Feb 22

Updated 2 days ago

Trees chopped down

Trees are being taken down in the Fremont and Wisconsin area. Does anyone know why? I have not yet heard back from the Alderman's office.

  • Same thing happened over on Belden. I tried calling and writing the Alderman to see if they will at least be replacing the trees. I understand the Ash disease, but it's now been over a year and it's just stumps everywhere. I have yet to hear from the Alderman.

  • Here's what I heard from the Alderman's office:
    Thank you for your email. Alderman Smith does not grant approvals or permits for tree removals, as the Bureau of Forestry is charged with inspecting trees for potential disease and removing as is deemed appropriate. That being said, we have contacted the Bureau of Forestry for an update on the tree that was removed, and will also input a request with the Bureau of Forestry for replacement of the tree this spring.

2 days ago

NY Wing Factory

Does anyone know what's going on with the "coming soon" NY wing factory on Lincoln? I've seen it vacant for a year or so but then thought I saw somehow working inside the other day.

Feb 21

Updated 2 days ago

Police - Belden/Clark

Driving north on Clark I saw 3 undercover police cars parked with their lights flashing at the intersection of Belden & Clark. One looked as though it had pulled over a CTA bus. Does anyone know what happened?

3 days ago

Spring Art Classes and Workshops

The listing of classes at Old Town Triangle Art Center is now posted. Visit our website for info on all of the offerings. Classes begin March 17. All skill levels are welcome. Small class sizes ensure that no one will feel left out.

Visit our website: http://www.oldtowntriangle.com/the-gallery/art-classes-workshops/
for more information or to register.

Feb 11

Updated Feb 12

Projected sign on Lincoln Park West building?

Tonight there is a projected "sign" on the north side of a building on Lincoln Park West. The actual projection is 7 or 8 stories in height at the top of the building. It flashes like a Times Square billboard. Does anyone know anything about this eyesore? And can it be legal? It is in the middle of a completely residential area.

  • Contact the alderman, and have her start an investigation. We've wondered the same thing about the horrible Las Fuentes signage. It's such a great restaurant and has an adorable patio, but the signs are just awful. They look like they were spray painted in someone's garage. We've decided we will no longer patronize it as a result.

Feb 10

Winter Wine/Cocktail Charity Tasting@ Del Frisco's- $25-benfiting PAWS

We are having a charity/benefit that will also function as a wine/cocktail tasting outing at Del Frisco's on Oak Street
to benefit PAWS. This is taking place on Friday Night 3/6 on their third floor.

Most of the attendees are single professionals between 25-45

There is a $25 Prepay option and it will be $40 on the day of. This will include two free drinks and some discounted wines and a whiskey sour to the first 200 attendees

The link to this is here:


Yuu can become a member of this group by clicking the link below and filling out a profile where it says "join us":


Jan 23

Mr. Cub

Rest in peace Ernie. We will miss you.

Jan 18

Updated Jan 18

LIH Welcomes the addition of Eric Hughes, PT, DPT to our Rehab Staff

Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare, a comprehensive physical rehab facility, is very excited to announce the addition of one of Chicago’s premier Physical Therapists, Dr Eric Hughes.

Dr Hughes graduated from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine with a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2003. He has had over 12 years of experience and is considered one of the best Physical Therapists in Chicago for his wealth of knowledge, his individual attention to his patients and his caring disposition.

Stop by for a Free Body Assessment by calling (312) 698-9855 to get an understanding of why you may be experiencing discomfort or pain in your everyday life and begin the process to restore your health! Visit LakeshoreWellness.com to find out more.

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    We also have another excellent Physical Therapist, Kim AuBuchon, PT, DPT along with Dr Kerrie Reed, MD, who is a Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehab specialist - along with acupuncturists, Lok-Kwon Cheng and Bryan Manuele, our general practitioner and gynecologist, Dr Howard Martin, and excellent personal trainer, Annemarie Sampson. Call us at (312) 698-9855 or go to our website to see what we offer

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