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Mariachi band still playing at 11:13pm

Isn't there a noise ordinance time limit between 9pm-8am? Some place behind Noble St I want to say is throwing a house backyard party outside with a live mariachi band. I can hear them and I live 2 blocks over and in the back of of the building and can clearly hear them. Why has the police not stopped them and is this not annoying any of my other neighbors?? I can't sleep!!

  • DA long time neighbor

    I live on Noble near the park and I didn't hear anything but do sympathize w you. Since I live by the park, we often have to put up w people playing ball and/or drinking well past midnight. The police will do nothing unless we call them so I suggest you do the same next time especially when you have to get up early the next day.

  • The band was pleasant and understandably it was a Saturday night.... I'm sure we all had party's or attended one that carried on till midnight at one time in our lives... Instead of me complaining I decided to sit on my balcony with a glass of wine and enjoy it...

Jul 30

More baked goods in the hood

Coming holidays 2014 to location previous had by Argo Tea at Armitage and Sheffield.

Jul 17

Updated Jul 18

Drainage specialist?

We have an older building that is suffering this rainy season. Does anyone has recommendation on effective, established company specializing in sump pumps/drainage and old buildings?!

  • Call Jeff at The Plumbing Department, Inc. He has worked on several vintage buildings for me in the past and is great ! 773-617-3686

Jul 02

Updated Jul 04

Sewer backup in basement - who can fix?

With Monday night's storm, we experienced sewer backup in our basement (West Lincoln Park), as did all five other townhouses in our complex. It's pretty bad and we've been trying to get someone to come tear out the carpet, sanitize, clean up, etc ASAP.

Service Master can't get to us til Sun. which seems too long for that to sit. I know there's a big wait because so many others are in the same situation, but any suggestions on others who can fix sooner maybe?

  • Wet Vac & Clorox for cleanup. See FEMA Publication 348 for prevention at http://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/3729 The best prevention system is a FEMA 348 "Overhead" system provided by Mannion Plumbing, 5419 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60651 (773) 626-6466. Mine has worked without exception for over 30 years.

  • Barbs hey you kids, get off my lawn!

    What Ross said, in terms of cleanup. You can DIY, at least some of it, without much danger to yourself. Shop Vac to suck up the water, lot's of fans and dehumidifier or two to get things drying. The worst thing you can do is just let it sit all soggy. Yeah it's nice to hire someone, but a little personal elbow grease if you can manage it will go a long way.

Jun 24

Updated Jun 25

Clybourn Shaking

Anyone know what causes the violent shaking of foundation like an earthquake and literally happens weekly around Clybourn/Cortland? Could it negatively impact a home's foundation?

  • Wendi on Maud Interested in local news

    Yes, the company is General Iron.

  • I live closer to Clybourn & Wrightwood and we get shaking from the trains. Turns out the railroad has known they need to fix the viaduct over Wrightwood, but the city hasn't put pressure. Bricks crumble off of buildings by me after trains pass.

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