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Maid recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a reliable and good value maid service?

16 hours ago

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Free mattress.

There is a mattress behind Nookies (the apartments that are north of their building) that is free. It's in good shape with no bugs. Please come pick it up if you would like it.

9 hours ago

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24-Hour Food?

Any suggestions for 24-hour food in the neighborhood? Even just 24-hours on the weekends is great. I'm looking for a place to go eat, not delivery. Used to frequent El Norte and I really miss it!

Jul 14

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Cat still missing

My cat Abbey has been gone since 7/7/2014 . Last seen around Carmen and Glenwood.
She is white with orange and black spots. Please text or call if you see her.
678 662 3428.

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  • Julie in Edgewater retired and curious

    I had my hair done there, maybe there, but it had a different name. Only one salon there. Lady with blonded hair did fine job Hope it hasnt changed hands.

13 hours ago

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Berger and Broadway Armory Preschool Experiences?

I'm new to Edgewater. Hi! I'm hoping that someone here has experiences with the Kiddie College programs at Berger and/or the Broadway Armory. I can't decide which one to send my child to. I know these programs can be very different park to park. Any experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Edgewater Nora Agrees with Pink. Founder, Arka Pana Consulting.

    Welcome to the neighborhood, EdgeMom! I don't have any advice on the programs, just wanted to say welcome :).

  • AMLC of Chicago

    Hello, we don't have experience with the preschool programs, but my daughter has taken classes at both. We found the instructors to be much nicer and engaging at Berger Park. Berger Park also has a playground and a lot of green space outdoors.

10 hours ago

Drowning At Foster Beach Sunday, Life Guards Off Duty Starting Today

A 49-year-old Chicago man went into the water around the 5200 block of Simonds Drive near Foster Beach. The person swam about 25 feet from shore when witnesses saw him in distress. They called 911 but the man disappeared from sight.  When emergency vehicles got to the beach around 8:30 a.m. they were able to locate […]

3 days ago

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Lost ring

I was walking home down Winthrop the evening of 8/21. I fell on uneven sidewalk. I didn't think my ring came off, but after searching high and low for over a week, I decided to give up and see if anyone might have found a diamond and white gold engagement ring. I will be happy to pay a significant reward. Thanks so much!

  • Here's a crazy idea, maybe you thought about it already. Find a reputable physic medium reader . May he or she can zero in on your ring. It maybe by chance still be in your apartment. Maybe we are looking in the wrong place. It's just a suggestion. Good luck sweet person. May god guide you and bless you. I am praying you find your ring.

  • I walk my dogs daily. What part of Winthrop? I'm on the 4600 block.

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New establishment

Anybody know what's going into the former bar at the corner of Paulina, Peterson, and Ridge? It's been vacant for a few years and now it looks as if it's being prepped to re open soon....

15 hours ago

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Aug 04

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Paying it forward, $50 off Tuft and Needle Mattress

Hi everyone,

Just moved back to the neighborhood and bought a new foam mattress online from Tuft and Needle. They make them in California and don't use any flame retardant chemicals. It shipped for free, has a 30 day easy return policy (they actually donate the mattress) and I haven't slept so comfortably in years! I'm totally thrilled with the quality. And it wasn't very expensive!

Anyway, they have me a coupon for $50 off to share with friends so I just thought I'd share it unless anyone else was interested. :)


17 hours ago

  • 4 stars out of 5: m.henry on Yelp

22 hours ago

  • Permit issued for signs


    5715 N. Clark St. Issued September 1, 2014 Comment

22 hours ago

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Police Foot Patrols Coming To Devon

Police foot patrols are the oldest form of neighborhood crime deterrence and it is scheduled to begin again soon on Devon Ave. This style of policing has been on the decline, but since gas prices have steadily increased over the years, Chicago’s finest have been slowly bringing them back along with additional bicycle patrols. It’s not all to ward […]

  • NYCtoRP NewToRP

    Come north....

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    We have foot patrol officers on Morse on the weekdays during both days and evenings. I've asked Commander Waldera to explore the possibility of extending foot patrols to the weekends, as well.

3 days ago

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Free spider plant.

Would anyone like a free,double tiered spider plant? It is healthy,ready to hang,etc..I'm just re-decorating my apt and no longer want it. If interested,you can pick it up on Monday (Sept 1st). I will set it in the back alley of 5528 N Kenmore at 10 am that day.

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33 hours ago

Spanish Conversation Group

I hope everyone is having a good Labor Day!
Just a reminder that our group will be
meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7:30 at the Heartland Cafe.
Hope to see you.


Aug 26

Updated 36 hours ago

Yesterday’s Storms Brought Havoc To Edgewater, See The Pics

Monday was officially the hottest day of the year with The National Weather Service saying that the heat index rose above 100 degrees in some areas. That heat fired up some nasty storms that engulfed the edgewater neighborhood. Around 12:30 p.m. the dark skies let loose with a large amount of rain and heavy winds. […]

  • Julia Z-N Andersonville Dog Mama

    Just responding to a comment about who's responsibility it is to care for trees. I Had To Say It may be a troll or maybe not. Just sayin'.

  • Sarahdonis 20 year neighbor

    Okay everyone, you may or may not have noticed that this thread was initiated about the storm. I sat on my 10th floor balcony and watched 2 heavy stone planters get blown over and smashed. I watched what appeared to be a chaise lounge cushion 'fly' from the direction of Sheridan, 20+ feet over Lane Park to the Lake. There were trees pulled up by the roots on Balmoral. The trees would have had to have been pruned to the trunk, in order to have survived that storm unscathed.

39 hours ago

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twobitme posted 1 photo to Flickr:

2 days ago

Trading Strawberry Plants

My June-bearing strawberry plants have overgrown my organic garden plot in Edgewater. Would anyone like to trade? I could use various garden supplies and seeds/seedlings. I also have mint plants I don't need. I believe that both strawberry and mint plants are perennials.


2 days ago

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bianca prime posted 1 photo to Flickr:

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  • 3 stars out of 5: m.henry on Yelp

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Facebook group for Edgewater families! moms, dads, kids

I thought it would be nice to get to know neighbors via facebook and to share things like baby items for sale, or anything child/family related. Playgroups, classes, nanny search, nanny share, questions about kids etc. All ages are welcomed, just love building a tighter "smaller" community. Here is the name of the group Edgewater, Andersonville, (and nearby) Chicago babies, kids, moms and dads

  • Now

    If you live east of Broadway, north of Devon, or west of Clark, you're going to be discouraged from joining Ruth's List. But if you live in Edgewater Glen, Andersonville or even Ravenswood please sign up. They are very welcoming to those who are very much like themselves.

  • Now

    Oh one other group Ruth's List welcomes almost unconditionally, the NCA crowd. All others need not apply.

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3 days ago

Bryn Mawr Water Main Project Ending, Resurfacing Next

It has been a long several weeks for Bryn Mawr businesses and residents as they have endured many inconveniences due to the construction of a century old water main in dire need of replacement.  Now the light at the end of the tunnel is bright as work is scheduled to be completed by the end of […]

3 days ago

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Looking to rent a parking space

I'm looking to rent a parking space somewhere near the 1500 block of Rosemont Ave. Please let me know if you know of anything.

  • Nan

    If you post notices, you may want to create an email address just for that purpose. I wouldn't list your regular email address, and definitely not your phone number. Too many crazies out there......

  • I saw two signs today on Catalpa about parking available for rent. One on a building on the southside of the street east of Clark. #773-275-6070
    The other on highrise building on Catalpa just east of Broadway on the northside of the street just before the CTA tracks.

4 days ago

Aug 21

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  • rbg Andersonville Neighbor

    So cool! Is this co-ed?

6 days ago

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Best ice cream in Andersonville

No. 3: La Michoacana, 5645 N. Ashland Ave.

This article has 2 other Chicago locations (Show)

No. 1: George’s Ice Cream and Sweets, 5306 N. Clark St.

No. 2: Forever Yogurt, 5309 N. Clark St.

  • I have some Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream in my fridge. Is that good enough for 4th place or maybe even enough to squeeze me into 3rd?

  • HarleyMama Andersonville Resident Property Ownerfor 15+ years

    Lady Gregory's has ice cream pie from Bobtail ... I had some Rainbow Cone left ...nope gone... never mind

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Hardwood floor refinishing

Can anyone recommend a hardwood floor company?

  • JPC 20 + in the neighborhood

    We just used Modern Quality Flooring. 773 381 1087. They transformed 100-year old floors that had been basically trashed into something essentially new ones (this included some patching and repairing at points.

  • Dirk A. Gould 10+ year Resident and Promoter of RP Real Estate

    Cornell Flooring. Many of my clients have used them and they were all very happy. Cornell is not cheap; probably middle of the road in price. But you can expect high quality work.

4 days ago

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Friendly Reminder: Multi-Unit Yard Sale - Saturday, August 30, 10 am - 2 pm

Proud owners of a multi-unit, courtyard building to host yard sale in Uptown/Andersonville/Edgewater area. Easy access from Berwyn and Argyle Red Line El stops, Sheridan and Broadway buses. Non-permitted street parking throughout immediate surrounding area, as available.

Items available include: End and coffee tables, furniture, housewares, glassware, kitchen appliances, decorative objects, folding wheel chair, Men's 10-speed bike, purses, scarfs, casual jewelry and MORE! Some new, most used, but everything in good, reusable condition!

Location: 5119 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago, IL 60640

4 days ago

5 days ago

Trumbull School Redevelopment Proposals Announced

It has been a hot topic in Andersonville, what will become of the old Trumbull School at Ashland and Foster? As a result of rapid population growth in the area, the school opened to much acclaim in 1909. One of Chicago’s most famous Prairie style architects, Dwight D. Perkins, was commissioned to design the building. […]


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