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Elementary school open house

Visit our school and fall in love, learn to appreciate your child's education and lead the way to let others know how lucky you are to have found St. Stan's.

Open House at 830am and 6pm tomorrow, Thursday January 19th.

1255 N Noble
Off The Kennedy at Division


Jan 12

Updated Jan 13

Lost Pitbull Mix

Heard a lot of barking just now and looked out the window to see the police rescue a light brown/golden pitbull (maybe) mix roaming the street. He had a collar, 1700 block of N Whipple. The police were able to get him into the back of their SUV. Probably on his way to animal control?, hopefully he's chipped. Also hope the owner finds him, and he's not neglected, especially since it's so cold out. If you live nearby and know the neighbor please pass this along! Thanks.

  • RenaissanceGirl - Relaxx. Nothing was assumed, I was merely stating that dogs left unattended are known to be stolen. If you are unaware of this fact, it is a regular occurrence in the city. I NEVER leave my dog, solo, anywhere. It's a good reminder for ALL dog owners.

    ** Glad the owner and dog were reunited!!! **

  • Cat Wrangler happy Humboldt Park resident

    Great news! Good work neighbors!!

Jan 12

Updated Jan 13


I'm making a nice dinner Saturday and want to get a loaf of really good hearty bread on the side. Any recommendations around the neighborhood?

  • Best bread in the city D'Amatos on Grand a couple blocks west of Halsted. Worth the trip

  • Panaderia La Central
    2218 n California for great French bread!

Jan 09

Palmer & Central Park ???

Does anyone know what's happening on palmer and Central Park ?? I know there was notice of a small cafe/ restaurant with outdoor seating etc... was looking forward to it being something nice but I see two doors a yard and a mailbox for multiple recipients.. anyone know of heard of what's going on?

Jan 03

Updated Jan 09

Lot across from the 14th district

Any idea what's going in the empty lot across from the police station? It recently got a fence with green mesh around it and was curious as to if it is being developed

  • Is that the lot that is owned by the mideastern restaurant by the L station? Maybe they're just trying to secure it

Dec 17

Moving boxes

I have some moving boxes that I broke down. Does anyone need some? Was planning on throwing them out this week unless they can be passed on! Located near armitage and Central Park

Jul 07 2015

Updated Dec 16

Drive-By 3000 W Cortland

Didn't see this show up, I assume because there's a typo about the address.

Man injured in Logan Square drive-by shooting


  • Benjamin Lipsman 37 y.o. Logan Square resident. Web designer.

    Not sure it's the same problem house... the one in yesterday's court hearing was 2537 W. Cortland, but sounds like dstar lived further west.

  • Thanks!

Dec 11

Updated Dec 12

Found little orange kitty

This little one came meowing up to me in my front yard (near Central Park and Palmer) yesterday just before the snow. I invited him in to keep him safe from the storm, and he's super sweet. He's small and I think pretty young. I don't think he belongs to anyone, since he's not neutered, but wanted to check here to see if anyone recognizes him. I'll take him in for a checkup and a procedure if no one claims him, I love him already and I just might keep him forever.

  • he chose you!!

  • There are definitely some orange tabbies around the 'hood. If he's a teenager, then he's not Tiger. Glad you're rescuing him!

Nov 08

Updated Dec 05

Coming to the space that was The Catalpa, Logan and California.

You might have seen reports that a NEW Mexican Restaurant is going to be coming to this space-- I can confirm that- I spoke to the new owner, she says it will be Mexican Food with a splash of Spain....

She was super nice, and her family has been in the restaurant biz for years, she lives in the area with her husband, and hopes to open in February of 2017. I wish her good luck, and hope to enjoy her cooking soon. What a great space and outdoor patio.

By the way she had no idea about Every Block.

  • That's great! Thanks so much. I've sent an email to coordinate pick up.

  • Welcome to EveryBlock Diana. We are looking forward to trying your new restaurant. The neighborhood is most definitely rooting for you to succeed in this excellent space.

Dec 03

Updated Dec 04

Wild Out West cable and internet?

I saw them setting up in my neighborhood. Anyone have anything good or bad to say about them?

  • Jen

    Wait, it's Wide Open West haha

  • I know a few people in the suburbs that have it and are really happy

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