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Odd pigeon

I never see many pigeons around my home but one was in the walkway of my townhouse, just standing and not moving much. I had to walk around it and it barely moved to let me pass. I also noticed it has two tags around both feet, one yellow and the other blue. It's just standing, staring and not moving much which makes me think it's ill. Does anyone know about the behavior of pigeons? It's been in the same spot for 30 minutes now.

  • FGFM What the Cappleman!

    Maybe it's a carrier pigeon?

  • Cody Mac mixicologist

    There no longer are carrier pigeons but there are racing pigeons and homing pigeons that are selectively bred, carefully raised and are entered into competitions. The birds are banded (colored things on their legs) much like pets that wear tags on their collars. The birds are comfortable around people and are not regular city pigeons. You might have found a prize pigeon who became disorientated or tired during a competition. Give it water in a small dish. It might be a champion from somebody's Pigeon Coop.

  • EPD Babies are such a nice way to start people.

    Probably a sick or injured racing pigeon. Someone at Flint can help to arrange safe transport for the little buddy. Call 847-842-8000.

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Apr 17

Updated Apr 18

Gun shots around Ridge and Jarvis

Last night around 1130 pm my husband and I heard about 5 gun shots. Pretty sure it was gun shots and not fire crackers. Did anyone else hear them or have any idea where they came from?

Apr 16

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Garbage Couch

Anyone know how to get rid of a couch. Cant even give it away, no cushions, just frame and side cushions. Kinda big. Any advice? Thanks neighbors.

  • By the lake By the lake

    If you have a sledge hammer...

    Otherwise the tickets can go from $300 to $500, unless you are an LLC and have to bring an attorney to contest the ticket at $300/hour.

  • By the lake By the lake

    So if you live in a condo or apartment building don't leave it in the alley. Make your delivery guys take the old one, or break it down with a sledge hammer yourself and take it to the Streets and Sanitation dump at Ravenswood and Albion. Don't give it to someone else to deal with... Very unneighborly!

Apr 12

Updated Apr 12

Community Gardens in the area

I want to participate this summer in a local community garden. I see one around Ridge Blvd and Fargo... Do any 60645 citizens wanna help me out here? Where to go and who to contact... thanks :)

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 50 + years

    Question: do you want your own plot in a community garden to grow vegetables for yourself? There are also community gardens in parks where a group gardens together in an ornamental garden, but I suspect that's not what you have in mind.

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