Jan 16

Updated 6 days ago

7th Ward Aldermanic Candidates Debate

Meet the candidates for alderman in the 7th ward: http://ow.ly/HrYAC

  • Gigi Calumet Heights

    I really wish that Calumet Heights was not in the same ward with South Shore and Jeffrey Manor. We don't share a lot of same the issues that those areas have and because of that, we get very little attention. I went to the appointed alderman about an issue that was going on in Calumet Heights and her answer was "I thought it was nice around there" and I got no action from her.

  • I have not commented in awhile but I felt compelled to after observing the aldermanic debate. The one encounter that I had with Ms. Holmes she seemed to be a tad bit rude and standoffish. This was during time when she was replacing sandy Jackson. This encounter showed me that she clearly did not want my vote and I will keep that inmind during this election.

Feb 27

Updated Mar 02

Good morning EB neighbors

Happy Friday: forgot I can use my tablet have a wonderful day, dress warm be 😁 & safe 😘 🙋

  • Dr. Magic Stuck In South Shore Since 2011

    Elder & Keith

    I'm from the west side. All I saw growing up in the 80s and 90s was the Helene Curtis plant and vacant lots up and down Madison thanks to MLK's murder.

    I am enjoying the trip down memory lane from you two guys. ☺

  • Elder Preacher of The Gospel, community property owner .

    Amen to all.

Feb 17

Updated Feb 19

What A Relief !

Have you noticed that since the liquor store at 73rd & Exchange has been closed, there's a whole different atmosphere in that area, no public drinking, hanging out, open drug sales,loose squares, public urination and fights, all within 75 feet of two daycare's. I Love It!!! Now all it needs is a couple of speed bumps on 73rd st, heading west, between Coles and Exchange, to slow traffic down as it nears the daycare's. THANK YOU whoever is responsible for this.

  • @ bunnieface, a new store has opened on 79th and SS, initially, they advertised food, now it shows liquor. Haven't seen loitering yet ninja's don't hang out in the cold. Prayerfully, the summer months will not produce the same results as the previous establishment.

  • I sure hope it doesn't produce too much loitering.

Feb 04

Updated Feb 04

Good morning EB neighbors

Wonderful Wednesday everyone dress warm, drive safely, be happy & safe 😘

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