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Lost Puppy

Our husky puppy got out yesterday by Monticello and Altgeld and we are desperately trying to find her. Shes about 5 months old and has one black and one blue eye. Anyone with any information please give us a call. We are heart broken and she must be so scared. (773) 9343223

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Mold in basement, blahhhh

Just discovered mold on our drywall in the basement. Anyone know who I would call to figure out where it's coming from and to clean up? Thanks!

  • Thanks meagancs. We actually did end up calling our home inspector to first help us diagnose the problem. If for whatever reason that doesn't work out we'll give you guys a call.

  • I highly recommend Domicile Consulting to determine what is causing the issue and providing a clear action plan to resolve it. We had a similar problem with our new condo and based on their expertise, insights and direction we fixed the issue and haven't had a problem since. Can't recommend them enough.

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Alderman Rey Colon arrested, accused of DUI

Apparently, our local Alderman was arrested and accused of DUI recently...


I suppose we shouldn't be surprised if and when he gets away with it because of Chicago politics, but statements like this don't make me feel so warm and fuzzy:

“Did I make a mistake? We will see. Right now, I’m not at liberty to talk about the case at all. My legal counsel has advised me to really let folks know I have sought legal counsel and to allow the legal process to unfold at this time. I was on the Eisenhower, but I can’t really speak to it at this time.”

  • I'm curious about the people who say they have seen him and the "real estate guy" drive drunk multiple times but who have not called police to alert them of this??

  • I worked for said real estate guy at the time and it was not a good situation, bullying and misogyny/racism/classism, I honestly was too scared. He had an apartment behind the bar and I was never sure of he'd just gone to park there or driven back to Deerfield.

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Anyone have info about Paradise Garden?

There is a very nice looking garden at the corner of Drake and Lyndale that has a sign calling it Paradise Garden. There are many nice plants there as well as a gazebo and some benches. However, it has a fence surrounding it and I've never seen it unlocked in the year I've been living near it. Does anyone know the story behind this place? If anyone knows the owner, is there any chance it could be opened up some time for people in the area to visit and/or help maintain it?

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favorite (or feared) laundromats?

hi. just moved back to chicago and my building is sans washer/dryer. looking for laundromat recos in the area (few miles radius around north/kedzie). nothing fancy, just someplace with good machines that's relatively clean and i'll be left in peace while i wash my stuff.


  • One thing about Bubbleland is you have to buy a debit-like card. I can't for the life of me figure out how to add a bunch of time on their dryers at one time; I always end up removing the card/reinserting it to add time. If anyone knows the secret, please share.

  • Dima Work at home in Logan Square

    Oh I always just assumed the way to add more time to the dryer was actually reinserting the card a couple of times. If there is a way to add time all at once I'd like to know too!

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Effectiveness of city's lawn builder

The city recently redid about 1,300 feet of 8-inch water main on my block. Included in this project was the "restoration," including new curbs, parkway sidewalks, and repaving the street (all good things). My main question here is if any of you have experience with this turf building they laid down? Is it effective? Will the grass grow back in time before the end of the summer, or should I expect to have to reseed next spring?


  • When they destroyed much of the new sod I laid on the parkway, I didn't wait for them...I just put new seed. Adjacent properties had the city's lawn builder (ugly), and I don't recall any actual grass growing all season. The fact it was never watered didn't help.

  • Same experience here. I had great grass growing and then after the construction they lay down the new seed/insulation mix. Nothing grew back that was last year.

Jul 21

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Increased loitering at Armitage/California

Does anyone know the story behind the group that's been hanging out with increasing frequency at California and Armitage? In front of the bank, and sometimes behind it. Young adults. They're not waiting for the bus...and have been hanging out a lot more often.

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Mozart Elementary School

Hi. I am wondering what are other parents' thoughts and feelings about this school are.
If you have good or bad experiences you would like to share, I would appreciate it. I have a five year old and a three year old and this school is my neighborhood elementary school and I would like to find out what the learning environment is like there. It would help me decide if I should look for alternatives such as private, charter or home schooling. Thanks!

  • Elise Doody-Jones Logan Square Resident

    There are openings at Goethe Elementary School for preschool. Just FYI. Our child started in Preschool tree is now entering 4th grade. It's a great neighborhood school.

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CTA Creep Post Removal Is Equal to Victim Blaming

When someone posts about an individual in the community who is doing things that makes someone fear for their safety and / or the safety of others, and does so WITH DETAILS GIVEN, YOU DO NOT accuse that person of things such as libel, defamation, etc. You especially DO NOT accuse that person of violating that suspicious actor's privacy WHEN THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN IN PUBLIC!!!

When anyone is out and about in public, there is no reasonable expectation of...

Read full message…

When someone posts about an individual in the community who is doing things that makes someone fear for their safety and / or the safety of others, and does so WITH DETAILS GIVEN, YOU DO NOT accuse that person of things such as libel, defamation, etc. You especially DO NOT accuse that person of violating that suspicious actor's privacy WHEN THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN IN PUBLIC!!!

When anyone is out and about in public, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy per state and federal laws, which is why we're allowed to possess and use cameras for still photography and videography.

Telling someone that they can't post the photo of a suspicious person, especially when that suspicious person is showing behavior consistent with that of a PEDOPHILE, is tantamount to telling other people who have photographed suspicious actors that they are also wrong.

I saw a post in the Logan Square forum here whereby someone photographed an actor who was "casing neighborhood cars" and posted the photo with a description of the behavior.

That the post was allowed to stay and that person wasn't attacked by the community, but I WAS attacked by all of you for reporting someone who might possibly pose a threat to the community along with the specifics and a photo, speaks to the on-going problem of sweeping male aggression and especially male sexual harassment (on-going staring and LEERING is STREET HARASSMENT) against women and children as being perfectly fine and acceptable.

Anyone remember the #YesAllWomen hashtag on twitter, and the support that got? Why are all of you trying to protect a possible pedo? What's up with that?

  • All CREEPS, male & female should be reported, you never know what the next step these creeps might take how far they think they can go!!! Even suspicious acts, you just never know!

  • Everett Block EveryBlock Team Captain

    Hi folks,

    Because of the number of personal attacks and off-topic comments, we are closing this thread.

    In the future, please consider our guidelines when posting: http://chicago.everyblock.com/help/guidelines/

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Greenchoice Bank closed by govt

Well, ouch. Hope the larger Green Exchange and those businesses aren't impacted, but that seems likely.


  • I work in the green exchange building and honestly didn't even notice.

  • Carter O'Brien Lake View/Logan Sq native yet Avondale to the bone

    Is the bank open (did the staff just go to work for Providence Bank)?

  • PR

    FYI - Providence Bank is a Christian Bank. Some of their profits go to religious groups. Most of them seem like decent organizations for people who are down on their luck but you should be aware where your money is being spent.


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Grey cat found 2839 W Logan Blvd

Our neighbors found a grey cat with pink collar in their back yard. Friendly and skinny. If it is yours, you can reach them at 312.405.3259 (they are not on Everyblock). Photo attached.

  • It'd be nice to know where she got it from. While there's no shortage of homeless animals, if somehow she got it from a shelter, the shelter would definitely want to know about this. Has anyone tried having a non-confrontational, educational conversation with this person about the perils that cats face outdoors? I was recently successful convincing some folks to keep their cats indoors after I trapped both of them during a TNR project...

  • Logan Fullerton Logan Square resident, writer, etc.

    We did try to have a conversation, had some literature on the matter, she's wasn't having it. It was sad because her conviction was rooted in pure stubborn abandon, rather than on any sort of actual justifications for keeping an outdoor cat.

    I'd be curious to know if anybody had any sort of argument in support of having an outdoor cat in an urban environment? I can't think of any justification, but I'd like to arm myself with counterpoints should I run into said individual again.

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Hit and run, destroyed my friend's scooter

This morning on the corner of Francisco and Wabansia (ish) some huge jerk destroyed my friend's scooter, so look out for people smashing things i guess. :(

  • according to my friend's mechanic, this is actually a miserably failed theft attempt, they tore off the front panel and couldn't figure out how to hotwire it. Lock up your scooters everybody!

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Police Activity on Western, just north of Logan - by movie theater

Does anyone know why police blocked Western Ave. just north of Logan Blvd. Saturday night? They had it cordoned off with police tape and multiple vehicles were on site. Was there an incident at the movie theater?

  • I don't understand LoganSquareGal's comment at all! We certainly do have every right to know what police are doing and what is happening in our community. I'm married to an officer and he agrees. Granted, you shouldn't bug them in the midst if it interferes and is a safety concern. But, we do have have the right to know.

  • And yet LoganSquareGal seems to think we should lock up all men over the age of 25. Then why should she be taking pictures of strange men in public if she believes only police have the right to know about what is happening in our city? Shouldn't that be left to the authorities only? Trolololo is right!

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my neighbors lost their grey tabby Ccooper" on 2200 block of N. Sawyer

If anyone has seen Cooper please let me know and I will try to get you in touch.

  • i'm cooper's owner -- thank you SO much for posting this. he is happy and home!

  • Varagona Music Teacher & Lanlord

    My pleasure! I spoke with Lee a couple of days ago. She thought he may have been under my porch the whole time... funny. Anyway, I'm glad you have been reunited. ;-)

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Old Irving Park Beer & BBQ Challenge is this SATURDAY!!!


Your $60 ticket is for a sampling of LIMITED RUN CRAFT BREWS & BBQ
You're the judging panel - casting your vote for - Best BBQ Pork - Best Beer - Best BBQ/Beer Pairing

Tickets still available so get yours today!



3 hours ago

erased recent Everyblock

Could the woman looking to re-located to our neighborhood asking for help finding a 3-bedroom please e-mail me at klh@mindspring.com..my neighbor JUST mentioned he may have what she is looking for... and we need good neighbors. Thanks!

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For Sale: Gently Used 5,000 BTU Frigidaire Window Unit

Frigidaire 5,000 BTU, model FRA054XT7
Includes remote and manual.
Used one summer only: I'm selling because my new apartment has AC.

Delivery not available.


  • Prepare to get blasted by folks saying to not post for sale items here. I, however, don't mind.

  • How much were you looking to get for it? Email me? Tullis.liza@gmail.com

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Plans for Pierre's Bakery / 2755 N Milwaukee?

Does anyone know what, if anything, is planned for the old Pierre's Bakery site?

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Found Dog

My roommate found a puggle, around 2 years old, around lawndale and fullerton. It looks very skinny, without a collar but it seems to know a few tricks. If anyone knows anything about this dog or has seen it, please let me know. We are putting signs up and have posted on the IL Lost Dogs page too but so far no luck.


  • If you call her Stevie, does she answer?

  • Thanks so much for taking this pup in! If your cant keep him/her please let me know before you bring to animal control. I can foster while we search for the owner.

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Alex Cleaner's is going out of business!

I'm sorry to see this place go. Make sure to pick up any belongings from them before August 10th!

Can anyone recommend a different cleaners in the area?


  • And great news about Flipside Cafe, nice bonus! Will have to try Ruby's, I have heard good things about alterations.

  • beca humboldt park res

    I recommend Wilton's , on 1815 N Western. Right by the Blue line. They have there for years.

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Found: Small Gray Cat

Small, all-gray cat wandered into open apartment today at Kedzie and Wrightwood. Call 815-761-7689, I hope to reunite you!

  • Tracy Blegen Bartels Super Cute Tracy

    Did you ever did the owners? A friend of mine lives on Kedzie and lost her gray cat about a week ago.

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What's that noise?

I've been hearing loud bang the last two nights. They don't sound like gunshots or fireworks - more like something very heavy being dropped. Does anyone else know the source? I'd like to call 911, but I have no idea where the sounds are coming from.

  • Taryn P 15 yr Chicagoan, Homeowner in Logan Square

    At the risk of sounding uptight, how do they get away with setting those off? They are crazy illegal. I can deal with the regular ones, but people are now buying those semi professional launchers.

  • robin in WRP Tired, very tired

    Taryn - they get away with it because no one is calling 911

11 hours ago


Dear EB community,
I'm 99% certain this post will be deleted within minutes but I just wanted to attempt a rally of sorts. Can we all agree to either mute or ignore any and all posts/comments from LoganSquareGal. We all know he/she is a troll of the highest echelon .. his/her most recent comment is berating someone asking about police presence near Logan Blvd/Western (http://chicago.everyblock.com/crime-posts/jul28-police-activity-western-just-north-logan-movie-theater-6281508/#comment-444716). Previous comments have called all men over the age of 25 pedophiles/predators (http://chicago.everyblock.com/talk/jul21-increased-loitering-armitage-california-6268545/#comment-444688) as well...

Read full message…

Dear EB community,
I'm 99% certain this post will be deleted within minutes but I just wanted to attempt a rally of sorts. Can we all agree to either mute or ignore any and all posts/comments from LoganSquareGal. We all know he/she is a troll of the highest echelon .. his/her most recent comment is berating someone asking about police presence near Logan Blvd/Western (http://chicago.everyblock.com/crime-posts/jul28-police-activity-western-just-north-logan-movie-theater-6281508/#comment-444716). Previous comments have called all men over the age of 25 pedophiles/predators (http://chicago.everyblock.com/talk/jul21-increased-loitering-armitage-california-6268545/#comment-444688) as well as attempting to instigate on a post about neighborhood concern over increased loitering near Cali/Armitage .. Actually just have a look at all the comments here (http://chicago.everyblock.com/users/177667/comments/). I know it's easy to get sucked into online tit-for-tat arguing (believe me, the self restraint has been difficult) but let's all rise above ... Let's none of us feed the trolls. (as hard as that can be)
an EB User who actually sees the value in this online community

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St. Sylvester's Preschool

My daughter will be starting pre-k/preschool at St. Sylvester's next month. She's an early September birthday, so we expect she'll be in the youngest classroom (they divide by age as I understand it). I'm wondering if there are any other parents of new students at St. Sylvester's here who might like to meet up at Palmer Square for a play date one weekend before the start of the school year.
I'm also interested in hearing about experiences with the school that others would like to share. Thank you!

  • I'm holding on for dear life to these naps, I know they are going away soon! Thanks, another time would be great!

  • I am so sorry. I am just checking every block now. I have been crazy busy lately. I will be heading to palmer tomorrow around 430-5pm. If anyone of you girls are around. I can meet wed Thursday also....We usually stay for an hour. I live about 6block away. 430-5pm is our best time to meet during the week. Not sure if that is easy for you both. Hope to see you sometime this week. I will be the crazy mum running after two boys.

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Pediatric dentist recommendation

I need recommendations for pediatric dentists, please!

  • We moved to Children's Dentistry on Wolcott and North Ave. We've been very satisfied with them.

  • Thanks all! Several of these dentists accept our insurance. Though I first have to take them to our general dentist and they have to refer the kids to a pediatric dentist. We have a month to make a decision as to which of these recommendations. Thank you!

17 hours ago

Keys Found on Logan between California and Mozart

A large set of keys including some car keys found this morning on Logan just west of California. If they are yours, email staceyballisinfo@gmail.com with a description and we will get them back to you.

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  • Chris I jam econo

    He also was driving on an expired license. He's also had a previous DUI in 1995, and has been caught driving on a suspended license. He's also stated there is no need to apologize to his constituents over this.

  • I saw that. Unreal. Laughing but seriously. It's ridonkulous. 🙈🙉🙊

20 hours ago

Uh - Oh for Alderman Colon

Looks like Alderman Colon was nailed for DUI this weekend. And it's not his first. Yipes! http://chicagoist.com/2014/07/28/ald_rey_colon_arrested_for_dui.php

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Lost Cat

Our cat disappeared Saturday night sometime near Kimball and McLean. She is 14 years old and needs thyroid medication twice daily. She looks like she could be pregnant, but she is not. She is spayed, but has some extra belly. She is mostly friendly and will let you pick her up (just don't pet her for too long or she will let you know she's had enough). If you see her and can get her, we would be very appreciative.

23 hours ago

Volunteers Needed at Remix Festival helps Goethe school

Budget cuts! Budget cuts! Help Friends of Goethe School raise funds that keep what teachers and students need to teach and learn in the classroom.

Just 2 hours or more of your time volunteering at the upcoming Remix Festival will bring much needed funds to our neighborhood students. It's easy, it's fun, just sign up on this website


"like us" on Facebook to keep up on how you can participate.

Do it for the kids ! Invite your friends and neighbors to join us too !

Jul 06

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Is this your cockatiel???

This little lady (?) showed up in our yard today, twice. Neighbor had an extra cage, so we captured her to keep her safe from local cats and kids. We're in the 3000 block of Troy, suspect she hasn't traveled far. Let me know if this may be your bird!

  • Nicole Semple Activist/Architect/Baker

    Hi Gii Gii S! The bird was initially very matted and unhappy. We kept her for a week, during which she did clean up and perk up and started to really seem better. Despite some neighbors doing some door-to-door knocking, we never found an original owner. My mother-in-law, who has owned cockatiels before, offered to adopt her. The bird is now living in a deluxe birdie condo in Gurnee, singing and strutting away.

  • Gii Gii S Bird person

    Awww im glad it worked out for him.
    I like happy endings.
    I came across this last night, as I was going thru the bird section because 2 months ago I lost my parakeet..
    And this story had sparked my interest
    Thank u for helping him

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California/Milwaukee Produce Market has re-opened!!!

The California/Milwaukee Produce Market has reopened! Same ownership, basically the same set up. The owner says he'll have more produce and deli meats this week and more to come (although they seem to have most everything they used to have at the old one already)!

I'm happy to have a decent, clean and nice market in a walkable distance again. Also, the owners are very receptive to getting new products (this is a changing neighborhood...) so please introduce yourself and make friendly suggestions if you think you'll be buying something on a regular basis or think others will be also!

7am-9pm (although, he said probably 8ish on Sundays, depending on demand)
2110 N Milwaukee Ave

  • So happy they opened again. Drove by yesterday and stopped in when I saw they had opened. Always bought meat from them and was never disappointed. Fantastic store!

  • They need to sell sake and Sapporo now that they're across the street from Wasabi, they'll make a killing.

27 hours ago

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Stolen bike: it's gone :(

I saw the kid do it too. Bike is a women's vintage 52 cm Univega. Black frame with all original parts and red decals. Red rear tire, red pedals, red grip tape, and pink brake cables. The kid took it from California and Milwaukee on wed night around 10:15pm. Younger black male with a stupid mustache - he even rode away with my white BMX helmet that has the word 'Albes' on the front. I ran after him, and was literally about six inches from him but he got away. Police report filed but that is worthless.

  • yourhandsmyface Palmer square. Drummer.

    Thanks everyone!!!!! I truly appreciate everyone chiming in - I've even had people email me pictures of other bikes they thought could have been related. It was locked up to a bike rack under the L by the California blue line. He must have cut the lock - unfortunately it...

    Read full comment…

    Thanks everyone!!!!! I truly appreciate everyone chiming in - I've even had people email me pictures of other bikes they thought could have been related. It was locked up to a bike rack under the L by the California blue line. He must have cut the lock - unfortunately it wasn't a U- lock. It actually was my girlfriends bike... The crazy thing is that I was coming down kedzie in a car (on my way to meet her) and stopped at the kedzie/Milwaukee intersection and the little POS rode past me!!! I literally jumped out if the driver seat, leaving my car to the passengers, and tried to grab the kid. I want thinking very clearly, all I knew is that I wanted that bike back. Basically, I was about a foot or two away from him and he ducked into an alley and disappeared forever :(

  • Good Morning. Bikes also stolen Melrose and Pulaski. One from the 1st Floor and one from the Third Floor Back Porches. Last Week, early morning on Monday. Funny, we supposedly have Security Gates that don't Work. One was Locked, they still were able to Steal it. A lot of characters roaming the Alleys at Night and Early Morning.

34 hours ago

34 hours ago

garyegarye posted 5 photos to Flickr:

4 days ago

Updated 38 hours ago

FOUND CAT: All black male? very friendly found around Sawyer & Milwaukee

Hello neighbors--
My roommate and I found a cat stuck on our window sill last night, and helped him down so that he might go home. However, he's showed up on our window sill again this morning, so I'm thinking he's lost.

I am assuming it's a male since it's a pretty big cat (maybe 16 pounds?) and he seems to be all black with no markings, and light green eyes.

I'm planning on keeping him at our apartment until this afternoon when I can take him to Harmony House on Elston.

I hope this helps to find his owner! Let me know if you are looking for him!

  • Jessica, you did the best you could - you did not leave the cat outside. Hopefully this kitty finds his home.

  • As Erica said, what ACS failed to inform you is that CACC does not guarantee that this cat will even make it to adopts. Only 2% of the cats brought to CACC even make it to the adoption room all of the others are euthanized if a reputable shelter does...

    Read full comment…

    As Erica said, what ACS failed to inform you is that CACC does not guarantee that this cat will even make it to adopts. Only 2% of the cats brought to CACC even make it to the adoption room all of the others are euthanized if a reputable shelter does not pull them. And as we have it the shelters are full. The best solution is to reach out to your local no kill shelters for information on how to deal with this situation. We believe in TNR (trap, neuter, release) and TNA (trap, neuter, admit (if the cat is friendly). I have two colonies in the HP area and which some of them are friendlies. However, they are all s/n, vaccinated, and microchipped. The friendlies are on the waiting list to be admitted when space allows. Life outside is definitely a better choice than being brought to CACC where they can be killed when their 5-7day hold is up.

2 days ago

Man critical from Logan Square hit-and-run


A man is in critical condition after he was struck by the vehicle of a hit-and-run driver early Sunday in the Logan Square neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

The man, thought to be in his 40s, was hit by a vehicle about 1:05 a.m. near the intersection of Western Avenue and Logan Boulevard, police said. The motorist then drove away from the scene.

He was taken in critical condition to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, police said.

Police did not have a description of the vehicle Sunday morning.

2 days ago

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Man casing cars this morning (Lyndale/Rockwell)

The man in the attached photo was casing cars on my block (Lyndale/Rockwell) early this morning around 6:30 am (looking into back seats). I called the police and he was gone when they arrived. Just wanted to share in case anyone else has seen this guy. He's pretty distinct, with the hat and all.

  • Craig Born and raised in the city.

    Unfortunately what he was doing is no longer a crime. I still agree the police need to be called but there isn't much they can do.

  • I saw this guy out on Homer and Rockwell on Monday or Tuesday morning around 630 am. He was doing the same thing and looked very suspicious.

2 days ago

Garage space for Rent

I’m renting out a garage space at Armitage and St Louis for $100 per month. If you’re interested or know someone who is, please contact me at mitchellronit@gmail.com or respond here. Thanks!


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