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Mar 25

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Bicycle Trails for Everyone! SW-side, Yes!

Let our SW-side voices be heard!


  • Let's paddle to the Garfield Ridge Whole Foods!

  • Chet 606 Rogers Park, NOHavana, CE

    The water is a tad bit chilly for me. I’ll follow you on my bicycle along the Garfield Ridge Bicycle Trail. Will you be in a canoe or kayak?

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Mar 26

Mar 24

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Mar 24

Early voting at West Lawn Park

Remember to get out and vote. Early voting is talking place in our neighborhood at Clearing Library and West Lawn Park.

Mar 23

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Mar 21

Updated Mar 22

Water Metersave Program

I had the new water meter installed in September of 2014. When my payment credit ran out (rather quickly), I got a pretty large bill. Our usage averages about 50 gallons a day. Our bill figures to 169 gallons a day. Found out the water dept. automated phone system has a different meter number than ours. Was wondering if anyone might know a shortcut to the maze I am about to enter in order to correct this and adjust 6 months of billing.

  • me

    Dan, this is good to know since my credit also ran out rather quickly ...in only 2 billings! I'll have to check my meter numbers. Never thought of that. There are only 3 people in this house and 2 of those work all day so where is all the water being used? All I can suggest is to contact the media if you don't get very far in your efforts. Good luck to you and let us know how it turns out.

  • Kath Kath

    I know that when they came and installed ours they showed me how to read the meter. There is something on the meter that can tell you if water is running or not. If it shows water is running (which also means the meter is running) when there is nothing on in the house then there is a leak somewhere. You may want to look at your actual meter and see if it's running all the time for a leak somewhere. Otherwise they overcharged you.

Mar 22

Mar 21

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Mar 18

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Mar 18

St Mary Star Of The Sea Potbelly Fundraiser

Enjoy dinner at Potbelly's & help support St Mary Star of The Sea school, on Thursday March 19 from 4 PM to 7 PM.
7601 S Cicero
25% of all sales between 4-7 will go to support our school

Mar 17

Mar 17

Mar 13

Mar 12

Mar 07

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Mar 05

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The blizzard was over a month ago !!

Come on people enough is enough already less get all the parking Dibs junk off the streets already . Chairs, patio furniture, plastic buckets ect' this stuff sitting in the street in front for your houses makes the whole neighbor hood look like hell !!

Feb 24

Updated Mar 05

  • I will say nothing more

  • Sorry I gotta say one more thing. I just met ABC_123 and believe me SHE is not Paulino

  • Ohh...I have something to say:

    Excerpt from Editorial in Chicago Tribune, 2/25/15, p.18

    "Many of the incumbents who benefitted from the mayoral-linked political action committee Chicago Forward were successful. The committee dumped last-minute money and resources into more than a dozen races, including that of Ald. Michael Zalewski...; Zalewski cruised to victory along with Emmanuel allies...".

Mar 04

Mar 03

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Mar 03

Feb 23

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  • Up2up2me you really need to get a life.

  • abc_773 ABC is easy as 773

    Up2up2me, you make no sense. No wonder you were a Goral affiliate.

    The apple does not fall far from the tree.

    Good day!

Mar 01

West Lawn Park holds Spring Activity Registration

West Lawn Park, 4233 W. 65th St 773-284-2803 is now taking registration for its spring 2015 session. Registration will be taken weekdays from 1 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. On Fridays we only accept credit and debit cards. Most spring activities will begin the week of March 30, 2015. Visit www.chicagoparkdistrict.com to view a list of our programs or call the park for more information.

Mar 01

Feb 28

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Feb 24

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Fioretti did you think you'd win?

Fioretti, Don't you know when to drop out. Rahm 46% of vote so far. Fioretti 7%. 46 plus 7 equals 53% could have been to Rahm. Now more months to waste on campaign adds. Rahm your English negative campaign on Chuy let Non English speaking people see Chuys face all over the place and didn't have a clue if it was good or bad and Chuy learn how to say the word afford. Both F's should be heard.

  • @Merc- Fioretti's voters despise Emanuel. They would vote for Garcia, Wilson, or Walls before they'd cast a ballot for Emanuel.

    If you think the majority of Chuy's voters don't speak English you are as clueless as your buddy Emanuel.

  • Mrs. Kak
    A que se dedica?

Feb 24

I just found out

Chuck Hughes has been writing Willie Wilson speeches, that explains why Willie speaks the way he does

Feb 24

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Feb 19

Updated Feb 24

Help us restore our City!

If there are any Southwest siders that want to help us win this campaign, please message me to schedule a shift in our 23rd ward office located at 6500 W. Archer! We're open 9am-9pm. This is our opportunity to finally #DumpRahm and restore our city. #ReadyforFioretti 312-733-9985

  • mandy Mia

    Fioretti has no chance, the only one to force a run off is Chuy!

Feb 22

Updated Feb 23

Look at what anna and martin got together and made

under peoples windshield whipper blades

  • Way to scare people into thinking they have a ticket. They did more harm then good. There would of been a problem if I caught them touching my car!

Feb 22

Feb 22

Feb 21

813 & 833 CAPS Meeting

The February meeting for 813 & 833 is cancelled due to the Municipal Elections. Mark your calendars for our March meeting to be held on March 24 at West Lawn Park. Bring a friend

Feb 20

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Feb 20

Feb 19

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Feb 17

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lost dog

Please if you see my dog snickers a male yorkie please contact me he is missing since 02/14/15 7737320648

  • Consandra Harris Candidate For Alderman 18th Ward


  • Try Facebook too...
    Lost dogs Illinois is a good page. Also, there are groups on FB, like lost dogs clearing, Garfield ridge... Something like that.
    Good luck!!

  • Don't forget about Animal Care & control or even Animal Welfare in Chicago Ridge.

Feb 19

Feb 18

Here is a link to The City of Chicago warming centers

TO FIND A WARMING CENTER NEAR YOU GO TO www.cityofchicago.org/warming

Feb 18

Chicago Public Schools closed tomorrow - 2/19/15

Due to the friget temperature, schools will be closed tomorrow, Please stay warm


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