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Weekly Update from Your Alderman – September 26, 2014

...hearing for Daniel Grunauer. Daniel is currently being held without bail for the burglary at 5900 N Sheridan Rd. He is also a suspect in several arson related fires in the area including one...

5700 N. Winthrop closure – September 29 On Monday, 9/29, the 5700 block of North Winthrop will be...

...to through traffic during the day. This is to assist with a steel delivery for 5718 N. Winthrop. They will be staging a 70 ton crane with outriggers at 28′ wide.  Winthrop Ave...

...a beverage. Tickets go on sale Monday, September 22, 2014 in Senn’s Main Office (5900 N. Glenwood) and at the Alderman’s Office (5533 N. Broadway). Tickets are priced at $15.00...

...2014 in Senn’s Main Office (5900 N. Glenwood) and at the Alderman’s Office (5533 N. Broadway). Tickets are priced at $15.00 for adults and teens and $5.00 for children...

Rivendell Theatre Ensemble (5779 N Ridge Ave) A whip-smart and shocking version of a classic tale of lust, love, horror, and the depravity which lurks within us all. Tickets available online at the Idle Muse Box Office or by phone at 773-340-9438

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...Edgewater Fall Art Fair will take place this Saturday and Sunday from 11am-6pm on Granville and Kenmore. The fair will feature 100 Chicago artists, live music, children’s activities, a beer garden...

Historic Somerset Place Grand Opening October 2, 2014 at 6:00pm, 5009 N. Sheridan Road

...interested in an excellent early childhood program to attend open houses at our Primary Campus 6216 N. Glenwood Ave. We encourage families who are interested in transferring into older grades to schedule a personal...

...5K will begin at Granville at Kenmore.Packet pick-up is at Edgewater Athletic Club (1040 W. Granville) on Friday, Sept. 26, 3 – 7 p.m. and Saturday, Sept. 27, 8 a.m...

Parking: There will be limited parking in the Loyola parking structure at Sheridan and Winthrop. We encourage participants to take public transportation, walk or bike to the race.

At the Beer Garden (entrance on Broadway just south of Granville, through the alley next to The Pumpkin Company)

...the charity partner for the October 9 Bingo for a Cause benefit at Call Bar, 1547 W. Bryn Mawr.  Kick off at 7:30pm with cocktail specials and lots of crazy prizes including dinner...

The car will be at the northeast corner of Berwyn and Clark

Community Gang Education Awareness Course  Wednesday evenings October 1-22 from 6:30-8:00pm Devry University (3300 N. Campbell) Must RSVP by 9/24/14Click here for more information

Landlord/Tenant Workshop Series October 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd from 6pm-9pm Loyola University (1020 W. Sheridan Rd) Participants will learn about leases, the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance, Fair Housing guidelines, building...

Sidewalk & Yard Sale October 4, 9am – 4pm Winona and Marine Drive (near Foster) Come out and shop for great treasures and meet your neighbors in this annual fund-raising event.

...Heartland Health Center Various dates listed below, from 1:00pm-2:30pm Heartland Health Center (1300 W. Devon) Presented by Loyola University’s Marcella Neihoff School of Nursing October 21st: Getting a Good...

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Chicago Ethnic Food Tours Focus in Uptown and Andersonville

Having lived in Edgewater for several years and dining in both Uptown and Andersonville, I thought I knew a lot about our local eateries, bars, ethnic grocery gems, neighborhood symbols and historical roots. But on my recent trip with Phyllis Petrilli of the Chicago Ethnic Food Tours, I realized I knew very little of my neighborhood and […]

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Flower store

Does anyone know why the flower store closed?

  • If it the place that I am thinking of, I think the owner may have retired or something. Again, I maybe be thinking of another florist, but this was located on Bryn Mawr just east of the L and on the north side of the street. I hope things are treating him well!

  • Scott that's the one , thanks

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Speed Bumps on 5600 block of Kenmore

I'm interested if anybody can tell me what the process of requesting speed bumps on the street would be? There are speed bumps on every street around u, even in our alleys but people drive so fast to make the light at Kenmore in Hollywood.

Last week our two-year-old pug was hit by one of those cars trying to make a green light.

  • Suzanne Loose edgewater resident

    My husband went through the Edgewater Beach Neighborhood Association to get one on the 5300 block of Kenmore a few years ago.

  • rmissliz 10 year resident uptown

    I am so sorry this happened. No dog should have to go through an injury like that one.
    It involves getting a petition signed by your neighbors. Contact your alderman and they can help you through the process. It's pretty smooth. Again, I'm so sorry!

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These nearby schools are looking for financial help on DonorsChoose.org:

  • "Perfect Copies"

    Ms. Plaza is asking for $174.67:
    My students need ink cartridges so that they can have copies available to them of important materials that are being covered in second grade.
    G B Swift Elementary Specialty School Comment
  • "Awesome Organizational Skills For 2nd Graders"

    Ms. Plaza is asking for $197.11:
    My students need thirty binders, dry erase markers, and scotch tape.
    G B Swift Elementary Specialty School Comment
  • "Technology for the Future"

    Ms. Plaza is asking for $1074.15:
    My students need 1 iPad Air with 1 protective case so that they can research and complete classroom assignments. This will also assist ESL students.
    G B Swift Elementary Specialty School Comment

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Whole Foods To Present New Edgewater Store Plans, Seeks Liquor License

Construction of the new Whole Foods at 6009 N. Broadway has been in full swing. With a vastly different interior layout than the previous Dominick’s grocery store, the opening of the new Edgewater store is not expected until sometime in 2015. With much anticipation, many residents have been looking forward to an update on the […]

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Internet options

I have Direct TV and am considering using their internet option also. Has anyone used them? I have DSL right now with AT&T and am not happy at all. thanks in advance

  • Is DirectTV's internet service provided over satellite or do they borrow it from ATT's wires? If it's by satellite, what are weather outages like?

  • JCV

    DirecTV partners with other providers to provide its Internet and phone bundles. Primarily AT&T when it's available in the customer's area, but several others. They don't provide satellite Internet service themselves, but in cases where there are no other options (i.e. the customer lives in a remote/rural area) they partner with HughesNet, which is the largest satellite internet service provider out there. Speeds on satellite service are typically much slower than cable/DSL, though Hughes has a new "Gen4" service that provides 10Mbs service for about $60/month.

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Cat seen at Glenwood and Early

Came across this cat tonight. Super sweet and affectionate. She seemed very comfortable outdoors so we let her go on her way, but I just wanted to check to see if anyone was looking for her.

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Bravo Broadway Bike Lane

Haven't been on my bike for about 4 YEARS -- I went on a short ride today and was so happy about the bike lane on Broadway (around Wilson Avenue). A short stretch that made me feel so safe ... I hope more streets have been rebuilt this way.

Is there a map or something that shows which streets have been revamped for bike commuters?

Sep 13

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Awning over the side door of my Georgian brick house is falling off...

I never thought of shaking snow off the awning over my side door and the snowfall last winter brought part of it down. It is hanging on by a thread. I worry that it will fall on my head or children's head this winter.

Know anyone who repairs these things? Looks like some huge bolts came out of the brick too .. I don't even know where to begin this project.

  • Seth Captain Real estate agent with a Conscience & a Lollipop

    This is the website to a guy I know that makes a variety of awnings. Extremely reliable and professional, and honest. Not sure if he does repairs, but worth calling to get some info or direction: His name is Michael, site: arkelproducts.us

  • Thank you Captain Seth. I had a new red awning installed. Michael@ arkelproducts.us was very kind and very professional. Thank you for the recommendation.

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Does anyone know what the fireworks barrage we are experiencing is all about?

  • ScottPhillips Long time RP resident

    Very cool that Loyola puts on a great show for the students and their parents.

    It's a great contrast to all the negative things happening in our neighborhood of late.

  • Edgewater sucks....

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It's Sunday, I'm trying to sleep in but can't because all I hear are cheers and people screaming.... What is going on??? It's too early for this!!!!

Sep 20

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What Can I Do?

I Have Called 24th District On Several Occasions About My Down Stairs Neighbor Having The Building Smell Like Marijuana. I Explain That There Is Kids And Families Who Live In The Building. 24th District Always Tells Me Somebody Will Be There In 15 Minutes & No One Ever Shows Up. It Occasionally Smells Like They Are Smoking & Growing It. And They Still Do Nothing! I Wanted To Know What Else I Could Do In Order To Get Someone Here When There Is A Arroma Of Marijuana In The Air.

  • Molly: I note a huge contradiction in your statements in the foregoing.

    From September 27:

    you can help your own situation by opening the lines of communication. Your last post seems petty and not really productive. (to me anyway)

    I have and they don't want to do anything!...

    Read full comment…

    Molly: I note a huge contradiction in your statements in the foregoing.

    From September 27:

    you can help your own situation by opening the lines of communication. Your last post seems petty and not really productive. (to me anyway)

    I have and they don't want to do anything! And I simply don't care what you think of my post if it made you feel that way you should have never comment then! :)"

    From September 20, above:

    Have you spoken to your neighbor?

    The One Who Is Causing The Smell? No!"

    So, which is it? Just curious.

  • I wonder what is going to happen when marijuana is officially up and running as a legalized form of medication. I was watching a news show and unfortunately only caught the last few minutes but they were talking about all the money that Colorado was making from this industry. Think...

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    I wonder what is going to happen when marijuana is officially up and running as a legalized form of medication. I was watching a news show and unfortunately only caught the last few minutes but they were talking about all the money that Colorado was making from this industry. Think of all the people who are filling our jails for a joint and costing tax payers major money. I say make it a taxable source of revenue that this money starved state can use and learn from the states that have already gone the way of legalizing it. Marijuana is similar to alcohol in my opinion where as people should not drive, work or do similar activities that you can't do when drinking. But when at home relaxing, or at the beach (yes, I know, no smoking at the beach…I'm a rebel) people should be able to use responsibly. Far less violent crimes with marijuana than alcohol. I think Illinois is giving it a 3 year trial…am I correct? I could be totally wrong. With every state doing something differently, it is hard to keep track.

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Hey Edgeville, Have You Had your Greens Today?

As cliché as it sounds with KALE being ‘the new black’, consuming daily greens is an easy way to improve your overall health. Dark leafy greens are responsible for a wide array of health benefits such as purifying blood, preventing cancer, improving circulation, strengthening your immune system and improved liver, gall bladder and kidney function. […]

  • I Had To Say It Reality does not equal negativity.

    Funny, 6 years ago nobody on this entire north side lake front even knew what kale was. I needed some for a recipe and had to drive to the suburbs to get it. I did find it in one store here but it was yellow. Next thing ya know yo-yos will be all the rage again.

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DNAInfo Covers Clark Devon Hardware Article in Popular Mechanics

Did EveryBlock know that Clark Devon Hardware was the focus of a piece in September issue of Popular Mechanics all about the Great American Hardware Store - an Appreciation by Ted Allen? DNAinfo covered the coverage, which highlighted the people at the store who really help you find what you need. Here's the link
Tried to post this via EB's media link, but wasn't sure how..

  • JCV

    Thanks for being a solid part of our community! Time and time again I've gone in there looking for a part, a screw, or a tool for one of my crazy projects and there is ALWAYS someone who can figure out the best solution. Congrats on being featured, because it's well deserved!

  • Neighborly1~ Values community.

    They are the absolute BEST. They really know their stuff and are super super helpful. So glad they are here. Really wonderful place.

3 days ago

Restaurateur Marty Fosse Opening New Andersonville Eatery – Summerdale

There is a new restaurant opening as soon as early October at 5413 N. Clark in Andersonville. The space has been plagued by short-lived eateries in the past including the old Ole Ole, Marigold and Bull Horns Taco Bar. The owners of Marigold, Jim Dragatsis and Sandeep Malhotra, still lease the space and were looking for […]

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Chicago Grind Cafe Opens Monday, Offers Broadway New ‘Local’ Option

Local business owner Jim Dababneh decided to put himself to the test. With a very successful local business (Pizzeria Aroma) already scoring big in the neighborhood and many loyal fans, Jim was looking for another professional challenge. When he found the opportunity to take over the space previously occupied by Coffee Chicago at 5256 N. Broadway, he decided […]

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  • Swift Elementary Specialty School reviewed by a parent

    Don't put your kid in the kindergarden. Beware I had an option as I stay in this zipcode........Having night mare with the KG teachers. One of the teacher is Veryyyyyyyyyy rude.

    Swift Elementary Specialty School (5900 North Winthrop Avenue) Published on GreatSchools September 25, 2014

Sep 23

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Window washers

Our small school in on Broadway. We used to have a window washer, but now we are looking for one. Any recommendations of what to do?

4 days ago

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Everyblock vs Nextdoor in Edgewater

I have my favorite but would like to hear what peeps up in Edgewater think.

If you could only use one, which would you choose? ...and why? Which do you find to be more informative, to have better features, community outreach, support etc? ...or is there another social neighborhood network you prefer to use? ie Facebook, Yahoo Groups, Foursquare

To help compare, i put together a chart:

For those who are not familiar with ND, but curious, here's an invite link:

  • ScottPhillips Long time RP resident

    Next door seems less crazy and far more civilized. I assume it is because they don't allow people to use fake names or have multiple user accounts.

  • ScottPhillips Long time RP resident

    And the great majority of its content seems to be the alderman's promotional blasts. Then again, it is election season.

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  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    5817 N. Magnolia Ave. Issued September 23, 2014 Comment
  • Permit issued for electric wiring


    5900 N. Winthrop Ave. Issued September 23, 2014 Comment


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