Feb 20

Updated Feb 21

The Businesses Donating to your Alderman in your ward

Here is a link of the most Recent Donations to 24th and 28th Ward Aldermen. A Deli gave Ervin $5000.00.. I had no idea that this particular deli did this much business. When you start finding out where your Tax dollars are going to, you may get upset enough to finally VOTE!


Feb 18

Updated Feb 18

  • gpblight 15 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Everybody! Take a look, there is still...an alternative for 28th ward people! Send this article to everyone u know

  • we need change CLEAN-UP THE CORNERS

    I've been spreading the word and also informed the Gazatte publication. We have to get the word out & I hope she's campaigning. If it weren't from Everyblock, I STILL would not have heard from her...

Feb 15

Updated Feb 15

Happy Sunday

Looking to be a more informed neighbor--glad I joined.

Feb 10

Updated Feb 12

Affordable Housing

I just read that Garfield Park is getting a forty units of affordable housing. Do any of you know about it?

  • Taj's page Committed to helping others.

    Just who is Jasmine Jackson?

  • gpblight 15 Yr East Garfield Resident

    She is a registered WRITE IN Candidate qualified to be accepted as write in. Rumor has it the other write in candidate ha an address of a homes shelter and no plans to,work for election. Did not fact check.

    She may b a special Ed teacher who is active in...

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    She is a registered WRITE IN Candidate qualified to be accepted as write in. Rumor has it the other write in candidate ha an address of a homes shelter and no plans to,work for election. Did not fact check.

    She may b a special Ed teacher who is active in community issues.

    Go to jjfor28.'com her site.

    Look around and see the scourge of blight in28

    All who do not rally to get new representation deserve to live in the deplorable conditions we suffer under,

    Do your best to help us break the scourge in 28 over the past 24 years.

    Nobody can deny stats.

    The best tools are early voting where one can register And Vote on the same day. Go to the bBoard of elections site for requirements and ID. Going to a polling place outside of the ward is a Good idea to escape the spies and any potential intimidation and retaliation.

    Rumors abound about rough intimidation by thugs and how scarey it is. Others talk a out someone showing up at their door asking them to recant their signature to get on the ballot. Those are also fearful.

Feb 06

Segregation and the African AmericanLeaders who Love the Oppression

This article sums up why the neighborhoods on South and West Sides are not the greatest in Chicago


Jan 30

Vehicles being broken into

Last Saturday on 1/24 and this past Tuesday on 1/27, were broken into. The first was parked in the 1400-1499 N. Kedvale and the second was parked in the 4100-4199 W Hirsch. Both were Toyota vehicles, and both had their windows broken and items stolen.

Just checking to see if anyone else has had this experience recently. If so, let us know. I phoned Alderman Maldonado's office on 1/29 and left the person a voicemail to report this.

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