May 27

Updated May 28

Odd pigeon

I never see many pigeons around my home but one was in the walkway of my townhouse, just standing and not moving much. I had to walk around it and it barely moved to let me pass. I also noticed it has two tags around both feet, one yellow and the other blue. It's just standing, staring and not moving much which makes me think it's ill. Does anyone know about the behavior of pigeons? It's been in the same spot for 30 minutes now.

  • Cody Mac mixicologist

    The bird looked stoned to me. It probably just smoked a joint and was chilling out for a while before it flew back home. It didn't look like it was carrying unless it was concealed. Do you think it was carrying FGFM? What do you think Bruce? Was that stoned bird carrying or not? You seem to be the expert on both topics.

  • FGFM What the Cappleman!

    Birds can't smoke joints because they don't have arms or hands.

May 21



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