Jan 07

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Jan 15

Luella’s Southern Kitchen to Bring Down Home Good Eating to Chicago’s Lincoln Square this February

Chicago (January 2015) – Chicago’s Lincoln Square, a popular and charming business and residential district filled with intriguing food and shopping, will soon be the proud home of an exciting new Southern regional restaurant, Luella’s Southern Kitchen (4609 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-961-8196) which will open on February 3, 2015. Luella’s will be a delight for Chicago’s many fans of Southern cuisine, who now won’t have to hop on an airplane to enjoy this iconic and varied American style of cooking.

For more info: http://patch.com/illinois/evanston/luellas-southern-kitchen-bring-down-home-good-eating-chicagos-lincoln-square-february

Jan 10

Updated Jan 15

Unshovelled snow on south michigan

Another year another impossible to get parking lot owners to shovel the snow. As a disabled person it is deadly to walk from 1000 south Michigan to 800 south Michigan. This happened last year and calls to Rebekah Scheinfeld, Rahms new CDOt person responsible did nothing. this year 311 complaints are not addressed nor are calls to will burns. It is criminal that the city treats handicapped seniors like this. I am voting for Fioretti, it's time for a change.

  • South Loop truth Poliical activist

    You are a complete and total jerk. Just because one tells the truth about what a racist burns is they are mentally disabled. Let's discuss it in person.

  • South Loop truth Poliical activist

    Let's discuss it in person you ahole.

Jan 14

Updated Jan 14

Police rope off Pedway

My way into work there was a section of the pedway roped off with a bunch of police surrounding it. And some blood on the ground, does anyone know what happened?

Jan 06

Updated Jan 08

Traffic light behavior

Hi Chicago drivers,

Does anyone know why (in the past 6 mos or so) drivers are going through backed up yellow and green lights, resulting in their car blocking the intersection of busy downtown streets? When this happens, it blocks lines of traffic for a mile up the street, resulting in a total blockage and even more bad driving. Trying to understand why this is happening, if there are any laws against it in IL, and how to maybe reduce the occurrences of it.

  • David Lightman Part time head turner, full time jaw dropper

    "that's why I hate driving in the loop" shhhhhhh

  • In the past, we used to have traffic cops at certain intersections that were really bad. No more. I notice this on certain streets, and it's like these people are doing it on purpose. I don't drive but take the bus. I don't know how many times it would take 30 minutes to get through 1 light because of this.

Dec 18

52 and over fitness classes

Fit Results in South Loop is offering a 52 and over fitness class. Seems like the only place offering it in the area. Focusing on mobility, bone/muscle density, aerobic fitness and muscle endurance. Apart from all the other classes.
Great community that brings different neighborhoods together. Gold Coast, Streeterville, River North, South Loop, Loop.
Hapoy Holidays to all!

Dec 06

Updated Dec 15

South loop skate park noise

What's the point of living in an expensive building when mayor Emanuel and will burns along with the park guy kelly open a skate park so the neighbors can hear loud violent anti-women rap lyrics pounding. Messages left with cpd no response. Guess this us what mayor pay to play wants.

  • I can't believe they let that wiesel Bob O’Neill, President of The Grant Park Conservancy, convince the city take TIF money and foist the skate park in that space, which is technically not Grant Park. Their only goal is to use it to make inside money when they take it...

    Read full comment…

    I can't believe they let that wiesel Bob O’Neill, President of The Grant Park Conservancy, convince the city take TIF money and foist the skate park in that space, which is technically not Grant Park. Their only goal is to use it to make inside money when they take it over during Lalapalooza, you watch.

    Combine this mess with the incredibly poor presentation of the headless statues, Agora, and this corner is crapola that would not be allowed near the north side of the park. (Poor organization, wasted space, No landscaping, no lighting, no seating, etc.) They should rip that shiit out and put in another formal space.

    O'Neill needs to be neutered, is this an elected position? And why is Grant Park Conservancy being allowed to represent on Museum Campus and Northerly Island issues when they are not part of Grant Park; that is not legal in sense of the park district by-laws.

  • West loop realist Teacher political operative

    That's what he talks about to gain favor with Rahm.

Dec 06

Updated Dec 09

South loop skate park noise pollution

Mayor Emanuel, Will Burns and the Park District have decided to turn the area around Grant PArk into a place for loud violent, anti-woman rap music played so loud it penetrates into expensive condo buildings. Police and Alderman Burns were notified--no response--I guess this is what Emanuel wants. Now we will have a magnet for more crime and thugs coming into the neighborhood. He must be defeated.

  • Bob Dobson

    Go back to Michigan!

  • Bonasera Pro communist pro euthanasia

    Hey how bout skate boarding with headphones ?? That might work.
    And what if you're a skater that doesn't like rap? Do they take requests ?

Dec 08

Happy Hour Spots

Looking for a good happy hour spot to hopefully mingle with some new people. Preferably a place where a decent amount of people frequent within the 26-36 age range. Would love suggestions on some places to go to. Thanks in advance!

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