef group in Chicago via info@iyjl.org.

    There is also Casa Michoacan in Pilsen, Centro Romero in Rogers Park, ICIRR in Downtown.

    I have worked with most of those groups either directly or indirectly as a community organizer focusing on immigration, I am however working for the next three months in south florida.

  • Amanda Blowers Social Work Specialist

    Hi there, in addition to the organizations Daniel listed--I would check out Mujeres Latinas en Accion and Eerie Family Health Center. Both see a good number of folks from the population you're looking for!

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Harassment at Damen and Lawrence.

Walking to the train going South on Damen on the East side if the street. Right after I passed through the crosswalk, a man at the bus stop yelled, "I HATE YOU!!!" Then he lunged at me and screamed, "I HATE YOUR UGLY QUEER A$S!!!"

I yelled that I'm calling the cops and he ran across Damen to get on the Lawrence bus going east.

A woman in her car rolled down her window and asked if I was ok. I continued to walk to the train.

He has blondish reddish hair, fair skin, and a mouth full of rotting teeth. Was about 6 feet tall.

If I had mace he would have really gotten it.

Beware. It was terrifying.

  • That's terrible. Hope you're ok and file a report. It's shocking and sad that we
    Still have these close minded people around even with all the progress we have made in becoming more civilized and accepting society.

  • John P Manufacturer Ravenswood

    I'm pretty sure I've seen that guy yelling at people for some time now (years). He's obviously mentally ill and or addicted. I can't imagine the police don't know of him. He's especially loud with angry outbursts. It's pretty bad.

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Childcare in Ravenswood/Lincoln Square

I recently moved back to the area and I'm desperately searching for full time child care for my three year old twins. I am open to all care options, but price point (twins!), is a concern. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  • Joan M. Back in Lincoln Square and liking it.

    Don't forget to search on EveryBlock (upper right corner of the page) for "child care" for recommendations from previous threads.

  • Mike from The Square Lincoln Square Circa 2004

    You can join NPN to look for a nanny. Lines are long for full time daycare.

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'The Marvelettes' at Black Ensemble thru Sept. 7

The Story of The Marvelettes will be presented at the Black Ensemble Theater Cultural Center, 4450 N. Clark St., through Sept. 7.

Aug 13

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How much to pay part-time childcare providers?

Hello neighbors. My husband and I live in Lincoln Square and are expecting our first child this fall (both exciting and terrifying). We've begun discussing our childcare needs and we think we'd like to have in-home care two days a week beginning in February. I've been researching rates for this type of childcare (whether hourly or weekly) without much luck. I'd love to hear about other parents' experiences. Many thanks!

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found painted turtle at winnemac park

looking to return to owner, or a new home.

  • Someone likely caught it somewhere, kept it for awhile, and then decided to let it go. You could take him down to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and let them decide if he's capable of making it on his own or if maybe he'd make a nice new resident there.

    If you'd rather just release him yourself, Emily Oaks Nature Center (not that far from Winnemac, just up in Skokie) has a nice pond with little fishies for him to eat.

  • Korin Ravenswood Dweller

    What ever happened to the little guy? Wishing him a nice voyage into the lagoon.

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Small office space designer?

Hi all-

I recently moved my business to the Deagan building on Ravenswood and Berteau, and we're looking for a a designer that could come up with some great ideas and see those through to execution. It's a great space with huge lofted ceilings, but right now, it just feels a bit drab and empty. If anyone (preferably in the neighborhood) is interested, or you know if someone that would be a great fit, please let me know.

Thanks everyone.


  • CjF what's new?

    Hello- still looking for a designer? I've been working in the industry for 10+ years on commercial buildouts as well as corporate interiors. Please reach out if you still need assistance @ cfarrugia222@gmail.com

  • Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions. These are great!

38 hours ago

2-flat reno in Lincoln Square

Hi All - Looking for creative ideas / flexible mtg lender recommendations to complete our 2-flat reno. We have architect drawings and applied for permits. We've thought through the whole project including the financing portion. But we want to make sure weve covered all our bases wspecially since we've come across the issue where the appraisal might not come back high enough unless we go single family which we don't want to do. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

Thanks in advance!

Aug 11

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Lost keys (x2)

My dear hubby lost his keys a little while ago and just recently lost the spare.

Set #1: 4 keys (1 car, 3 regular) with little scan tags
Set #2: 3 keys (1 car, 2 regular) with a pink hair tie on the loop

Hoping they are stuck in the couch cushions but just had to put it out there in case..... Thanks!

  • Thanks for the response, Quiz! I sent you an email with a description.

  • I'm sorry, I didn't get your email. Try again?

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Growing Spaces community picnic and placemaking event happening now!

Come out to the lot at Wilson and Ravenswood from 11-6 today for free lemonade, ice cream and popcorn. Bring a lunch and enjoy some oldies and this gorgeous weather. We've got games and art activities for the kids.

Brought to you by your friends at The Ravenswood Community Council and Midwest Pesticide Action Center.

  • Hi, I stopped by, there was no picnic

  • SC

    The picnic was Friday. Appreciated the effort, but not really much place to picnic. As future tip, if you are going to encourage people to picnic and it's a huge gravel parking lot either have picnic tables besides where art projects are going on or volunteers themselves are sitting at and eating or tell people to bring their own chairs, tables, or blankets. Also, invite some food trucks or engage the neighboring business so people can have food handy.

  • Malika- Sorry that you had trouble finding us. We were in the lot at Wilson and Ravenswood from 11:00 am to about 6:30pm. What time did you come by?

    SC- Glad you stopped by, and we appreciate the feedback. We did have a landscaping company set up those grassy hills...

    Read full comment…

    Malika- Sorry that you had trouble finding us. We were in the lot at Wilson and Ravenswood from 11:00 am to about 6:30pm. What time did you come by?

    SC- Glad you stopped by, and we appreciate the feedback. We did have a landscaping company set up those grassy hills we were hoping people would use, but you're definitely right on providing more table space for people. And food trucks are something we've definitely talked about for the future. We'll be having a food truck roundup as a part of the RAW Detour for this year's Ravenswood ArtWalk. October 4-5, if you're interested in marking your calendar!

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Yard Sale Today! - Hermitage and Winnemac

5019 N. Hermitage Ave. (between Ainsle and Winnemac)

Until 4 PM

2 days ago

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Feb 20 2012

Updated 3 days ago

Book donations

Cleaned out the book shelves this weekend and have three large boxes of good condition adult and middle school books to get rid of -- anyone have a not-complicated suggestion for donating them somewhere in the area?

3 days ago

3 days ago

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Jul 19

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Great cook and good with kids needs room to rent

Looking to rent a room near my job in Ravenswood (or on L/bus lines to get me there). It is a small entrepreneurial company who helps nonprofits with digital marketing, so money is still tight and can only afford to pay up to $450. I'm quiet, easy going and happy to contribute in other ways:

* Am a great cook--healthy and tasty meals usually--but can also make the "comfort foods" we all love too.

* Some child care--as the eldest...

Read full message…

Looking to rent a room near my job in Ravenswood (or on L/bus lines to get me there). It is a small entrepreneurial company who helps nonprofits with digital marketing, so money is still tight and can only afford to pay up to $450. I'm quiet, easy going and happy to contribute in other ways:

* Am a great cook--healthy and tasty meals usually--but can also make the "comfort foods" we all love too.

* Some child care--as the eldest of 7, helped raise my younger siblings, plus recently I've taken care of my friends' kids when they've gone out for the evening & when they've gone to Europe for 2 weeks. Can provide references

* Have 20+ years in sales & marketing, so if you need some help with marketing your business--or just need someone to type your manuscript--happy to help.

* Some personal care assistance--worked in a hospital many years ago plus experience working with family members who have challenges (my 25 year old niece was born with a neural tube disorder and my aunt had ALS)--so could provide some assistance to you.

I'm a nonsmoker and I don't drink (food allergy). My cat is quiet and shy--and we are looking to move by August 1st. Look forward to meeting you!

  • Catherine Dennis Artistic and Professional--with a Cat


    Thank you for alerting me! I thought I had enabled that but obviously hadn't. Appreciate all that you do to keep us functioning! :-)

    All the best,


  • Catherine Dennis Artistic and Professional--with a Cat

    A big "Thank You" to everyone! And I'm thrilled to say that Everyblock has connected me with a new home--and lovely new housemate!

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Free Wood Pallets and other Wood Pieces

We have three sets of three pallets that were used to create seating for a family BBQ. Now the pallets are looking for new homes. You may have to disassemble.We also have table tops and other wood pieces used to create coffee tables for outside. The pallets are average size.

We are looking for serious inquires only. We will be available this weekend August 16th and 17th for pick up arrangements but can try to set up a different time if you need it.

  • Attention those who are interested in the pallets. Several people here and craigslist.org have shown interest but made no commitments so the pallets are still available. I have some pics I can email you. I need to have them picked up this weekend or by next week the latest. Please contact me with a time and date for pick up. Thanks again for your interest.

  • Great! I'm very new to this site so I'm unsure if you can send pics through here or not. What's your craiglist link? I can view them through there, right?

4 days ago

The name is bing, dan bing. At Uptown's Aodake Asian Bistro

...into the city from Will County, but somehow these folks have figured out that the 4600 block of N. Clark Street is dense with customers who can't decide which part of the world's largest...

Aodake Asian Bistro, 4650 N. Clark, 773-271-9889

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Room for rent

Hey, neighbors. As my daughter just graduated DePaul and rarely stays with me, and as I am underemployed, I am looking to assuage my expenses by renting my 2nd bedroom at Paulina and Lawrence.

I'm a single woman, mid-50s, non-smoker, with 2 cats (one in ill-health) and a sugar glider. There's no cable (I have a tiny TV that's rarely plugged in). I am willing to take any age or gender. I'm asking for around $500/month. The place is furnished, but I'd be willing to move any pieces if you wanted to bring your own furnishings.

If anyone knows of anyone interested in this space, private message me.

4 days ago

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Recommendations for a tailor

I'm relatively new to the neighborhood and looking for recommendations for a good men's clothing tailor in the area. Price isn't much of a factor, as I much prefer quality work over lower price. Thanks for any suggestions!

  • England Custom Tailor
    5799 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60659
    773) 728-6098

    been using him for a while now on suit and pants, excellent work and not bad priced either

  • SC

    Devrim is the best in my opinion. On Rockwell just north of Wilson. Been going to him at this location and southport too for many years and have always been happy with his work.

5 days ago

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Looking for Temp Office space for an independent movie production

Hello! I am looking for temporary Office space for an independent movie production. Starting ASAP through Oct 10th. North of the loop preferable. Thank you!

5 days ago

5 days ago

  • Permit issued for signs


    1500 W. Wilson Ave. Issued August 13, 2014 Comment
  • Permit issued for signs


    1500 W. Wilson Ave. Issued August 13, 2014 Comment

Jun 26

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Looking for a home for T.J.

A friend of mine lost her home and has to move but she can't take her dog with her.
His name is T.J and he's two years old. His shots are updated and he's very well behaved.He is a blue nose pit bull with blue gray eyes.
We've tried Paws Chicago and different agencies that could house him but we've had no luck. Does anyone know of any other agencies we could try or someone who is interested in adopting him?
Thanks for your help.

Aug 09

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Coyote sighting Saturday morning Paulina Ainslie

I saw a coyote walking down the street at 7:30 am at the corner of Paulina and Ainslie in broad daylight.

Aug 12

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Lawrence Ave "beautification"

Seriously people?! So they planted this little tree two months ago and just left it leaning over on its side. Never even attempted to fix it. I gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking they'll either replace the tree or at least attempt to tilt it upright. Now that they finally filled in the remainder or the soil and mulched, I'm assuming this will just stay as is! I'm a fan of the streetscape project but this is incompetence at its best. Wish more people took some pride in their work.

  • I never ever frequent that area...but made a special trip with some friends, in part inspired by the redo of this strip. Is already a little nicer walk, even though they're not done. Had some nice dinner and drinks and would love to go back when they're all done.

  • The Crusty Pirate Old crotchety pirate captain (retired)

    @knot 3-4 Million (US) and growing quickly.

    (someday hopefully soon, I'll be doing the same broadband commute - from the woods or the boat!)

5 days ago

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Aug 13

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Support Ravenswood School with Donor's Choice

The drama teacher needs chromebooks. Double your contribution by using the code INSPIRE before Aug. 16. (I didn't see this request yet on Everyblock.)

Aug 09

Updated 6 days ago

Upholsterer recommendations

We need some furniture redone, and are looking for local businesses. When it was done in the past (20 years ago), we used a very high-end firm, who did a great job, but as we age, our circumstances change.

6 days ago

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Aug 11

Updated Aug 13

Has anyone used one of the transportation services for kids in Chicago?

We are looking for options to get our kids to school in the mornings and someone suggested we consider a transportation services. I see a number of them via Google but can't find any reviews. Looking for anyone who has feedback good or bad they can share. Thanks in advance! here are some I found:

  • Bill 4500 N Wolcott 25 year plus resident

    Sorry I was thinking you child was 7, 8 9 years old... we had older kids on the block walk us to from school SC I would have to agree about the arrest issue ... Best of luck!

  • BillDahl Lifelong North Sider

    I wouldn't put a seven-year-old kid on today's CTA without parental accompaniment for anything on earth!

Aug 13


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