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  • Logan Dad Logan Dad

    Carter, using a static % of cars to people in an increasingly sense area is erroneous. If that were true, Manhattan would be overrun with cars. With increased density comes the decreased need to own a car as a result of more and more being with in walking distance. This...

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    Carter, using a static % of cars to people in an increasingly sense area is erroneous. If that were true, Manhattan would be overrun with cars. With increased density comes the decreased need to own a car as a result of more and more being with in walking distance. This is the critical point where density begins to pay off. Unfortunately you have to take a "if you build it they will come" mentality because people will need a car until it is dense enough to alleviate the need for one.

    The best cities in the world have all used transit oriented development and the result has been dense pockets of population within a metro area (Tokyo) that are vibrant and extremely walkable with loads of foot traffic and businesses that came in to capitalize on that. It is hard to make a highly walkable neighborhood when the population is too spread out to support the wide range of businesses that are so desirable.

    The building that this developer built in WP was a massive success and will drive so much activity to that corner it will prove to be transformative in time.

  • Carter O'Brien old enough to remember the Super Transfer

    You are comparing Logan Square to Manhattan and you're wondering why neighbors are skeptical? Sorry, you are unpersuasive as you failed to actually address any of the points I made. The beauty of Chicago - unlike Manhattan - is there is somewhere for everyone. If you want Manhattan style density, perhaps you'd be happier in one of the many areas already zoned for that. The South Loop has a glut of housing and all the infrastructure you could ever ask for.

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Looking for a 3 bedroom max $1300

I am looking for a 3 bedroom apartment maximum $1300 is my budget on the high side. I am looking to move Sept 1st. I need an apartment in Logan Square, Hermosa, Wicker Park, Humboldt Park, Noble square, Ukrainian Village. Heated would be ideal. Thanks for any assistance I have been doing craigslist but have not been successful at all.

  • I have a three-bedroom in a privately-owned building in Palmer Square for less than what OP is asking; it's doable, but you have to either put in a lot of legwork, get really lucky, or know someone in a similar building who can hook you up. My advice? Get out here and walk around looking for rent signs.

  • It's doable, we pay 1375 for 2 bed, den, and 2 car garage close to logan blvd

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Can anyone recommend a roofer for a small patch job?

Our roof had some shingles blown off in the last storm and I am looking for a reliable roofer to patch it up. I think it's a fairly simple job, but they do have to climb to the top of a 2-flat.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated, we haven't been having too much luck with Angie's List.

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Found little grey cat

This little girl/guy was hiding under our porch today, crying for help to get out of the rain. (S)He looks about four to six months old; not dirty or injured and seems to be someone's pet. Very friendly! We've knocked on our neighbors doors but no one knows him/her. Looking for a quick EveryBlock miracle because I have four cats that want to eat this one.

I know a lot of EB-ers want to make suggestions about flyers, websites, TreeHouse, PAWS, scanned for chip, etc. I'm aware of all of these things -- just posting in case the owner is scrolling through here.

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Why is Zillow dropping like a stone?

Any other homeowner notice a big swing downards in zillow estimates in the last few months? Any ideas why? if zillow is to be believed our house went donw 25% since march.

  • If people are only using Zillow or Trulia for their real estate research, they probably shouldn't be purchasing a home or condo in the first place.

  • ht ...

    Zillow is not a licensed real estate agent. It is a cpu program that takes public records and tries to make a "zestimate" (hence the word play on estimate).

    Example, Crook County still has my place as a vacant lot, even thought it has been constructed since 2008.

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Dead body found in alley near laundromat on Armitage East of Sacramento?

Body of a male found dead with bag over head in alley?

  • I believe it's time for me to remove myself from Everyblock. Way too many heartless people. I use the word "source" because I don't want to reveal the person I'm close to that shared with me what he found out about a long ago friend & this happened way to close to where he lives.
    I enrolled in Everyblock for reasons of keeping an eye on family members & the areas they live in.

  • Lola, thanks for posting. Your post may be one way that those who knew him but don't know mutual friends or have other means to find out what happened to their friend can learn out about the memorial fund as well as well as the police contact information, if that should be necessary. Sorry you had such a rough time here.

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Want more trees in Logan Square?

Logan Square Preservation, a community-based, volunteer run non-profit working for over 30 years to protect Logan Square's historic boulevards, is raising money to plant trees and undertake the neighborhood's first tree inventory and maintenance plan. We applied for two grants that will provide $15,000 in funding and resources to plant 20 trees this fall along Humboldt Boulevard and to develop a tree maintenance plan. However, we will not receive those grant funds without the needed $10,000 in matching funds. Please help us reach our goal of $10,000.
Visit our fundraising site to learn more and donate today! Any amount helps!


  • Carter O'Brien old enough to remember the Super Transfer

    There is a volunteer organization many of us are active in called Treekeepers:


    I encourage budget-conscious and tree-loving folks to sign up, it's good for the City and one's spiritual health!

    Regarding this project, Nicole and all of the LSP folks *are* volunteers. If the City did this, we'd...

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    There is a volunteer organization many of us are active in called Treekeepers:


    I encourage budget-conscious and tree-loving folks to sign up, it's good for the City and one's spiritual health!

    Regarding this project, Nicole and all of the LSP folks *are* volunteers. If the City did this, we'd be on the hook for salaried staff.

    The City does take care of trees and plant them as able, but Emanuel inherited a budget full of red ink and structural problems such as decades of under-funded pensions (by we the taxpayers, mind you).

    Leveraging grant money with donations is a very budget-savvy to jumpstart projects that otherwise will not happen. Between Dutch elm disease, the longhorned beetle and now the emerald ash borer, Chicago's tree stock is under constant assault. Urban trees, due to salt, compacted soil (and knuckleheads who do things like dump hot coals on them), etc. have a greatly reduced lifespan from their suburban and rural counterparts.

    To the cost - a tree mature enough to handle the stress of the City (think 8 - 12' above the root ball) is grown at a private nursery. It takes many years before a seedling gets that large, on a recent project at home we paid about $450 for such a specimen. Add costs to transport it, plant it, mulch it, and then the long-standing costs of mulching and trimming. $1,000 a tree is far from unrealistic, and this project is also adding an inventory, which is a great idea as it helps with the bigger picture planning.

    I think trees more than pay for themselves in terms of environmental benefits and infrastructure benefits; reducing urban heat island effect (lowering the AC bill), cleaning the air (good for lungs), and absorbing stormwater (basement flooding...). Studies also suggest that they reduce violence and can even accelerate healing (studies of hospital patients who did and didn't have views of trees form their rooms).

    Nice work Nicole and company!

  • Angela Larsen Logan Square Preservation, committee chair

    Wow - what great conversation - thanks to everyone for your thoughtful contributions!

    I'm a member of Logan Square Preservation, and am helping organize the Tree Planting Campaign. The Tree Planting Campaign is about getting neighbors involved in helping to plan, plant and maintain trees. A big part of what...

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    Wow - what great conversation - thanks to everyone for your thoughtful contributions!

    I'm a member of Logan Square Preservation, and am helping organize the Tree Planting Campaign. The Tree Planting Campaign is about getting neighbors involved in helping to plan, plant and maintain trees. A big part of what we are doing is about creating partnerships. Right now we are partnering with Openlands and residents like you to ensure that our community has the resources it needs to restore the tree canopy and green spaces along Logan Square's historic boulevards. We had a kick-off event Sat July 26, co-hosted by Openlands, where over 30 volunteers, including Alderman Waguespack, helped spread mulch (delivered by the Bureau of Forestry, so they are a partner too!) around trees on Humboldt Blvd between Armitage and Dickson. We hope to hold these events every Spring and Fall. You can see details about the Humboldt Blvd Tree Care event on Openlands and Logan Square Preservation's Facebook pages.

    The next step is to raise money to: 1). plant ~30 trees this fall [on Humboldt between Armitage and Shakespeare], 2). over the next year conduct a tree inventory for all the trees within Logan Square's Historic Boulevard District [go to Logan Square Preservation's webpage to see a map of the district boundaries], 3). conduct a survey of people who use the boulevards, 4). continue to organize volunteer tree care days, and 5). develop outreach and educational materials for residents on tree care.

    We are interested in your ideas, and will be organizing a community conversation about the Tree Planting Campaign this Sept. Bottom line - no one agency or organization has all the resources needed - we must partner with each other to make a meaningful impact.

    If you'd like to sign-up to learn more, contact me at boulevardtreecare@gmail.com.

    I hope to see you all at the Longman & Eagle fundraiser this Tuesday August 5, 6-9, and/or at the community conversation in Sept!

    Warmly, Angela

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Are you Andrea Bauer?

I found your Ventra card in Logan Square. Message me if you want it back. I'll shred it in a few days if I don't hear back.

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Comcast Internet Down

Any others having problems connecting to the internet? My bill is and equipment are up to date so.....

  • kubodhi Nerd in Logan Square

    Last night was the third time in a little over a month that I lost service through Comcast. The first time it was down for four days, the second time for three. While last night was only for a few hours, my patience is wearing thin. Does anyone have any experience with AT&T U-verse in Logan Square? I'm thinking about changing as I need to have more reliable internet for work.

  • Former U-verse user here! As far as customer service goes, they're MUCH better (obvi). Our internet wasn't particularly fast and we got the "highest tier" but we also just used their gateway. With a better router/modem we probably would have been better off. As far as outages go we experienced...

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    Former U-verse user here! As far as customer service goes, they're MUCH better (obvi). Our internet wasn't particularly fast and we got the "highest tier" but we also just used their gateway. With a better router/modem we probably would have been better off. As far as outages go we experienced only one in the year we used them. Not bad.

    We never would have switched to comcast if not for the fact that U-Verse won't service tv in our area and we needed a bundle. They're also totally painless to cancel and don't harp on you about it. I miss you already, U-verse.

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lost my sunglass on the blue line at logan square this morning

Hi there, my sunglasses apparently fell out of my purse sometime between getting on at Logan around 9:15 and the California stop. I think they may have fallen out before I boarded. They are brown Chanel frames, kind of old and scratched, and with very different prescriptions in both eyes so pretty useless to anybody else. Long shot, but thought I'd post here.......

  • Did you call the CTA lost and found? If you're lucky and someone was kind enough to turn them in, the L&F won't receive them until the end of the day. I've gotten stuff back before though so it's worth a try. Also Craigslist.

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jules pet shop commercial shoot?

Not sure what was going on exactly, looked like they might have been shooting a commercial, maybe just an on-location shot for a tv show?

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Lost My Cat Wednesday Night, Orange Male, 7yo

My roommate and I moved to Whipple and Armatage on Wednesday. The cat was the last thing we brought to the new apartment, but by Thursday morning he was gone : ( His old owners used to let him outside so he's adventurous and he managed to jump out the kitchen window : /

He's a 7 year old orange cat with some strange dark red/black spots on his nose. No collar. His name is Oliver.

Please let me know if you have him or see him!

Thank you.

  • Make sure you alert your old neighbors and put up flyers in your old neighborhood. He might be trying to make his way back there.

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car flips no driver

Around 2:15am Kimball and Wrightwood

  • Jen60647 Kimball & Schubert

    My neighbor says she heard 8 gunshots when she and her husband were taking their dog out for his last walk. She thought they came from the alley on the north side of Wrightwood and Spaulding. I asked if it could have been the sound of the car crashing and she said it was definitely gun shots. I'm at kimball and Schubert and didn't hear anything.
    Very scary this is twice in the same spot!

  • Jen60647, my neighbor mentioned that there had been a shooting on Wrightwood and Spaulding/Sawyer (I confuse the two, so I'm not sure which) on the morning of the crash that involved the 4 parked cars as well. Looks like the crime in this little section is increasing.

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  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    1711 N. California Ave. Issued July 30, 2014 Comment

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Lost Puppy

Our husky puppy got out yesterday by Monticello and Altgeld and we are desperately trying to find her. Shes about 5 months old and has one black and one blue eye. Anyone with any information please give us a call. We are heart broken and she must be so scared. (773) 9343223

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Don't feed the troll: Tip/Poem #1 - Mute that troll!

Today you are happy
Don't let that go
Take it easy
Just mute that troll

You're being productive
Your eyes on the goal
Avoid starting a beef
It's simple: mute that troll

We know you are right
And that it is hard to control
But let it go this time
Come on, mute that troll

  • Rather than mute, I'd say take over their threads with something totally unrelated, and just ignore them with your eyes and brain rather than with the mute button.

  • Mountain Dew hey boy

    one might call it "hypocritical" when you tell people to mute annoying people, and then make it impossible for people to mute you (being everyblock staff). something to think about.

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Greenchoice Bank closed by govt

Well, ouch. Hope the larger Green Exchange and those businesses aren't impacted, but that seems likely.


  • PR

    After Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple, they went across the street and opened a bank.

  • well things are not Green @ Green Choice Bank for sure. Stock is non transferable but is trading on eBay as a collectors item. Steve Sherman is handling request for additional stock certificates if you are looking to recycle them as wallpaper. Unfortunately this Bank DOA when it changed hands. The Texas ratio was in excess of 350 and there was never sufficient capital to support the overhead or distressed assets. Community Banking is a sound industry sector this is not a good example of that.

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Police Activity on Western, just north of Logan - by movie theater

Does anyone know why police blocked Western Ave. just north of Logan Blvd. Saturday night? They had it cordoned off with police tape and multiple vehicles were on site. Was there an incident at the movie theater?

  • How about another poem, Ruben, please?

  • Alan, I'm simply trying to be a decent, caring and openminded person. If that's trolling, that's a new one to me.

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The Best Things to Do in Chicago This August, in One Giant List

8/16 Summer Shorts. Sometimes a backyard is the perfect site for a summer outdoor theatre. This intimate new series showcases a curated selection of art films and literary reading performances by Chicagoans. (Rain date is 8/17). 1625 N. Richmond. summershortschicago.tumblr.com

This article has 56 other Chicago locations (Show)

...on Europe’s early response to Nazism. Matt Hawkins directs. $24–$28. Strawdog Theatre Company, 3829 N. Broadway. strawdog.org

Through 8/24 Tommy Lee Johnston’s new comedy centers on a painfully shy 30-year-old named Jack who gets a job at a retirement home. When the residents take him under their collective wing, it’s heartwarming life lessons all around. $25–$35. Redtwist Theatre, 1044 W. Bryn Mawr. redtwist.org

...group. Needless to say, things do not go as planned. $20–$86. Steppenwolf Theatre Company, 1650 N. Halsted. steppenwolf.org

...in the Midwest thanks to Sideshow Theatre Company. $20–$25. Victory Gardens Richard Christiansen Theater 2433 N. Lincoln. sideshowtheatre.org

...goods somehow darkens to include murder, mayhem, and lethal cake balls. $5–$20. Prop Theater, 3502 N. Elston. thefactorytheater.com

...also see the plays divvied up into smaller chunks of time. $30–$75. Den Theatre, 1329 N. Milwaukee. the-hypocrites.com

...a paper-thin love story involving the man behind the mole. $250–$350. Goodman Theatre, 170 N. Dearborn. lookingglasstheatre.org

...for an array of women, ranging from society ladies to prostitutes. $20–$28. Athenaeum Theatre, 2936 N. Southport. eclipsetheatre.com

...immigrants working there. Foss aims for the same heart-wrenching, stomach-turning impact. Oracle Theatre, 3809 N. Broadway. publicaccesstheatre.org

Through 8/3 Kaiser Ahmed directs the Chicago premiere of Sam Shepard’s 2000 eruption between volatile, combative siblings as they sift through the belongings of their late alcoholic father, who lived in a rundown desert home. $28–$32. Artistic Home, 1376 W. Grand. theartistichome.org

...Company (see “What to Do in Chicago in April - Theatre: Comedies”). $37–$50. Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont. timelinetheatre.com

...s earlier Reasons to Be Pretty (produced at Profiles in 2011). $30–$40. Main Stage, 4139 N. Broadway...

...debility than how it affects her complicated yet enduring marriage. $20–22. Steep Theatre Company, 1115 W. Berwyn. steeptheatre.com

...both of whom are seeking solace amid an atmosphere of destruction. $20. Christ Lutheran Church, 4541 N. Spaulding. halcyontheatre.org...

...former featherweight boxer Berry Gordy, Jr. $30–$138. Broadway in Chicago at the Oriental Theatre, 24 W. Randolph. broadwayinchicago.com

...enthusiasts, and anyone whose heart is two sizes too small. $18–$28. Chicago Shakespeare Theater, 800 E. Grand. chicagoshakes.com

...the latest of its impeccably sung, indomitably upbeat musical offerings. $55–$65. Black Ensemble Theater, 4450 N. Clark. blackensembletheater.org

...s planners set the course for making In C an annual thing. $35–$40. Constellation, 3111 N. Western. constellation-chicago.com

St. James Cathedral, 65 E. Huron. rushhour.org

...of “Lips Like Sugar”? Today the band tours on a new album, Meteorites. $30. Metro, 3730 N. Clark. metrochicago.com

...any contemporary indie act. English rocker Steve Winwood opens. $51.50–$131.50. United Center, 1901 W. Madison. unitedcenter.com

8/3 at 8 The Irish rockabilly singer and multi-instrumentalist puts a sonic twist on the thoroughly aped sound of Memphis and the American South with traditional instruments such as the bodhrán and jazz-inspired flourishes. $25. Park West, 322 W. Armitage. jamusa.com

...that’s a strong enough profile to sell out theatres. $38.50. The Chicago Theatre, 175 N. State. thechicagotheatre.com

...a sweaty post-Lolla dance party, this is the place to be. Sold out. Aragon, 1106 W Lawrence. aragon.com

...lead the youth culture charge. Sold out except for $3,600 platinum package. Grant Park, 337 E. Randolph. lollapalooza.com

...Alex Wiley, making his first big festival debut. $149 for three-day passes. Union Park, 1501 W. Randolph. northcoastfestival.com

...the air at the Pritzker’s breezy confines. $25–$59.50. Millennium Park, Pritzker Pavilion, 201 E. Randolph. jamusa.com

...the South Loop at Columbia College’s Papermaker’s Garden, with objects in the gallery. 619 S. Wabash. colum.edu/ADGallery

...stars Ivan Brunetti and Onsmith and some newcomers from Columbia College’s comic art program. 618 S. Michigan. colum.edu/deps

...of free-flowing energy. Also showing: new work by Tiffany Pascal and Lynn Christine Kelly. 2156 N. Damen. arcgallery.org

...less inclined to invest in experimental electronic art, Bartlett also shows new collages and drawings. 8 S. Michigan, SUITE 620. bgfa.us

...accidental death of thousands of migratory birds as they smash into the city’s skyscrapers. 217 N. Carpenter. chicagoartistscoalition.org

...everything from the “stupid to the sublime.” (Think Joseph Cornell with a sense of humor.) 2124 N. Damen. firecatprojects.org

5020 S. Cornell. hydeparkart.org

Through 8/16 Bourque, Bondgren & Bourbon. Using high-key color and collage, the painters Rob Bondgren and Loretta Bourque create highly charged portraits of gender identities, from the gay male and feminine perspectives. 327 N. Aberdeen. lindawarrenprojects.com

1542 N. Milwaukee. lvl3gallery.com

Through 8/16 Bernard Williams: The Dark Came Down. One can always expect to see formal innovations in a Williams exhibition. New work includes glossy black car bumpers clumped into impressive arrangements on the walls, like giant plastic gargoyle faces. 835 W. Washington. thomasmccormick.com

...seem to slide off the walls, crawl on the floor, and interact with sculptural objects. 1431 W. Chicago. themissionprojects.com

...these curios—all crafted by women (Lilli Carré, Laura Davis, Carol Jackson, and Diane Simpson). 2154 W. Division. moniquemeloche.com

...comeback for him. Also showing: new works by sculptor Lucy Slivinski and painter Ann Worthing. 942 W. Lake. packergallery.com

...heavy doses of humor and horror. A stolen magic bear suit drives the plot here. 1000 N. California. peanutgallerychicago.com

...into brushstrokes. Contorted poses lend a psychological dimension. Also showing: new paintings by Greg Murr. 210 W. Superior. perimetergallery.com

8/1–30 Bob Palmieri: Lies. It’s no wonder that Palmieri’s photographs depict musicians in spirited performance or candid repose, for the photographer is a musician, too. His empathetic vision extends to architectural details and urban inhabitants. 300 W. Superior. rangefindergallery.com

...these prints will open your eyes and mind to artistic innovations happening across the pond. 845 W. Washington. westernexhibitions.com

...show, juried by the University of Chicago’s Monika Szewczyk, examines the power of text. 685 N. Milwaukee. womanmade.org

111 S. Michigan. artic.edu

...immense contribution to the design field. Rick Valicenti, founder of the design firm Thirst, curates. 78 E. Washington. chicagoculturalcenter.org

...typography. A historical overview of Chicago design innovations complements the new projects. Block Thirty Seven, 108 N. State. chidm.com

...Also showing: Fires Will Burn: Politically Engaged Art from the Permanent Collection (through 12/21). 935 W. Fullerton. museums.depaul.edu

...but the standout may be Haw, whose powerful portraits express everything from womanhood to mortality. 100 W. Randolph. museum.state.il.us

...crumbs and dust left over from those who came before us. Spare, haunting images predominate. 600 S. Michigan. mocp.org

...homegrown glitch art movement. Expect lots of artfully manipulated GIFs, bent circuits, and static noise. 2320 W. Chicago. uima-chicago.org

...60 now-iconic photos. Mon–Sat 9:30–4:30, Sun 12–5. $12–$14. 1601 N. Clark. chicagohistory.org

...just for one day. The colorful paintings include diverse techniques, from mosaic to textile design. 3015 W. Division. iprac.org

...a million people each year, making it one of the largest festivals in the Midwest. 1400 W. Cermak. fiestadelsol.org

Through 9/14 Learn and execute new dance steps to a live band or people-watch like crazy at this popular city-sponsored dance party. Free. Grant Park, Spirit of Music Garden, 601 S. Michigan. cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dca/supp_info/chicago_summerdance.html

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Sweet Cat at Logan Pets looking for a home

I just took my dog to Logan Pet (located across from the Logan Theatre on Milwaukee) and noticed a very sweet calico cat up for adoption there. She is extremely friendly and seems like she would make an incrediable companion (although apparently she doesn't get on well with other cats). If you are looking for a pet cat you may want to check her out. I didn't previously know that Logan Pets sponsors animals for adoption.

  • Diddilysquat 5 year LS resident, Personal Trainer, Model

    Agreed! I pet it every time I visit and she is so sweet! If I didn't have 2 of my own I'd scoop her up in a second

  • The cats at Logan Pets are placed by Precious Pets Almost Home, as are the ones at PetSmart. They're a great organization deserving of your support and their annual benefit is coming up August 16th. http://www.preciouspetsalmosthome.org/

  • Becky, thank you for your shout-out. Brad, thank you for the kind words and fundraiser promo. I hope we can meet you on the 16th. I am a long-time volunteer with Precious Pets Almost Home. I also fostered Claire before Logan Pets so graciously took her in, allowing for more exposure and hopefully a forever home very soon. Please continue to promote her by sharing her link on Petfinder:


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Anyone see an accident yesterday on California?

My bike was locked to a city rack at Francis Pl. & California yesterday afternoon, and was totally destroyed sometime in the early afternoon while I worked. When discovered, I asked around & was told there was a car that hit like 5 cars between Armitage & Dickens.

I know its a long shot, but if someone saw it, I might have a shot at getting some compensation...

  • Where was your bike parked? I live nearby, but Francis and California do not intersect. I might know some people who would have been nearby.

  • Oh disregard my last post, I just realized that Francis picks up again and does hit California. I live closer to where Francis hits Milwaukee. In that case, business owners might be a good bet or posters.

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Alderman Rey Colon arrested, accused of DUI

Apparently, our local Alderman was arrested and accused of DUI recently...


I suppose we shouldn't be surprised if and when he gets away with it because of Chicago politics, but statements like this don't make me feel so warm and fuzzy:

“Did I make a mistake? We will see. Right now, I’m not at liberty to talk about the case at all. My legal counsel has advised me to really let folks know I have sought legal counsel and to allow the legal process to unfold at this time. I was on the Eisenhower, but I can’t really speak to it at this time.”

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Don't feed the troll: Tip/Poem #2 - Ignore the troll

Roses are fine
Violets are dull
Not much for rhyme
But, ignore the troll

That post was very trashy
And the comments? Raw!
But be cool, don't get angry
It is classier to ignore the troll

They just cry for attention
Our anger for them is all
Let's bypass their boycott operation
By simply ignoring the troll

  • Shouldn't you be ignoring it too, then, and not posting a poem a day about it?

  • Ruben provides light daily reminders for us all. He's a good egg.

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Still looking for a decent and decently priced one bedroom

I am still looking for a decent one bedroom for ~$1000. Dog Friendly and nice kitchen please. I have worked in the area for 4.5 years and am a reliable tennant who wants to be closer to my work in Bucktown. Please let me know of any potentials.

  • JB in RV Chicago Homeowner

    Not Logan, more Roscoe Village. Corner of School and Claremont there are for rent signs on a larger vintage building. Nice quiet street. Bus stop about 50 feet away.

  • Thanks everyone. I am checking out all leads. You are a tremendous help.

    Andiemae, thanks for the followup.
    JB, will check your tip, too.
    NMD, looking to hearing more from you.

    I was about to give up hunting but Everyblock has helped me connect with new neighbors. Thanks.

37 hours ago

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Lost Tabby Kitten Seen Near YMCA

Hey everyone, my friend saw this kitten last night around 8 PM outside the McCormick Tribune YMCA on Lawndale and Cortland. Not the greatest picture, but very friendly brown/gray tabby with white paws and a green collar. Looked to be less than a year old. She said it was super friendly and then climbed up a tree. Just FYI if you've lost a kitten in the area!

  • There are three kittens the live at a home on Lawndale across from the YMCA. I see them almost daily when walking my dog. They are very friendly and playful! I don't think she was lost, probably just exploring and saying Hi! :)

  • Oh great! Well hopefully that is the case. Thanks for letting me know

4 days ago

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Found Dog

My roommate found a puggle, around 2 years old, around lawndale and fullerton. It looks very skinny, without a collar but it seems to know a few tricks. If anyone knows anything about this dog or has seen it, please let me know. We are putting signs up and have posted on the IL Lost Dogs page too but so far no luck.


  • We also have a puggle. If no one steps forward, we can take him in!

  • Any updates on this pup - able to reunite him/her with the owner?

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New Business?

Does anyone know what is opening up next door to Emporium Arcade Bar in Logan Square?

  • I know there is a juice bar going in somewhere over there. Not sure if that is the spot.

  • The juice bar is a smaller building nearby on that side of the street. The juice bar has a coming soon sign up. Anyone know about the building with the funky white front they just rehabbed? Looked like something fancy might be going in there. The chicken place has had a zoning sign on the door for something called Q-tine, possibly some kind of poutine restaurant.

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Mold in basement, blahhhh

Just discovered mold on our drywall in the basement. Anyone know who I would call to figure out where it's coming from and to clean up? Thanks!

  • I highly recommend Domicile Consulting to determine what is causing the issue and providing a clear action plan to resolve it. We had a similar problem with our new condo and based on their expertise, insights and direction we fixed the issue and haven't had a problem since. Can't recommend them enough.

  • Nathan Dougal 13 year Humboldt Park resident

    Use an anti microbial hospital grade cleaner available at industrial supply houses by the case and fungicidal paint from Grainger on replaced drywall- use greenboard- and save yourself some money and just have a handyman do it- that is all the mold guys do... Also, increase airflow in remediated walls with air vents ( metal inserts installed in drywall from any home repair supply).

Jul 07

Updated 47 hours ago

Trader Joe's coming to Logan

I heard over the weekend that Trader Joe's will be coming to Logan Square!!! At the old mega mall site. Yay!

2 days ago

Found cat

Friends of mine found this cat at Diversey and Whipple. If you know who this guy belongs to, let me know!

2 days ago

Ongoing Call for Artists

AnySquared Projects regularly seeks artists and proposals for future for exhibitions of featured artists, curated and/ or group exhibitions throughout the year at various venues. One of our neighborhood projects is Art@Cole's, so far we've organized 25 exhibits at Cole's Bar since 2010.

Send projects@anysquared.com your name, website, and 3-5pieces of your current work to be considered for future shows.

AnySquared is an artist collaborative and network headquartered in Logan Square's AnyWhere Space at Milwaukee/Belden. Propelled by a deep sense of cooperation with our neighbors, AnySquared's all-volunteer members produce art events, exhibits, projects and ongoing activities in our community with mutual support and participation of area artists and local businesses.

2 days ago

Milwaukee California Produce Open!

In the former laundromat across from Congress Theater. Bigger space, new products!

3 days ago

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Dear EB community,
I'm 99% certain this post will be deleted within minutes but I just wanted to attempt a rally of sorts. Can we all agree to either mute or ignore any and all posts/comments from LoganSquareGal. We all know he/she is a troll of the highest echelon .. his/her most recent comment is berating someone asking about police presence near Logan Blvd/Western (http://chicago.everyblock.com/crime-posts/jul28-police-activity-western-just-north-logan-movie-theater-6281508/#comment-444716). Previous comments have called all men over the age of 25 pedophiles/predators (http://chicago.everyblock.com/talk/jul21-increased-loitering-armitage-california-6268545/#comment-444688) as well...

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Dear EB community,
I'm 99% certain this post will be deleted within minutes but I just wanted to attempt a rally of sorts. Can we all agree to either mute or ignore any and all posts/comments from LoganSquareGal. We all know he/she is a troll of the highest echelon .. his/her most recent comment is berating someone asking about police presence near Logan Blvd/Western (http://chicago.everyblock.com/crime-posts/jul28-police-activity-western-just-north-logan-movie-theater-6281508/#comment-444716). Previous comments have called all men over the age of 25 pedophiles/predators (http://chicago.everyblock.com/talk/jul21-increased-loitering-armitage-california-6268545/#comment-444688) as well as attempting to instigate on a post about neighborhood concern over increased loitering near Cali/Armitage .. Actually just have a look at all the comments here (http://chicago.everyblock.com/users/177667/comments/). I know it's easy to get sucked into online tit-for-tat arguing (believe me, the self restraint has been difficult) but let's all rise above ... Let's none of us feed the trolls. (as hard as that can be)
an EB User who actually sees the value in this online community

  • Just move on

  • Interestingly enough that crazy post was the first time I've really ever seen everyone on EB in complete agreement! Except for LSG of course.

3 days ago

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Hit and run, destroyed my friend's scooter

This morning on the corner of Francisco and Wabansia (ish) some huge jerk destroyed my friend's scooter, so look out for people smashing things i guess. :(

  • according to my friend's mechanic, this is actually a miserably failed theft attempt, they tore off the front panel and couldn't figure out how to hotwire it. Lock up your scooters everybody!

  • Craig Born and raised in the city.

    I liked your first theory on what happened. "So now we got a huge guy theory, and a serial crusher theory."

  • ch1cag0rob 10+ year Logan Square resident.

    Bummer! If you need it fixed, I take my motorcycle to Motorcycle Mania on N. Milwaukee. Sucks to hear, though!

3 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

Mozart Elementary School

Hi. I am wondering what are other parents' thoughts and feelings about this school are.
If you have good or bad experiences you would like to share, I would appreciate it. I have a five year old and a three year old and this school is my neighborhood elementary school and I would like to find out what the learning environment is like there. It would help me decide if I should look for alternatives such as private, charter or home schooling. Thanks!

  • Every Kate new mom, park walker

    I would highly recommend touring any school you are considering. That can give you a very strong impression about how the school operates.

    We are sending our son to Brentano in the fall (I think they have a few spots left in preK). Its a small school with a strong positive culture and rigorous academics. Its also in Logan Square, which I love. I really want my kids to go to school with our friends and neighbors. Yay for neighborhood schools! You can call for a tour here -- 773.534.4508

  • robin in WRP Tired, very tired

    I have a friend who pulled her third grader out of the gifted program at Pritzker, and now sends her to Brentano. The child is so much happier!

3 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

Anyone have info about Paradise Garden?

There is a very nice looking garden at the corner of Drake and Lyndale that has a sign calling it Paradise Garden. There are many nice plants there as well as a gazebo and some benches. However, it has a fence surrounding it and I've never seen it unlocked in the year I've been living near it. Does anyone know the story behind this place? If anyone knows the owner, is there any chance it could be opened up some time for people in the area to visit and/or help maintain it?

  • I know what you mean, they could use some help but it's "private".
    If you would like to do some gardening, we could use your help at Unity Park!

  • Hi Everyone! I actually live right across the street. When I moved into my building, my neighbor informed me that it is actually owned by the couple that own the building in front of it on Palmer and Drake. It has tax exempt status because it is actually a small church. They mass on Sunday mornings.

2 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

Bucktown, Logan Square, Humboldt Park and Wicker Park Condo Meetings

Does anyone know where HOA seminars, educational classes or any other community events are held to help HOAs with any concerns or questions?

  • Northside CDC does condo workshops that includes topics around working with HOAs. I don't think Neighborhood Housing Services or Spanish Coalition for housing (more local) does condo workshops, but it would be worth reaching out.

  • Jbowman Neighborhood Guy

    Hi Ariana,

    Check out the following organizations that offer classes/seminars year round.

    1. CAI-IL (Community Association Institute, Illinois Chapter) http://www.cai-illinois.org/
    2. ACTHA (Association of Condominium, Townhouse, and Homeowners Associations) http://www.actha.org/


3 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

Effectiveness of city's lawn builder

The city recently redid about 1,300 feet of 8-inch water main on my block. Included in this project was the "restoration," including new curbs, parkway sidewalks, and repaving the street (all good things). My main question here is if any of you have experience with this turf building they laid down? Is it effective? Will the grass grow back in time before the end of the summer, or should I expect to have to reseed next spring?


2 days ago

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Jul 21

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Increased loitering at Armitage/California

Does anyone know the story behind the group that's been hanging out with increasing frequency at California and Armitage? In front of the bank, and sometimes behind it. Young adults. They're not waiting for the bus...and have been hanging out a lot more often.

  • This is a perfect thread that people are concerned as to what's going on in there neighborhood. That's a good think as that is what EB. Is good for. There is a nescitty for these kind of programs. It's just a shame that so many people have the not in my backyard attitude. This place is meant to help young individuals become better people and will in turn make. For a better neighborhood .

  • Dhe

    Warning!!! Long and biased.

    To all my fine neighbors. I make no excuses for my position. As I stated, I am a home owner of 30 years. I have seen my neighborhood rise from what was once "Hooker Alley." We had prostitues 24/7 on Armitage and California. I was here...

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    Warning!!! Long and biased.

    To all my fine neighbors. I make no excuses for my position. As I stated, I am a home owner of 30 years. I have seen my neighborhood rise from what was once "Hooker Alley." We had prostitues 24/7 on Armitage and California. I was here when Tastee Freeze was a bonified dump. When the strip mall on corner of A&C was a used car dealership with an owner who harbored and supported drug use and prostitution.

    I have fought many, MANY, battles to better my neighborhood. Where Katakanas Restaurant now stands, was once a delapidated building housing a tire shop that conducted business on Mozart with no regard to the neighbors. Should I mention all the shootings and murders that took place in the area? When Mozart & Cortland had gang members boldly hanging on the corner and reeking havoc on the innocents.

    We, dear wife and I of 29 years, were burglarized twice, car broken into three times (Several years ago) our window broken from a stray bullet.

    I and SEVERAL neighbors met with Alderman Moreno to express our concerns over what could potentially happen. We were assured that, what we are now experiencing, would not happen.

    We (neighbors who met with Moreno) are very upset that the issues we voiced are now our reality!

    The facility only houses a small number of beds on a first come first served basis. So what are the rest who didn't get in to do the rest of the night.

    I am pro helping young men and women. My line of work involves this service. These "loiterers" are not from our neighborhood, they are bused in, yet we are left to deal with the after math that neither the Alderman nor the Director of LCN are dealing with.

    What to do??? What to do??

2 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

Gunshots near Wrightwood/Drake?

Around 9:30 this evening I heard a series of ~12 pops near Wrightwood and Drake. They occured within a 30 second time span, and they sounded too loud to be from a handgun, yet too infrequent to be fireworks.

Did anyone else hear the same?

  • Joe

    I heard it. It has been awhile since my military days but I did not react to it as trained, my initial thought was banging metal but I could be wrong.

  • Becca500 Reverse Commuter and Bike Rider

    I was sitting on a friend's porch literally at the corner of Wrightwood and Drake at the time you reference.

    It was 100% fireworks, pretty colors and all!

2 days ago


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