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Please don't tag Abe Lincoln

Hopefully those who actually tagged the Abe Lincoln statue in south Lincoln Park will read this and see that your tags on awesome works of art don't make you look good. I'm actually a huge fan of graffiti and that was really disappointing to see you guys blowing up Honest Abe's peaceful place of contemplation. The city cleaned it all off super quickly. Tag something else but leave the city's works of art alone.

  • how 'bout don't tag or graffiti anything else either. buy a canvas and create your own art.

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  • 3 stars out of 5: Neo on Yelp

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anyone have free moving boxes?

Does anyone in the Lincoln Park or near areas have extra boxes laying around that I could have for free? I can pick them up!

  • Call Trader Joes. They get big boxes in the morning and late evening.

  • Liquor stores also have plenty to give away, though they're on the smaller side. Scouring the alleys are the best way to find large moving boxes and people pack them up quite well.

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Volunteers Needed for the Lincoln Park Docent Program

Please register in advance by contacting Sue Hammerman at (773) 883-7275 or info@lincolnparkconservancy.org The registration deadline is October 6, 2014. The Lincoln Park Conservatory is located at 2391 N. Stockton Drive.

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2523 N. Halsted

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  • 5 stars out of 5: Neo on Yelp

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No hater water for 5 days now for entire apartment building

Our entire building (around 100 units) has had no hot water since Thursday due to 'complications in installing an elevator piston'. I'm wondering what my rights are here. They sent a letter saying we would be given a 'per diem' for every day the water is out, but there was no mention of how much the per diem was. I have been unable to take a shower or do laundry during this time. Can I deduct the full pro-rated rent from this months rent (my rent breaks down to $33/day) for the days we've been without hot water?

  • Ben Neighbor

    Please contact me directly tomorrow to discuss. The per diem is full credit per day.

  • Freefall Lincoln Park Resident

    Thanks, I was about to post an update that there's a full rent credit being given. Full rent credit is fine by me

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  • Francis W Parker School reviewed

    I commenced my Parker experience in 6th Grade and I was fortunate to be part of a diverse and connective community. The school offers a variety of clubs and electives and provides state of the art facilities. I am just about to commence my 7th grade year and can't explain the bond I developed with the Parker community in a year. The abstract learning that is taught at school takes the students into different approaches. I love to support Parker by doing athletics. I loved to play soccer and basketball, athletics was a great way to simultaneously bond with your classmates and support your school. The school offers theater and other essential arts. There are many school plays that are performed throughout the year. Parker teaches many music classes. You are primarily given a choice of band or choir. In band, you rent an instrument and primarily perform twice throughout the year. I have family legacy at Parker (3rd generation) and the contagious passion that has ran through the school since my first relative commences his Parker experience is nothing short of remarkable. The energy and enthusiasm displayed every day is great. Parker is a second home, even for the alumni.

    Francis W Parker School (330 West Webster Avenue) Published on GreatSchools August 24, 2014

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Dec 19 2012

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Man pees in Jonquil Park

My husband was at Jonquil Park today around 3pm with our 10 month old son. A black male in his mid 40's entered the gated area and in front of my husband and son peed. He was wearing black pants, a black jacket, a bright orange hat and carrying two backpacks one of them camouflage. My husband just scooped up our son and got him out of there. The guy was gone then and he did not call the police. I told him he should have. Makes me sick. My son loves to crawl around the park :(

  • Bill Gordon Professional librarian, proud cat owner, iPad user

    Take a video of the guy using your phone or tablet. Email the vid to your local police station and demand action. If enough people did that sort of thing it just might help.

  • I can appreciate your suggestion, Bill Gorden.

    I would, however, propose that this is a suggestion a little less frightening to a man than a woman.

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