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Sexual Assault Perp @ Western/Armitage Area

This a.m. a guy flashed a woman at Moffat and Campbell. Last week, a nanny that works in our building on the 2400 block of W Bloomingdale was approached and chased to our place by a very similar sounding person - white male, 20s, backpack, sunglasses.

Keep alert, ladies. If you see something, call it in to 911.

  • Do you know what time this happened?

  • Emilie 5-year West Bucktowner

    The flashing incident happened yesterday at 8:45a as the woman was going to the CTA for her morning commute.

    I'm not exactly sure of what time it was when the nanny was chased, but I think it was around the same time in the a.m. before my neighbor left for work.

  • Fuarain CTA rider, walker, animal person

    Seems like more and more of these incidents are taking place in the morning rush hour.

Jan 17

Updated 5 days ago

catalytic converters being stolen

a few cars on w. evergreen Ave. had their catalytic converts stolen. sometime after 2:30am. including mine.. also does anyone know a good mechanic in the area.

Jan 19

Updated Jan 20

Hybrid-friendly auto repair?

Our Toyota Care ended and we're looking for a place in Logan to take our Prius for regular maintenance and also minor paint repair. TIA!

  • Zapata always has good reviews.

  • BTD

    Green Wheels on Western by North Avenue specializes in electric and hybrid cars. Brought my Prius in for sevicing and came away feeling like they knew their stuff. Pricing was fair and attention to detail was obvious. http://www.greenwheelschicago.com/

    Close to Blue LIne as well.

Jan 15

Updated Jan 16

Pots to donate?

I got some new pots for Christmas and have a bunch of gently used ones that are still in good shape. Anyone know of anywhere to donate these at?

  • Alan is right You're wrong.

    Thanks Ora that is what I was looking for. I have sent you an email.

  • Lugo 30+years Logan-Hermosa

    Glad you found a recipient also would like to suggest Humble hearts organization

Jan 14

Havlan & West on Damen-Opening Date?

Does anyone know anything about the new boutique opening on 1800 n Damen? Their website is pretty sparse, and I didn't see an opening date on the actual retail space.


Nov 11

Updated Jan 05

Bucktown handyman

Anybody know a good handyman? I've got an hour of work and all the tools. Just need some help.

  • What kind of work do you need, Tom? I'm in the business.

  • I'm reviving this thread. I have some really minor work that I'd like to hire someone to take care of for me in Wicker Park. Recommendations?

Dec 20

Updated Dec 30


Good morning everyone, I need your help in finding a PCP in Chicago. I've lived in Chicago for 7 years and haven't settled in with a Doctor yet. The new year is coming and I want to start it with a physical. Please send me your recommendations.

  • David Lightman Part time head turner, full time jaw dropper

    I thought this post was about gettin wet

  • @Bathhouse John, and David Lightman, you are too funny! I can see why you would think that, my bad lol. To everyone else thank you so much for all your recommendations, and now I'm off to a great start for the new year. Thanks for coming through for me. Happy New Year!!!

Dec 25

Updated Dec 25

Stolen packages again!

The thieves jumped our 6 foot, locked fence and got the boxes. We found the boxes and paperwork in the alley, but no products. I hope the thieves like shoes from Macy's.

Just an FYI to my neighbors. This is a real thing. I am going to the local UPS store and set up a drop site after the holiday. You should too. 1700 block of Washtenaw.

  • We are on your block and have had many issues as well! Please file police report so they know to patrol our street harder than they have been! Very frustrating!

Dec 23

Lost cat

We found a cat in our hallway this morning. He's very friendly and affectionate. Any info, please contact me.

Dec 20

Updated Dec 21

Rug cleaner

I need a reasonably priced rug cleaner who offers pick up and drop off service. So far, the holidays have not been kind to my 8x10. Any recommendations?

  • North Center Rug Cleaner on 3700 block of Lincoln. Great work, fair prices, and will arrange pick up and drop off.

  • I second that. They did a great job on 3 of my area rugs.

  • I'll go third on North Center. Reasonable prices quality service.

Dec 16

Updated Dec 18

Key Copies

Is there anywhere in the Humboldt Park/Wicker Park area to get keys copied?

  • Gillman's Ace Hardware at 2118 N. Milwaukee Ave. I have had many keys made there. Al is the best. I have never, ever had any problem with a key he's cut. Never.

  • Yuen Yee Musician

    The dollar market at 1949 West Chicago Ave does it too

Dec 13

Updated Dec 15

606 bridge

What does everyone think of the new arch on the trail ? It looked nothing like the rendering.

  • Matthew Michael Bucktown Resident

    I didn't believe another post when they claimed it looked pretty similar if you look at it from the angle of the rendering, but it actually does. It also looks nice from the hill at Park 567. It just seems incredibly tall when looking at it from Milwaukee. Either way, it's grown on me. Agree that when the cables are in place and its painted, it will still be a huge improvement for the area. I don't understand the non-temporary supports between arches though, they make it feel clumsy.

  • Using people as a scale to reference ~6' makes the bridge look very tall in the rendering.

Apr 19

Updated Dec 07

Here is the NEW Western/Bloomingdale Bridge

Quick work, congrats to all that made it happen today.

  • Greg V. Cycling Dude

    Sorry, in my first comment I should have clarified that once the pedestrian walkway is put under the abutment, the sidewalks in the street would be removed allowing an almost full width Western Ave.

  • Greg V. Cycling Dude

    Just an update. I haven't been there myself, but, I see in the Google Earth streetside view that the tunnels through the abutments are nearly complete. The trees in the photos have leaves, so, they may be finished by now. News here: http://the606.org/news-press-releases/

Dec 06

Join us for complimentary fair trade holiday cocktails

On Tuesday, stop in at Chicago Fair Trade's Holiday Pop-Up Shop from 4-7 at 2031 N. Damen. Shop over twenty ethical businesses, support artisans from twenty countries, and enjoy a fair trade cocktail on us.

Dec 03

Updated Dec 03

Free easel

Does anyone want an easel? My boyfriend's parents brought it and he says it's not designed right and that he doesn't have room for it. I think if someone handy looked at it they could make it work fine. It's adjustable and tall. In the picture it's at a setting around 6 ft tall. You have to be able to pick it up

Dec 02

Updated Dec 03

Tis the stolen package season

Our neighbors and ourselves had several packages stolen on Monday however they were all shipped via FedEx. I believe this happened because the Fedex driver throws the packages over the front gate to the complex, UPS and (surprisingly) USPS both deliver packages to our front door. We even had an order from UPS at our door the same day our fed ex package was stolen. I get that front door delivery is not possible in larger complexes but if you're in a smaller complex be especially mindful of anything shipped via FedEx.

  • There were some arrests yesterday. There is a reason USPS and especially UPS deliver to your door and FedEx doesn't: they have contractual incentive for complete delivery. UPS is union and bonuses depend on it. USPS puts skin in the game for their delivery folks, but it is more about...

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    There were some arrests yesterday. There is a reason USPS and especially UPS deliver to your door and FedEx doesn't: they have contractual incentive for complete delivery. UPS is union and bonuses depend on it. USPS puts skin in the game for their delivery folks, but it is more about PR. I wouldn't deliver used dirt through FedEx. Their drivers are non-union and getting it right isn't built in as an incentive. I have started telling my clients not to use FedEx after two deliveries they threw on my porch were misdelivered or were stolen.

  • If you *have* to use FedEx there is sometimes the option to choose online, once you get shipping notice, to pick up from one of their retail locations, also. It's not the most convenient, but after a handful of packages went missing last year....

  • al

    from my experience, FedEx sucks regarding delivery. they just leave packages at my door without even knocking. i see them do this all the time. UPS at least makes an effort to leave packages by my back door if i'm not home. i avoid FedEx at all costs.

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