Dec 19 2012

Updated Aug 24

Man pees in Jonquil Park

My husband was at Jonquil Park today around 3pm with our 10 month old son. A black male in his mid 40's entered the gated area and in front of my husband and son peed. He was wearing black pants, a black jacket, a bright orange hat and carrying two backpacks one of them camouflage. My husband just scooped up our son and got him out of there. The guy was gone then and he did not call the police. I told him he should have. Makes me sick. My son loves to crawl around the park :(

  • Bill Gordon Professional librarian, proud cat owner, iPad user

    Take a video of the guy using your phone or tablet. Email the vid to your local police station and demand action. If enough people did that sort of thing it just might help.

  • I can appreciate your suggestion, Bill Gorden.

    I would, however, propose that this is a suggestion a little less frightening to a man than a woman.

Aug 13

Updated Aug 18

Retro Swing Jazz Mingling Party For Young Professionals@ The Drake 8/30

This is geared towards young Professionals who are between 27 and 45 who want to do something fun to just get out there and mingle with other people who want to also develop connections with people that you would have normally not met because you dont follow them on twitter yet or are friends with them on facebook.
This Starts at 8PM. The band the flat cats will be performing. :

Here is an example of their work:

The band gets on at 9PM and will perform three sets of music till 12 AM

Become part of our social group to meet other cool people so you can be on the list
Bring your friends too:)

Aug 17

2121 North Dayton - Delivery 2015

Foster Design Build is excited to announce 2121 North Dayton scheduled for delivery in 2015.

For more information about this project please contact FDB at 312-445-9564 or

Aug 14

Updated Aug 14

Electric Supplier Choice Confirmation (Notice from ComEd)

Received a letter from ComEd stating:" We have received notice that your electric supplier of choice is being changed to Integrys Energy Services, Inc......Your electric supplier may have been changed as part of a governmental aggregation program managed by your municipality, county or township."

Did anyone else get this?

We definitely didn't proactively opt in or opt out of anything, so I'm guessing we were switched automatically. Not sure of the ramifications of this. Thoughts?

  • Interesting. Integrys didn't even show up as an option when I went to that site and typed in my zip code. Hopefully, the differences between all the companies are nominal.

  • Be careful what you read on the internet. There's a lot of discussion of the rates for Integrys that were set last March. Back then there were only two monthly fees: $22.36 or $9.06. In July. the city renegotiated the deal with Integrys and there are now 10 different fee...

    Read full comment…

    Be careful what you read on the internet. There's a lot of discussion of the rates for Integrys that were set last March. Back then there were only two monthly fees: $22.36 or $9.06. In July. the city renegotiated the deal with Integrys and there are now 10 different fee tiers.

    I am also sure that someone will point you to this calculator:
    which uses the old outdated rates and will not give you an accurate answer for the new rates.

    The Illinois Commerce Commission has a long list of available alternative suppliers here
    But note that the list does not include municipal aggregation deals like the one with Integrys.

    There is a discussion of the new rates and what to do here:
    I hope you will read through that thread and if you still have any questions ask over there.

Aug 10

What to do in Lincoln Park and Old Town

Recommendations from A Local for unique, fun activities in the neighborhood:

Jun 05

Updated Aug 06

Cosi on Clark and Webster

Anyone know what's going to move into the recently closed down Cosi on Clark and Webster?

Jul 02

Updated Jul 04

Sewer backup in basement - who can fix?

With Monday night's storm, we experienced sewer backup in our basement (West Lincoln Park), as did all five other townhouses in our complex. It's pretty bad and we've been trying to get someone to come tear out the carpet, sanitize, clean up, etc ASAP.

Service Master can't get to us til Sun. which seems too long for that to sit. I know there's a big wait because so many others are in the same situation, but any suggestions on others who can fix sooner maybe?

  • Wet Vac & Clorox for cleanup. See FEMA Publication 348 for prevention at The best prevention system is a FEMA 348 "Overhead" system provided by Mannion Plumbing, 5419 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60651 (773) 626-6466. Mine has worked without exception for over 30 years.

  • Barbs hey you kids, get off my lawn!

    What Ross said, in terms of cleanup. You can DIY, at least some of it, without much danger to yourself. Shop Vac to suck up the water, lot's of fans and dehumidifier or two to get things drying. The worst thing you can do is just let it sit all soggy. Yeah it's nice to hire someone, but a little personal elbow grease if you can manage it will go a long way.

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