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Wifi thread

I live on Palmer right between Central Park and Lawndale. I finally had enough of AT&T's awful service. It kept going down and I always had to restart the modem. I switched to Comcast for just Internet and not only did my bill go down to $19.99 a month but It is way faster. I go a modem from Amazon and used a old 5g router since I have hardwood floors. Anyone near me if your fed up with AT&T switch to Comcast for Internet you won't be disappointed.

  • I have had so many problems with comcast, I'm actually thinking of switching to AT&T

  • I had AT&T uverse internet for 3 years. The last year for some reason it started lagging and rebooting on its own. I did the online test and it recommended me a tech visit. The day before my appointment I got an email that the problem was fixed. Well I still had the same issues. For the last 4 months I have Comcast the blast package 90s download on the speed test, $60 with the router. So far I am very satisfied.

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Com-Ed power outage notice

Did anyone else receive the notice for a power outage scheduled for next Thursday? The notice said 8 hours, which seems excessive, especially since we're supposed to have more hot weather next week. We have a new born and breast milk stored in the freezer, among other perishables. Research indicates food is only good for 4 hours in a fridge / freezer without power, less if you're opening the doors. Any way we can get this shortened?

  • No. Does it specify a boundary?

  • CPL949 HP Resident now; WP/Uk Village; total 30 yrs.

    You can call the number listed on the flyer. It does say that if temps are above 90, work will be rescheduled.

33 hours ago

Found Keys underneath the Blue line on Moffat

On my morning dog walk, I found a broken large key ring with 2 keys (they look like standard front door keys). Keys were found on the sidewalk on Moffat St. (Between Milwaukee & Winnebago) basically underneath where the blue line passes overhead.

Key ring has a small charm/tag of an animal - non profit fund.

Message me if lost your keys

Jul 19

Updated Jul 21

Movies in the park

Does anyone know if dogs are allowed at movies in the park??

  • Cristina Lara Mom of 3 in Logan Square

    I see those signs when I enter the playground M&M00, I assumed they were for the entire park not just the actual playground.

  • I always used to bring my old girl. She was quiet and just sat nicely. She was 100 lbs but nobody ever minded. :)

Jul 16

Updated Jul 17

6 shots Pulaski and Diversey

Heard 6 shots at around 11pm. Called in to 911. Did anyone else in the koz park area hear the shots? Concerning as people are out walking their dog and I hear children!

  • Heard the noises last night and the night before. I thought they were fireworks.

Jul 09

Updated Jul 10

Dining room set for sale - California and Armitage

Table and 6 chairs for sale! High end - brand name is Calligaris. Made in Italy, very quality piece and in excellent condition. Complete with 6 chairs. Table has built in leaf that easily extends to seat 8. We will help you disassemble and move out! Asking $700 and accepting best offers. Selling because we need the space.

  • Mr Castro Logan Square resident since 2000

    Try craigslist and review the EB forum policies. Thanks!

Jul 04

Updated Jul 07

Curb Repainted

Anyone know how to request the curb near the fire hydrant to be repainted yellow? The one outside our place on Campbell is very faded and needs repainted so that's it's more visible. Thanks for any help

  • that's so crazy that waguespack responded that way. "i am the city government but also sorry that the city government is incompetent" shrug.

  • Deb R 60641 resident 40 + yrs.

    LSQ - that's not crazy at all, Waguespacks office was just being honest. Our former alderman's brother used to paint the yellow lines in our ward because the city can't keep up. Just look how badly striped the streets are.

Jun 15

Updated Jun 20

Home appraiser

Anyone know of a good home appraiser who is familiar with the area who they have had good experiences with?

  • Keith Watson 21-year Logan Square resident, self-employed

    I recommend Karim Omid Hosseini, a friend of mine for more than 15 years. He lives in Avondale. karim_hossein@hotmail.com If you'd like his mobile #, private-message me.

  • Keith Watson 21-year Logan Square resident, self-employed

    Sorry, I just realized you asked for info on a home appraiser. Hosseini is a home inspector (knowledgeable about construction and repair issues).

Jun 18

Updated Jun 20

Found parakeet

Found him on 2500 W Cortland block. Any info on a owner let me know. We are willing to give him a good home, but would like to see him go to rightful owner.

  • This may be my Parakeet...i live near by....from the looks of your photo. My parakeets color is Green with yellow head...it happened to escape on me while cleaning out the bird cage last week. Please give me a call at 773-849-1661. Thanks

Jun 17

Updated Jun 19

Did anyone lose a bird? 6/17

We found a pet bird by Funston Elementary. It is safe but shook up. You must describe the bird and identify the species and show proof of ownership.

  • Sorry for the lack of punctuation my phone is broken

  • Annwithane love your name hahaha very clever and story of my life

Jun 12

Summer on the Square

June 18 at St John Berchmans. Annual event. Outdoor mass at 4:00PM. Music, kids games, food from around the world, lots to drink, raffle with first prize of $5,000. Come one come all!

Jun 05

Updated Jun 06

Loud explosions in ally off Pulaski and wrightwood

There have been several very loud explosions in our ally. Much more than regular fireworks. Called 911. Nothing is on fire but whatever they are blowing up is not acceptable. I'm used to hearing fireworks and what not but this is just ridiculous. Any info folks have on this new late night, summer past time would be appreciated.

  • The fireworks complaints every year here welcome summer like the annual complaining over dibs and shoveling snow welcome us to winter. .

  • Which Ally, anyway? Ally Sheedy? Ali Mcgraw? Muhammad Ali?

Jun 04

Updated Jun 06

Sunday garage sale

Sunday 6/5
Multi Unit Garage Sale
2800-2826 N Talman
Enter behind building in alley

  • flambeau LdF Visitor

    Did u havta purchase special sheet from Ward Office to hav a yard sale? Sumone told me u needed permission jus asking.

  • Spel chek nut 4 sail

  • Yes you do. You can do it online.

Jun 03

Updated Jun 06

Lost Dog Sighted: brown, older chihuahua type dog near Funston Elementary

A smaller, older tan chihuahua dog was seen. He/she looked lost and was walking along Central Park and Armitage. A team of good Samaritans were able to heard him/her into the playground of Funston Elementary. We shut the playground gate so at least he would be blocked from getting back on Central Park. He definitely was lost, skiddish, seemed nervous. We tried to lure him but he left down McLean from the playground, heading away from Central Park. He was wearing a collar with blue tags.Pakr

  • Tell you neighbor it's very important to continuously call animal control. They don't hold them very long.

  • One of the good Samaritans said he also saw three smaller dogs in a little pack earlier that day, running around. He pointed east of the school

Jun 03

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What's being set up on Sacramento south of armitage? Looks like some sort of fest

Jun 01

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Needed: stop sign visibility at Kimball and Bloomingdale

The stop sign at Kimball and Bloomingdale is hidden behind the viaduct pillar. I've nearly been hit several times. It's 1 block from a school. I've reached out to Alderman Maldonado 5 times, the 606 and Chicago Department of Transit (with the citation code that it is not properly visible per their own regulations) with zero luck of adding paint, rumble strips or flat lights to add visibility. Any insights on how to get a simple safety update?

  • Making a mere stop sign visible will accomplish nothing. Drivers do not care about stop signs. You need an oil pan buster class speed bump installed and then drivers will pay attention.

  • Judy Weisenski

    They should puta stop sign at bloomingdale and central park... trying to go southbound on central park from bloomingdale there's a dip in the road, high wild flowers on the corner and the viaduct for the trail... super dangerous

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