Aug 16

Updated Aug 19

Mariachi band still playing at 11:13pm

Isn't there a noise ordinance time limit between 9pm-8am? Some place behind Noble St I want to say is throwing a house backyard party outside with a live mariachi band. I can hear them and I live 2 blocks over and in the back of of the building and can clearly hear them. Why has the police not stopped them and is this not annoying any of my other neighbors?? I can't sleep!!

  • DA long time neighbor

    I live on Noble near the park and I didn't hear anything but do sympathize w you. Since I live by the park, we often have to put up w people playing ball and/or drinking well past midnight. The police will do nothing unless we call them so I suggest you do the same next time especially when you have to get up early the next day.

  • The band was pleasant and understandably it was a Saturday night.... I'm sure we all had party's or attended one that carried on till midnight at one time in our lives... Instead of me complaining I decided to sit on my balcony with a glass of wine and enjoy it...

Aug 11

Stanleys Market Strawberries $.99 a case!

Im at Stanleys ( north and elston) and they have Strawberries, Blackberries and Blueberries for .99 cents A CASE! Load up on antioxidants people! I have never seen a deal this good. I love this place!!!

Jul 13

Updated Jul 14

Potholes on Halsted

Are they ever going to fix Halsted? It's like driving on a roller coaster. I swear I'm going to lose a wheel.

  • Allen Fox Real Estate Broker in downtown Chicago

    I suggest you send an email to the local Alderman. That location is in the 27th Ward. Here's a link to Alderman Burnett's contact form: or you can try emailing Linda Delgado - 27th Ward Superintendent for the Department of Streets & Sanitation - Good luck!

Jul 13


Does anyone know of a reasonable exterminator company?

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