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Dead Dog on Central, about 50' north of 55th Street

There is a white cream color dog, curly hair next to the sidewalk. I have no idea what to do other than report it to 311. If anybody is missing a dog with that description, please check, that way at least you have some closure and know what happened to your loved one. Somebody placed a towel red towel over her. I don't know if the two girls were the owners or just concerned, they were picked up in a pickup before I had the chance to ask them.

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Green thumbs come together at Chicago's community gardens

5940 S. Central Ave. 773-284-0214

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49 E. 95th St. 312-747-6001

3748 S. Prairie Ave. 312-747-6007

This garden has been bringing the Kenwood and Hyde Park communities together over the dirt for more than 40 years. With 42 garden plots, this garden is open to anybody interested in communing with nature. Call for availability.

4701 N. Ashland Ave. 312-742-7518

4501 N. Clarendon Ave. 312-742-7512

4615 W. Jackson Blvd. 773-287-7794

1330 W. Chicago Ave. 312-746-5490

5056 N. Monticello Ave. 773-478-9744

2554 W. Moffat St. 312-742-7554

2411 W. 55th St. 312-747-6147

2945 N. Kenosha Ave. 773-685-3348

1330 E. 50th St. 312-747-6286

2732 N. Avers Ave. 312-742-7546

4921 N. Marine Drive 312-742-7522

5085 W. Adams St. 773-287-0561

5727 S. Racine Ave. 312-747-6560

2533 N. Sacramento Ave. 312-742-7546

7900 S. South Shore Drive 312-745-1479

5887 N. Ridge Ave. 312-995-3858

1331 W. Monroe St. 312-746-5560

3344 West 71st St. 312-747-6136

5531 S. Martin Luther King Drive 773-256-1248

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Lawn fine

I live with my friend and her elderly father. He just received a fine for the backyard not being mowed. They told him he has 24 hours or he would receive. The fine is $1000 he said. He is 65 years old so Im not sure how that is going to happen. She works and Im here to help both of them, making sure he doesnt fall or try to burn the house down by trying to cook (he has immaculate degeneration).

  • Pat

    My dad is 97 years old. My sister and i are in our late fifties and manage to do his home and lawn care. We do not live near his home. I also work. Sounds like there are 2 able-bodied people who can cut the back lawn instead of complaining about fines.

  • Is this the place on Lorel? If so, I reported it. Before doing so, I knocked on the door to offer to cut if for free because I realize that some people have issues.

    What's the point to your post? Are we supposed to be outraged that the city is...

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    Is this the place on Lorel? If so, I reported it. Before doing so, I knocked on the door to offer to cut if for free because I realize that some people have issues.

    What's the point to your post? Are we supposed to be outraged that the city is enforcing health issues? If I see a property that has weeds/grass/tree weeds over 10" tall on average, per city regulations, I will report it. These properties are inviting to rodents and insects, including mosquitoes and ticks.

    Cut the grass/weeds, including around the garages. Ignore it and risk the city placing a lien against the property if the fine is not paid. If you want to start a charity page to raise funds to pay a contractor to mow the lawn, I would gladly donate. The city has a snow removal program to help seniors and/or disabled and lack financial resources or people to help them. Perhaps one is needed to help with mowing lawns.

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Homeless group close to suit over bike path plan in Uptown

Chicago's Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans has been asked to be at the hearing, which will be 3 p.m. at Hale Park gymnasium, 6258 W. 62nd St.

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The city's Transportation Department will host a public meeting Tuesday to seek feedback about reconstruction of the Darrow bridge, also known as the Colombia Bridge. The meeting will be held from 57 p.m. at the Jackson Park Field House, 6401 S. Stony Island Ave.

    Homeless group close to suit over bike path plan in Uptown
    The more than three dozen people who live in tents under the Lake Shore Drive bridges at Wilson and Lawrence avenues know better than anyone that the structures need repair. Concrete from the Depression-era bridges is crumbling onto the sidewalks and streets below, posing a deadly hazard to tent-dwellers, as well as motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

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  • Building Love of Reading, One Journal at a Time

    Mr. Deems is asking for $535.04:
    My students need journals in order to support their love for books and reading. Rather than killing the enjoyment of reading by enacting rules, reading logs, and other accountability measures, journaling is more personal.
    Academy for Global Citizenship Annex Comment

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What Will The Eclipse Look Like In Chicago?

• Hale Park, 6258 W. 62nd St. (Clearing)

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Here's an approximate look of what it would look like from the roof of The Robey, 2018 W. North Ave., in Wicker Park:

Admission will also be free Monday inside the Adler at 1300 S. Lake Shore Drive.

• 63rd Street Beach, 6300 S. Lake Shore Drive (Woodlawn)

• Adams Playground Park, 1919 N. Seminary Road (Lincoln Park)

• Berger Park, 6205 N. Sheridan Road (Edgewater)

• Blackhawk Park, 2318 N. Lavergne Ave. (Belmont Cragin)

• Bradley Park, 9729 S. Yates Blvd. (South Deering)

• Clarendon Park, 4501 N. Marine Drive (Clarendon Park)

• Edison Park, 6755 N. Northwest Highway (Edison Park)

• Gompers Park, 4222 W. Foster Ave. (North Park)

• Hamlin Park, 3035 N. Hoyne Ave. (North Center)

• Kelvyn Park, 4343 W. Wrightwood Ave. (Hermosa)

• Kilbourn Park, 3501 N. Kilbourn Ave. (Irving Park)

• Kosciuszko Park, 2732 N. Avers Ave. (Logan Square)

• Lincoln Park Cultural Center, 2045 N. Lincoln Park West (Lincoln Park)

• Maggie Daley Park, 337 E. Randolph St. (Downtown)

• Portage Park, 4100 N. Long Ave. (Portage Park)

• Revere Park, 2509 W. Irving Park Road (North Center)

• Washington Park, 5531 S. King Drive (Washington Park)

• Lagunitas Brewing Company, 2607 W. 17th St.: 12:30-6:30 p.m. Friday

    What Will The Eclipse Look Like In Chicago?
    CHICAGO - The big solar eclipse is happening nationwide Monday. Here's what you need to know about viewing it in Chicago. What is it? For a few hours on Monday, the moon will pass in between the Earth and the sun. The eclipse will totally cover the sun in parts of the country from Oregon to South Carolina.

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  • Journaling...One Day at a Time

    Mrs. Alvarado is asking for $311.05:
    My students need writing journals to enhance their ability to write using graphic organizers.
    Dore Elementary School Comment

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