Dec 14

Updated Dec 15

Comcast out

Anyone else have no internet or cable?

  • Both TV and Internet have been down since Sunday morning. website does not say when it is expected to be fixed. awesome

  • forgot to add address: 925 W Huron

Dec 13

Updated Dec 14

Armoire for sale

Room & Board armoire, great condition ~12 yrs old little to no wear, huge & sturdy 48 w 26 d 62 h

Dec 09

Updated Dec 10

Transformer Explosions in Noble Square

Who else is enjoying a night of darkness tonight? At the 1400 block of Erie and Bishop. Heard an explosion and the power went out. This happened about 20 minutes ago. Everything across and adjacent seems ok. We heard back from comed that the approximate time until it's restored is 10:30 pm. Enjoy the peace and quite and candlelight I guess? Hopefully we're back up soon.

  • KC resident!

    1300 block of Huron was unaffected. weird

Nov 26

Saw a scared black and white cat on Huron and Ashland

On my way home tonight a chubby black and white cat ran in front of an oncoming car, then darted behind a house. It was around 7:45pm and I was headed home on the north side of Ashland. It was dark so I couldn't tell if it had any other markings, so it's very possible I'm not getting the colors right. Little guy ran off before I could snap a picture. Hopefully it's a neighborhood kitty! If not I'll keep an extra eye out.

Oct 16

Updated Nov 08

1149 W Grand Ave work

The old grey building that housed a trucking company seems to be having some work done. I guess the building was sold a few months ago. The garage door is open and there is some kind of bobcat in there tearing up the cement slab. Anyone know what is happening with that spot or what's going in there. Thanks

  • 1149 W Grand Ave,
    Chicago, IL, 60642
    Last transaction: $285,000 on 05/22/2014
    Apartments (5+ Units)
    4 Bathrooms
    6,250 Sq. Ft.
    0.09 Acre Lot
    Built in 1883
    (Assessed Taxable Value)
    (Annual Tax Amt.)
    2 Floors
    1 Unit

    Info from

Nov 07

Updated Nov 08

Police activity at greenview and blackhawk

They've been parked here for about an hour

Nov 06

Updated Nov 06

Inside water leak/plumber recommendation

I have a water leak from the unit above and need plumber recommendations. The water damage is coming in above my shower which I'm sure will entail a plumber finding the source. Really would appreciate any advice.

  • Chicago Plumbing just did work at our building.
    11231 S. Fairfield St. Chicago,IL 60655
    Off. (312)320-6615 Fax (773)840-3422

Oct 24

Updated Oct 27

Dogs pooping/peeing on roof decks

This not the 1st time I've seen this, but am I the only one grossed out by owners letting their dogs go on roof decks? They are privately owned but part of condos and they eventually pick up the poop, but what about the pee? Grosses me out!!

  • mwalcheske Enthusiast

    There's a guy in 800 block of N Racine who lets his dog out on his balcony, over the sidewalk, to "go". Last winter I was nailed by his dog peeing over my head, ironically, as I walking my dog (you know, so she can pee/poo at street level). Gross. The bottom line: People are extremely lazy. I'm just not.

  • so nasty. my neighbor did this until I reported them to the board.

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