Jul 02

Updated Jul 04

Sewer backup in basement - who can fix?

With Monday night's storm, we experienced sewer backup in our basement (West Lincoln Park), as did all five other townhouses in our complex. It's pretty bad and we've been trying to get someone to come tear out the carpet, sanitize, clean up, etc ASAP.

Service Master can't get to us til Sun. which seems too long for that to sit. I know there's a big wait because so many others are in the same situation, but any suggestions on others who can fix sooner maybe?

  • Wet Vac & Clorox for cleanup. See FEMA Publication 348 for prevention at http://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/3729 The best prevention system is a FEMA 348 "Overhead" system provided by Mannion Plumbing, 5419 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60651 (773) 626-6466. Mine has worked without exception for over 30 years.

  • Barbs hey you kids, get off my lawn!

    What Ross said, in terms of cleanup. You can DIY, at least some of it, without much danger to yourself. Shop Vac to suck up the water, lot's of fans and dehumidifier or two to get things drying. The worst thing you can do is just let it sit all soggy. Yeah it's nice to hire someone, but a little personal elbow grease if you can manage it will go a long way.

Jun 29

Updated Jun 29


Anyone know why you can't drive anywhere by lakeshore and north through Irving?

  • Peter Compernolle I love Chicago. ootheloop.com

    pride parade started from montrose and went south a ways. probably related

Jun 27

FOR SALE! 31in. TV. Works perfectly. $100

31 in. TV for sale with power cord and remote included! Works perfectly! Must pickup and haul yourself! $100

Jun 22

Please Help Local Non-Profit, Top Box Foods, win a Grant

Top Box Foods Chicago's ONLY non-profit selected to compete to win a grant in the national Zipcar/Ford Communities with Drive Facebook voting contest. VOTE here: goo.gl/8hzocW (click green Vote and scroll to find Top Box Foods and click VOTE!)

We are in 2nd place and the voting ends this Wednesday June 25!

Can you please VOTE for Top Box Today! We need your help. This funding will allow us to deliver our fresh fruits, veggies and high quality foods to more underserved
neighborhoods in Chicago.

Vote once and share with friends. Vote here: goo.gl/8hzocW
Thank you!!!

Jun 20

Lincoln Park Home Walk

Self-guided, one-hour walking tour of Lincoln Park's most amazing contemporary homes and vulgar McMansions, with a few recommended stops along the way: bit.ly/16vNGKB

Jun 11

Shakespeare discussion group

Is there a Shakespeare discussion group and if so, how do we join?


Jun 10

Updated Jun 10

Large dump trucks by Oz park

I saw 6 large dump trucks circling and double parked on Larabee between Dickens and Lincoln this morning around 8am. Anyone know what's up? My girlfriends car is parked on the east side of the park, but there were no flyers or bulletins on the street that I noticed. Thanks!

  • oz neighbor 32 years in LP

    the 2000 block of Larrabee is being resurfaced...finally...

Jun 09

Updated Jun 10

Car Alarms Near Zoo

After 10pm, car alarms have been going off all over. Are these attempted thefts? And is there any recourse to have them turned off once they have gone off for hours on end?

  • You can call 311 and they will ticket the car(s). I don't think they can do much more though.

  • They can find the owner's address and reverse 911 them. If they are home, perhaps they can come shut the alarm off. Worked for me once.

Jun 05

Updated Jun 06

Cosi on Clark and Webster

Anyone know what's going to move into the recently closed down Cosi on Clark and Webster?

  • So sad that it closed! I'm also curious what will go in there!

May 31

Updated Jun 03

City sticker renewal

Another example of poor city planning. City inundated with requests for parking stickers. The number of requests should have been anticipated and that it would easily overwhelm the crappy wifi network at the city clerk office. Line out Michelle smiths office goes halfway to wrightwood.

  • BSR

    This is one of the reasons the city is moving to year round city stickers versus just once a year.

  • Debbie Lincoln Park resident

    Thanks Jim. If that were better publicized, the lines would be shorter!

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