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Cancealed gun class

Took class passed $175. Like teacher alot. The class was at Digsby

  • denise b concerned citizen

    Sorry for miss spelling. Just wantes to say cost another $150 for license.

  • @ denise....

    LOL......that's because most guys in a classroom setting are too busy trying to convince themselves and the instructor what they already know.

    Typically, women are simply better listeners, and have better control of ego.

    Wanted to correct a little technical error in nomenclature. "22mm and 38mm"

    That should...

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    @ denise....

    LOL......that's because most guys in a classroom setting are too busy trying to convince themselves and the instructor what they already know.

    Typically, women are simply better listeners, and have better control of ego.

    Wanted to correct a little technical error in nomenclature. "22mm and 38mm"

    That should be ".22" and ".38" (or .380) those particular calibers are expressed in inches and are not metric, say like "9mm" which is a caliber expressed in its metric dimension.

    The reason your instructor suggested .22 is probably obvious to you now that you've taken the class, and that is low-recoil. .22 is easy to shoot because of this, and folks usually have a better time with accuracy and shot placement especially during the marksmanship qualification component of the class.

    It can be easily argued that while .22 is easy to shoot, it is (in my humble opinion) an extremely poor choice for self-defense. I hope this was covered in your class.

    .38 and .380 have much higher lethality rates ("stopping power") and are often suggested for shooters with less arm/wrist strength.

    The fact that you demonstrated proficiency in this caliber during your qualification is EXCELLENT!

    good for you, Denise!

    practice often, remember those gun safety rules always and stay safe!


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Comcast Outage

So we're going on 2 days without Comcast service. We're new to Bridgeport and previously only had very short and rare outages. Is this typical for Comcast here? Comcast also told me that the whole neighborhood is out, which is weird since I'm able to jump on some business' xfinity share right now. Does anyone know what the issue is and why it's taking so long? (Naturally, Comcast has no information except that they're working on it.)

  • Everett Block EveryBlock Team Captain

    If you continue to have any Comcast service questions, this page is a good resource to check out: http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/account/ways-to-get-help/

  • Our house is in the 3200 block of Lituanica. Here, the Comcast signal is intermittent in wet weather. Line workers and techs have been to the house 6 times in the past three years. Reason for the trouble is always something new or yet another "failing" Comcast router. The phone calls, service calls and follow up calls from the line workers once they have checked the main line are becoming tedious. When a comparable or better option comes along we will make the switch.

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Looking to rent a hall in Bridgeport/Canaryville/Pilsen area

Looking for a hall to rent for a baby shower near Canaryville/Bridgeport or Pilsen area. Preferably where we can bring our own food. Any suggestions.

  • lifelonger been here; done it all..

    Freddie's upstairs(no elevator)
    Poncho's upstairs(no elevator)
    Riccobene's side room (but open to public area)
    Connie's (open to public area)
    several Church halls
    Sox Park
    Polo Nuts
    Schallers back room
    Gio's (Sunday Afternoon)
    Zhou Zhou
    Chi Sox Bar and Grill
    I'll post more as I think of them. Good luck

  • 2260 s grove has space call roger at 312 372 9870 x 2125

  • Sue Chad Sussie Q.

    In Canaryville, there is Union Ave. Church Hall. In Bridgeport the VFW Hall at 32nd & May and St. Jerome's School hall at 28th & Princeton. I heard also the newly built park Taylor-Lauridsen rents out space too in Canaryville. All of these you bring your own food.

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tiny little explosions posted 29 photos to Flickr:

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Compost Collection Service

Would you like to compost but do not have the space? Help keep energy within its respectful loop while encouraging locally grown food and businesses! contact pleasantfarms@gmail.com for info on our newly developed compost collection service. We provide the container!

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Park Improvements; $50,000 Raffle; Round ups

De La Salle Institute operates its Institute Campus for Young Men at 3434 S. Michigan Ave. and Lourdes Hall Campus for Young Women at 1040 W. 32nd Pl. De La Salle will host open houses on Friday, Nov. 5, from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 6, from 9 a.m. to noon at both the Lourdes

At Benton House, 3052 S. Gratten Ave., find out about public benefits such as supplemental nutrition assistance and citizenship application help. Call (773) 927-6420 or email info@bentonhouse.org.

St. Barbara Parish at 2859 S. Throop St. hosts bingo every Thursday night in the church hall. Doors open at 4:30 p.m., and games start at 6:35 p.m. For further information call (312) 842-7979 or visit www.stbarbarachicago.org.

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...program are invited to an open house, Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 1 p.m. at 222 N. LaSalle St., 7th floor. For more information, log on to www.aarp.org/experience-corps/experience-corpsvolunteer...

Armour Square Park at 3309 S. Shields Ave. offers fitness classes and athletic programs. Stop by the park or call (312) 747-6012 for more information.

...artist, are on display now through Sunday, Jan. 18. The Art Institute is located at 111 S. Michigan Ave. Call (312) 443-3600...

p.m. at 2010 W. Carroll Ave. Enjoy meat and vegetarian chili, beer, gelato, a raffle, and a Day of the Dead celebration. Tickets are $15 online or $20 at the door. Log on http://artsoflife.org/chili or call (312) 829-2787.

De La Salle Institute operates its Institute Campus for Young Men at 3434 S. Michigan Ave. and Lourdes Hall Campus for Young Women at 1040 W. 32nd Pl. De La Salle will host open houses on Friday, Nov. 5, from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 6, from 9 a.m. to noon at both the Lourdes

...offers those ages 12 through 18 a safe and relaxing atmosphere at its Youth Center, 3528 S. Hermitage Ave. Teens can get help with homework, play sports, and interact with other teens. The center...

...Nov. 8, at 6:30 p.m. at Nativity of Our Lord Church Hall at 653 W. 37th St. Tables of ten cost $200. Individual tickets cost $20. Best decorated fall themed table wins...

...773) 429-4312 or toconnell@brrice.org for more information. Brother Rice is located at 10001 S. Pulaski Rd.

Centers for New Horizons at 4150 S. King Dr. helps children, young people, and families to become self-reliant through offerings at seven locations...

...Collection won a grand prize in Steam Studio’s fashion contest. The school is at 2189 W. Bowler St. Call (312) 491-1600...

...Governor Pat Quinn announced capital investments of State funds for field houses in Douglas Park, 1401 S. Sacramento Dr., $1.5 million; Dvorak Park, 1119 W. Cullerton Ave., $600,000; McKinley Park, 2210 W...

...for field houses in Douglas Park, 1401 S. Sacramento Dr., $1.5 million; Dvorak Park, 1119 W. Cullerton Ave., $600,000; McKinley Park, 2210 W. Pershing Rd., $543,750; and Sherman Park, 1301 W...

...Sacramento Dr., $1.5 million; Dvorak Park, 1119 W. Cullerton Ave., $600,000; McKinley Park, 2210 W. Pershing Rd., $543,750; and Sherman Park, 1301 W 52nd St., $300,000. For more information, call...

...Cullerton Ave., $600,000; McKinley Park, 2210 W. Pershing Rd., $543,750; and Sherman Park, 1301 W 52nd St., $300,000. For more information, call (312) 814-3158...

Chicago Sinfonietta, Redmoon, and Brazilian guest conductor Lucia Matos will celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in music at Symphony Center, 220 S. Michigan Ave., Monday, Nov. 17, at 7:30 p.m. Call (312) 294-3000

CivicLab will host a book discussion on the Mondays of Nov. 3 and 17 and Dec. 1 on the book Marxism and Freedom From 1776 Until Today by Raya Dunayevskaya at 9 p.m. CiviLab is at 114 N. Aberdeen St. Call (312) 857-6485.

...Development Center celebrated its new home with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 15 at 1312 S. Racine Ave. The program is located inside Fosco Park’s Community Center. A reception and tours took...

At Evergreen Academy, 3537 S. Paulina St., eighth grade social studies teacher Paul Kanelos recently received a $1,500 grant from the...

Jodi Pinkerton became principal of Galileo Scholastic Academy on Nov. 1. She succeeds Jorge Macias, who had been principal since 2010. The school is located at 820 S. Carpenter St. Call (773) 534-7070.

...Church meets Saturdays at 5 p.m. at Grace Place. Grace Place is located at 637 S. Dearborn St. Log on to www.gracechicago.org...

Holy Trinity Croatian, 1850 S. Throop St., holds bingo every Thursday. Doors open at 5 p.m.; bingo starts at 7 p.m. Call (312) 534-8200.

Lil’ Buds Theater Co., 1206 W. Rosedale Ave., offers studio classes for youngsters. Adventures in Imagination is for ages three through six, Create...

...567-8800. To learn more, visit www.mercychicago.org. The medical center is located at 2525 S. Michigan Ave. Call (312) 567-2000...

Friends of the Parks chose the Palmisano Park Advisory Council for its 2014 Volunteer in the Parks Award for outstanding park advisory council. The council’s president is Maureen Sullivan, a candidate for 11th Ward Alderman. The park is located at 2700 S. Halsted St. Call (312) 747-6497.

The Randolph Street Market Festival at 1340 W. Washington St. is home to the Chicago Antique Market, Indie Designer Market, Modern Vintage Chicago, and the...

...to experience college life. For more information, call (312) 341-3511. Roosevelt is located at 430 S. Michigan Ave.

...given Saturday, Jan. 10, from 8 a.m. to noon. The school is located at 1076 W. Roosevelt Rd. Call (312) 421-5900 or log on to www.ignatius.org...

The St. Matthew Lutheran Church soup kitchen has received a new freezer from Good Samaritan Ministries of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Palatine, IL. The church still seeks donations for roof repair and a new boiler. It is located at 2108 W. 21st St. Call (773) 847-6458.

St. Pius V Parish runs a thrift store at 1701 W. 18th Pl. from Monday through Friday and on Saturday mornings. Call (312) 226-6234. The Casa Juan Diego Youth Center at 2020 S. Blue Island Ave. is open Monday through Friday until 8 p.m. and Saturdays through 4 p.m. Call (312) 421-7647.

St. Pius V Parish runs a thrift store at 1701 W. 18th Pl. from Monday through Friday and on Saturday mornings. Call (312) 226-6234. The Casa Juan Diego Youth Center at 2020 S. Blue Island Ave. is open Monday through Friday until 8 p.m. and Saturdays through 4 p.m. Call (312) 421-7647.

St. Therese Chinese Catholic School, 247 W. 23rd St., is holding a raffle with $50,000 in prizes: a grand prize of $38,888...

Log on to http://soundsofthesouthloop.com/web/home.aspx. The church is located at 1936 S. Michigan Ave. Call (312) 225-4951.

Call (312) 421-3757. The shrine is located at 1224 W. Lexington St.

Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church, 600 E. 35th St., will present men’s day worship service on Sunday, Nov. 9, at 11 a.m. Geoffrey Hall will moderate. A reception will follow in Register Hall. Call (312) 225-5300.

Alderman Danny Solis (25th) holds ward night every Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. in his office at 1800 S. Blue Island Ave. Call (773) 523-4100 or e-mail ward25chicago@gmail.com.

...the lake. Registration and check-in start at 12:30 p.m. at Dearborn Station, 47 W. Polk St. The self-guided tour begins at Dearborn Station, and participants can walk the route or...

...edu or log on to www.southloopschool.net for more information. The school is at 1212 S. Plymouth Ct.

Taylor Lauridsen Park, 704 W. 42nd St., will host grammar school co-ed basketball leagues on Tuesday and Wednesday nights starting Tuesday, Nov. 4. Call (312) 747-6729.

The University of Illinois at Chicago will host its 17th annual Power of Nursing leadership conference Thursday, Nov. 6, at Hilton Chicago, 720 S. Michigan Ave. Log on to www.nursing.uic.edu/pnl.

...and boredom. The play runs Friday through Sunday, Nov. 14 through 23, at UIC Theatre, 1044 W. Harrison St. Log on to http://theatreandmusic.uic.edu/eventdetails/218/199 for more information and to...

...presentation, principals said they would spend their shares on technology. The UVA is located at 1453 W. Taylor St. Call (312) 243-3773...

Urban Prairie Waldorf School, 1220 W. Lexington St., will host open houses at 9:30 a.m. on the Saturdays of Nov. 15 and Dec. 13. Call (312) 733-5537 or log on to www.urbanprairie.org for more information.

Send news of events to be held “around the neighborhood” by the 15th of the month before the month they are to occur to William S. Bike, Around the Neighborhood, Gazette, 1335 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL 60607-3318, fax (312) 243-4270, or e-mail pr@gazettechicago.com.

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Here Are the Top Five Things to Do in Chicago This Week

10/30 at 7. $7. Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S. Morgan. southsideprojections.org

This article has 3 other Chicago locations (Show)

11/1 at 6:30. $75–$2,000. Civic Opera House, 20 N. Wacker. lyricopera.org

11/4 at 7:30. $25–$35. Thalia Hall, 1807 S. Allport. ticketweb.com

...and/or a seat at the sold-out game.10/31 at 10. Howells & Hood, 435 N. Michigan. nzte.govt.nz/en/events/upcoming-new-zealand-events-in-chicago/october-31st-experience-new...

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Chicago horror and Halloween events guide 2014

...16 min). Costume contest awarding prizes to the most avant-garde costume! Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S. Morgan Street, Chicago, IL 60608. Tickets $7...

This article has 36 other Chicago locations (Show)

...at 8:15pm. This event is free to the public! Room 120, DePaul Student Center, 2250 N. Sheffield, Chicago. See my previous post on this event HERE...

Throne of Blood - October 29th, 35mm print of Akira Kurosawa's gory Samurai version of Macbeth at 7:00pm & 9:30pm at Doc Films. Max Palevsky Cinema, Ida Noyes Hall, Univ. of Chicago, 1212 E. 59th St., Chicago, IL 60637.

...by a screening of Rocktober Blood. McBeardo will introduce the short films at 7:30pm. 2579 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago. FREE...

...film discussion. Cash bar in lobby. Secret location for the after party TBA. Logan Theatre, 2646 N. Milwaukee Avenue. *Currently SOLD OUT, but check HERE for tickets to the 2nd screening on November 1st...

Rocky Horror Picture Show - 35mm with shadow cast performance. Thursday 10:30pm, Friday & Saturday at midnight. Music Box Theatre, 3733 N. Southport Ave., Chicago, IL 60613.

...songwriter daughter, Kasey. Books/DVDs available for purchase. Tickets $12.50. Landmark Century Centre Cinema, 2828 N. Clark, Chicago, IL...

...Thursday” (sexiest zombie contest - $1,000 cash prize), and Oct. 31st “Freakshow Friday” (freaky surprises). 3940 W. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625...

Halloween Pub Crawl - Three day crawl October 30-November 1st in Wrigleyville. $25 all access pass. (Goldstar members pay up to $10.) 21+ only. Redmond's Ale House, 3358 N. Sheffield Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657. 773-404-2151.

...snake dancers, palm & tarot card readers, grinders, stilts, burlesque, human pin cushions. Untitled Supper Club, 111 W. Kinzie St., Chicago, IL 60654. Call 312-880-1511. Tickets $30...

...station, fish bubble man serving drinks (Do I sound crazy yet?), free shuttle service. $100. 2120 S. Jefferson Street, Chicago. 312-850-8440...

Roof Horror Story Halloween Party - The Wit Hotel presents an AHS: Coven-inspired party with fountains of blood red cocktails flowing, horror themes, live DJ, opens at 4pm on HALLOWEEN night. Dress to scare if you dare. ROOF, 27th floor, 201 N. State. Reserve your spot at 312-239-9502.

Bowlloween - Lucky Strike Bowling alley presents an adults-only night of drinking, dancing, and bowling at 9:00pm on HALLOWEEN night. Costumes encouraged. River East Center, 322 E. Illinois, Chicago, 60611. 312-245-8331. See website for ticket options. (Goldstar members discount up to $20.)

Masquerade Ball - Navy Pier ball on HALLOWEEN at 8:00pm in the Grand Ballroom, 600 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL. 20-30 cash bars, multiple rooms, huge dance floor, terrace views of lake and skyline. 21+. $30 tickets. (Goldstar members pay $17.50.)

Halloween-Ski - Polish-themed HALLOWEEN party at 8:30pm. Live music, costume contests. Ends at 2:00am. $25. Doors 8:00pm. 21+ event. Portage Theater, 4050 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60641.

Trolley Bar Crawl - HALLOWEEN crawl 8:00pm-2:00am. Costume contests. 2247 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL. 773-549-5884.

...Monster Bash Oct. 31st, Annual Masquerade Ball Nov. 1st, Mad Hatter Tea Party Nov. 2nd. 140 E. Walton Place, Chicago, IL 60611. 312-787-2200...

...Metro - Annual NOCTURNA All Hallow's Eve Ball 2014 on HALLOWEEN night at Metro Chicago, 3730 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL, 60613. Costume contest, Glitter Guts photo booth, goth vendors, spooky decor, performances, dark...

...Spice Latte-inspired brew labeled “Crave Inn.” Snacks and pizza provided. Costumes and tips encouraged. 2307 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647...

Vodou: Sacred Powers of Haiti Exhibit - Learn about the history of the voodoo religion, peruse artifacts, videos, etc. Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive. Oct. 24th, 2014-April 26, 2015.

Day of the Dead Exhibit - The largest of its kind in the U.S., works of art by Mexican artists celebrate the lives of others by depicting the dead through traditional and contemporary art. Runs through December 14th. National Museum of Mexican Art, 1852 W. 19th, Chicago, IL 60608.

Because Everybody Loves Movies Exhibit - The Chicago International Film Festival celebrates 50 years with this exhibition, showcasing a large display of movie posters, images, and videos from the festival's long history. Expo 72, 72 E. Randolph, Chicago, IL 60601. Through Oct. 30th.

...depict various ways (photography, sculpture, drawing, etc.) the human figure can become distorted or absent. 2337 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647. 773-687-8481. Wed-Sat 2pm-6pm. Runs through December 11th...

...by 44FLOOD. Costumes encouraged. Performance by Kiss Kiss Cabaret, DJ. Exhibit runs through January 2015. 1621 N. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60647. $5 sugg. donation...

...Comedy present a stage adapation of the comic series by Tim Seeley. Chemically Imbalanced Theater, 1422 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL 60613. Tickets $15. For photos and all info, read my full-length article...

...out with plain white backdrops that eventually end up being covered in blood. Annoyance Theater, 851 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60657. Friday & Saturday at 10:30pm. Tickets $20/$15 students (Goldstar member discount...

Musical of the Living Dead - Zombies singing and blood spraying. What more does one need to say? “Splatter Zone” tickets available. Runs through November 8th. Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657. Tickets $15-$25.

Faust and Found - Hell has run low on souls, so Satan goes on the prowl. Problem is, he finds out that in 2014, no one gives a crap. About anything. Vex's Lair comedy collective. Runs through November 1st. Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark, Chicago, IL 60613. 1-800-650-6449.

...written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Mamet, directed by Joe Jahraus. The Alley Stage, 4147 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60613. 773-549-1815. Through November 16th. Tickets HERE or discount tickets for...

Nightmares on Lincoln Avenue 666: The Exorcism of Rosemary's Omen - Corn Productions' BYOB Halloween show presents an homage to horror films ranging from the 1960's to 1980's. Through November 1st. Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln, Chicago, IL. Tickets $7-$15. 773-650-1331.

Animal Farm - Steppenwolf for Young Adults' stage adaptation of George Orwell's disturbing classic story. Through November 16th. Steppenwolf 312-335-1650. Located at 1650 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60614.

...Show” in their 2014 Best of Chicago awards. Runs through November 2nd. Dream Theatre Company, 5026 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625. $18 773-552-8616...

...Tale Heart,” “The Pit and the Pendulum,” and more. Runs through November 8th. Zoo Studios, 4001 N. Ravenswood, Ste. 205. Tickets at door or brownpapertickets.com...

Don Juan in Hell - Don Juan and the Devil debate Hell vs. Heaven. Through Nov. 10th. Ruth Page Center for the Arts, 1016 N. Dearborn Parkway, Chicago, IL 60610. Tickets $30. (Goldstar member discount half off!) 312-337-6543

Halloween Comedy Show - IO sketch comedy improvises horror movie scenarios. Party on Halloween night 10:30pm. 1501 N. Kingsbury St., Chicago, IL 60642. 312-929-2401.

Too Much Fright Makes the Baby Go Blind - The Neo-Futurists present 30 plays performed in 60 minutes on HALLOWEEN night at 7:00pm. The Neo-Futurarium, 5153 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60640. 773-275-5255.

Young Frankenstein - Beverly Theatre Guild at the Baer Theatre, Morgan Park Academy Arts Center, 2153 W. 111th, Chicago, IL. 773-284-8497. Runs through Nov. 2nd.

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35th and Iron st. Whats being built?

Does anyone know what is being built at 35th and Iron? Last week they had signs saying ComEd event and there was a large party tent with VIPs. It looked like a ground breaking party. Anyone with info please let us know. Thanks

6 days ago

Updated 36 hours ago

Halloween event at McGuane Park

The McGuane PAC will host a Halloween party for children from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursday, October 30, at the McGuane Field House. Children aged 12 and under can show off their costumes, listen to stories, play some great games and make a great holiday craft. The McGuane PAC is a volunteer group dedicated to making this park safer and meeting the needs of our community. This event is free and children must be accompanied by adults. McGuane is located at 2901 S. Poplar.

  • Thanks Mary! I'm working on the "Pin-the-Nose-on-the-Jackolantern" right now.

  • Maureen@Walkies Owner, Walkies Pet Sitting Service

    All of the Palmisano PAC will be there to help too. (Dan P is on the Palmisano PAC too :-)

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Found Female Cat 31/Wallace

Hi all,
Friday night I picked up this cute gal that has been hanging around 31/Wallace for a few weeks. She was ravenous and wearing a collar with an Oklahoma rabies tag. The rabies tag will be researched tomorrow when the office is open. This is not the missing cat Rudy, unfortunately. Please share.

  • Thanks. Will do. Still waiting to hear from Katie... Please get in touch. Email me so we can arange for me to pick up Cornelius.

  • Brian, please email me at chisoxgal5@gmail.com when you get a chance.

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hi I am a new neighbor

I like make friends,study and travel.Hope get friendship from here
wish every neighbor have a good day.

  • Originally from bridgeport but now on the bport Ville border.

  • sch

    you made friend have a good day got friendship

Oct 20

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What happened to the Bridgeport Vet?

I have been calling the bridgeport vet (Wayne, now that he is alone since Larry passed away) for over a week and there is a message that says the clinic is temporarily closed. Does anyone know why? And also does anyone know if Wayne is going to open again soon? I haven't been there in awhile since my dog and then one of my cats passed on. So I am out of the loop

  • denise b concerned citizen

    I have used pulaski animal hospital before found them pricey

  • denise b concerned citizen

    Just want to let everyone know Summit Animal Hospital charges $30. To see a vet and $115 for the cushings diease test once alreay on medication.. Decided to ues Bronzville closest to my house. They will charge $200 for cushing disease test.Summit does not take appointments and said will have to go twice for test.

2 days ago

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Welcome To The After School Homework Center / One-on-One Tutoring / Enrichment Classes

To Register:
1. Online - go to http://www.ucachicago.org/
2. Email - enrichmentcenteruca@gmail.com for an application.
3. Call - 773-420-9346.

2 days ago

  • 1 stars out of 5: Nana on Yelp


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