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3100 Block of Belden and Lyndale

Hello -
I am interested in connecting with neighbors in this area to become more cooperative. It's been really difficult the last 3 years to drive down the alley, because people don't clean their area and many that do, place all of the snow in the middle of the alley. Would love to form an understanding so our entire alley is clean, like other cooperative blocks. Would also like to connect for more block parties and community-based partnerships.

  • Sigh but there are condos there as well it really makes me angry because people are so inconsiderate

  • Hi Aimee. As one who lives in the 3100 block of Lyndale, I've got to agree. It's tough. During that storm a few weeks back, I worked with quite a few neighbors to clear the way behind the buildings. We do actually have done decent neighbors

    There was an incident...

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    Hi Aimee. As one who lives in the 3100 block of Lyndale, I've got to agree. It's tough. During that storm a few weeks back, I worked with quite a few neighbors to clear the way behind the buildings. We do actually have done decent neighbors

    There was an incident where a building owner along Kedzie between our two streets had hired a plow company to clear their parking area. The truck left a 4' talk pile in the middle of the alley. I along with several other fuming neighbors, contacted residents of the building to have the owner rectify the situation. Within a few hours the plow was back and cleared the way.

    There are quite a few renters in the area, but there are also some owners too. Two of the buildings at intersection of the alley in question are owner occupied. One on Lyndale at the corner and the one with the lovely garden out back.

    I'd potentially be interested in something centered around it little area.

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Piano Tuner?

Anybody have a lead on a reasonable piano tuner in or near Avondale/Logan Square?

  • Sighryn Roscoe resident

    I can ask my friend if she knows anyone reasonable. She lives in Logan Square. She is playing with the Civic Orchestra tonite so I'll message her tomorrow.

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Daycare recommendations please!

Hey! I'm currently looking for daycare for my 2 month old little boy. We are hoping for end of the month but I know that's cutting it close. Can anyone recommend anything in Logan Square or more south? My husband and I work in River North so anything on the way or even close by north of Ls would be great. Open to in-home or facility. Thanks in advance!!!

  • For Your Child Preschool. We are located at 2601 W Armitage and offer care for children from 6 weeks to 5 years. We may have part time availability for an infant. You can reach us at 773.799.8064 You can check out our website at foryourchildpreschool.com.

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Boil Water Advisory status?

Hello, we received a Boil Water Advisory on Feb. 26 "until further notice" and I called 311 to check the status, she said the water is safe to use now and that the city would not be providing any formal notice, is that trustworthy? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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White Castle

Does anyone know what is going on with the White Castle near Addison/Elston/Kedzie?
There is a construciton fence up around the property. I'm guessing it's being remodeled or torn down.

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Honda Fit Tires Stolen on Belden

Hello All, just a warning... I had ALL of my tires and rims stolen off of my Honda Fit early Sunday morning. It had to have happened after 1am. It happened near 2828 W Belden. I didn't have locking nuts but from what I have been reading it doesn't sound like they would have helped. Keep an eye on your cars folks! I cannot believe this happened 2 block away from the police department. They're doing a great job of patrolling the neighborhood... Not! I am super paranoid that this will happen again. Has this happened to anyone and were you targeted multiple times?

  • Which ever alarm you chose ensure that it has the blinking light on the dash that alerts would be thieves and keeps them moving on down the road.

  • C. M. D. Avondale Triangle resident

    This has been a problem in beat 1411 and beat 1412 - cars with external spare tires getting the spare and sometimes the rest of the tires stolen. Not sure what beat you're in, but you might want to find out if it's an issue where you live as well....

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    This has been a problem in beat 1411 and beat 1412 - cars with external spare tires getting the spare and sometimes the rest of the tires stolen. Not sure what beat you're in, but you might want to find out if it's an issue where you live as well. These thieves can get the tires off a car very quickly. We were told to call 911 for anyone with a car upbon a jack, or anyone working under a car on the street (catalytic converter theft).
    I'm sorry this happened to you.

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Chief O'Neills for St. Patty's day

Has anyone been to Chief O'Neills for St. Patrick's Day celebrations? If so, can you share your experience/thoughts on the event? A group of us are thinking of going there this year on the 14th. We are older 20's/younger 30's. Over the last years we've visited a variety of neighborhoods including Beverly, Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, Old Town and River North and we're wondering how Avondale/Chief O'Neills compares.

  • Can't get any more Irish that Chief O'neill's! My son plays the Hoolie(Irish jam session) they have the last Sunday of every month. It's a wonderful place but I must warn you it gets REALLY crowded on St pats day. Great place regardless.

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Mayoral Runoff

Gov. Rauner says he will not be making an endorsement. W. Wilson says on election day he will be meeting with Garcia and expects to endorse him. Gov. Rauner meets with Wilson and asks him to endorse Rahm. Wilson says he is not sure who he will endorse. Hmmmm....what could be afoot?

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  • The EXIF data shows the background image is copyright Mario Habenbacher, an Austrian multimedia designer.
    Doubtful the websites author has rights to it.
    That should tell you something about the personality behind it alone.
    Thats as far as I go though. My job is to protect sites, not attack them.

  • thinking about it more, I dont know how an anonymous site can get permission to use an image. Copyright requires being able to verify source.
    Looks like this guy claiming Rahm is stealing credit for things is stealing credit himself

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Aldi Development Presentation

The Bucktown Community Organization is hosting a meeting this week hearing proposals on zoning changes for 2339-59 North Seeley & 2332-34 North Elston in Bucktown.
And a presentation of the ALDI project.

Thought those of us in Logan Square who shop there, or are interested in development, might like to attend. I'm assuming the meeting is open to those who would like to hear about the ALDI project. Wed. 7-8pm. Bucktown Library.

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First Ward: Moreno / Run off or not?

He got over 50% but doesn't he need 51%? Anne Shaw had not conceded as of the last report I saw. Anyone have any more info?



  • Loganparkcat...don't say I disagree about blocking the Walmart. Was just pointing that for the person who brought up Walmart. You won't find me in a Walmart or Dollar Stores, both of which seem to line their shelves with poor-produced products from China.

  • Moreno is the first ward alderman, not the mayor. An alderman can't pass a city wide ordinance that the mayor opposes, because - I read in the papers - the mayor controls more than half the votes on the city council.

    In the meantime, Moreno (or the next alderman) can...

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    Moreno is the first ward alderman, not the mayor. An alderman can't pass a city wide ordinance that the mayor opposes, because - I read in the papers - the mayor controls more than half the votes on the city council.

    In the meantime, Moreno (or the next alderman) can control development in the first ward, because it's his job to guess whether the ward would be better or worse off if he accepted a proposal for a new business. Chicago governance is a funky system, no doubt.

    Don't hate the player, hate the game - or, at least, if you dislike the alderman obstructing business, don't complain when Moreno green lights a pawn shop.

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Buyer looking for 3/4 Bedroom home in Bucktown.

Newer construction or complete renovation preferred.

  • Shoot me an email and I'll let you know what's out there!



  • Hi ! I'm a licensed real estate broker & live in Logan Square. I would be glad to send you listings in the area of your choice. Thanks - Bernie . . . 773.354.1066 - countrybernie@earthlink.net

  • I just bought, in Bucktown @ Hoyne/Webster (St. Hedwigs), Closed on Dec 30th. I would recommend Mary Chin from Berkshire Hathaway to represent your best interests.

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Licensed Healing Practitioner Wanted

Hi There! We are 3 mental health professionals looking for a 4th office mate to join our space…could that somebody be you? We are looking for a licensed healing practitioner (therapist, acupuncturist, masseuse) who is as energetic, flexible, good-humored, passionate and dedicated to the Logan Square/Humboldt Park communities as we are. Two art therapists and one social worker, as well as a greyhound named B, make up our practice. We are currently seeking out new spaces to work on, but are committed to staying in this community and keeping rent as low as possible. If you think you would like to join us, feel free to contact me at michelle@createcounselingcenter.com. Have an amazing day!

  • Just a quick note...I believe this meets the guidelines of EB. If not, please let me know and I will remove it! Thanks!

  • Just offering a quick note... We prefer massage therapist. I know it's just a word...but in some circles it has a very different definition. ;)

  • Thank you for the correction! I thought masseuse sounded odd :)

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Tearing Up Streets by St. Wenceslaus

Starting next week the City has announced that it will be tearing up streets in my area, including the Monticello block by St. Wenceslaus, for water/sewer repairs. They've also posted "no parking" signs that extend into April. There doesn't seem to be any provision of what the many people who pack the block with parked cars each night should do. All the blocks around are zoned for permit parking. Has anyone heard any news about easing of permit parking restrictions or such? Yes, I can call the alderman, but I wanted to tap the community grapevine first. Thanks.

  • Is there additional information on when they are tearing up the streets? Start and end dates? I live quite close to where the work will take place, but don't live on any of the specific streets, so maybe they didn't need to notify me?

  • Tom G Living in Avondale since 1994

    Todd, Sorry I didn't notice the exact dates, but it's about now until about April whenever. I should've checked before opening my trap. The fact is there has been a lot of flooding on my block for years, so this is a good thing if it relieves that.

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Yet ANOTHER shooting at Koncrete, formally known as Krush

One man shot another as they stood in the outdoor smoking area of what is now known as "Club Koncrete" at 1675 N. Elston in the Bucktown neighborhood.

The incident occurred last Sunday morning Feb 22 at approx 2am on the clubs property.

Almost 3 years ago one person was killed and another critically wounded in a shootout outside the club (read more here:http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-3-shot-1-dead-on-south-and-northwest-sides-20120218-story.html

The proprietors of the club have been through many City investigations and have continually been given the green light to re-open by the City's Dept. of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.

for more info see: https://www.facebook.com/KoncreteNights
or http://www.koncretenites.com/

attached image from their Facebook page depicts the club is "under new management"

  • Joe Lake Facebook, Twitter, Klout, EveryBlock, Yahoo Groups


  • Brandon G Brewer. Engineer. Human.

    I don't even know what to say to the both of you. This exchange has been weird and entertaining, so thank you both for that.

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Iron gate repair needed

Looking for referrals for a company to repair our frint gate. The cold has gottwn the best of it again, so need a solid reco please.

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The progressive alderman are doing quite well so far!!!

Great to see... Rahm gonna be in a run off? Could Deb Mell be forced in a run off? (lets go tim meegan!) and Colon losing HUGE to a 26 year old teacher.... exciting stuff!

Touche to scott waguespack and lets go Arena... love to see all that Super Pac $ wasted on crud fliers

Mell looks to be a long shot still....

  • Well that sucks Chi - I guess we'll wait till the 11th

  • C. M. D. Avondale Triangle resident

    The Board of Elections will count all the absentee ballots on the 10th, which is the last day an absentee ballot can arrive and be counted as valid (also must be postmarked by Feb 23) . There's also 60 provisional ballots that were cast in the 33rd Ward, so those...

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    The Board of Elections will count all the absentee ballots on the 10th, which is the last day an absentee ballot can arrive and be counted as valid (also must be postmarked by Feb 23) . There's also 60 provisional ballots that were cast in the 33rd Ward, so those will have to be verified and counted if valid. So there's something like 300 ballots still outstanding that could swing the election to Mell or put it into a runoff - over 500 absentee ballots were requested, but only just over half had arrived when they counted them for the first time. Meehan will file for a recount on March 3, so I don't think we're going to have an official final count on the 33rd for a while.

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$100 Rush Hour parking ticket.

Does this restriction start before or after the sign? I took this picture from where I was parked ( on the corner.) You can see the sign about a third block up. I have been parking here for 2 years with no problems but if I am wrong I will park somewhere else. I could google it but every blockers tend to know it all..

  • i got caught on one of those rush hour spots on armitage near calf. i'd been parking there on weekends (so no rush hour) this was summer and the single sign for the whole block was in the middle of a bush. weird when one sign covers a whole block, but guess it does.

  • Sighryn Roscoe resident

    I asked a Police Officer and she said it covers the entire block. Looks like I am out $100.

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Artsy Pub Crawl?

I'm looking to put together a pub crawl with an art theme, and I'm specifically looking for restaurants/bars that have local art for sale on the walls. We will be starting in Logan Square but will go anywhere in the city from there. I know Dunlays, Rocking Horse, and the Green Eye typically have art for sale, anyone know of some other good stops?

  • my art is up at Birchwood Kitchen on North. A bit out of this neighborhood, but great food. only open until 9 on weekdays, 4 on weekends.

  • gavondale near Belmont/Kedzie, cyclist, photographer

    Chicago Diner on Milwaukee has stuff up.

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Found keys

Found these keys late last week in the morning on the stairs leading up to the Western blue line stop at Armitage/Milwaukee. Ping me if they look familiar.

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Car broken into while parked on Palmer Blvd

My car was broken into sometime between today and Wednesday night. No windows were broken so either it was jimmied or the door was unlocked. Everything from all the compartments was turned out onto the floor. Two CD cases of CDs were taken, all my change (about $3.00 in pennies) and car phone charger and ipod adapter. No huge losses. I expect it was someone walking down the street trying door handles. Perhaps the fact that the snow wasn't cleared off my car for a day made it look like I was away? It was parked right in front of my apartment, on Palmer Blvd near Sacramento.

  • Thanks Jeff, I don't think it could be avoided, though now I'll look for a person with a staff!

    I think the take away is to not leave things in my car. I remember now I had a plastic bag of trash and recycling on the passenger seat. Even if I know it's not worth anything, I need to make sure my car looks boring to someone who looks in.

  • C. M. D. Avondale Triangle resident

    I has someone break three of my windows to get 75 cents and a screwdriver - sometimes they'll break into your car for the barest possibility of a chance there's something worth money there.

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What does it say about a mayor who spends millions against a field of candidates who have never run for Mayor and he gets 1000 less votes than his 1st election and almost set a record for lowest turnout ever. Maybe if there was a candidate named Apathetic he/she would have won.


  • Marcelino Gerena New 31st Ward Resident

    Well, it appears that the B of E found enough votes for 33rd ward alderman to avoid a runoff. 2 to be exact. Keep that in mind you 2 voters who live in the 33rd and did not vote early or often and wanted a different alderman. The addage "each vote counts" holds true in this election.

  • C. M. D. Avondale Triangle resident

    Meegan and Mell both have enough $$ to file for a recount, which has to be done by Tuesday (per Aldertrack). And as long as the ballot is postmarked by Feb 23, any absentee ballots arriving at the Board of Elections by March 10 count as valid votes (over 500...

    Read full comment…

    Meegan and Mell both have enough $$ to file for a recount, which has to be done by Tuesday (per Aldertrack). And as long as the ballot is postmarked by Feb 23, any absentee ballots arriving at the Board of Elections by March 10 count as valid votes (over 500 absentee ballots were requested, leaving just over 200 either not in or unmailed) - plus there's 60 provisional ballots that have to be verified and if those check out, those will add to the total. With a race this close, I'm sure each vote is going to be hand counted and scrutinized - regular, absentee, and provisional.

    This race is still a long way from over.

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nssf04 posted 1 photo to Flickr:

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Hey! Just moved. Nice to be here.

Just moved out from northern California. Never used this site before but figured I'd say hello.

4 days ago

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The snowy boulevards sure look beautiful...

So please, don't taint it - pick up your dog sh*t.

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Wayne Electric Building - Elston and California

Does anyone know what is going on with the old Wayne Electric Building on Elston and California? They just put up fencing all around the property. Has it been bought out? Are they going to tear it down and build a commercial or residential bldg?

  • They were tearing at least part of it down when I went by on Thursday morning.

  • Jacko Z just livin' in the hood

    Pedestrian traffic would help, however the size of the sidewalks and discombobulated intersections make it very hard to develop a restaurant/bar. Also the Elston strip just south of this intersection needs a redevelopment.

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Dog Sitter Needed

Hello Neighbors. I live at Spaulding and Cortland. I have two male Chihuahuas and I am in desperate need of a sitter for March 16-20. My regular sitter, who is fantastic, and has sat my dogs for over 6 years, is unable to do so. Does anyone know of a responsible person whom can walk my dogs 3 times a day and feed them? The individual can stay in my apartment if need be.

Please call my cell phone: 312-852-8669
or email me: cztony@aol.com

I appreciate your neighborly help,

Tony Cz

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Residential Glass repair

Does anyone have a good recommendation of a local company recently used to repair interior window pane glass? Thanks!

  • M-nuff M-nuff

    We have used: All-American Glass Co @ 3309 W Irving Park - 773-262-6777. They replaced a double pane window in which the seal was broken and we had condensation between the glass panes. They offer a 5-yr warranty on the repair.

  • Thanks, was just looking for someone to do this.. :)

  • Me, too. They came out today and called back with an estimate.

Jan 16

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Sterling Goss space?

Does anyone know if something is going in here? I noticed that the "For Lease" sign was down, but not sure if it just fell or was taken down...

  • Brian AB live in west btown

    I've heard rumors of a wrap sandwich place, but isn't that so 1996?

  • The sign was back up for awhile, but is now down again...?

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Coffee at Western and Armitage?

I've noticed that one of the storefronts on Western (right across from Margie's) seems to be some sort of coffee shop? I've seen people in there a few times, but there isn't any signage. Does anyone know what's going on there?

3 days ago

Chicago Ballet Center Open House, March 1

Happy Spring, everyone .. well, almost! The Chicago Ballet Center (4024 N Cicero) is hosting an open house this Sunday from 1 to 4pm. Meet the faculty, join the group music classes and age appropriate dance classes from 1:30 to 3. Shanti Kumari will offer a joyous yoga experience at 3 that is open to all ages and includes live musicians. Our 11 week spring session begins March 9 and finishes with our annual Extrava-DANCE-a performances May 30 and 31 at Filament Theater. Registration will be available during the open house for anyone ready nurture that inner artist. 773.283.6510 for more info.

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Cell Phone Thieves!

Careful Bucktown / Wicker Park area!

A friend got her cellphone stolen

"i did that thing where women look behind them to make sure they're not being followed--twice. both times, there was no one behind me. as i was about to cross bloomingdale, some dude ran up behind me, yanked my cell phone out of my coat pocket, and hopped into a getaway car that was waiting for him on bloomingdale"

they're driving around in a light blue or silver acura coupe IL plate: E45 1644

  • What time of day did this happen?

  • George West Bucktown Resident

    Given you have the license plate I hope your friend made a police report. If so, I live in the building on that corner and our landlord has security cameras filming down both streets. I'm not sure how long they keep them. Doesn't make me feel too safe that they are hiding out right around the corner of our building!

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Apartments available?

Anyone know of any apartments available that accept dogs?

  • Hi ! I am a licensed Broker plus I live in Logan Square. I have access to avilable units that are dog-friendly. Just send me an e-mail: countrybernie@earthlink.net . . . thanks - Bernie . . . 773.354.1066

  • Hi Bernie.. It won't let me email you, please email me. Lenhart.becky13@gmail.com

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Structural analysis of our home

Any ideas for someone to come analyze the structure of our home? Recently we have a few cracks along some kitchen wall seems and a few hardwood floor slats that seem to be slightly separating.

  • Thank you everone. This is super helpful.

  • Another vote for Clark Baurer. Our condo association worked with him, and were very pleased. He also lives in the neighborhood himself, so you would be supporting one of your neighbors.

3 days ago

Lost Glasses

I think I may have lost my glasses somewhere near the intersection of Sawyer and Wrightwood.They're a pair of dark brown Rayban glasses that have a hint of blue on the inner frame. I'm worried they may have fallen into the snow or dropped while I was walking. If you happen to see them, please let me know!


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