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White poodle no tag!!!

There's this white poodle that pops up every now and then he barks a little and run when people approach him. He's wearing no tags and hangs out by noble & blackhawk.

The first time we've seen him my girlfriend almost ran him over with her car!!!
Talk about an irresponsible owner!!

  • Jen

    Is it a little poodle? Like 10-20 lbs? Someone lost their dog 5 days ago and it's that kind of a dog

  • Felipetenor Brazilian dude living in Chicago since 2009

    Yes it is white and weights about that.... I've spoken with a girl that walks dogs by the park and she told me the family that "owns" the dog refuses to make any kind of barriers so he won't come out.... Also the dog seem like he haven't seen a shower in a while....

  • Jen

    Oh ok. What idiots!

Mar 31

Updated Apr 01

Small dog w/ red jacket spotted in wicker park

I spotted a small brown dog wearing a red jacket on Marshallfield and Pearson tonight around 7:45. Called it into the animal control as well. I tried to get the dog to come to me but it was obviously scared and ran away. It looked to be possibly a rat terrier completely brown. Hope this helps!

  • That chihuahua is always around. His owner is a lady somewhere on Ashland. I've been told that she's been asked not to let him roam, but he's still always out and about. He runs away from people and seems to be road-savvy.

    Think it's more like a squirrel than a dog at this point. Harmless, but probably leaves micro-turds everywhere.

  • Good to know. I walk on that street every day twice a day and never noticed it before but I'll keep an open eye from now on. On a side note, that's a terrible idea to let your dog roam around Ashland!

Mar 26

Updated Mar 27

Rooftop vegetable gardens. Any advice?

Any experience with this? Did it last year, kind of, with a few tomato and pepper plants in Home Depot buckets with mixed results. I'm looking to grow some veggies in some homemade sub irrigated planters this year. Any advice or pointers from people who do this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • I have some plans drawn up for sub irrigation planters I can give you if you are looking for a weekend project.

  • One of my former neighbors in Wicker Park has a blog, Green Roof Growers, you should check out. He grows organic heirloom vegetables on his rooftop using "homemade sub-irrigated planters and commercially available Earthboxes." You might find one of his getting started posts, How (and Why) to Make a SIP, of interest: http://greenroofgrowers.blogspot.com/2008/07/how-to-make-sip.html

  • Check out the book Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. My family has been using his method for the last 25 years with amazing results. Great for rooftops and balconies or anywhere space is a premium.

Mar 23

Updated Mar 25


Does anyone have a recommendation for a mechanic in the area? Trustworthy and affordable?

  • I trust Ogden auto too

  • Hi I use grand auto. Right here on grand and noble. They are great. Nick is the owner.
    Tell him Nanette sent you. His step son is Francisco. Nice family business, local.
    They are fair in price and take care of neighbors.

Mar 10

Updated Mar 11

"...it's who you know."

Hey neighbors!
I'm currently looking for a server: hostess job in the area and thought I'd give EB a try. If you have any leads, or are in fact hiring yourself, I'd love to hear about it. I have experience in fine, casual and bar settings. I have extensive food and wine knowledge & a pretty strong start on craft beers.

Feb 27

Updated Feb 28

ISO Used Scooter

Anyone know a place / resource to pick up a cheap used scooter or moped?

  • Steve Niketopoulos Admin for Neighborhood Watch and Community Pages

    Second city scooters has used ones on their main webpage from time to time.

  • dajenster smile :)

    Selling mine! $1300 only 25 miles on it. Got it in the runner brand new, got pregnant, doubt I'll be using it. Let me know if interested.

  • Sweet! Pics?

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