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Dogs pooping/peeing on roof decks

This not the 1st time I've seen this, but am I the only one grossed out by owners letting their dogs go on roof decks? They are privately owned but part of condos and they eventually pick up the poop, but what about the pee? Grosses me out!!

  • mwalcheske Enthusiast

    There's a guy in 800 block of N Racine who lets his dog out on his balcony, over the sidewalk, to "go". Last winter I was nailed by his dog peeing over my head, ironically, as I walking my dog (you know, so she can pee/poo at street level). Gross. The bottom line: People are extremely lazy. I'm just not.

Oct 15

Updated Oct 16

Pavement cave in at old gas station

My son and I were waiting for a cab this morning and witnessed a large truck with trailer pull into the old gas station at Aberdeen and Grand. The truck drove into the lot and boom! the left front tire sunk into the ground and it was stuck!! I hope they don't have too much trouble getting it out. It was a nice truck!

  • KC resident!

    yeah, I've noticed that, what's going in there?

  • Stirling Bay has floated a 6 story office building which would be great. But i haven't seen any news on that yet. I think the fence is related to the unstable concrete.

Oct 16

1149 W Grand Ave work

The old grey building that housed a trucking company seems to be having some work done. I guess the building was sold a few months ago. The garage door is open and there is some kind of bobcat in there tearing up the cement slab. Anyone know what is happening with that spot or what's going in there. Thanks

Sep 28

Mentor for 29 year old autistic male needed

He needs someone to be a friend and teach him skills and go out with him . He is desperate to have friends.

Sep 16

Updated Sep 17

Loud bang!

Anyone else hear a loud explosion around 4:30AM near Grand Ave and Ashland this morning?

  • David Lightman Part time head turner, full time jaw dropper


  • From Fox 32:

    "The Chicago Fire Department responded to a van fire on the near West Side Tuesday morning.

    "The fire broke out around 6 a.m. near Carroll and Paulina in a back alley. Air FOX flew over the scene as firefighters worked to put out the flames.

    "It is not yet clear if anyone was injured in the fire. The Chicago Police Department says the incident is under investigation."

Sep 02

Updated Sep 03


We have cicadas swarming everywhere, making their creepy noise and clinging to the side of the building. This isn't a cicada year so how come they are out and here?

  • Even though the neighborhood is new they somehow bury themselves deep underground for years and come up. They'll die off once they mate. What a life, to sleep for 17 years, mate, and die!
    I think they're only around for 6 weeks or so. Hopefully they'll mate ASAP for you :)

  • Two of them were mating on my window screen and when I flicked the screen one of them let off this piercing scream that I will never forget. It sounded like a baby pig squealing for it's life. Totally freaked me out. They drive bomb me on my 5 th floor balcony it's horrible!

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