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New EHS Exhibit Showcases Edgewater’s Automotive Glory Days

It is hard to believe, but back in the 1920s Edgewater was such a hub for the Chicago automotive industry that it was dubbed “The Northside Motor Row”.  Now,  a new exhibit which opened July 12th at the Edgewater Historical Society and Museum tackles the past showcasing photographs, artifacts and maps that help us get […]

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Andersonville Summer Sidewalk Sale

The stores of Andersonville are taking to the streets! Take stroll the sidewalks between 5000 to 5800 North Clark Street to peruse bargain-priced wares, courtesy of the neighborhood's local businesses. The event runs all weekend, so there's plenty of opportunity to see the sales.

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Police About-Face On Kenmore Shooting, Not Gang-Related

It just did not seem to add up. Witnesses noticing a passionate argument between two men. One of them Demond Parnell who was a creative barber in Rogers Park. He stated on his Twitter page, “I’m an Open-minded outspoken Barber with an eye for fashion and style. I create my own lane”.  One of his […]

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Chicago Bear Israel Idonije Visits Edgewater’s Third Coast Comics

Bears in our neighborhood? That’s right! Local comic shop Third Coast Comics had a special appearance from one of the well known Chicago Bear’s, Israel Idonije yesterday for an interview with CBS to discuss his comic books, The Protectors.  First launched in 2013, the comic is a story about the most amazing and skilled athletes in the world whose sole […]

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Huge Police Presence

Does anyone know why there were numerous police cars and officers on the 6200 block of North Wayne Ave. and in the alley behind this block?

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    Makes absolutely no sense to reroute buses for EdgeFest this weekend instead of during the actual festival weekend--did CTA decide it needed a 4-hr dress rehearsal? And I’m glad neither of our cars were parked on the street, or they might have gotten dinged. (Ever try filing any kind of damage claim against the CTA? Hahahaha....). Anyway, the CTA website site mentions “Granville” and “Sheridan,” not Glenlake, Hood, Norwood or Elmdale. And it was only yesterday. Totally illogical.

  • Found this article / report on the incident that occurred.
    UPDATE: Man with gun steals purse on Wayne


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Blacktop?? Vendor??

Calling all condo owners - we need to re-blacktop our parking lot (just 8 spaces) - any of the condo owners out there have a good paving/blacktop contractor to recommend? We can't seem to find anyone with good reviews.

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Lost Cat?

I saw a small cat running about in the large garden of 5555 N. Sheridan Road while I was walking tonight about 10 p.m. I think it was dark colored and not completely wild because it stopped and looked at me when I called "kitty, kitty." I hate to see a cat out in the park (we are right next to Lincoln Park) since there are coyotes around.

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BBQ Coming to Andersonville!

Andersonville Chamber tweets that Avondale's very popular Pork Shoppe "executes lease for former former Kingfisher space" at the north end of the Clark Street corridor.



  • Indeed, Edgewater needed a good place for pork. Hopefully, this team can finally make a success of this hulk at Edgewater and Clark, which has struggled for such a long, long time. And, speaking of the North end of Clark, the Norse is a great bar with an incredibly good...

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    Indeed, Edgewater needed a good place for pork. Hopefully, this team can finally make a success of this hulk at Edgewater and Clark, which has struggled for such a long, long time. And, speaking of the North end of Clark, the Norse is a great bar with an incredibly good beer selection. There really is good news from all parts of Edgewater, from the Andersonville neighborhood on the west to the Edgewater Glen business district along Broadway on the East side of Edgewater there has been a steady stream of good economic news of late.

  • Sandy in EdgeGlen EdgeGlen since 1987

    That location has been “snakebit” ever since Felice’s Roundtable closed (Lord, how I miss that prime rib!) in the late ‘90s. Every restaurant since then in that space had been AWFUL and few lasted even a year. Hope Pork Shoppe “clicks;” won’t have to go NW to Rub or take the long slow slog down Pulaski to Smoque. And unlike Hecky’s (which won’t deliver s. of Devon), it’ll be nice to actually be able to sit and dine there!

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Abbey My Calico Cat that has been lost since the 7th of July is found

Thank you all for your beautiful messages and show of support. I was called by a wonderful person on Rosedale street to inform me that ABbey was in his yard. I flew from Wisconsin back to reunite with my girl Abbey, It was a amazing to reunite with my kitty. Thank you all thank you thank you .

Apr 15

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Is the 40th Ward doing participatory budgeting?

So I'm reading all these articles about the participatory budgeting process in nearby wards -- some are holding votes, some conducting online surveys, some holding public meetings -- and I'm realizing that I've never heard a single word about PB from Ald. Patrick O'Connor, who ganked my Lincoln Square block in the redistricting. Is O'Connor even doing PB in the 40th?

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ComEd Door-to-Door People

This evening, two guys in suits claiming to be from Integrys rang our doorbell to talk to us about a recent change that might be affecting our ComEd bill. They said they were checking for overcharges and that only they could fix it. We told them that now wasn't a good time, but after checking our bill later, we did see potentially what they were talking about. Has anyone else in the neighborhood seen these guys? In person they seemed pretty legit, even though I've heard of plenty of scams that follow a similar routine. This was in the vicinity of Magnolia and Devon.
Thanks in advance.

  • I've seen these people but they identified themselves as Spark Energy.

    Just google Spark Energy scam or Chicago Energy Provider Scam and this stuff will be on Everyblock or google at the top of the list.

  • Jeff Life long Chicago kid

    This is the calculator mentioned in the trib story pasted by @jenna http://www.ChicagoPowerCalculator.com. I put a fake email in on the first screen :)

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Sifu Design Studio Facing Closure

Per Sifu: "Due to a shifty accountant, back taxes and fines have threatened to close our store. We had a payment plan worked out, but now the IRS said we have 10 days to pay our outstanding balance.

So, on July 26, the IRS is threatening to revoke our business license and close us down. We are trying to get an extention, but we can't rest knowing that the end could be so near."

They're trying to raise emergency funding HERE:


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Parking on Thorndale in Tow Zone

What is going on on Thorndale with cars parking in the tow zone between Winthrop and Kenmore? It's mainly happening on the weekends and most are probably going to the beach and avoiding the meters. Why are these cars not getting tickets?

  • d3 NOH

    pics or it didn't happen!

  • Helen North of Howard for 50 + years

    I'm a little confused here. HC asks why the illegally parked cars aren't getting ticketed. Then when s/he's told how to get the cars ticketed, s/he doesn't want to do it. Perhaps Robin's method works. Personally, I would call 911 like d3 does.

4 days ago

Sifu Design Studio Saved By Online Donations

It is a story way too many businesses face. You put your faith and trust in an accountant that is supposed to steer your finances in the right direction and you later find out you were a victim of terrible neglect. That is just what happened to Sifu design studio. However, this story has a […]

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alamo shoes annual sidewalk sale July 24th thru 27th

alamo shoes annual sidewalk sale July 24th thru July 27th,
5321 N. Clark street, chicago

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Edgewater shooting

5200 block of North Kenmore. Tonight. About 10 pm. Guy shot on sidewalk. Chicago has become a shooting gallery -- cops & pols do little. Time for a change.

  • We need more cops on the beat, who stay in the district.

  • d3 NOH

    They're still full force with traffic enforcement--no we can't reassign resources to fight this violent crime, we have tickets to issue at non-peak times!

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Updated 4 days ago

Need someone to put in wood floor and tile

I'm looking for someone to put in hardwood and tile floor, approx 200 SF total. I'd really like someone that could do both. Any good people you can recommend? Thank you!

  • Thanks, I appreciate the info. It's nice to have neighbors give referrals :)

  • We had a very good experience with Gaby (Transylvania Flooring). He did a complete replacement of hardwood floor on the first floor and will be coming back for the second floor. Reasonably priced and very knowledgeable, but I am not sure if he does tile. 773-396-1991

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Kenmore Shooting Victim’s Identity Released

It was a beautiful Monday evening last night on the 5200 block of Kenmore Ave as some neighbor’s gathered with friends on a deck for dinner, some senior citizens gathered in their outdoor courtyard to chat and 20+ children finished a day at Epworth church’s shelter. That all ended around 10p.m. with a very horrific shooting that left […]

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Andersonville sidewalk sale on July 25-27

Participating merchants will stretch from 5000 to 5800 N. Clark St.; among the many vendors taking part are Akira, Early to Bed, Women & Children First, Room Service Chicago, Alamo Shoes, Toys Et Cetera, Swedish American Museum, Notice and Presence.

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8:30pm-11pm: 48th Ward Movie Fest - Pitch Perfect (Senn Park, 1501 Thorndale)

All installation should be completed by Monday, July 21. Some sewer work needed at Glenwood and Bryn Mawr. All signs will be removed by Monday, July 21. Testing will follow.

In back of Senn High School (Thorndale and Greenview)

Raven Theatre (6157 N. Clark)

This article has 22 other Chicago locations (Show)

Also next week is our second annual 48th Ward Ice Cream Social at Cedar Playlot (5316 N Winthrop)! Come out to enjoy some free Homer’s ice cream, live music and hang out with your community. The ice cream social will start at 6:30pm on Wednesday, July 23rd.

...fed. We gathered at one of two Free Breakfast Sites in the 48th Ward. This 1106 W. Thorndale site , run by Rich and Dori Gorman and Community Christian Church Edgewater, serves breakfast to...

8:30pm-10pm:  CPD: Concert in the Park (Berger Park – 6205 N. Sheridan)

9am-2pm: Chalk the Block (Broadway and Elmdale)

3:00pm-5:00pm: Culture Jam Saturdays at Buttercup Park (Buttercup Park- 4901 N. Sheridan)

5:00pm-8:00pm: CAPS Night Out (Swift School, 5900 N. Winthrop)

...and share their art with the world. Registration will be at the Edgewater Library, at 1200 W. Elmdale and the event will go from 9:00 a.m. until noon...

Join the Bezazian Branch (1226 W. Ainslie) on Saturday, July 23rd from 4-6pm for their small business workshop. This workshop, taught...

Thorndale positive loitering is scheduled to begin at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, July 22nd, beginning at the southeast corner of Thorndale and Broadway (Little Corner Restaurant). Walkers will walk the walk on Thorndale and Winthrop and Kenmore between Hollywood and Granville.

My office and CPD will be hosting a women’s safety seminar at our Argyle Summer Satellite Office (1008 Argyle) on August 7th from 10am to noon. Martial arts instructor Shi Han Frank Roman will join us for the seminar to share some self defense skills.

Ruft Haus Pets: 1206 W. Granville 

Maddiebird Bakery: 1445 W. Devon 

The SoFo Tap, 4923 North Clark, and Care for Real are pleased to present our Annual Charity Salsa/Dip contest, Sunday, July 20, 1:00pm-3:00pm.   For a minimum donation of $10, you get to sample all the salsas and dips and vote the winner!  Proceeds from the fundraiser benefit Care for Real.

Captains Walk Mall (6033 N. Sheridan)

5000-5800 N. Clark Street

Ice Cream and toppings are being donated by the Waterfront Café which is located in Berger Park and Lickity Split Frozen Custard and Sweets located at Broadway and Glenlake.  Admission will be free and ice cream will be available for purchase.

The Selfhelp Home (908 W. Argyle St.)

Marty’s Martini Bar (1511 W. Balmoral)

Parking lot on Catalpa and Winthrop

Saturday, September 6th from  9am to noon - Berger Park (Sheridan & Granville). Focus will be on the area between the two mansions.

Project Taproot: Community, Stories and Art in the Garden Join Green Scene Chicago for free family entertainment throughout the summer. All events take place at the Winthrop Harmony Arts Garden (4919 N. Winthrop). Click here for a list of events

History of Automobiles in Edgewater Exhibit  Explores the history of how the automobile transformed the north side neighborhood Opens July 12th Edgewater Historical Society (5358 N Ashland)

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Man Shot, Killed Last Night 5200 Block Of Kenmore

Last night an unidentified man was shot in the chest and killed on the 5200 block of Kenmore (approximately 5214). According to police the man in his 20s or 30s, was shot at 9:54p.m and the Cook County Medical Examiner stated that he was pronounced dead at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center at 10:24p.m . There […]

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Steep Theatre Sizzles With “A Small Fire”

Steep Theater’s smoldering current production is the Chicago premiere of A Small Fire by David Bock.  Director Joanie Schultz, Artistic Associate, undertakes this her fifth play at Steep straight after directing the Goodman Theater’s production of Venus in Fur by David Ives.  Schultz and Steep reunite since their last hit at Steep in 2012 with […]

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Updated 5 days ago

Was There a Shooting on the 5200 block of N Kenmore?

Walked my dog around 10:45 pm and N Kenmore was blocked off to foot and vehicle traffic. Several police cars with lights flashing and officers looking for what I am assuming were shell casings. A bystander told me there was a shooting. Does anyone else know what happened?

6 days ago

Updated 5 days ago

Where to replace mortise lock keys

We have an old house that has mortise locks. We do not have enough keys. Does anyone know who can replace keys for this lock? I tried Devon & Clark hardware, but they couldn't.

One of the keys has "Collier Lock" stamped on it. Does anyone know if they still have a storefront? Yelp lists it as 6142 N Clark, but that is a residential building.

6 days ago

Volunteers Needed for EdgeFest -- August 2 & 3

The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce is gearing up for our annual summer street festival, EdgeFest! EdgeFest will take place August 2 and 3 on Broadway between Thorndale and Ardmore. We'll have 2 stages with music, an interactive kids' tent with games and crafts, local food vendors and artists, and karaoke on the South Stage on Saturday night!

We are looking for volunteers to help pull off a great event! We have openings in the beer tent, at the Chamber table, and helping run the Bridgeview Bank money booth game.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email ally@edgewater.org indicating your name, desired placement, and desired day.

For more information about EdgeFest, visit http://edgewater.org/edgefest

Jul 20

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Jul 19

Ruff Haus Pets Comes To Granville, Pet Adoptions Today!

The Summer has been bursting with news of some great new businesses opening in Edgewater and Andersonville. Yesterday was the grand opening and ribbon cutting of the new location for Ruff Haus pets at 1206 W. Granville. Alderman Harry Osterman was on hand with his new pup Willye to welcome owner Rich Forsythe to the neighborhood at the event.


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