4 days ago

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Lock Your Car Doors

This morning I observed a man, jeans puffy blue jacket, dark blue knit hat dark complexion walking in the street and jiggling a few passenger doors to see if vehicle was open. He was quick and deliberate as to not attract attention but it was clear as day. Just a reminder to lock your doors when you're parking at night and especially don't leave things plainly visible on the passenger seat of any value.

Dec 25

Updated Dec 26

Black smoke fire?

Hearing all the fire trucks and seeing smoke SW of Jarvis towards Touhy and Ridge?

  • i live right across the street from where it happened. all i heard were booms and crashes. and all you saw was a fire! i could smell the smoke from my living room. so i ran outside and immediately ran outside and called the police. so i went to go and see what happened and i saw the garage on fire! was so scared. but thats what happened

  • Thankful for the firefighters for coming to put out the fire. It was insane. I saw the fire from the back window of my boyfriend's house. The electricity went out for 3 hours. Glad no one was hurt but that was really scary!

Nov 28

Updated Dec 22

New Grocery Store on Ridge

Any news on when the new grocery store where the old Dominick's on Ridge will open?

  • More recent reviews have me hopeful and I temporarily rescind my earlier comment. I do hope it lives up to expectations.

  • Cityboy Couch miner in Rogers park for 67 years

    The produce manager said due to customer requests they will soon be carrying organic vegetables and fruits

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