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Elston Ace closed suddenly and permanently.

I was horrified to return from vacation and find our Ace Hardware completely gone. This has got to be a nightmare for many homeowners and landlords.
Now where do we go besides Home Depot? Any suggestions for a hardware store (that is actually open when people need to go)?

  • All the Ace hardware stores closed down except for one very far away

  • Well, I was in the one on 35th a few days ago?! I'll have to check it out:( If it is closed, that sucks

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Someone is kicking the front door at night

Is anyone else having this happen to them?

Twice this month someone has opened the front gate and violently kicked the front door of my home. I have been here, but by the time I reach the door they have fled.

Anyone have any ideas about what might be happening? When it first happened I thought it might be a teenager - but tonight when it happened it was so loud it made me believe it was an older person...

Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks.


    Electric garage operators come with a lock switch, or at least ours does, it also has a power off switch. If your operator is old it may be time for an upgrade so that it has rolling code technology. We have sliding locks too, but never had to use them, doors in the down position shouldn't go up when the power goes off.

  • g...... resident

    The bad guys have a tool that sometimes can be snaked thru between the top of the door and door frame to release the emergency pull. Garages were being broken into using that method earlier this year around Archer and Kedzie. That's why we went the extra mile with the sliding locks. Every time you think you're one step ahead of them, they come up with something new to gain entry.

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Community Alert! Burglaries in 1st District

That’s the goal of the Greater South Loop Association, a not-for-profit neighborhood organization.  It is comprised of an alliance of residents focused on the overarching mission to maintain and improve the South Loop as a vibrant and diverse, inclusive community.  One of the ways GSLA achieves this mission is through it’s regular event calendar and neighborhood streetfest, the 

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Cats need a forever home!

We have been fostering two adorable black cats that we grabbed from CACC before they were scheduled to be euthanized. Both are male, both neutered and have a clean bill of health. Both are approximately 1-2 years old and very sweet, but still a little shy. Would be perfect in a home without cats as they love each other, but seem to fear other cats. If you want to adopt them, please contact me! These guys deserve a wonderful forever home!

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Jul 25

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Who is running against Balcer in the next election?

Does anyone know who is running against Alderman Balcer in the next election? We need someone with a plan to build and grow Bridgeport, Alderman Balcer has proven he is not the person to move our neighborhood forward. Back room deals for development at 35th and Parnell, lack of new business, the dollar store strip of Halsted St, empty store fronts and vacant lots everywhere...what has he done? We need new blood and leadership. Does anyone know who is running?

  • Io Octopus

    It is a good idea for Bridgeport to offer what people cannot get online, such as the bowling alley or skate rink suggestions.

    Or... vote Morty for Alderman.

  • rene One of Morty's people

    Morty is really busy with his modeling career right now. But he will be endorsing a candidate: Whomever promises him more trash cans on Halsted! :-)

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Dearborn Park Yard Sale

Does anyone know if the annual yard sale is scheduled to take place in September this year in Dearborn Park? Thanks.

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South loop and burns

Will burns who will be the new alderman in the south loop needs to learn the boundaries and needs of the citizens. He refuses to respond to comments or questions. It's time for a change. He has one agenda and that's to vote lock step with Emanuel. We need cops not bike lanes nor a Lucas museum.

  • Cops not bike lanes? What kind of problems are you having that you think more cops will solve?

  • Why not cops and bike lanes? And parks and fireman and ...

Jul 22

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Where did the patios go?

First I noticed Poncho Pistolas outdoor seating was gone (that was a week ago, so it maybe back and I did not notice) then last night I noticed that Zaytune's outdoor seating was gone. Is anyone aware of this? Or why?

If I had time this week I would just stop at both for lunch and investigation :)

  • jim m bridgeport resident 14 years

    zaytune's were there this a.m.

  • rene One of Morty's people

    As I mentioned above - I really do think that outdoor seating is good for the community. Outside presence, looking lively, all that. This is why the patios are important to me.

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The_Bjbuttons posted 2 photos to Flickr:

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Looking for Apartment in Bridgeport

Hello - I am looking for another apartment in Bridgeport. Ideally: 2 bedrooms, allows dogs (a must), newer kitchen and bathroom, laundry in building, large bedroom (queen size with room to spare). Let me know if you know of anything. I'd appreciate it!

  • http://bridgeportnews.net/

    this is the link for the local newspaper in Bridgeport which comes out every Wednesday...you have to have Adobe Reader to view it..just follow the links and install the Adobe Reader if you don't already have it..it's a PDF file and it takes a long time to load, but you can read all the ads on there...happy apartment hunting

Jul 23

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finding apt in Bridgeport

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in moving to Bridgeport. I live on the North Side now but find myself fairly often in Bridgeport/Pilsen. I moved to Chicago from LA last year and that area reminds me a lot of parts of LA.

I don't see many postings for Bridgeport apartments on Craigslist, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for good ways to locate vacancies. I chatted with someone who works at Pleasant House Bakery and he mentioned walking around the neighborhood looking for "For Rent" signs. Any other good strategies?

Thanks in advance!

  • Bek Pray for peace, everywhere!

    Dawn is really good at matching seekers to apartments; just sayin'....

  • Dawn is good. You can trust her to find you a good place.

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Jul 25

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Jul 22

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Ding dong Obamacare is gone!

A federal appeals court in D.C. has ruled that folks who get their insurance through a federal insurance exchange are not able to get subsidies to purchase insurance as those who purchase insurance through a state run exchange. Illinois has a hybrid ststem which is half state and half federal.Ding dong Obamacare is gone!

  • 'emrnibbles' is your real name Oxy Moran? What a TROLL I have been playing your Tea Party(R) sippin manipulation for days.

  • Everett Block EveryBlock Team Captain

    Hi folks,

    Due to this thread and comments within it being off-topic, we are closing comments.

Jul 24

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Jul 23

The Water Meter is Installed! So Far, So Good

Thanks again for your earlier advice, everyone! The installation took about 45 minutes, and -- amazingly -- no leaks!

I've used about 125 gallons this week, which means I'm on track to use about 1000 gallons in two months if I don't have to water the lawn. (Keep on coming, thunderstorms, LOL)

Of course, you knew I had to videotape the whole thing ;)


Mar 29

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Does any one have, know someone who has, or where I can get a good working laptop for free or very cheap? I have a friend who is in desperate need of one

  • Erik H Loyola & UofC alumnus, Chicago Loot Drop charity

    It's kind of a hike, but check out Free Geek Chicago (http://freegeekchicago.org/) up at Diversey & Kimball. They take donated hardware and refurbish it to sell back out for cheap (usually in the $50-$150 range, if memory serves). You can also get a computer for free by volunteering with them to earn credit.

    They're one of my favorite small-scale charities.

  • Melody Stanley Crafty/Techy Geek

    I volunteer at FreeGeek Chicago and second Erik H's recommendation. (Sorry for being so late to the conversation). Laptops start at $75 and with 24 hours of volunteering you get a $75 reward which can cover the cost of one in full. We have minimum standards for hardware that we...

    Read full comment…

    I volunteer at FreeGeek Chicago and second Erik H's recommendation. (Sorry for being so late to the conversation). Laptops start at $75 and with 24 hours of volunteering you get a $75 reward which can cover the cost of one in full. We have minimum standards for hardware that we sell so although not new computers, they all can play Youtube videos smoothly (with adequate internet connections), surf the web on Firefox, play DVDs, burn CDs (and some also can burn DVDs). We test them all and if they can not handle those tasks, we recycle them. Desktops start at $40 and we may soon be lowering the cost of our lowest priced desktops even further.

Jul 23

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Jul 21

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Did anyone hear that the nail salon @ 36th & Wallace was robbed today?

  • Now I'm hearing 4 African American females around 6 pm

  • Joanne Bridgeport

    You are right, Jim. But Im not sure about the time.


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