Apr 07

Updated 2 days ago

Police presence on Pratt and Western, afternoon, April 6?

Hello neighbors,

Does anyone know why there were a bunch of cops directing traffic and blocking off part of western at Pratt yesterday (Sunday) around 2 or 3? Couldn't tell if it was for something at warren park or because of some sort of incident, and I couldn't find any news already posted.

  • Carl, seems like every group has to have its own parade and JR is right--residents need advance notification. I found out about this one only because there was a sign posted at the bus stop about the 155 reroute because of the parade. It's crazy.

  • JR West Ridge Neighbor Since 2003 Resident of West Ridge since 2003

    The alderman attended the parade but it's not posted on the 50th ward calendar events.

    Again, I am not opposed to the parade, but can the alderman provide the residents some courtesy with a heads up? Since the parade is not marching through her neighborhood, I guess it doesn't matter. Anyway, there are 2 more parades on Devon in June. They are usually a week a part, so plan ahead.

Mar 22

Updated Mar 23

Free Couch!

Just come pick it up. In good condition.

  • Size-wise would this fit in the back of a CRV withthe seats down?

  • Is this still available and what are the dimensions? We'd like to take it off of your hands, but aren't sure if we are able to transport it.

  • Guannetta Teriba

    Hi I'm rite around the corner do u still have the couch?

Mar 21

Free black leather couch

So I'm trying to get rid of a couch I don't want to take with me when I move. It's a black leather modern looking couch. If interested you would need to come get it on a Friday or Saturday between now and April 1. For more info or pics let me know. Thanks

Mar 07

Updated Mar 10

Donations For Pickup

Hi friends, I'm looking for a charity that will come pickup donations from my condo. We don't drive so we would appreciate a pick up service. Items are: blankets, coffee mugs and clothing. Thanks

  • amvets and salvation army are the only ones I use. they are nice and on time. also the money they raise goes to the charity. Charity pick up (purple hearts and Vietnam vets) only gives pennies on the $'s they make to the charity they say they represent. check out charity navigator to confirm the group you are giving too is worthwhile. you can also drop off at the Salvation army store on oakton in Skokie and they give you a take receipt.

  • Steven Kraslen Retired USAF, Part-time Karaoke KJ, VA Volunteer

    If you go behind the Unique Thrift store on Western & Howard you will see trucks marked Purple Hearts and Vietnam Veterans. Here I thought this stuff would benefit these folks and not Unique. Using these organizations names to collect items is appalling.

Feb 28

Updated Mar 01

WTTW broadcast signal?

A couple of minutes shy of 11pm Thursday evening (2/27) my WTTW broadcast signal abruptly cut off. I still have no signal on any of the WTTW channels. All other Chicago broadcast channels are fine. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Brian Jogger like the lakefront and beach

    All four of their stations went dark. Must be transmitter problems again. It's happened before to them.

  • Hello,

    I experienced the same problem, whatever it was it took out our cable as well. Comcast had a recording recognizing the outage and gave a 4:10 am or so restore time.

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